You are Big Ivy and Little Ivy- It’s okay to be both.

Here’s a sneak peek at my new Age Play Holiday novella, We Need a Little Christmas.  It’s part of a box set co-written with the awesome Abbie Adams (whose birthday is today!). J

I chose a tender scene to showcase. Ivy is struggling with her thoughts and reactions to her new little side. But Jack is there to help her through it…


“I  think what upset me the most today, was how I reacted,” Ivy mumbled into his chest. “I really over-reacted, and took it out on you. I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay.” He kissed her forehead.


Wrenching away, she pulled back with tears in her eyes. “No, it’s not. I got upset  and took it out on you because I wanted to go into Little mode. It was a  crisis, and I just tried to hide. I thought this was supposed to be a good thing, letting myself be… I don’t know, young?” She wrinkled her nose. “But that makes it a crutch, right?” Her fists tightened as she  crossed her arms around her chest. “I know all about unhealthy coping  mechanisms after watching my mom.” She burst into tears. “This is unhealthy  escapism. If I can’t turn it off, how can I be the real me? How can I be who  I’m s’posed to?” Her face crumbled and sadness clouded her features. More  tears washed down her face. “I even sound  like a little girl.” She whined and grimaced, burying her head into his  lap.


“Sweetie, it’s okay.” He stroked her head and held her until she stopped crying.  “Sit up. Look at me, please.” Her pitiful gaze met his. “I’m probably not going to say this right, but let me try.”


She  sat up and straightened her back to meet him, her body radiating nervous  energy. 


“You’re special. You make things really fun and interesting, even when you don’t try to. You are beautiful and sexy and smart, and I love arguing with you about politics, because you don’t take any shit from me.” He smiled and kissed her cheek. “You’re also strong, capable, a warrior in heels with a leather briefcase big enough to carry a dead body.”


That got her laughing.


“You’re also exuberant, full of life, gregarious, and you sing off key.” He winked when she pretended to be offended. “You know every single Disney song and movie by heart. You make me feel young. Your energy brings me to life when I’m grumpy and tired.”


She sniffled and her eyes glistened.


“I  know this past year has been hard for you. But the you I see is a lot of different things. You are big and you are little. They’re combined. And I think you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice if you tried to turn off something that is such a big part of you. You are Big  Ivy. You are Little Ivy. It’s okay to be both. I love both.”




Thirty-three year old, Ivy Henry seems to have it all. A well-paying job, a new house, and her wonderful HOH/husband, Jack. At her request, they had incorporated Domestic
Discipline into their marriage a few years ago and she flourished under his
love, guidance, and support.
But, this year’s holiday season is wreaking havoc on their calm relationship. Between the stress of work and hosting this year’s Christmas Eve party for all
the family, Ivy is becoming more and more out of control. To top it off, she has a secret she can’t share with Jack.
Their relationship is wonderful but she wants more—a chance to explore her younger side. Ivy desires to do Age Play but is fighting her needs because it is embarrassing. How can she trust Jack not to laugh when she tells him she wants to curl up on his lap at night and call him Daddy?
Jack has been watching Ivy slip away emotionally for the past year. His beautiful, sweet wife is now always angry and ill tempered. DD just doesn’t seem to be cutting it any longer. He can tell she is unhappy, but doesn’t know how to help her until the day he finds her chat sessions on her computer. Discovering hope again, he begins to make plans to escape from this stressful holiday. He will introduce his precious Ivy to her new daddy—him. They both need to reconnect
and they both need a Little Christmas.
Coming Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015
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1 thought on “You are Big Ivy and Little Ivy- It’s okay to be both.

  1. rozharrison

    Hi Katherine, what a sweet scene 🙂 This sounds like an awesome set, Congratulations to you and Abbie, and Happy Birthday to Abbie!:)



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