Adaline Raine visits with a hot, “nice to see you again” spanking.

Adaline Raine is visiting me today wither her brand new, scorching, hot story! She has a whole blog tour you can follow by going to her blog. But today she’s here, and you’re in for a treat!


Thank you my dear friend! I’m so exited to be kicking off the tour on your blog and appreciate you having me over.

I am sharing an excerpt from my new release, The Medic of Brighton Creek. In this scene Mikayla has been keeping things in from Sam. He has already disciplined her at least once by this point and yet she continues to push. Please enjoy!

Be sure to stop by to see all the stops along the way. I’m giving away free books as well as sharing snippets and chatting about all sorts of things!



Be nice. Now, do you care to tell me what’s bugging you?”

I’m worried about things and it’s a lot to process. I just want to forget about everything.”

Well, I told you earlier I would help with that.” He watched her bite her lip, possibly regretting her back talk, but then she nodded.

Yeah. I shouldn’t have pushed.”

He released her hand as she turned to clamber across his thighs. He left her pants in place since this was more of an informal punishment to get to her talk, then smacked his hand onto her sit spots.


Sam slapped each side of her bottom a couple more times, to balance it out, then aimed for the very center of her cheeks. He continued for a few minutes until she whimpered after a particularly hard smack. He swatted her once more across her entire behind, then stopped.

I told Bonnie what a brat I was before, when your ex-wife showed up. I also told her I didn’t like the fact that she just announced to anyone who would listen that I was back home.” She scooted back down the couch, then pulled herself onto his lap so she could see his eyes. “I mean visiting. I’m back home to visit.


medic of brigthon


Returning to her hometown for her best friend’s wedding, Mikayla Turner doesn’t expect to run into her teenage crush, handsome paramedic Sam Brighton, within a matter of moments. But after her car runs off the road in a snowstorm, she seeks help at the nearest house and is shocked when it is Sam who answers the door—still as sexy as she remembers him.

Sam patches her up and lets her stay at his home until the weather improves, but he makes it clear that there will be consequences should she choose to disobey him during her stay. Mikayla has grown up in the years she’s been away, but she still finds herself craving Sam’s dominance, and she is unable to resist putting his warning to the test. After Sam takes her in hand and bares her bottom for a sound spanking, Mikayla has never felt closer to him, and though it leaves her blushing, his thorough, intimate medical care makes her feel safer and more loved than she’s ever felt before.

When the local doctor takes some time off, Sam steps in to help out and he asks Mikayla to stay and serve as his receptionist. She agrees, but she can’t help worrying that Sam’s attraction to her is short-lived and that one day he will tire of her and push her away. Will self-doubt drive Mikayla to leave Sam and her hometown forever, or can she face her fears and learn to trust the man she loves?

Publisher’s Note: The Medic of Brighton Creek is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author Bio

Adaline Raine is an avid reader of spanking romance and is known for reviewing every book she touches! Her latest release is The Medic of Brighton Creek about a young woman who returns home for her best friends wedding and finds herself longing for the dominance her longtime crush, Sam Brighton used to provide while she was there. Soon they are together as she always dreamed of but her doubts leave her unsure. Sam wastes little time in taking her in hand as well as caring for her. Be sure to check out this sweet contemporary romance with medical play and domestic discipline.

Devon’s Discipline, her supernatural release, is about a young college junior stuck on a downwards spiral after the tragic loss of both of her parents. She meets Professor Matthews who has little tolerance for disrespect and he helps set her straight again through physical discipline.

Marked by the Alpha, Adaline’s premiere story, literally shows us an alpha male werewolf turning his chosen mate over his knee for some well needed attitude adjusting.

Becoming a Lady, her second release, showcases spankings in a historical setting. Our lovely main character is poor and abused so when a tall man drugs her and steals her away from her village she is confused by his actions. He takes his time to teach and guide but his methods include his hand and her hind.

Adaline has also become known for her love of creating graphics for others. She has designed custom banners and buttons for various blog hops throughout the community including “Spank or Treat 2013″;”Winter Spanks 2014”; “Summer Spanks 2014”, as well as the headers and backgrounds at Bratty Addy. Her exclusive feature, Addy’s Couch takes guests books covers and fashions them into a one-of a kind piece for fun or promotional purposes. Contact Adaline at brattyadaline at gmail dot com if you would like her to create something for you!

Adaline runs an active blog on blog spot as well as a Spanking Romance board on Pintrest

You can also find her on Twitter handle Adaline_Raine or on Facebook Raine.Adaline



4 thoughts on “Adaline Raine visits with a hot, “nice to see you again” spanking.

  1. Roz Harrison

    Congratulations on the new release Adaline! Wonderful snippet and I love the sound of this 🙂 Thank you both for sharing 🙂



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