Happy Birthday, Casey McKay


My dear friend, and fellow spanking romance author, Casey McKay, celebrated her birthday one day before mine. In honor of her birthday, I have written a little story just for her.  🙂


Casey McKay has been roller skating for ages.  Some call her the Queen of the rink.  She is the top skater and captain of her roller derby team.

But she wasn’t always great.  In fact, when she started, she darn well stunk! If you ask her, she will laugh and admit to it.

Unfortunately, her balance was so bad, that she was constantly falling, and taking out other team members with her.  The coach was ready to kick her off the team. But the handsome new assistant coach saw something in her, and decided to work with her.

This is the beginning of Casey’s story.  To be honest, all it took in the end was incentive –

In the end 🙂


Casey Farraday slipped on her skates, and muttered something unladylike under her breath, not at all happy to be there.  She was on clean up detail for getting snarky with the assistant coach during practice today.  It wasn’t her fault she was so grumpy.  She had been coming to these practices for a month, and she just couldn’t get the hang of it.  She had fallen so many times, her body felt like one gigantic bruise.

She got to her wobbly feet, and pushed away from the wall.

“Grab a push broom, and put it to use, Farraday!” Coach Mac bellowed from the other side of the complex.

She rolled her eyes, and picked up the broom, pushing as she rolled and mused.  Coach Mac might be easy on the eyes, but he was also a loud, arrogant jerk!

She continued to push the broom, leaning on it every once in a while for support.  He had the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes that darkened when he was laying into a roller girl – usually her.  And his dark blonde hair always looked tousled, curling at the ends when it got a little long.  She would love to run her fingers through it.

So maybe he wasn’t quite a jerk, but he wasn’t the nicest man she had met, either. She hadn’t seen him smile once in the whole month she had been skating at Anderson Arena.  He probably has stinky breath, and rotten teeth. And gingivitis!

She was so lost in her thoughts, she didn’t feel the push broom as it slipped from her grasp.  She lost her balance, flailed her hands, and fell flat on her back.  She let out a very unladylike curse, and lay there on the hard floor, assessing the damage.  Why did she want to be on a roller derby team? Oh, yeah it was supposed to be fun.

“Christ, Farrady, are you trying to get hurt?” Coach Mac knelt down next to her and looked at her with a mixture of anger and concern.

“Yeah, I’m ok,” she pushed herself into a sitting position, “just my fricking pride.” She muttered.

“For such a pretty woman, you have a very UNpretty vocabulary,” he raised an eyebrow, causing shivers to run down her spine.

“I’m sorry, Coach.” She mumbled, “I’m just getting pissed off.”


“Alright, I am f***ing pissed off! I can’t skate for a dam*, and I suck like sh*t!” She threw a few other choice words at him as he stared unemotionally at her.

“Are you done yet,” he asked in a calm quiet tone that scared her more than his shouting ever had.

She took a couple deep breaths, and tried to calm down.  “Sorry, Coach. I suck. And I can’t do it.” She sighed and looked down at her skates, dejected and tired.

He took her arm into his grasp, and pulled her onto her feet.

“I have had enough of your fussing.  You have been a pain in my ass all day,”

He rolled her along the floor over to the bleachers, and sat down.

“Now, I’m going to be a pain in yours,”

Casey didn’t have time to react, before he pulled her over his knee.

“What the hell are you doing?!?” she shrieked, flailing her arms, as he pulled her shiny black leggings down to her thighs

“I think,” He drawled, “that would be obvious. I’m going to spank you, Farraday.”

He patted her lacy panties and chuckled, “I’ve been naughty?”

She felt her face flame.  She loved lingerie, especially ones with sexy sayings printed on the back side.  She was just thankful she wasn’t wearing her favorites, the boy briefs that said, “Spank Me.”

“Well, I can certainly agree about that. Your attitude has been horrible, and your language makes you sound like a sailor.  If you want to skate on my team, you will watch your language, and cut the attitude, got it?”

He brought his hard palm down onto the back of her panties, alternating swats between each cheek.

“Yeow! That hurts!” she squealed and tried to get free from his firm grasp.

But he just tightened his grip, and threw his other leg over s hers, locking her in place,

“We’ve only just begun,” he grunted, and continued his attack on her previously untouched bottom.

She had been reading spanking stories online for over a year, and found that it aroused her.  But she never had the opportunity to receive a spanking. Until now. And it hurt. A lot.

By the time he finished scorching her bottom, she was hanging loosely over his knee, sobbing uncontrollably, feeling extremely repentant for her negative attitude and poor language.

He helped her up, and wiped the tears from her cheek.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?”

“Yes, Coach,” she whimpered.

He helped her roll back onto the hard floor, “Alright, let’s see if we can work on your balance.”

He held her hips, and tilted her so her bottom was pressed out.

“Like this. You got a great ass, Farraday. Use it to center yourself, and you might find yourself upright more often.” He grinned.

As she glided forward, he walked along beside her, stabilizing her whenever she faltered.

They practiced for over two hours. By the time, they were done with their impromptu practice and clean up, the heat in her bottom was gone.  She felt disappointed at the coolness in her backside.

“Coach Mac?” she said tentatively as she pulled off her skates.

“Yes, Farraday?”

“Um, it’s my birthday today,” she said quietly, immediately regretting her comment.  He was going to think she was silly.

“I know. It’s on your application.” He grunted and walked toward the exit.

She pulled her sports bag over her shoulder and tried to shake off the disappointment.

“Well, what are ya waitin’ for?” he called.

She rushed over and walked out, as he held the door open for her.

He took her bag, and gently propelled her toward his Ford 150.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked, confused as he helped her into the cab.

“Well, first I’m taking you out to dinner.” He smiled

“Then, we’re going back to my place.  I still owe you a birthday spanking.” He winked and shut her door.

They married two months later.

Captain of the team, Casey, The Intimidator, McKay is the best skater the team has ever had.  And she says she owes it all to the man who centered her, and taught her to use her, assets.


Happy Birthday, Casey McKay!

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