Spanking A-Z Challenge, O: Oppa Gangnam Style

spank A2Z


Welcome back for another fun day of spanking A-Z! Today’s letter is “O”, and I absolutely had to share my favorite music video from last year.

Oppa Gangnam Style


Holy cow, this video is so funny. I honestly don’t know what the words mean. But if you’ve seen any of my replies in the other posts (yes, I had no idea what the lyrics for “Like a Virgin” meant, until my adult years 🙂 ), you already know that I am more in tune with the music and expression of a song than I am by the words, anyway.

This is probably why I thought:

The heavy metal band was called “Inks”

“Blinded by the Light was  about being “wrapped up like a douche”

Greased lightning caused “the chicks to cream” , (never thought twice about that one).

I had no problem whatsoever with Sandy’s suit getting “damp” when Danny ran by her.

And I still to this day, don’t know what most of my favorite Madonna songs were about.

But I could probably take a guess; and there’s always google, when I’m ready.


LOL, I have always enjoyed the innocent side of things, and liked being blissfully unaware.

So here is my favorite song and video to just party and dance to.

Even though I have no idea what the words mean.

Have fun, ride a fake horse, and smack a little bootie!



Have a great day!

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10 thoughts on “Spanking A-Z Challenge, O: Oppa Gangnam Style

  1. Addy Raine

    I’m about to blush but…that’s NOT what the line from Blinded by the Light is? *hides* I thought all of these things to…except I finally get all the fuss from Grease! 🙂

  2. Roz Harrison

    LoL Katherine. Blinded by the light was written by Springsteen and the lyrics were “cut loose like a deuce”. Manfred Mann changed it to “reved up like a deuce” … but it sounds like douche lol.


  3. Leigh Smith

    I am always amazed at the true words to a song – I’m always making up words because I can’t understand the actual words.

  4. Etta Stark

    I am NOT clicking that and you can’t make me. 🙂

    The song that shocked me when I listened to it years later was Olivia Newton John’s Physical. That one’s filthy with all her talk of ‘trying to keep my hands on the table.’ And this bit:

    I took you to an intimate restaurant
    Then to a suggestive movie
    There’s nothing left to talk about
    Unless it’s horizontally

    I think it was the first album I ever bought. My six year old self was oblivious.


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