Playfulness in Seduction

I’m still hiding in my writing cave.

(Truth be known, it’s a writing , spring cleaning, and “stop chatting all day on social media” cave- imposed by myself and hubby. He thinks I could sell a lot more books if I wrote more. Which then means I can buy more, so it’s a win-win 😉 )

So my friend, Celeste Jones has graciously offered to hijack my blog today.

Thanks for stopping by.  Take it away, Celeste 🙂



A recent article on Yahoo stated that playfulness is a key characteristic for a happy couple. Some definitions of playfulness are happy and full of energy, ready to play. Playfulness and flirting seem rather similar to me. It’s the playful side of seduction.

I hadn’t considered playfulness per se in any of my characters, but after reading this article, I was reminded of a few scenes from some of my books.

For me, confidence is very sexy and a man who is confident enough to be playful is smoking hot. A playful man doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s not goofy in a look-at-me sort of way, but a man who is ready to enjoy life.

One of my favorite playful characters is Lord Jeffrey Amherst from Becoming Lady Amherst.

At their first meeting, Sarah ended up over Jeffrey’s knee and while upended she spit on his shoe. This scene took place a few moments later.

“Miss McLean, please allow me to introduce Lord Amherst. He is most eager to make your acquaintance.”

I curtsied like a trained pet, as was expected of me. Glancing up from my lowered position, I stared straight into the smirking face of…Lord Spanked My Ass.

He bowed and gave me a dimpled, devilish grin. “I am pleased to meet you, Miss McLean.”

Unsure of how to answer, yet determined not to let my irritation show, at least not to anyone other than my unwanted partner, I simply nodded in reply before he led me to the dance floor.

I waited stiffly by his side, resolved only to engage with him as mandated by the dance. He had other ideas and turned into quite the chatterbox.

“I apologize for not escorting you back inside, but I feared the reaction of your chaperone might have been unpleasant for both of us.”

“How thoughtful of you.”

“Had we been found alone together, the scandal would have been sufficient to force a marriage between us.”

“Marriage? Is it not bad enough that you manhandled me, but now you add threats?”

“Manhandled? You said I spanked like an old lady.” I would swear he smirked.

“You do, at best. I referred to the manner in which you hauled me away from polite society in an attempt to damage my reputation.”

“I believe I did put a little bit of sting to your ‘reputation.’” The bastard had the audacity to wink at me.

“Besides”—he took my small hand and enveloped it in the same hand that minutes before assaulted my derriere—“I had to attend to my blemished shoe. I certainly could not dance with the most eligible young lady at the ball with spittle on my footwear, now could I?”


Here’s a scene from their wedding night.

His gaze held mine, and he tapped the tip of my nose. “There is one important rule which you must learn, Lady Amherst.”

His use of my married name sent a warm thrill through me. “What rule is that, Lord Amherst?”

“You are never to wear more clothes than me.”

My eyes went wide with such a bold statement, yet I found the courage to say, “What shall happen to me if I break this rule?”

He reached behind me to give my barely covered hind end a meaningful squeeze. “We both know my preference for rule enforcement.” He moved his hand from the cheeks of my derriere to the ribbons holding my pantalets up, which he expertly untied and removed. He dispatched my chemise with dexterity as well.


And this scene from near the end of the book.

“You’ll be feeling those branches once we get home, little miss. Until then, I want you to hold the instrument of your punishment while you consider the seriousness of your behavior.”

“I am sorry, Jeffrey.” I did not raise my gaze from the implement held in my sweaty palms.

“What yarn did you spin for Lady Hampshire to make her believe you were British?”

I worried my lip between my teeth for a moment. “It was unintentional. Please believe me. But on my arrival at her house, the maid said everyone was shocked you married an American. I did not want people to think poorly of you, and somehow when I opened my mouth to speak, a British accent came out.”

I peeked up at Jeffrey to gauge his reaction.

“British accent?”

“Yes. Like this. The pahk in Lancashah is divine.”

He covered his mouth with his hand for a moment. “Is that the same way you spoke to Lady Hampshire?”

“Yes, I could not believe I fooled them.”

“It is surprising.” He stared out the window.


Becoming Lady Amherst Blurb:

 When Miss Sarah McLean causes a scandal in Boston, her father takes her to London in search of a husband. At her first party, Sarah insults Lord Amherst who takes her over his knee to spank some manners into her. When this spanking comes to light, Sarah’s father offers him a choice: Marry Sarah or send her back to America where she has no prospects for a husband. Intrigued by the spirited Yankee Girl, Lord Amherst proposes. Despite the circumstances of their marriage, Sarah and Jeffrey form a bond and appear headed for a bright future. That is, until Sarah pretends to be someone she’s not.



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  1. rozharrison

    Hi Katherine and Celeste. Good luck with the writing Katherine 🙂

    Great fun snippets Celeste, had me giggling. I also love the humour in the writing from Sarah ‘s pov.



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