Sat Spanks- Ever Afters- Spanked in the Dungeon

Saturday Spankings

Welcome back to Saturday Spankings!

I’m continuing with a scene from the soon to be published spanking romance I co-wrote with Renee Rose and Casey McKay. It’s called the ‘Ever After Series: The Winter Storm.

This week’s post is the follow-up of last week’s ‘Caught in the Dungeon’ (you can read it here).

Jillian and Cindy were caught playing in the Dungeon, by the very angry lodge owner, Bertram.  Bertram is livid that they exposed themselves to danger by playing alone, and he expresses his anger in the form of a double spanking. Bare bottoms, of course!


Jillian felt the cool air on her bottom as Bertram yanked her skirt up, rolling it into the waistband of her underwear. Then he grabbed her panties and yanked them in between her cheeks.

 He picked up the small wooden brush, and wasted no time in laying into Cindy’s bottom.

Jillian’s heart went out to the poor girl, as she sniffled and whimpered and cried.

 But suddenly, it was over, and she was the one receiving the heat of his anger. Her bottom ached so badly as he swiftly piled one hard stroke on top of the other.

She could feel the heat in her poor backside, as he continued to take turns spanking both of them with the hard brush.

 “You will not go into the dungeon by yourselves, do you understand, ladies?” he said, giving them both a flurry of spanks leaving Jillian shuddering and mewling as Cindy cried.


Welcome to New Kristiandom, a world filled with fantasy and paranormal. A world where old fashioned meets contemporary, where fairy tales and real life collide. Where truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.  Where romance and fetish are the norm and everyone gets a “Happily ever After”.

This is the first story of the characters who shape this world. These are the ‘Ever Afters’.


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23 thoughts on “Sat Spanks- Ever Afters- Spanked in the Dungeon

  1. krblake

    Hmm, looks like the dungeon is off limits unless you’re accompanied by a Dom. Makes me wonder what sort of danger they faced there. Poor girls. This is definitely a punishment, and not at all fun for them. But what did they expect? Great snippet, Katherine.


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