Bared by the Billionaire – by Kallista Dane

I love a good spanking scene. It just makes me all warm and tingly. 🙂

Kallista Dane is visiting me today, with a warm, tingly spanking excerpt from her new book, Bared by The Billionaire, and is going to tell us a little bit about herself.




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Bared by the Billionaire is my newest erotic romance.  I had a great time telling the story of Kyra Thornton and her initiation into the dark world of BDSM by sexy scientist/inventor and Dom Jake Harmon.  He’s got some surprises for Kyra, including wild sex/tech toys he invented that he’ll use on her as he introduce her to his domination.


“Take off the rest of your clothes.”

Her cheeks flushed but she did as she was told, trembling a little, eyes downcast the entire time.

She dropped the bra and her hands moved to the nipple rings.

“Not those,” he said.

He saw the look of dismay on her face, but she never protested. She bent forward to unhook

the garters. Slipping off her shoes and balancing on one foot, then the other, she peeled the

stockings off. Finally she reached behind her and unhooked the lace garter belt, letting it fall to

the floor. He let her stand there for a moment under the bright lights of the lab, naked, and just

stared. Her body was beautiful. Full, lush breasts, narrow waist, hips that flared out.

“Come here and lie across my lap.” As she walked toward him, the portions of her brain that

registered fear and anxiety responded strongly. But so did the center for arousal. She put one

knee on the sofa, awkwardly supporting her weight with her hands as she draped herself across

his lap.

Her body was warm and soft and when she let her full weight rest on him, he felt his own body

respond. Without thinking, he stroked her bare ass and ground himself up against her, just a

little. Harmon didn’t need a machine to tell the instant she felt his cock pressing up, hard and

ready. Her sharp intake of breath did that.

Grabbing her wrists with one hand and holding them out in front of her, he smacked her bottom

sharply with the flat of his palm. The computer screen exploded in lights. He started spanking

her steadily, firm but not too hard at first, watching with clinical detachment as her lovely bottom

turned pink.

He spanked harder and it took on a darker shade of red. As it did, her pain centers on the

monitor glowed brighter and brighter. Her fingers dug into the fabric of the sofa but she never

moved or made a sound.

He wanted more, wanted to see what she’d do once he broke her tight control. He shifted his

legs a little and spanked her slowly, sensuously, rubbing the hard bulge in his pants back and

forth across her wet slit with every whack. A soft moan escaped her lips. The sensors recorded

a huge spike in endorphins. The pleasure centers of her brain were sending off fireworks.

Harmon smiled to himself.

“Get down on your knees in front of me,” he demanded, letting go of her wrists.



Kyra Thornton is in serious trouble. Her former boss has disappeared after stealing every dime

from the company’s trust account and framing her for the theft, so when the FBI offers her a way

to prove her innocence and escape prosecution, she hesitantly agrees. All she has to do is go

undercover, take a job working for billionaire technology entrepreneur Jake Harmon, and find

evidence to prove the FBI’s claims that he masterminded the crime.

There’s just one catch: Jake is a Dom, and he’s looking for someone who can be both a

financial officer for his company and the perfect sub for him. Kyra has never been a sub—

or wished to be one—but under the circumstances she is left with little choice, and she soon

finds herself stripped bare and on her knees awaiting Jake’s every command. To make matters

worse, her new master quickly proves more than ready to punish any disobedience with a long,

hard, deeply humiliating spanking.

But to Kyra’s shock, Jake’s firm-handed dominance and skillful mastery of her body leaves her

not only blushing with shame and aroused far beyond anything she’s ever experienced before,

it also leaves her yearning for more. It isn’t long before she feels a growing need to submit both

her body and her heart to the dark, mysterious billionaire. But when the time comes to fulfill the

bargain that kept her out of prison, can she trust Jake to protect her, or will she cast aside her

newfound love to save herself?

Publisher’s Note: Bared by the Billionaire is an erotic romance novel that includes spanking,

sexual scenes, BDSM, anal play, exhibitionism, elements of medical play, and more. If such

material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Questions for Kallista:

  1. Do you think today’s modern woman still enjoys reading about women being sexually dominated?  Do you think women secretly long for this?

Yes and absolutely yes.  All you need to do is look at the explosion of

stories out there about spanking and domination.  Not all of us, mind you, but I think many strong women are aching to find an even stronger man who will be kind and loving, but firm at times.

The human race has been around for millennia and our feminine DNA is still hard-wired to be drawn to the Alpha male who will jump up after sex to protect the cave or hunt down a mammoth for dinner while we’re lying back and purring in satisfaction.

2.  Are you working on a new book right now?

I’m doing a reverse time-travel about a young woman from the 1800’s who is transported to current times.  She’s discovered by a hot Special Forces commander.

I wouldn’t have considered a time travel romance novel but it was hard to come up with a woman in her twenties nowadays who is still a virgin to be my heroine!


Kallista’s Bio

Like my ancestor Scheherezade, I cannot sing or paint or dance.  I have but one talent – I am a weaver of words.

As a little girl I was scared to take risks.  As a woman, I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China, scuba dived in underwater caves, and skied a black diamond run in Vail.  But the greatest risk I’ve taken is putting my naughtiest secret fantasies in print.

I love to tell stories of strong women and the even stronger men who suddenly show up in their lives when they expect it least and need it most.

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