An un-spanking vent

I am very happy to announce that I have come up with my newest story line. It is going to have action, romance, character twists, and lots of great spankings. I used my excitement to pound out a 2000 word story outline on Friday, and got the approval of my (non-spanko) friend. She loved the premise!

Now all I have to do, is write it.  But I keep finding ways to talk myself out of sitting down and writing. The fairy festival took up most of today. But it was soooooo much fun! Then, there was my afternoon nap.  Did I need to take a two hour nap? Probably not. I just wanted to get away from the fairies for awhile (two of them followed me home). The rest of the day was spent on the computer, doing “love spanks” blogs. Hey, if I can’t write, I may as well live vicariously through everyone else’s accomplishments. (Thanks gals! You were all great!)

But my turning point in my day, was when my husband called me out on my lack of productivity. I had asked him, earlier in the week, if he would consider helping me keep on track. You know, um, like , maybe a spanking? Please, Sir? (He had even agreed. )

So when he turned to me this afternoon and said,

“I am very disappointed in you. You said you were going to go for a run. And you said you were going to write.”

My heart leapt in my throat. Did he mean what I hoped he meant? Would he follow it up with a spanking? Would he sternly remind me,

“When you set a goal for yourself (“young lady” is implied here, obviously), you need to follow through. Focus, determination, and discipline will take you where you want to go…

Now let’s go finish this “discussion” in the bedroom.”

But the stern, little reminder was all I received. He went to bed, never saying another word about it.

So I am sitting here, on an achingly cold bottom, reading the blogs, and pondering.

What does a spanking author do to get focused?


What is a good price for a manager with, ahem, special talents? (paddle? the cane?)

I could use the structure.

Happy writing!

3 thoughts on “An un-spanking vent

  1. Penelope

    What does a spanking author do to get focused? I can only speak for myself (still working on the psychic ability) but I’d say it was – paradoxically – a) the same kind of things that all authors (whatever their genre) do to get focused, and b) unique to each individual.

    That said, I think that environment has a big bearing. Give yourself time and space: free yourself from distractions; make your writing space just how you want it. Clear it of clutter; set the lights low if that helps you. Play a ‘sound of the ocean’ CD in the background. It’s all about creating and inhabiting your own space so your mind can be free to do its creative thing.

    My most creative place is, humorously enough, the bedroom. Specifically, lying in bed half-asleep. It’s amazing how many neat ideas and perfect, ready-formed prose and dialogue come to me there, as if by themselves. The downside is that I’m in the very worst position to type those neat ideas up! (Must buy a dictaphone).

    I also recommend getting in a horny/kinky mood. Watch a spanking movie or read a bit of naughty fiction; make up a mood wall with pictures you like and that have something of the flavour you’re aiming for in your story – all in the name of creativity, of course.

      1. Penelope

        You’re more than welcome, Katherine 🙂 I think that the unconscious mind is responsible for by far the most creativity, hence the coming up with stuff when in seemingly unlikely situations.

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