Katherine stalked by Anne Welch and her houseboys

After a long night of reading, Katherine Deane awakens to a frightful surprise. A woman with crazy eyes and a maniacal grin holds duck tape in one hand and an “It’s not stalking if it’s your neighbor” mug in the other.

“Anne Welch, is that you?” Katherine rubs her bleary eyes and groans as she props herself up.

“I’m here for my promotion post, Katherine.” Anne smiles and hands her the mug. “It’s fully loaded.”

“Thanks, I could use come caff—“ Katherine’s eyes water as she chokes on the drink. “Is that pure vodka?” she sputters.

“No, there’s a teaspoon of coffee somewhere at the bottom.”

“At least there’s some caffeine,” Katherine mutters, taking a ginger sip. “Okay, um, you know you could have just emailed me your promo.”

“Why would I do that?” Anne says, waving a hand. “Besides, I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t back out.”

“Is that what the duck tape is for?” Katherine eyes the bright pink tape in Anne’s hands, warily.

“Nah.” Anne laughed. “Unless you need more incentive.”

“I’m good, come on, let’s get this show on the road,” Katherine grumbles and shuffles for her bedroom door.

“You’re real perky in the morning.” Anne laughs.

“That’s just because it’s cold in here, and I’m not wearing a bra, Anne.” Katherine mutters.

“Only you could pull off such an awesome ensemble,” Anne says, pointing to Katherine’s red tank top and Wonder Woman boy cut briefs.

“By the way, I brought some houseboys along.” Anne says as she pushes Katherine out of her bedroom.

“Oh! Hold on. Let me grab my push up bra, then we can get started!” Katherine shouts, sprinting back into her room excitedly.

“Works every time.” Anne grins and twirls the duck tape around her wrist.


Author Bio

Anne grew up in a very small town in South Carolina, where as a kid, she always loved to read books, make people laugh and write songs. After having success in her home state she decided to pursue dreams of becoming a writer and moved to Nashville, TN.  When she’s not writing you can find her reading or searching for a husband.  She loves spending time with her friends, nieces, nephews and her two fur babies.  She enjoys making people laugh so if you would like please feel free to follow her on Twitter @merri_aw or on Facebook.com/itsanannething. Or drop her a line at itsanannething@yahoo.com.  She loves hearing from her readers.




 From my early days, I’ve enjoyed good-looking guys and making people laugh.  So combine stalking hot guys and keeping the cutest ones for houseboys with my quick wit and you have “ It’s An Anne Thing.”

Read about some of my real life shenanigans and laugh. If I put a smile on your face, I’ve done my job.

Excerpt:  Hot Neighbor

A few years ago I built a house in the country and my next door neighbors consisted of a homely couple in their 50’s and an old man in his 70’s who insisted on wearing only spandex shorts while doing yard work. Trust me when I say this is something that can’t be unseen. A wrinkly old man with his wrinkled junk on display and he insisted on doing this outside of my window. I know he was probably just trying to win my affection but I want a man who doesn’t have to use the little blue pill to get it up.

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Thanks for stopping by, and visiting! Anne Welch was kind enough to share a picture of her houseboys! 🙂

Congratulations on your brand new book, Anne!

Here’s the houseboys 🙂



9 thoughts on “Katherine stalked by Anne Welch and her houseboys

  1. Roz Harrison

    LoL Katherine and Anne. This sounds like a fun book, congratulations Anne! Thank you for the eye candy too 🙂



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