Spanking A-Z Challenge, N: Nick

spank A2Z

Welcome back for another fun day of alphabet posts. Since today’s day is N, and this is a spanking blog hop, I decided to share my favorite coach from my new spanking romance. (I just finished the edits, and am about to send them in. Really I am! It’s not like I’m nervous or anything, which would be another good “N” post 🙂 )


Nick Fox is a hard ass, firm, authoritative, dominant… the list goes on. He’s also hot. And a spanker. My MC, Claire may have gotten more than she bargained for, when she chose Nick as her coach.

This scene takes place on the running trails – their first training run together.


 “Jacobs, Taylor!” The agitated male voice brought her back to reality.

His lean, but well defined torso appeared in front of her, startling Claire and forcing her to ease off the pace.

“Seven minute pace for that last half mile mile, ladies — Not what I instructed.” He stated.

“Sorry, Nick. I got kinda caught up in the moment.” She winced and prepared for his verbal lashing.

“Morgan,” He contemplated the beautiful blonde running next to her, “Why didn’t you tell Claire the pace was too fast?”

“Hmph,” Morgan sniffed. “She’s the one that picked up the pace. I was only trying to keep up.”

Claire eased into the slower pace and tried to match his long strides.

“I’m sorry, Nick. I got kind of excited. Sorry. I’ll go to the back.”

“Switch!” She called out, and prepared to be passed by the other runners.

“No.” came his loud, forceful reply. “Stay. As. Is.”

“But I, I can’t pace. I’m no good at it.  I’m going to hurt everyone by going too fast or too slow. Someone’s going to trip. You, you don’t want me to lead.” She stammered, feeling suddenly foolish.

“Who’s the coach here?” he scolded.

“You, sir.” Oh God where had that come from?

“I coach, you obey,” he said sternly.

She nodded in reply.

Nick took over Morgan’s space next to next to her, pushing the rest of the group back.

“Relax and run, I’ll be right here with you.”

“I don’t know.” She felt the anxiety re-build in her, and started picking up the pace again.

He touched her hip, and tapped it slowly three times. They weren’t hard, or overtly sexual.  The slow metronome cadence of finger taps on the side of her hips, reminded her of the second hand on her watch. Click, click, click; telling her to slow her rate.

“Breathe, Claire. Now relax.” His rich, deep voice had a calming effect on her.


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