PK Corey spills it all!

I am so excited to have PK over today, for an actual REAL interview! I don’t get to do these very often, so I had a real treat by getting to talk so intimately with her. Now, I’ll be honest. The reason I wanted to interview PK (besides the fact that she is a really nice woman, and I like her 🙂 ), is because of how pleasantly surprised by her book, Cassie’s Conflicts.

 I thought I would have nothing in common with the MC (Cassie is not your typical 20-30 year old main character). I hoped I would like the book. But I was wrong.

 I LOVED the book, and adored everything about the spunky woman and her fun life. I knew right then I absolutely HAD to interview PK Corey.

So here you go.

Enjoy 🙂


Katherine Deane: Thanks so much for talking with me, PK. So let’s get down to business.

Why an older couple? What appealed to you to go against the norm, and average ages of 20-30 somethings?

PK Corey: I want Cassie’s stories to let everyone know that love and passion are not the sole property of the young. Love and passion grows and changes with age. I didn’t begin writing until I was nearly fifty, I knew the love of a long time commitment and that was what I wanted to explore. Many of us who have always longed for a loving spanking relationship want it to last a lifetime, so let’s explore what’s in the far distance for most of us. The excitement of erotic spanking, as well as discipline doesn’t have to stop as we leave our thirties. I feel that Cassie and Tom give us hope as to what could be.

Katherine Deane: Is this story based on any personal experiences?

PK Corey: It really isn’t. Cassie wandered into my head when I was eleven years old. She was forty then. She began telling me her stories. I never knew why my imaginary friend was thirty years older than me and I never knew why my imaginary friend never left. But now I hope she doesn’t.

Katherine Deane: Do you use any of your life in your writing?

PK Corey: My parents traveled a great deal and I’ve used some of the stories I’ve heard about their travels, with my own spin included of course. I also attended many conventions with my parents, at least once a year since I could remember, until my early-twenties. The ladies activities, the cocktail parties, the dinner and dancing I remember from those days. I do remember several older couples I love to watch dance.

Another thing I got from my life is Tom’s ideas on manners and how a lady should act. These ideas come from my sweet mother. I didn’t always agree with her views, though I wore my white gloves to church as a child, but I knew her idea of proper and I let it bloom it Tom.

Katherine Deane: Was there a public service message in your minor character who was a beloved, sweet young homosexual man? And did any of this come from personal experience?

PK Corey: Yes, this was my reality. My son told me he was gay when he was about the same age as Drew, my son had just turned fourteen. Although he’s not huge like Drew, or athletic, he was accepted and loved by his teachers and friends. He and his boyfriend married about a year ago and someday Drew will too.

Katherine Deane: This really makes me happy, PK. Thank you for sharing that. 🙂

What appeals to you most about Cassie?

PK Corey: I admire her fearlessness, and her total and consuming love and devotion to Tom and her friends.

Katherine Deane: I loved that too! I think that is why I connected so well with her.

How much longer will you continue with this series?

PK Corey: Now there is the question! How long will people want to continue reading her? I have roughly five more books. There are really good stories to come and I really want to tell them. But I also want to branch out and prove I’m hot a one hit wonder – mostly I want to prove it to myself. I know I’ll eventually do the books that are already sketched out, but I don’t know how long I should take. I’m trying to find a balance between not having my readers grow tired of her and on the other hand not forgetting her.

Katherine Deane: What’s the oldest you think Cassie will become before her stories are concluded?

PK Corey: This is my favorite question. There is a book/story in my mind that I’m going to write someday even if I never publish it. It’s years in the future – both Cassie and Tom are in there nineties. It’s obviously a closing book so it could just be for me, but at the same time there are a couple of secrets that come out in that last story that would be interesting to those who truly love Cassie. One secret I’ve known about for a long time, the other I just discovered and it was a bit of a shock. I guess I’ll decide about this book later.

Katherine Deane: I know that’s going to be exciting! So, what comes next?

