Spanking A-Z Challenge- A: Anatomy of a Spanking

spank A2Z

Welcome to the A-Z spanking blog challenge! 26 days of “letter themed” posts using each letter of the alphabet.

When I thought of the first letter of the alphabet, there was one thing that popped into my mind.

Spankings of course! But how to make it work as an “A”. Hmmmm. I think I got it worked out nicely. 🙂

i wish he would spank me

I love being spanked by my husband. I daydream of new ways to get spanked by him, and new implements for him to try. I love the feel of his hand on my bare bottom. It is intimacy at its most pure form. (I also need to be spanked sometimes. But that is for a different post. )

Today, it’s all about the sexy spanking side of things:

 (Some are used in my spanking relationship with my daring hubby. And some are from my imagination. But both are very much a part of me. So here goes.


The Anatomy of a Spanking.



Favorite actions taken by dominant partner:

Thrash, paddle, spank, swat, punish, switch, dominate, warm up, smack, caress, squeeze, knead, rub, chastise, “discuss”, “teach a lesson”, apply a firm hand, stroke.


These words certainly evoke a reaction from me. Just the words. Wow, I can go from chastised to extremely “happy” in seconds, depending on which “word” he is using on me.


Favorite descriptions:

Strong, firm, paddle like, hard, fast, swift, stinging, painful, long, drawn out, carefully spaced, gentle


There is a huge difference in the feeling of fast, hard strokes, versus the slower, timed out ones. It almost seems like a mental thing; the anticipation of the next stroke. My husband usually prefers hard and fast with his strokes, but has (pleasantly) surprised me with a few modifications at times :).



Favorite physical implements used by dominant partner:

Hand, palm, fingers, paddle, hairbrush, belt, riding crop, wooden spoon, tawse, birching bundle, flogger, slipper, rug beater, loopy, cane, cable ties, switch, lexan paddle, home-made implement out of bunch of tent rope wrapped together (my husband has an engineering mind 🙂 )


I have tried most of these.

My favorite is his hand. There is nothing like a hard, firm swat, given at any time, followed by a gentle stroke or a squeeze. Mmmm.

My least favorite is the belt. The leather stings right away. I can feel the burning and welting with each strike. I probably would not mind it so much, if it just stayed on my bottom. But, a lot of times, it wraps around my hip, or into the inner part of my bottom. God forbid, the few times it struck me, there! (my other very intimate place. The place I do not want to be spanked. Yeowch! That hurts!)

My favorite for a fun sensual night is the home made tent rope implement hubby made. It swishes across my bottom, and gives little stings of heat, but doesn’t actually hurt. The narrow ropes extend around my hips, and sometimes between my bottom, creating a deep heat in another area of my body.

My favorite / least favorite is the lexan. LOL, I have a different mind- set about this one, depending on the spanking. For a warm up, or fun spanking, this implement is awesome! It warms me up so quickly, building this wonderful heat. But then it starts hurting. This is not a fun implement when used for longer than a few minutes. Holy heck! That thing gets me shimmying all over the place, and (almost, but not quite 😉 ) begging him to stop.


Favorite terms for parts of the body being spanked:

Bottom, booty, rear end, back side, ass, butt, arse, globes, sit spot, cheeks, upper thighs

OTK pic sexy

Ok, I can’t think of any more. We usually use booty or bottom in my household. Butt and ass sound a bit too crass coming from my husband. And he usually does not do “spanky” talk. He won’t actually specify in words, what he is going to “do to my bare bottom”; choosing instead, cryptic words like “discussion” or “your hair looks like it needs brushing” (LOL, that means I am in need of some time with the hairbrush. By the way, I should have put them one up there with my fave / least faves. Ouch!)


Favorite possible reaction from the spankee (oh yeah, that’s me!):

Howl, flail, yowl, squirm, shimmy, shake, cry, sob, beg, moan, flinch, reach hands back, clench, bury face into…, make promises, submit, become aroused, grind against…, press bottom out


I have gone through all of these reactions, with the exception of sobbing. I actually don’t cry during punishments. The few times I do cry are afterwards, during the aftercare.



Phrases I love:

“You won’t sit for a week!”

“You won’t sit for a month of Sundays!”

“Little girl…”

“I’m gonna spank you so hard…”

“Bend over.”

“Drop your pants.”

“And your panties.”

“do we need to have a discussion?”

“Bring me the hairbrush.”

“That’s strike three.”

“I should have done this a long time ago…”

“Young lady…”

“Do you remember what happens to brats who…”

“Come. Here.”

“I warned you.”

“That was just the warm up.”

“Stop yer’ fussing.”

“Take your punishment.”

“Good girl.”

“I’m so proud of you.”

“Of course you’re forgiven.”

“I love you.”

I warned you

I adore these phrases, and wish my husband would partake in the usage of some of these. Mostly he just uses “discussion” and some affirming words afterwards. He is more of a “show vs tell” person. “Spanky talk” is not a part of him.

But, heavens, the things those phrases do to me. When I read these phrases, or daydream about him using them, wow! I run a whole marathon of conflicting emotions over those words and phrases.


Ok, that’s my take on the anatomy of a spanking.


I was going to mention positioning, but I think that merits its own post.

Thanks for stopping by.

Please head on over and enjoy the other blog posts!

Happy spanks!


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27 thoughts on “Spanking A-Z Challenge- A: Anatomy of a Spanking

  1. Maren Smith

    Oh. Wow! Katherine, you wrote a book here! You not only wrote a book, but I need to print this out so I can refer to some of these descriptions the next time I write a spanking scene! 🙂 Seriously though, I could spend all day reading through those descriptions. Especially the phrases. O. M. G. Hot!

  2. Addy Raine

    Oh wow! I love your post. So hot…just reading through it made me want a spanking. Okay, you know me pretty much all the time i want one but now I really do. 😉

  3. tarafinneganromance

    Fantastic post. Covers just about everything to do with spanking, or should I say bares it all! Fab images too.

  4. Leigh Smith

    Wow, you really set the bar pretty high for A. Great post. Maybe you can save Positioning for the P day.

    1. katherinedeane Post author

      Thanks, Leigh! 🙂
      Hehe, my old track coach always used to say ” start with a good solid, first quarter, then save for a great finishing kick.
      LOL, I don’t know what that says for my middle posts. 😉
      P for positioning- perfect!

  5. Natasha Knight

    This is a fantastic post! I only got to the first cartoon yesterday so I’m catching up now. I love the belt. How do you not? YOU? Lexan – I don’t really know what that is. Must experiment more… I recently discovered I like wood. Weird.


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