Interview with Prof. Emory (Correcting Kathy, by Patricia Green)


Interview with Professor Hal Emory by Patricia Green and Katherine Deane
A follow up from observations as told in Correcting Kathy.

PG: Thank you, Katherine, for hosting Professor Emory and I today. It’s such a pleasure to be here.

KD: I’m so happy to chat with both of you. I’m very excited too…

(Hal Emory enters, and takes a seat. He’s a tall man, early thirties, broad shoulders, gray eyes, reddish-brown hair, and a red soul patch under his lip.)

KD: (She whispers to Patricia.) Whoa! He doesn’t look much like any college professor I ever had!

(Patricia winks, and turns her attention on the Professor.)

PG: Hello, Professor. Thank you for joining us today.

HE: You’re welcome, Patricia and Katherine. I’m honored to be here.

(Patricia nudges Katherine, who sits staring at the handsome professor, her mouth slightly open.)

KD: Oh, sorry. What was the question?

(Patricia rolls her eyes.)

PG: Professor, you teach law studies at Holy Name College, right? Have you always been a law professor?

HE: No. I was a lawyer in San Francisco for a number of years. But I’m enjoying a quieter life in Sonoma where I teach.

PG: What prompted you to change careers?

HE: (His expression closes off a bit.) I had a … tragedy in the family. I wanted to remove myself from those memories and start over again.

PG: That’s a big change. If you don’t mind my asking, what was the tragedy?

HE: I lost my wife in a traffic accident.

KD:  (She gives him an empathetic smile.) I’m so sorry for your loss, Professor.

PG: Oh, I’m so sorry! That must have been devastating.

HE: Well, I’d rather not talk about it, please. It’s still a painful memory.

(Katherine and Patricia nod in understanding.)

PG: Okay. Let’s move on to your recent sightings with student Kathy McGillicutty.

HE: (mumbling) Somehow I thought you’d want to talk about that.

PG: Well, it is a controversy at the school. How serious is your relationship with this young woman?

HE: Serious.

PG: (A little annoyed that he’s not being forthcoming.) Professor, this is an interview. Could you please give us something to work with?

KD: (Leans over and whispers to Patricia.) But you gotta admit, he’s got the handsome sullen thing down pat. Mmmm.)

PG:  Well, I think he’s being a little bit difficult. (She looks at the Professor.)

HE: (He smiles, giving them his full wattage smile, bright white teeth. Katherine swoons.)  All right Patricia, I’ll try not to be difficult. Yes, Kathy and I have something special going. We also have a number of things in common.

KD: Beautiful smile.

HE: Excuse me?

(Katherine blushes and Patricia mouths, “Get a grip!”)

PG: I heard that you’ve been trying “aversion therapy” to teach her not to smoke. Is that right?

HE: Yes.

PG: Does this involve electric shocks, taps on the hands with a ruler, what?

HE: Well…

PG: Please. Readers want to know.

(Both women lean forward, anticipating his answer.)

HE: Actually, it involves spankings.

PG: Spankings! Oh my gosh. That’s so primitive!

KD: (Claps her hands together, and smiles.) Delicious! I love it! How kinky!

HE: (bristling) It works. Kathy’s attitudes have changed dramatically, although she’s still a little prone to errors in judgment. But the good news is she doesn’t smoke anymore.

KD:  Congratulations!

PG: I’m sure she’s better off for that. I applaud your success, and…

KD:  (She interrupts Patricia in her excitement.) How often do you spank her?

HE: Whenever she needs it. Occasionally, she likes it.

KD: I knew it!

PG: (blushing) Yes, well, let’s change the subject.

KD:  (Groans and rolls her eyes.)

PG:   How did you meet her? Was she in one of your classes?

HE: (chuckling) No. She threw a bowl of soup in my face. Did I mention that Kathy is somewhat accident-prone?

PG: (returning his smile) No, but I heard that around campus. I wasn’t sure the soup story was true, though. It sounds like it was a rather messy way to meet.

HE: Messy but worth it.

PG & KD: (Both women smile at the romantic comment.) Awww.

PG: You sound very much in love with her.

HE: She’s irresistible. I love her very much.

PG: Where do you and Kathy go from here?

HE: Well, I’m considering moving back to San Francisco to return to my law practice. I want to wait until Kathy finishes her BA. She has goals and I’d like to help her achieve them.

KD:  Ooh, ooh, You could spank her when she gets bad grades, Professor!

HE: (Opens mouth in surprise, then smiles.) I’ll consider it, Katherine, thank you.