PK Corey: If I can ever retire and possible get my thoughts organized, there are other characters running around in my head that I would like to explore. I really like the Corbin’s Bend Series and I’d love to write a book for it too.

Katherine Deane: Do you have a favorite scene you’d like to share?

PK Corey: My favorite scene/situation is long, but I’m giving you part of it here. Cassie can get aggravated with Tom, but usually she’s not that mad. This time, she’s truly angry. I liked this scene but I’m most intrigued by the one that comes shortly after it. The scene that follows this one popped into my head one day in great, graphic detail. I had no idea what had happened to arrive at that situation and I had no idea what would happen next. But the scene stayed with me and nearly two years later I got to learn the details.


Tom, who had barely spoken to me during dinner, turned to the couple on his left and announced, “I think we’ll be headed back to the hotel soon. Cassie’s been a little under the weather.”

As far as I was concerned, the fight was on! “THAT’S IT!” I shouted loud enough to attract the attention of several tables as I slammed my hand down. Lowering my voice only slightly I continued, “Cassie has not been under the weather in the least. If Cassie had been feeling under the weather, I would have been one of the first to know. If you think I’m too old and decrepit to come to these functions, why don’t you just put me in the home and be done with it. You can go back to the hotel alone if you want to, I don’t give a damn – I’m staying here.” I grabbed Sue’s drink and downed it in one gulp and then left the table so fast none of the stunned men had time to rise.

I was so mad I didn’t know what to do with myself. I headed to the bar to order another drink. I scanned the crowd until I spotted several old friends and asked one to dance. I stayed on the dance floor nearly thirty minutes. Tom was still at the table. His face was dark with anger, but he made no move to come to me. I tried not to look his way, but it seemed impossible. I kept glancing his way regardless of my intent. He never took his eyes off me. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and I headed to the ladies room.

I sat in the little lounge area and closed my eyes. I kept them closed as women moved in and out. I don’t know how long I sat that way, but when I finally opened them, Sue and Annie were sitting across from me.

“What?” I snapped.

Sue cocked her head and looked at me. “I was just wondering if you had a charity you wanted us to contribute to in lieu of flowers.”

“He is going to kill me, isn’t he? What has he said?”

“The man hasn’t spoken a word since you left the table,” Annie said anxiously. She looked upset. I closed my eyes again. This was bad. “Please come back and talk to him.”

I was in more turmoil than you can imagine. I was still angry to the core, but I felt horrible. I knew I was going to have to face him eventually. Leaving the powder room, I looked over at our table.

Tom was gone.

I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. I couldn’t breathe. I was the hot headed one, I’d run out on Tom more times than I cared to remember, but never in all our years together had Tom walked out on me. Although my anger hadn’t defused, the hurt was overwhelming.


PK Corey: Katherine I’ve so enjoyed answering your questions. I’m sure some young readers are hesitant to grab up a story where someone their grandma’s age is being spanked, but I just want them to give it a try. I hope everyone will just try one Cassie story and then decide if they more.

Katherine Deane: Thanks so much for your openness, PK, and for letting me ask some not so typical questions. I really enjoyed Cassie and her story, and look forward to reading more about her. And I can’t wait to see what else you have in mind for branching out. Hugs!


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23 thoughts on “PK Corey spills it all!

  1. rozharrison

    Fantastic interview Katherine and PK. Great questions and I loved reading your answers PK. I love Cassie and Tom and the last book sounds awesome and intriguing. I really hope you do share it PK. Love the idea of you writing CB book too 🙂


  2. ronniesoul

    A really great interview. Thanks you both. Katherine I loved your choice of questions and of course enjoyed read PK’s answers.

    PK – As you know I was hooked on Cassie from the moment I found her so Tom and Cassie in their nineties is one I’d like to read.


  3. Cara Bristol

    Great interview. What really amazed me was that your Cassie character came to you as 40-year-old woman when you were 11! How extraordinary. But now that I think about it, I was 14 when I started talking building stories in my head with characters I watched on TV–and some of them had to be 40. I wonder how many authors turn imaginary childhood friends into characters?

