Reality sinks in!

belt coming off

I am about to become a published spanking romance author!

(Sometime within the next few weeks or so, anyway.)

Why do I have a picture of a man taking off his belt? You’ll see!


I was so excited at the prospect of finally seeing my name—in writing! In a book!  That I promptly burst into tears, started hyperventilating, and completely shut down.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, yes, I sat for ten minutes staring at my laptop, not knowing what to do, how to get started, or even where to go for help.

So I emailed a few friends and explained to them how excited and overwhelmed I was.

Being the great friends that they were, they gave me a shoulder, “patted me”, and then told me to put my big girl panties on. LOL

Casey McKay’s next reply was, “Seriously, stop crying. It’s a smut book, it’s nothing to get all crazy about 🙂  I think you should get spanked, yes, this is the cure all for everything. Want me to email your husband??”

I laughed so hard at the thought of this strange woman (I mean stranger. I’m not calling Casey strange), contacting my husband, and informing him that he needed to spank me.

Mmmm, that has potential for another story though.

Anyway, her words, and the other supportive responses from my dear friends, reminded me why I started writing this book.

I wanted to write something fantastical—something that flipped the world upside down!

A story:

  • mixed with paranormal (this is probably my favorite genre to read!) and fantasy.
  • that was fun, and included plenty of tongue-in-cheek. (This is where the fairy tale characters came in!)
  • adventure, romance, hot sex, happily ever after’s, and of course, good hard bare bottom spankings!

This book “The Ever Afters” (It will become a series! We have so many characters’ stories to tell!), is not an anthology of three different sets of characters’ stories, it is a combined book of characters whose scenes play off each other.  It is co-written by Renee Rose, Casey McKay and myself.

The words for my characters’ tale, literally flew from my fingertips!

I day dreamt (and night dreamt, mmmm) about the hot shape shifter, Bertram, the conflicted submissive, Jillian, and the interplay between some of the fun minor characters.

I fell in love with them, and couldn’t wait to share them with the world.

Finally, each set of characters “met” and interwove their stories, and I was amazed at the complementing stories.

These 3 sets of characters were meant to be together! I am so glad they allowed us to play with their stories.

This has been so exciting, and so much fun! I honestly don’t know why I got overwhelmed.

If I take the time and remember the past month’s writing and tweaking, and playing, I can say it has been of the most entertaining and blessed things I have done in the context of authorship.

So, I am taking my dear friends’ advice:

Don’t overthink it.

Enjoy this moment.

I loved the writing part, and even liked the editing. Why should the publishing be any different?

And if someone still wants to email my husband, and tell him to spank me, that’s ok too.


Here are a few pictures of what I envision for the book. (I couldn’t put all of them on. I’ll add more to the next post 🙂 )

winter mountains


wolf paw


26 thoughts on “Reality sinks in!

  1. Natasha Knight

    Now that is a pic!! 🙂 Casey IS strange Katherine 🙂 Pre – congratulations on your upcoming release and proper authorship! Is that even the right way to say it? Anyhow, congrats my dear. I know how excited you are about this and I wish you tremendous success!

  2. Casey McKay

    I am totally strange. And I am owning it 😛 I’m sending you’re husband this blog post, you are so getting spanked!

    All kidding aside. This is going to be awesome! You are a great writer and I cannot wait for the world to see.

  3. peejay123PeeJay

    Yes, it’s clear that you do need to be spanked into realising your potential, your ability to inspire and to achieve something! You clearly need to be disciplined to make sure that you get there!!!

  4. Sue Lyndon

    Congratulations, Katherine! I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait to read your story. 🙂 Oh and if your husband ends up spanking you, let us know how it goes, LOL. 😉

  5. Corinne Alexander

    Congratulations on your debut novel!!!! If this isn’t a moment to get excited about and maybe even a bit flustered over I don’t know what is! Let the domino affect begin! Enjoy every single minute of this! A spanking sounds like a good way to celebrate & calm down all at once. 🙂

  6. Roz

    Huge congratulations Katherine, I’m so happy for you! 🙂 This is so wonderful and exciting. I hope you do enjoy every moment!


  7. Grant Antrews

    Congratulations, and please let me know when the book becomes available. I haven’t done an erotic novel in 14 years, and my new book is coming out March 1st so I’m excited. I wish you lots and lots of success.


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