PG: Well I think it’s commendable that you are supporting her goals. Is marriage in your future?

HE: We want our “happily ever after” moment.

PG: We observers want that, too. I won’t take any more of your time. Thank you for your forthright answers.

KD: Thanks, Professor Emory. Good luck.

HE: You’re welcome. (He stands and leaves. The two women sigh, and watch his tight behind as he saunters out of the room.)

PG: (turning to Katherine) He spanks her! Can you believe it? I’m almost envious.

KD: (She grins and winks.) If my professors had looked like that, I would have picked up smoking in a heartbeat.


Hal watched Kathy sit down as though the chair would bite her. She worked the strap of her purse with anxious fingers. After a moment, she reached up and pushed short, blond hair out of her face. He wanted to touch those thick, wavy locks.

“Smoke a cigarette. It’ll be your last one.”

“There’s no smoking allowed in this building.”

Hal wasn’t going to allow excuses. This was supposed to be aversion therapy and she had to have a strong sense of what she was to avoid. Besides, he knew this would be difficult for her and wanted to give her one last hit of nicotine. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Of course, spanking almost certainly wasn’t allowed in the building either. Not so much because he was involved in a personal relationship with a student, since she wasn’t in any of his classes, but because the school administration would not look kindly on him engaging in this sort of activity in his office on school property. Religious schools like Holy Name had done away with that kind of punishment a long time ago.

Kathy fished in her purse for her cigarettes and lighter, her face softening as she anticipated the treat. A small thread of smoke rose from the cigarette and she drew in a deep lungful. He observed her, trying to look neutral, as he stood near the big bookcase. It was hard to be unaffected by the young coed. She reminded him strongly of his wife, a woman whom he loved deeply and unremittingly, even though she was gone.

“Do…do you do this often?” she asked.

“Not for years.”

“Oh.” The pause in the conversation drew out.

“How’s that cigarette?”

Kathy exhaled a cloud of smoke. Her shoulders were visibly more relaxed. “It’s okay, I guess.”

Reaching for a bottle of water, Hal unscrewed the cap and took a long swig, then held it out to her. “Put the cigarette in here.”

“In the bottle of water?”

“Yes. You’ve had enough.”

“But I’m not done!”

“Yes, you are.”

Looking frustrated, Kathy took another puff and dropped the last little bit of her cigarette into the water. It sizzled and floated on the top, ash leaching out into the water, along with a few tiny flakes of tobacco.

Hal put the cap back on the bottle and tossed it into the trashcan. “You know why you have to stop smoking, right?”

She nodded. “It’s bad for me.”

“It could kill you!”

Shame reddening her face, she nodded.

“No more for you. Every time I find out you’ve been smoking, I’ll spank you.”

Kathy sat up straighter, her brows drawing together. “Every time?”

“Every time.” He nodded toward his desk. “Go bend over my desk and raise the skirt of your dress.”

“Raise the…”

“Did you expect a spanking over your dress? You want this to be effective, or did you plan to have to repeat it?” Hal had a moment of dread, even as the words left his mouth. It was going to be hard on him as well as her. He hadn’t been intimate with a woman for a long time and having this lithe young beauty spread over his desk was quite possibly self-torture.

Kathy stood and took the two steps to the desk, turning back to him at the last moment. “Are you sure this is going to work?”

“We’ll see, shall we?”

“Okay.” She slowly draped herself over the desk, lifting her skirt up to her waist in the back. Her face flamed right down her long, slender neck. Kathy’s short hair bobbed as she pressed her face to the desk. She wore skimpy white panties sporting the words “Ho, Ho, Ho” with small, colorful Christmas trees dotting the seat. A book slid off a stack on the desk and landed with a small thump on the worn rug.

The air in the room went still. Several long moments passed while Hal debated the wisdom of this again, deciding that it was a necessary step if he wanted to help her. He took up his post to the left, thoughts of his wife flashing in his head. Patting Kathy’s bottom, not rubbing—that was too personal—he gauged that his aim was true. Her breathing was shallow, anticipation written in her stiff posture and the way she gripped the desk like a lifeline. That lovely bottom was waiting. It was time to get started. Hal raised his hand several feet, finally bringing it down sharply on her left globe, and watched his handprint blossom where her French-cut panties didn’t cover. Kathy let out a squeak and peered over her shoulder.

“I don’t want you to smoke anymore, Miss McGillicutty. You don’t want to be here like this again.”

