Megan Michaels visits with a touching excerpt

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I am so excited to have my friend, Megan Michaels visiting today with her brand new book, Mastering Inga. I have already bought my copy and can’t wait to read it. This one is going to be more than just a sexy BDSM. After reading the excerpt, you’ll see- this one is going to have some wonderful depth and emotions. My favorite kind of read. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


Hi Katherine~

Thank you for having me on with Mastering Inga! This book dealt with the loss of Garrett’s first wife, Annie. There were many times that I was in tears writing this book, tapping into all the feelings of loss for friends and family that have gone before me. Today I am going to share an excerpt of an actual conversation I had with my daughter when she was three years old after we lost two important people within the same week…


Just recently, Madalyn had been confused about where Mommy was and she’d asked him, “Daddy, why did Mommy look like she was sleeping in that box at that building?”

Garrett had paused. “What box, sweetie? At what building?”

Madalyn had sighed in exasperation. “The building that had all the pretty flowers in it. Everyone stood in line to stare at Mommy. Was that Heaven? Grandma says Heaven is real pretty and she says Mommy is in Heaven. So that building was full of flowers and was real pretty, and it must be Heaven. Mommy looked like she was sleeping. How do we know she wasn’t sleeping, Daddy?”

God, here we go. How do I answer these questions?

Garrett had taken a deep breath. “Well, first that building wasn’t Heaven. I know it was pretty, and it had a lot of flowers, but that building is what we call a funeral home.”

She’d questioned further. “But Mommy is in Heaven, right?”

Garrett had been raised to believe this, and underneath it all, he probably still believed Anne was in Heaven. But with the sadness and anger he’d been feeling, it was difficult for him to acknowledge there was even a God anymore.

What God takes away a woman at thirty-four years old — suddenly — and leaves two small children without a mother?

“Yes, sweetie. Grandma is right. Mommy’s in Heaven and it’s very pretty.” He’d fallen back on his upbringing, and repeated the phrases he’d often heard as a child.

Madalyn had scrunched up her eyebrows. “Does she live in that box they had her in at that funnel house?”

Garrett had chuckled. “Funeral home. No, she doesn’t live in that box. That’s just so people could see her.”

Madalyn had nodded. She’d seemed satisfied with the answer, at least for the time being. Madalyn wasn’t quite done though. “But, Daddy, she looked like she was sleeping. She looked like that in bed when it was early in the morning. How do we know she wasn’t just sleeping? Maybe she’s in Heaven by mistake?”

Garrett had pulled Madalyn into his lap. “Mommy wasn’t sleeping, sweetie. Mommy’s dead. She’s not coming back.” Garrett had fixed her pony tail while they were talking, letting the task give him time to formulate his response. “You know how your toys stop working, and we say that the batteries are dead?”

Madalyn had nodded.

“It’s like that, except nobody can put batteries back in. Once the batteries die, there aren’t any more left. Mommy’s batteries stopped working.”

Madalyn had sat staring into space for a while. Finally, she’d nodded, tears in her eyes. “Just like my CD player. When the batteries died, it didn’t play music anymore. Mommy’s music is gone.” She’d nodded again, as if to confirm her conclusion. “And she can’t laugh or talk anymore, right, Daddy?”

The tears had burned his eyes then, and he’d swallowed past the lump in his throat. “Yes, sweetie, Mommy’s music is gone. She can’t laugh or talk.” He’d wiped the tears off her little face, looking her in the eyes. “I miss her too, Madalyn.”

He couldn’t hold his own tears back anymore, and before he could swipe at them, Madalyn threw her arms around his neck, and they’d just held one another, crying and rocking back and forth.

And that’s how the questions usually happened. Sporadic and impromptu, coming when he’d least expected them. He found it difficult to know what to say, and when the discussions were over, as painful as they were, the one thing he’d worried about most… was simply saying the right thing.

* * *

Naked woman and young man



To Inga, serving wasn’t just a job — it was who she was, right down to her bones. The picture of the tall, dark and handsome physician in the assignment profile intrigued her more than the money he offered, more than the generous live-in accommodations, more even than the chance for her to be a caregiver to his two young children in America. No, the picture of the childrens’ father sparked something else in her — an even deeper desire. A need to serve him. For Inga still yearned to serve a man — in every way he required.

A prominent surgeon, wealthy, attractive, and successful, Garrett seemed to have the perfect life. But underneath all of that, he knew one thing for certain: he was a mess. Losing his wife had been devastating enough, but raising two children — alone — only made recovering from her death that much more difficult. Somehow they’d made it through though, scarred, but together. Now, it was time to do something positive, time to take a step forward. And that started with finding someone who could give his two beloved children what he couldn’t — a woman’s touch, a woman’s caring, and a woman’s love.

The lovely blonde woman from Sweden would do nicely — she loved the children, and they loved her right back. He’d just have to ignore the dramatic curves of her lush body, those gorgeous Nordic blue eyes, and the way her sun-kissed skin seemed to glow when she smiled. Yes, that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Right? Not a problem that is until he learned what she really was, what she really wanted — and what he’d needed all along. Another woman to kneel at his feet, another woman who obeyed every command he’d give her, another woman to worship him in every way he demanded. Perhaps he’d finally found what he was looking for, but he’d never know for sure. Because the one woman he wanted, was the very woman he couldn’t have.

How could he make Inga his, in every way a man could, when she was the caregiver for his own flesh and blood?


Publisher’s Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!


This is a MF BDSM contemporary romance. Themes include: graphic sexuality, M/s, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, spanking, bondage, anal play and other BDSM activities. If such content might offend you, please do not purchase this book

 This is a stand alone book and can be read independent of Finding Submission.

Word count: 52,716 words




















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