Welcome, Katherine Deane!

I’m at Maren’s today!

Maren Smith

I don’t know what it is about cops and firemen, but Holy Hannah, put one in a spanking story and what do you get? Insta-book boyfriend! In Cassie and the Fire Captain, Eric is no exception. This is a story hot enough to burn your fingers every time you turn the page. So, please welcome fellow author and friend, Katherine Deane!

cassie and the fire captain KD cover

Thanks so much for having me today Maren. I thought of you specifically, when I chose today’s non-con excerpt. Seriously, non consensual spankings really float my boat. But they have to be done just right.

If he doesn’t have a reason for the spanking, then he seems like an ass. If he just turns her over his knee for no other reason than the fact that he is ticked off at an action, he comes across not only as a jerk, but also as a bully.

In the books…

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2 thoughts on “Welcome, Katherine Deane!

  1. Christina

    I bought the book yesterday after seeing you at Maren’s blog and finished it last night! Loved it! The chemistry between the characters was hot! Great job! I’ve put it on my to-do list to get to Amazon and write a review for you (Amazon.ca as I’m in Canada but think all of the reviews are linked together regardless of what country you click into Amazon through).


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