The glory of Springtime


I love spring! 70 degree weather, sunshine, working in the yard with hubby and the kids; it’s awesome!

I like donning my jog bra and sweat shorts and mowing the lawn. It’s such great exercise!.

It’s also fun to watch out of the corner of my eye as golfers drive past our back yard and do double takes.

Yes, Sir, I am the sexiest housewife in the neighborhood. What husband wouldn’t want be proud to see his wife working on the yard, sweat glistening down her chest and tight abs.

For twenty glorious minutes, I am the Mistress of Sexuality. I am QUEEN of the MILF’s!

At least I was, until spring’s companion made her wretched appearance. I had to stop my sexy, lawn mower pushing sashay, when I was overtaken by full body sneezes. My eyes watered, and I choked uncontrollably, contorting my body as I succumbed to the allergy attack of the Millennium. I ended this beautiful scene, by reaching into the waistband of my underwear, and pulled out the drenched tissues with which I wiped the snot from my face.

The golfers who had once been ogling, were now bent over in hysterics. One was kind of enough to offer to call paramedics.

“Doe, dank you,” I sputtered and wiped my nose again.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Spring?

6 thoughts on “The glory of Springtime

  1. Lily

    My thought process as I read your post: Jealous you have Spring weather…Get your sexy on!…LMAO

    Totally made my afternoon! Spring is better than snow so I can’t completely sympathize with you though. 🙂

    1. katherinedeane Post author

      Actually Lily, I just looked, and it was 78 degrees today, not 70.
      WE don’t do much spring here. WE go straight from 30’s to 70’s.
      Thanks for LYAO. 🙂
      I hope you get some warmer weather soon 🙂

  2. Claire Colinsgrove

    Good story 🙂 I would put on a sexy gardening outfit for the benefit of my neighbors, except they are a gay male couple and thus probably not too interested. But I certainly love to look at them when they’re out working in the yard, as they’re two very fit handsome guys who wear nothing by short pants, socks and work boots for outdoors work in the summertime 🙂
    No 70 degrees weather today where I live, though. Spring round here usually shows up last week of April, if we’re lucky, sometimes it stays chilly until well into May. Spring here lasts about three weeks and then summer kicks in.


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