Author Share – Series Intro

Phew! This has been a roller coaster month for me.

Besides normal life activities, I did the following:


  • I published my first book (with my good friends Renee Rose and Casey McKay).
  • I did a few blog hops.
  • Made some book trailers.
  • Played in the snow (that’s a once every two or three year thing for us, here)!
  • Started spring cleaning (and promptly got distracted) Alas, my sewing room is still in shambles
  • Started the long process of editing a story I wrote over a year ago
  • Outlined two new stories…


And then I shut down. Seriously, my brain and body just went into overdrive, and I shut completely down!

I found myself missing blog posts, forgetting to review books I had read, missed replies on fb, and completely screwed up the whole “Twitter” thing…

I had not been juggling the different responsibilities between home life and author life well, and it frustrated and overwhelmed me.


I am happy to announce I have gone back into planning mode and now have…

A Game Plan!

game plan x and os



I feel so much better when I am organized.

LOL, I’m not there yet, but I have taken the first steps.

I have started talking with other authors about how they make it all work.

I’ve made a spreadsheet (I love Excel!) of goals and potential posts.

I have started reading books like:


Marketing Matters”, by Cassandra Carr

How to Blog a Book”, by Nina Amir


Book Marketing… in a Nutshell”, by Shelia Clover English


Knowledge is Power



The biggest thing I have gotten out of all of this, is that I need to be consistent and more active publically.

I want to be more consistent with my blogging, as well as my social networking, and promoting, but honestly, have NO FREAKING idea how to do all this stuff!

LOL, I was silly enough to actually believe that all I had to do was write a book, and people would buy it. Then I would write another one. And more people would magically appear to buy it.


Ok, maybe I had a tiny niggling that there was more to it than that. But I chose not to accept this reality.

Remember, fantasy (and escaping reality) is my forte.

La, la, la! I can’t hear you!


Well, I am going to consistently blog more, and am going to do something really cool!

Starting next week, I will be hosting a weekly series called,


Author Share black letters

(By the way, I made this image myself  at Yeah, Me! I did something geeky! 🙂 )



This will be a cool chance for me to ask the experienced authors and bloggers questions like:


Why is blogging so important, and how do I do it?

What’s involved with marketing my book?

What do all those colors mean in edits?

How the %$#^ do I tweet properly and get my message out without bombarding people with a gazillion tweets?

Where are the best places to promote?

How do I ask for reviews?


The list goes on…

I have a ton of questions as a new author.  🙂

And I am so blessed to be a part of a community of experienced men and women who are willing to share their experiences and wisdom.

The first topic will be next Monday, April 21, and will be a general overview of “putting it all together”, and will include the talents of Cara Bristol, Patricia Green, and Renee Rose. Multi published authors of over 50 books between them – these amazing women do it all, and do it well!


I hope you like the new series, and will join me in the discussions. Feel free to ask your own questions or impart some of your own thoughts and suggestions. See you after Easter!

14 thoughts on “Author Share – Series Intro

  1. Wilma Rubble

    Congrats on all your new ‘things’! Any yay for learning to get computer geeky. Who knows you may actually like creating things on the computer as well? You know in your spare time. Iol

    I look forward to reading more about you and your journey further into the writing world

    Good luck with all of it!

  2. Normandie Alleman

    Sounds like a fun series, and very helpful for new-ish authors. I often think that if I hadn’t been a fairly serious blogger prior to beginning my fiction career I’d be at least 6 months to a year behind trying to learn all the “on-line” communication stuff.

    1. katherinedeane Post author

      That’s EXACTLY the point I feel I am at, Normandie!
      Oh heck, I just ended y sentence with a preposition. Better add grammar to the list of topics 🙂


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