Catching Her Cowboy Daddy




Title: Catching Her Cowboy Daddy

Author: Rayanna Jamison

Release Date: October 24th, 2016

Link: (Free on KU)


OF all the people to find Francesca Upton hitchhiking down the highway it had to be him.. Finley Tucker has always been the forbidden fruit, dangling just out of her reach.

She thought she was over her silly infatuation, but from the moment Finn’s hand connected with her daisy duke clad backside, Francesca’s girlhood crush is reignited. But while Finn, bogged down by his own insecurities, rejects every one of her romantic advances, he can’t seem to stop himself from offering to administer the discipline and care she never got as a child.

Will Francesca do what she always does and give up when she doesn’t get exactly what she wants? OR will she dig in her heels and eventually change Finn’s mind- and his heart?

Tag lines:

When the untamable meets the unbendable, an iron-willed Daddy is the only option

Small town mayor, big time brat, colossal chemistry

Daisy Dukes, Levi Jeans and Rosy Cheeks.

Will his passionate care be enough to bring the prodigal home, and keep her there?

Francesca had a father. She needed a Daddy.

Sometimes your first crush is your only love.


Excerpt 3:

“Oh, come on, Finley. It’s not like I’m in actual danger of stealing a car ever again. Hell, I didn’t even steal this one- I just borrowed it temporarily.”

“Sheriff Daniels would beg to differ. Stop stalling, and get on over my lap. I’m going to give you a minute to comply before I start adding swats.”

She waited as long as she could, mentally counting to fifty-five before bending and placing herself awkwardly across his knee. Good Lord, she felt absolutely ridiculous doing so. Once she complied, Finn took pity, adjusting her by tucking her firmly against his side, and tucking her legs under his to keep her from kicking.

She expected him to start spanking immediately, but he didn’t. “Good girl. And now, that I have you where I want you, I can get back to my, what did you call it again? Oh, yes, concerned parental spiel.”

Francesca groaned. “Really, Finn?”

“Yes, really. And don’t forget what I told you earlier. When you’re over my knee, you address me as Sir.”

“Oh, fine!”

“What was that?”

“Oh fine, Sir!” She was going to kill him tomorrow. Castrate him maybe.

“You may not know it Francesca, but you are a lot better than your attitude or your actions would lead people to believe. Growing up you had lots of freedom and led a very privileged life, but you had no discipline. I’m sure it was great fun, but it’s no way to live. You have absolutely no self-discipline. You run amok like you’re still a seventeen-year-old child, while gallivanting around letting your parents pay your bills. What kind of life is that?” “An easy one,” she quipped, feeling brave as he hadn’t started spanking her yet.

“Maybe so, but is it a happy one? Are you fulfilled? Are you productive? Does your life have any direction, or are you like a balloon with all the air let out of it, flying around with crazy abandon right before you crash?”

Damn him. She didn’t know how but he was managing to hit right where it hurt, bringing to head every fear or negative thought she had had about herself in the last eight years.

“So? So what if I’m a balloon? Everybody likes balloons.”

“Hmmm,” Finn paused for effect. “I don’t think you like it as much as you claim to, darling, but you put on a good show. I’ll give you that.”

“Oh, what do you know?”

“I know that on the outside you’re a very beautiful grown ass woman, but on the inside, you’re still a lost spoiled little child looking for attention in all the wrong places because your parents didn’t give you enough time, direction, or discipline growing up. I know you just flit about life acting up because you’re waiting for someone to step up and show you the care that your parents never did.”

“Oh, that’s rich, Finn, really rich. Let me guess, you’re willing to step up and be that person and show me what my life has been missing is just a long list of do’s and don’ts and a really good thrashing if I don’t obey.”

“Let me just put it this way, over the next few weeks, or however long you are here, any time I see you acting like less than a respectable young woman, I’m going to be sorely tempted to pull you back into this position and warm this beautiful bottom until you can’t sit down. And if that doesn’t do the trick on its own, I’m not opposed to letting you spend some time in the naughty girl corner or giving your mouth a good soaping either.”

She was outraged, not at his words, but at the way her body was reacting to them. Why in the world would being draped over Finn’s lap for yet another humiliating spanking, while he threatened her with yet more spankings, and other more humiliatingly childish things, would her pussy be nearly dripping with desire? What in the hell was wrong with her? This was even more humiliating than the spankings themselves. Finn could not find out.

“Dream on, Finley,” she managed to choke out.

