Promo- Journey’s Valentine, by Patricia Green


This is a fun, quick addition to the Journey series that I devoured in one sitting!

Not just because it was so short.  But rather because it was so fast paced!

It had an awesome plot that built upon the new relationship of Deuce and Pilar, and their struggles from being from two totally different “worlds”.  It also had some great action, and of course hot spankings and sex!

Ok, I have to be honest. I had a tough time choosing which excerpt to use for this post.

The one that I finally decided to use is a nice, sexy, rated R excerpt that gives an indicator of just how hot this story is!

But my other favorite excerpt is one that is more meaningful. It has stuck with me over the past 10 months since I read it.  It is also the scene that made me fall in love with Leo Journey as a father figure. (I have had several “No Daddy!” day dreams including the Journey patriarch 🙂

If we get enough replies, I might be able to coax Patricia into letting me share it as well! 🙂



Pilar was tired, so Deuce wasn’t going to press her to make love, though he wanted to claim his territory. Especially in the face of this new development. He truly didn’t like the idea of her traveling all over and being away from him for so much of the time. He’d miss her in a big way. Pilar had become such a focal point in his life. She was his mate in every way he’d ever imagined a woman could be.

Snuggling up next to him, she put a hand on his bare chest, sliding it down his abdomen after a moment. The tips of her fingers teased his cock through his pajama bottoms and she practically purred against his shoulder. He put his hand over hers. “I thought you were tired, sugar.”

“Not that tired.”

He pulled her hand down to his rapidly hardening dick and gave it a squeeze. Pilar didn’t need any further encouragement. She kneaded his flesh for a moment, then pushed her hand down into his pajama bottoms and grasped him firmly. She rose up on her side and began to kiss his chest, pausing to suck on one of his hard nipples for a moment.


“You like that, spank-man?”

“You know I do, sugar.”

“Then I’ll do it again.”

“I reckon that would suit me fine.”

“I love it when you talk Texan to me.”

“Well, ma’am, it is purely my pleasure,” he said, putting on his deepest drawl.

Her lips traveled down his torso and Deuce drank up the attention like fine wine.



Deuce Journey and his wife Pilar are faced with some tough decisions. Pilar has been offered a new, demanding job with lots of travel, and yet she wants to start a family with Deuce. She’s torn and irritable for weeks over the difficult decision.

Deuce is patient with the wife he loves with all his heart, but even his patience is worn thin when she has an out-and-out tantrum during a family crisis.

It looks like Valentine’s Day is going to be a miserable experience. Can a little Valentine’s candy heart be the answer to their prayers?


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