The new cool new DD Anthology I just read!


I just read a very good DD Anthology, and thought I would share it here.

Since I am a self proclaimed Spanko, an avid reader of all things spanking related, and a DD’er, myself, it kind of makes sense to give this awesome book a shout out.

Congratulations to all the authors. Gals, you did a great job with this book. I hope you get together again for more of these.

The anthology is called “Coming To Terms”, and includes short stories from the following authors:

Sue Lyndon, Cara Bristol, Alta Hensley, Jade Cary, Celeste Jones, Anastasia Vitsky, and Renee Rose

I am attaching my review, below, in the hopes that more people will hear about this awesome anthology.


I was so excited to read this anthology, knowing that some of my favorite authors were in this book.

The stories all centered around one main theme, Domestic Discipline, and spanking as one of the tools.

It was so much fun to read all the different stories; each author’s descriptive, yet fictitious explanation of how DD is different for each couple. No couple does it the same, as was shown in these stories by these 7 fantastic authors.

Sue Lyndon’s Confession Time, focused on a young couple’s brand new DD journey.  After only a few weeks of doing DD, Lucy requested that James start doing maintenance spankings.  He agreed, acknowledging that this would help further build their level of trust and communication.   This was a great story, which also had some wonderful sex scenes.

Wife on a Lam, by Cara Bristol, was a very entertaining, light hearted story about a wife who goes off on her own vacation after she feels snubbed by her husband’s lack of Anniversary attention. Poor Janelle is bombarded, not only by guilt, but also the attention of a very annoying cowboy. I found that hilarious!  Her husband, Brent had a few surprises up his sleeve, and followed after her, which was a lot of fun!  When they finally reconnected, Janelle willingly submitted to a much needed, guilt alleviating, discipline spanking. I really enjoyed this fun little story.  And I will definitely think twice before vacationing without my husband.

In This Moment, by Alta Hensley, a couple goes on a mini vacation, badly in need of reconnection and quality time together. Caine and Neely have not done DD in a while, and Neely misses this component. I loved reading her gentle confrontation to Caine. She explained how she missed his spankings and the connection that they felt through DD. This was very beautifully done.  It also gave some good insight about the importance of communication in any relationship.

Days With You, by Jade Cary, was a very emotionally intense story about a widowed woman, Diana, remembering the love of her life, her deceased husband, Val.   These memories were beautiful and intense; sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried. The DD memories were very well done, and showcased Val’s dominance and passion along with Diana’s strength. There was a very pleasant surprise twist at the end, which left me refreshed and eagerly awaiting the next story. (I truly hope Jade does a second story to follow this up)

In Reconnecting, by Celeste Jones, A determined husband, Reece tries to reconnect with his wife, Daisy after losing so much of her attention because of work and online social media.  After reading this fun story, I looked at my own activities and assessed whether or not I was giving my own husband enough attention. Very clever public service announcement written in the form of spanking fiction. I liked how Reece did not impose his will on Daisy, but rather, used tools like spanking and communication, to enable her to open her own eyes to what she was doing to their relationship.  Very well done.

One delightfully, intimate story, Tomorrow, by Anastasia Vitsky, continues the journey of two women named Kat and Natalie. In their continuing story, Kat and Natalie were still trying to work out the kinks in their relationship, especially remembering the injuries they had both sustained in the past. It was very easy for me to connect with Kat; her guilt over past events, feelings of burden, wanting Natalie’s structure, yet still wanting to be an independent and respected adult woman. I could feel her confusion and anger at times.  The story takes on a lighter note, when they vacation at a huge theme park. This was very well done. I loved the overwhelming emotions. But it didn’t make the story too heavy to read. It was done just right. It also made me want to go to our nearest theme park.

My favorite story was Spank and Run, by Renee Rose. I loved the combination of DD, structure, boundaries, and eroticism. It was so well written. Claire was a strong woman, looking for an equally strong man, who would respect her and love her; but wouldn’t be afraid to turn her over his knee if she was hurting herself.  But she also longed for the eroticism found in spanking.  I really connected to Claire, and enjoyed her ability to ask for what she wanted even though it was a little embarrassing for her. This story showcased DD as something that could be helpful in a relationship, but also could be very erotic. Coming from a DD background, I appreciated seeing both sides written so well.

The whole book was fantastic! I loved reading the different dynamics, approaches and components of DD.  Every relationship was different. There were intimate connections, reconnections, spankings for discipline, maintenance, and fun. The sexual scenes were tastefully, yet erotically done. I really enjoyed it.

4.5 stars for Coming to Terms

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