What anniversary? More laughs from the personal side

I’m trying something new – a post from the car. Since we are on the road for the next few hours, hubby said I could play with my blog for a bit. I think that is his nice way of saying I have talked enough for the past twenty minutes. šŸ˜‰

So.It’s our anniversary. Guess who forgot again?

Lol, both of us. Here’s what happened:

Hubby was in the shower while I did my quick social media check in this morning. Then I noticed the date. A few moments of puzzling, and why was this so familiar, and I had it.

Gah! It’s our anniversary. We forgot– again!

Honestly, we must be the flakiest people in the world. I know school, kids, work, and life have us busy. But still…

I quickly got out a water glass and my etching thing (I don’t know what it’s called).

I etched the words:

  • Love
  • Honor
  • Lead
  • Cherish

Followed by today’s date.

I handed it to him, explaining it was special water.

Hehe, he sniffed it first. Ā (He knows I like to pull pranks.) Then he thanked me for the water.

Since he didn’t notice the words, I had my younger daughter ask him about the words on the glass.

“Oh how nice. Mommy made us a special glass for some reason,” he said.

Seriously? Snort. Time to pull out the big guns.

I had my older daughter go in and ask him what today’s date was. He replied with today’s date, and went about his business (looking for matching socks is an adventure in our house).

I was about to have my younger daughter ask him when our anniversary was, when he finally got it.

His loud, “ohhhhh!” Followed by a thump as he fell on the floor laughing. Daughters chose that point to monkey pile on his back.

He laughed so hard he almost teared up.

Our littlest said she had never seen us laugh that hard. And he finally got up, wished me a happy anniversary, and apologized for forgetting.

I told him it was okay, since I had forgotten too, but that it was all going on my blog.

Happy memories shared with the family.

I would have loved chocolate, but this was pretty good too.

Next year, I’ll set an alarm.


12 thoughts on “What anniversary? More laughs from the personal side

  1. PK Corey

    I do understand ours is in early June – during end of grade testing and school closing, such a relaxing time for a teacher. It’s easy to forget and let it slip by. Regardless of when you remembered I hope it’s a great day for both of you.

  2. rozharrison

    LoL Katherine, I actually thought this was kina cute and sweet, getting the whole family involved. Happy Anniversary! Hope you do/did celebrate šŸ™‚



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