    I also love that you write about older characters. I see a huge need for that–why there isn’t more demand, I don’t know. The Baby Boomer population is aging (has aged!), why would they want to continue to read about 20 somethings just starting out in life?

    1. katherinedeane Post author

      Thanks, Cara.
      I love how people change as they age.
      I remember a show, when I was younger – I think it was called “Thirty Something”. I had absolutely no desires to watch it when I was a teenager, and actually thought thirty year olds were old. 😉

      Now that I have a few more years of experience, those shows and books appeal to me a lot more.
      I do hope this gives some older characters a boost. I would love to see more “over 30” MC’s.

  4. Alyssa

    I just love Cassie and Tom! Sometimes I get so lost in the story and their fun bantering that I forget they are an older couple. It really doesn’t change much for me. It is the deep love and passion that Cassie has for Tom and her friends and family that make her so amazing.
    PK, you can not tell us that you know secrets you are not sure you want to share!!! That is so not fair 😉
    Great interview ladies!

  5. Leigh Smith

    Great interview. Not everyone can be 20+ something forever and life goes on filled with the same kind of experiences as the twenty something crowd. Being an older woman, I love to read about someone in my age bracket and Cassie is perfect because I see a lot of myself in her. I’m never going to lose my spunk no matter how old I am. I think there are a lot of us out there buying books and love to see someone our age as a main character in a story. One of my books is about an older couple and it received a lot of good response from ‘older’ people, yet didn’t do that well, probably for the same reason you mentioned above.

    Anyway, love the interview, love PK and love Cassie.

    1. katherinedeane Post author

      Thanks so much, Leigh.
      I am definitely starting to find more of an appeal to the older characters now.
      I’m glad I took the chance. Normally, I try not to go too far outside of my comfort zone.
      What a waste that would have been. I loved this book!


  6. Natasha Knight

    Love the interview PK and Kate! I think my favorite part is that Cassie came to you as a 40 year old when you were 11 and even better that she is still with you now. I too hope she never leaves and I hope you write that story where they’re 90. Thank you for sharing some of your personal life with us too, love the interview.


  7. minellesbreath

    When I found Cassie I was in heaven! I enjoy reading about older couples for the very reasons stated above. I wonder if some are reluctant to indulge romantic fantasy -as an older woman-has more to do with expectations in society. Supposedly we don’t have romance on our minds anymore! That is bunk!! I love when older couple is the main romance!
    I do not want to grow old and boring! Cassie and her multi age friends give us hope!!
    Thanks Katherine and PK!!

    1. katherinedeane Post author

      that is exactly what I was thinking, Minelle!
      not only are we not supposed to fantasize about any of this stuff, but we also aren’t supposed to do “it” when we get older.
      Sex, romance, play, young heartedness is all supposed to be for the young.
      Boo to that!
      I say we start a revolution, and bring on more older couples in our stories.
      hugs ❤

  8. PK Corey

    Katherine, thank you so much for this opportunity! And everyone that’s stopped by – a huge thank you to you too. I glad to know that other might me interested in that ‘last’ book. This was a really fun interview to do.

    1. katherinedeane Post author

      Thanks for being so open with everything, PK. It was a blast having you. Maybe sometime we can do a character interview and get Cassie to come? 😉

      Keep writing.
      You’ve got a ton of people telling you we love and need this.

      1. PK

        I can guarantee you that Cassie would LOVE to be interviewed. She definitely has her own thoughts and opinion! I’m sure I could hook you two up! LOL!

  9. terpsichore

    what a great interview! wonderful thoughtful questions and answers. 🙂 so now I want to know the secrets to be revealed… 🙂

  10. Jon

    Ms. Deane … there are even a few guys who enjoy reading about gals and guys with a few miles of road behind them. Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Jon MontanaVega


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