The Fireman Calendar

Here is a small excerpt of my current WIP, ‘The Fireman Calendar”.
Since this is my first official spanking story, it holds a special place in my heart.
Cassie Stephens is a small town girl who gets in a little bit over her head while playing a prank on the new Captain of the fire station. Of course, the chemistry between the alpha male – totally hunky Eric Jones, and strong willed, Cassie, will be HOT. The story is about firemen, after all. But Eric uses very old fashioned methods to express his displeasure, he spanks. Cassie finds herself over his hard lap, and is awakened to a new side of herself. She is falling in love with him. But she is confused by her reaction to the spankings. How can she accept his discipline, and still respect herself in the morning? And can she come to terms with the arousal that she feels when she is over his knee?

She could not believe she was still agreeing to have dinner with him tonight. That man had… well, he had, he spanked her, dang it! And it hurt! Her bottom was still tender, even though it had lost a lot of its redness. But she had lost her temper. And while she would never admit this to him, she knew she had deserved it. Her mama had taught her better manners than that. If she had done that to her daddy or mama, she probably would have received much worse! She shuddered, thinking about daddy’s old belt. Well, that wasn’t going to happen again. She would be better behaved, she promised herself. She would hate to go through that again. His hands were so large and hard. They were slightly calloused from his job. But there was also a gentleness about him. The way he stroked her back, the way he held her so carefully on his lap. What would it feel like to have her bare bottom spanked by his large, hard hand, instead of just over her jeans? Would he lovingly caress her hair, and hold her while she cried? Would he dip his fingers between her legs, and stroke her until she screamed his name in climax? That’s the way it happened in the stories she had read. Lord, she was so confused. He had spanked her! This was wrong. She should not be thinking about the warmth in her core, or the wetness in her panties. She was aroused. And dang it, it was all because that big caveman had spanked her! She should call off dinner. There was no way she could be around him now. What if he decided to turn her over his knee again? And what if she liked it? What if she embarrassed herself by becoming aroused? He would realize she was a freak. She picked up the phone and dialed his number.

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