New Graphics for Wren’s Redemption- and free stuff!

Who wants a chance to win?

Leave a comment below, and get entered in the drawings for three different prizes.

  1. A five dollar gift certificate to Amazon
  2. A free copy of Wren’s Redemption (releasing tomorrow!)
  3. A free graphic from Summer Graystone

What do you have to do? Simple.

Leave a reply below. πŸ™‚


I’m so excited about tomorrow’s release day for Wren’s Redemption! So excited, that I asked Summer Graystone to make me some graphics.

She took some of my favorite quotes from the story, and

See for yourself…


hold you and love you


fall from grace


bad girl of gymnastics


sexy_spank all clients


So, which is your favorite?

Reply below, and you will automatically be entered for the prizes.

Thanks so much!

I’ll announce the winners on release day!

hugs and spanks ❀



20 thoughts on “New Graphics for Wren’s Redemption- and free stuff!

  1. Maggie Ryan

    I love the “When you give up…” Let’s her know that he will never let her truly give up as he will always be there for her.

  2. Lynn D

    I love the quote “he watched Wren’s fall from grace and he fell with her…” but I prefer the pic with them both together.


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