Spanking A-Z Challenge, F: The Forbidden F Word

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Welcome to the next installment of the Spanking A – Z Blog Challenge.

Today’s letter is “F”. Warning, I am talking about a 4 letter word today.


The F word


This 4 letter word is one that I really despise.

I find it crass and dirty.

Lots of different people use it though.

Much to my chagrin, when in front of my young children – the neighbor boys.

The men who sometimes play basketball with my husband.

Military environment definitely called up a lot of “F words”.

It’s everywhere!

But one place I feel it most definitely does not belong, is in romance books.


Picture this:


A husband and wife during an intimate session.

He has warmed her up thoroughly with a wonderful, long, hard spanking on her bare bottom.

He plays with her peaked nipples; pinching, licking, sucking.

He then claims her hard and fast, pumping aggressively into her as she moans in delight.


Taking her to the edge of the bed, as he stands next to it; he flings her legs over his shoulders, going even deeper into her hot, wetness.

She looks into his eyes as she breathlessly murmurs her approval.

“Oh God, Oh my God, Yes! Yes!”

She presses her bottom toward him, and clenches the mattress.

With every bit of passion and energy that has consumed her, she releases the dreadful F word.

(just click “open”)


The mortification on her face is evident.

“Sorry honey,” she sputters, and tries to keep the momentum going.

She releases another F%$&, and groans in embarrassment.



I love realism in the fiction I read; but too much reality can really be a buzzkill.


Hope you enjoyed.


The F word that should never be used in Romance


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11 thoughts on “Spanking A-Z Challenge, F: The Forbidden F Word

  1. Shelly Romance-Landolf

    I agree, I really hate that word even though I find myself saying a few times. Mostly at my husband and not in a sexual way. I truely believe that word is way over used and has ruined some really good movies. I love Katherine Heigl but she uses that word way too much and it really is not needed in her movies. I usually do not watch the stupid comedies because of that reason I guess it is a good thing that I prefer action movies.

  2. Casey McKay

    I thought for a second you were talking about the other F word and I was like- how are you friends with me?? LOL
    I don’t know what you’re talking about, girls don’t fart, ever. It’s all romance novel sex over here, no bodily functions happening that shouldn’t be! 🙂

  3. Joelle Casteel

    aww love it, Katherine! You succeeded in getting me to smile this morning, even with what I shared as we were chatting on fb. The two sound effects were priceless 😀 yeah on realism. I agree, even with how I push it in my own writing. Taking this in a slightly more serious direction- in the mansion that Vala’s story is largely set, the submissives have a communal bathroom and no privacy stalls of any sort around the commodes. I have 2 “sub using the toilet” scenes across the serial, but no, not once have I talked about farts 😀

  4. Leigh Smith

    There are not, nor will there ever be any bodily functions involved in my writing. There wil, however, be the other F word scattered throughout.

  5. Holla Dean

    You fooled me, Katherine! I was well into your post before I realized your were talking about farts. My post today is about the F-word too, but the other one.

  6. Han van Meegeren

    I had to laugh so hard playing your audio tapes my wife came and said what is so funny, and I said listen, She has no sense of humor, I think. It is funny, Katherine.
    Your post is right to my heart. To me at the European channels watching stuff you have already forgotten it is a mystery that some movies, but in interviews with the man on the street too, the f word has become a household word. I think it is rude, it’s a devaluation of your language. It’s the easy way, if you don’t know what to say, use f.

    Hmm, got to make another K (K = Klootzak (Dutch for asshole), cursing in erotica). I was not looking forward to writing it so I really don’t mind Katherine!

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