Kathy started to say something, but he struck her upturned bottom again…and again…and again several more times. The edges of her panties fell short of the redness he was creating. Pain caused her to finally cry out. “Ouch! Okay, I won’t smoke anymore!”

“No, you won’t.” He placed a half-dozen more smacks on her sweet rear. “I’ll do this to you as many times as it takes.”

Her face was slightly turned toward him. She was biting her lip, and her eyes were screwed up tight. “Ow! I get it! You can stop!”

“You don’t get it, Miss McGillicutty. You want the pain to stop, that’s all.” He smacked her again a half-dozen times and a few tears ran over her nose, landing on his desk. “What happens if you smoke?”

“I get spanked! Oh, God, it hurts! Enough!”

The point had to be crystal clear. He knew, from his experience with his wife, that a woman would make a protest long before the lesson had been learned. He drew his spanks down to the juncture of her bottom and thighs and she cringed and reached back to cover her ass with her hands. “Hands down!”

“Ow!” She was sobbing now, her bright blue eyes running with tears, but she put her hands back on the desk. Maybe she was learning. “Please, please, Professor Emory. Please!”

“Three more swats.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Her loud, broken-voiced protests were beginning to weigh on Hal, and he thought maybe she’d had enough. The spanking was over. He was sorely tempted to rub her rounded bottom, a bottom which showed hot red handprints sneaking out from under her panties. That ass was far too appealing; he had to change gears.

“You can stand up now. I think I’ve made the point.”

Slowly, she unfolded from the desk. Tears ran down her face and her mouth was soft and pouting. Her mouth was the one thing that didn’t remind him of Debbie. Debbie’s lips were less full, less perfectly formed. Kathy’s lips were kissable, camellia-colored treasures.

It made him angry. The injustice of life was sometimes almost too awful to bear. Even being surrounded by students didn’t make up for the loneliness he experienced day in and day out. He was tempted to have a drink, but he hadn’t touched liquor for the last two years. Even living in wine country wasn’t enough to make him break that vow to himself.

Hal handed Kathy a tissue. “Fix yourself up and we’ll go back to my car. I have things to do.”

She looked a little stunned. He was being abrupt and cold, but he couldn’t help it. His pain was something kept close to his chest, deep in his heart. Explaining it to Kathy wasn’t something he was prepared to do. So far, he’d only talked to his best friend, Aaron, about it.

It occurred to him that after dropping Kathy off at her moped, he might give Aaron a call. They were cousins and best friends, and if he couldn’t confide his tumultuous emotions to Aaron, they might eat him alive.

It took the young woman a few minutes to compose herself, but soon enough she picked up her purse and headed toward the door.

Silently, they walked toward his car. A few night birds called through the many box elders and pine trees on campus, and sidewalk lights threw uneven splashes on the concrete. There was a smattering of stone pots of peonies and daffodils dotting the way, but they were grayish in the artificial lights and the moon was hidden behind clouds.

The car ride to Bobby’s Burgers was uneventful and notably quiet, except for the occasional sniff from Kathy. Hal felt bad about being so short-tempered with her at the end of the lesson. With his wife, he was consoling, cuddling her and kissing her to show his love. But, of course, that wasn’t the case with Kathy McGillicutty. She was a temptation, but one he should not indulge. He didn’t want to get tangled up in something he wasn’t prepared to continue.

They stopped under a light stanchion in Bobby’s parking lot, not far from her moped. Kathy reached for the door handle, but paused, turning toward Hal. “I guess I should thank you.”

“Only if it works.”

“My butt still hurts.”

“It might for a day.”

A tiny smile turned up one corner of her beautiful mouth. “Well, that ought to teach me. Have a good night, Professor Emory.” The door clicked open and she began to get out.

“You too, Miss McGillicutty.”


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Patricia Green is a fiction writer specializing in erotic romance. She hopes to provide the reader with love stories that emphasize fun characters with quirky personalities. She’s the author of 20 published novels and novellas

Patricia is married and the mother of twins. When she’s not being the angel of domestic harmony and a semi-crazed creator of fictional friends, she loves to crochet, read, and watch hockey.

You can reach Patricia Green in the following ways:

Email: pig (at) patriciagreenbooks (dot) com


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  2. Kathryn R. Blake

    Hmm, I got the feeling he might have been a little embarrassed with your questions, ladies, although you both did manage to get him to open up. Your interactions with each other made me smile. You acted like two school girls with a crush on your teacher. Although a very handsome and sexy teacher, I’ll grant you. Great job!


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