“Oh, I don’t think it is a dream, darlin’. If I know you- it will become a reality very quickly. And you know what else? You’re soaking wet just thinking about it.” She began to shake her head fervently, but Finn just laughed. “Deny it all you want, sweetheart, you and I both know that when those panties come down, the truth will come out.”

When those panties come down? He intended to spank her on the bare? Oh god, just kill her now. The worst part was that he was right.

“So, I propose we make an agreement, right here and now. You agree to let me act as your guardian and disciplinarian for the entirety of your stay here, and I agree to let you keep these panties on tonight.”

Excerpt 4:

“I’ve already learned my lessons, Daddy, I promise. I don’t need another one,” she whispered, with a pout.

“Oh, little one. That’s up to Daddy to decide, isn’t it? You are not the one in charge here, and it would serve you well to remember that.”

“Yes, sir,” she whimpered in agreement. The pain in her ass was slowly tapering off, making it easier for her to stay calm.

“Who’s in charge here little one? I want to hear you say it.” She took a deep breath, marvelling at how deliciously dommy Finn had become tonight. Not that he hadn’t always been, but this was new and different, and a little scary but also fucking hot.

“You are in charge, Sir. Not me.”

“That’s right. Do you know why?”

“Um…because I’m a naughty little girl?”

The knots in her stomach eased at the sound of his chuckle. “That too, little Franny, that too. But the reason is, because you belong to me. You are Daddy’s little girl, now, and Daddies take care of their little girls, don’t they?”

She nodded quickly, too turned on to say a word.

“Tell me, Franny, have you ever been touched, here?” Her eyes widened in shock, as his finger came to rest at the entrance of her tight hole.

Shaking her head, she whimpered, as his finger pushed past her tight entrance.

“Daddy is going to touch you there,” he told her in such a way that she knew bore no argument. “Naughty girls get their bottoms punished, inside and out.”

She froze, as his finger pushed past the threshold, entering her most private place. It didn’t hurt as much as she had anticipated and it was certainly very effective in taking her mind off the burning pain in her ass.

“Tonight, you just get to feel Daddy’s finger in your ass, as a reminder that you belong to me, and I am in charge of all of you. But, each time I have to punish your bottom hole, it will be with something bigger, and someday soon, I will fuck this pretty little bottom.”

Her mouth dried up at his words, and she could barely breathe. Anal sex of any sort had never been on her radar in the slightest, but the idea of Finn wanting to claim all parts of her, and share an intimacy with her that was his alone, was exciting.

She tensed around him, as he pushed his finger deeper inside her, and waited for her reaction. It didn’t hurt, just felt foreign, and more than a little taboo, but where the icy hot had turned her into a raving lunatic, hearing Finn say that he intended to claim every part of her, while he had his finger pumping in and out of her ass had the opposite effect. She went from nearly wanting to kill him in his sleep to a submissive pile of mush in seconds.

He stopped pumping and his other hand came to rest across her lower back.

“Tell Daddy what lessons you learned tonight, princess.”

Where it used to seem like an insult, she melted when he called her princess. It made her feel all warm and gooey inside, like she couldn’t wait to please him, and prove that she was worthy of the nickname.

“Ummm,” she purred, “don’t text and drive?”

“That’s right, and why not?”

“Because it’s dangerous behavior, Daddy.”

“And what does dangerous behavior get you?” Franny sighed. “The strap. Every time.”

“That’s right. And did you also learn that Daddy has many other ways besides a spanking to get his point across?”

She was unable to hold back the scowl at the reminder of the Icy Hot, the effects of which were finally fading. “Yes, Sir,” she grumbled.

Finn chose that moment to start fingering her bottom hole once more, which was probably a smart move on his part. She instantly felt her attitude began to melt away.

“And, what,” he prompted, pumping his finger in and out of her, “is the last lesson you learned tonight?”

Her stomach did flips of happiness. “That I belong to you. Every part of me.”

Author Bio:

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was 9 years old, and I always dreamed of becoming an author, but life happens and sometimes that first step seems like a giant leap. I credit a life-changing move from the Oregon to Utah in the fall of 2013 as the catalyst that began my writing career.

I now reside in Southern Utah with my husband, my two children, two dogs, my mother, my 90-year-old grandfather and a lizard named Leo.

I write what I love to read, which is fun romantic stories about submission in its many forms, and often joke that my stories get slightly dirtier with each one I write. When I am not writing, I enjoy my passions, which include cooking, drinking good coffee and good wine, shopping for crazy knee socks, celebrating with sushi for every occasion, and most of all spending time with my friends and family.

Find Me:

Amazon Author Page:

Twitter: @RayannaJamison

Instagram: @rayannajamison

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