Spank A-Z Blog Challenge, T: Take it on the Bum

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Welcome back for day “T” of the Spanking A-Z Challenge.

I am so excited to have a special friend with me today! Her name is Bella Bryce, and she does those awesome sweet Age Play’s from Blushing Books. She is a very sweet British gal that calls me “Katness”, and in return, I call her “Bella Button”. She loves the tutu’s and tiara’s that I make, and someday, will hopefully come visit me, so I can embrace my inner child playing hopscotch and getting spanked by a daddy (separate ones, of course. I don’t share well with others.;) ) with her.

She is here today to tell us about the fourth in her Waldorf books, The Glass House. This one is a stand alone, so you can read it, even if you haven’t read the first three. 🙂

Take it away, Bella Button! 🙂


Thanks so much for having me today, Katness!

Today’s excerpt is about Jon and Evelyn Fowler – the parents and background characters to one of my heroes – Bennett Fowler.  Evelyn has been meddling, which is quite normal for her. Yet, Jonathan comes to a point where the words of his son, Bennett, have finally sunk in.  The words he left his father several months before, when he had the courage to say them, were wise: “mother needs to be reined in, and you know it. Do something, please, before she drives a wedge between my future wife and me.”  When Jonathan finally realised the truth of his son’s words, and what would have otherwise been a ‘normal’ way for Evelyn to dismiss him, gets under his skin, he doesn’t think twice about how to put Bennett’s words into action.


“Thirty years, I’ve given you. Thirty years of marriage, two sons — you’ve wanted for nothing — don’t you dare respond. I don’t want to hear a word out of your mouth.”

Jon pointed at her. He hadn’t raised his voice at his wife in years. Mainly, because he hadn’t been around to do it, but the other reason was because she’d always beat him to it, and he never had the energy to compete. “You’ve had your say from the very beginning but now it’s time for a change. If you want this marriage to carry on, then I suggest you show me you want it by backing down. You will not step all over me any longer, Evelyn.”

She readjusted her posture and tried to save face although she felt extremely uncomfortable.

“I have had enough of your moody, arrogant tantrums; the way you control everything and everyone in this family. I don’t like how you speak to my staff, I don’t like how you dismiss me, and I absolutely despise you going behind my back. I told you to leave Bennett alone and you just couldn’t listen. You chased him when I told you to leave off. I ought to turn you across my knee like a ridiculously disobedient little girl and smack your backside raw.”

Evelyn wasn’t sure if someone put a 20 pence into her or her husband, but one of them was wound up and the other was raring to go. His tone and words were so, so unexpected. And strangely arousing.

“You even managed to turn my own butler against me! I told Willis you weren’t to leave to see Bennett and that the chauffeur wasn’t to drive you anywhere, yet they both somehow were coaxed into listening to the madam of the house.”

“You never said – ” she tried to fight back, but Jon raised his hand. “I’ve

been hearing your voice for thirty years, be quiet. It’s my turn now.”

Evelyn frowned deeply as a lump formed in her throat.

“Have a sulk. You’ll need it. You’ve been making everyone miserable, and it’s time I put a stop to it. I overheard your entire conversation with Bennett last night on the phone; I heard the way you responded to him and how you refused to apologise. It’s arrogant, selfish behaviour and it’s completely unacceptable. Beyond that, you sought him out on the day of Elisabeth’s parents’ funeral. Does your selfish agenda never end?”

She blinked several times. Evelyn hadn’t felt she was being selfish, she felt completely justified —which was, of course, a prime indication of selfishness.

“That child has just lost both of her parents, and I will be damned if I watch you try to get in the middle of her grief by chasing Bennett.”

Jon removed his blazer and dropped it on his desk. He was just warming up.

“Take your coat off,” he said, nodding toward her.

Evelyn shook her head.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” he said, and started walking in her direction.

“Lay one bloody hand on me,” she started.

“And what? You’ll phone the police?”

Evelyn gritted her teeth and tried to appear strong.

“You’re my wife, and you’ve been a bloody pain in my ass for thirty years. You’re lucky I care enough to spank you because if I didn’t, I’d be taking my ring off instead of my belt. Get to the sofa. Now, Evelyn.”             She didn’t mean to obey straightaway, but she did. She nearly jumped as she quickly slipped her coat off. Jonathan had never spoken to her in that tone, and it shocked the hell out of her. It shocked and delighted her. It also irritated and aroused her. She was far too confused to argue.  

“Take those heels off as well; you’re a naughty girl, not a sophisticated woman.”

Evelyn felt as though her various organs were beginning to meld into one massive lump of pumping blood and oxygen as she practically kicked off her Louie Vuitton heels, then scampered to the sofa like a frightened kitten. She both loved and despised Jonathan’s confidence. It was bittersweet to feel like the control and power she normally held over him being ripped out of her hands.

“On second thought, let’s do this properly. Over my knee,” Jonathan said, as he paused removing his belt. He sat down on the Chesterfield sofa and pulled his middleaged wife in her designer dress and pearls straight across his expensive suit trousers.

“Jon! Have you gone absolutely mad?” Evelyn wondered if he’d discovered an

erotic novel in the drawer of her dressing table because that was the only place he would have found her fantasising about him taking her over his lap. She daren’t even write about it on a piece of paper for fear of him finding it. That would have absolutely destroyed her if she had to communicate something so shamefully delicious.

“This is for all the spoilt behaviour I’ve had to put up with silently over the years,” he said, as he pulled his wife’s dress up and over her small hips and bottom, then pulled down her satin knickers. He was sure she was ready to move on to the bedroom, but unfortunately for her, Jonathan wasn’t entertaining foreplay. He was going to give her the thrashing she desperately needed. The play would come later.

“You aren’t really going to do this,” Evelyn’s voice quivered. She wanted him to do it, but she felt like she had to put up a fight. Otherwise, what would have been the point of her running him down for all those years?


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9 thoughts on “Spank A-Z Blog Challenge, T: Take it on the Bum

  1. Roz Harrison

    Love the title Katherine lol. Great snippet, he really means business! … and it seems she is getting what she both needs and wants.

    Thank you both for sharing. Love your names for each other 🙂


    1. katherinedeane Post author

      Thanks, Roz. Actually, Bella came up with the clever title. I originally had the very creative and clever “The Glass House, by Bella Bryce.” (I thought it had a nice ring to it too 😉 )
      I loved the excerpt too!
      Such great internalization!

    2. bellabryce

      Thanks Roz, I’m glad you enjoyed the snippet 🙂 With more context, the scene is way more sensual and I am a clean spanking fiction writer – so this was my first time writing with a married couple, and over the age of thirty. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and since I’m 27, I really had no idea what I was doing. I’ve come to really love this pair.

      There really was no question that Katness was her nickname, it was a ‘must’. Hee hee

      Bella x

    1. bellabryce

      Thanks, Etta 🙂 My favourite line, too! One of my all-time favourites. I take no credit. Jon wrote that entire chapter, lol. I was just there to record it.

    1. bellabryce

      Thank you, Trent! I take your compliment humbly, as this scene was truly out of my box. It’s unlike most I’ve ever written to this point. Many thanks! Bella x


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