back to reality (personal post) :)



The Deane household is back from the beach, and settling into “normal” life again. I loved the beach, and the aspect of “getting away” for most of the week.


My favorite things about the beach were:


Wonderful sunshine and salty smelling wind that blew my hair into knots.

Seriously, why bother brushing it? It was going to fall out of the braid or ponytail and get messed up anyway. So I left it in loose, messy braids and ponytails.


Unrestricted dressing standards

My husband got quite the chuckle out of my loose dresses. It turns out they are a little see through, though (and I was bra-less). 😉

LOL, you can’t wear beachwear back at home, or the neighbors get really angry 😉


Watching the kids jump through gigantic waves with their daddy.

He even took one for the team, and got a black swollen eye trying to keep our littlest one from going under water. He’s our hero. 🙂 He even let me snap a picture of his “fighter look”.


Finding the best seashells

I went on a trek for the perfect seashells, and found out, that the best seashells were the imperfect ones- beautifully flawed. That kind of resonated with me. 🙂

And I’m going to make seashell necklaces to remember our trip.


Making a huge birthday sign in the sand

It took me several hours of digging, scratching sand lines, and filling with seashells. I finally finished with a truly awesome “Happy Birthday (to my daughter)” banner that was absolutely huge! (It washed away with the tide, but we knew that would happen.)



My least favorite things about the beach:


Sun and ocean allergies

My body is highly senstitive to changes in environment, so I blotched up and rashed and got really funky looking after some of our beach play. (Thankfully, I had my essential oils and the guide book. So , no worries.)

But I do wonder if my body is allergic to the beach. 😦 That would really stink.


Coffee makers

Gah! Is there anything worse than trying to do math- BEFORE coffee?!?! Seriously, the bag says to measure out the coffee per 6 oz of water.

Well, the doggone coffee pot measures water in cups (which I know are 8 oz).

So we had to do math! A lot of math. Hubby and I went back and forth for a good few minutes (remember, we had not had much sleep, and were pre-coffee),

“10 cups is 80 ounces, right?”


“How many times does six go into 80?”

“Why don’t you just do eight cups. We don’t need 10 cups of coffee”

“Ok, how many 6 ounces go into 64?”

“just dump a bunch in, until it’s about ¾ full.”


Worst coffee ever!

LOL, four days of the worst coffee ever. We never quite got the numbers right. And when we finally did try out 13 tablespoons, it was more than what we had originally dumped into the filter.

Next time, I am bringing my single cup maker.

No math.

One k-cup

Press the water button

Glorious coffee in less than a minute


Final least favorite

Leaving the beach 😦

Self explanatory



I guess this means I should give my favorites and least favorites about being home:


I am definitely happy to be back in my own environment, and am drinking delicious single cup coffee, while snuggling with kittens and typing a blog post using internet.

(Hallelujia! Did I forget to mention, no internet connection, as one of my “not favorite beach moments”? ) 😉

And I am happy to get back into a scheduled routine (we have math and reading to do, swimming lessons, etc…).

But I miss the beach. It was nice being on vacation for even that short amount of time. It was nice being together as a family, and actually interacting with each other.

It was nice to just get away from the everyday stresses. LOL, and stress about little things like sand and coffee measuring.


I am thankful to be back home with my family and the (super cute, but sometimes mean) kitties.


Now, it’s time to set a real summer schedule.

I still have two fairy tale / paranormal books to finish writing and editing.

And I have a ton of laundry to catch up on.


At least we brought home plenty of sand to remember our trip.




14 thoughts on “back to reality (personal post) :)

  1. sandy

    Love your posts and of course your books but the icing on the cake? You have kittens my most favorite thing in all the world

  2. Jaye Peaches

    What a fantastic time! I love beaches, except the sand gets everywhere and never goes.
    As for measuring out coffee, I’m grateful this country went metric, it makes the maths so much easier.

  3. Kelly Dawson

    Great post! I love finding out that authors are actually normal people – I keep thinking they’re like superwoman or something. I’m glad we just use instant coffee here in our house, makes life so much easier 🙂

  4. rozharrison

    Hi Katherine, it sounds like a wonderful time away. I love the beach 🙂 Wishing your daughter a belated Happy Birthday! Glad I don’t drink coffee lol. I’m addicted to tea instead. Ooh kittens…must be the best
    part of being back home 🙂



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