New Author Interview – Shanna Handel -Taken By Surprise

New Author Interview – Shanna Handel

I’m so excited to have brand spanking new author, Shanna Handel, visiting today. 🙂

Katherine Deane:  What made you decide to write a book?

 Shanna Handel: I didn’t.  The thought of writing a book had never crossed my mind before.  I was driving around town one day, and Luke and Lila just popped into my head.  It came out of nowhere, and it was the strangest thing.  I woke up in the middle of the night, and it was like they were begging me to tell their story. I am so glad I summoned up the courage to open a blank document on my computer and start typing.  I strongly encourage anyone with a story to tell to just start typing.

 Katherine Deane:  Why erotic romance?

 Shanna Handel: That’s a great question for me to answer because there is no real sex in my books.  I currently write what I guess you would label as “clean spanking romance.”  For me, the story is about the ins and outs of the relationships, and how spanking plays a part in their lives.  I tend to find strong men, spanking scenes, and a woman’s submission, very erotic.  I just hope that there are other readers out there who will enjoy my unique genre!

 Katherine Deane:  What are your favorite genres to read?

 Shanna Handel: Modern classics, spanking stuff, of course, and young adult.  I just reread the entire Twilight series, and I think Edward was a closet spanker.

 Katherine Deane:  Do you do any of the stuff you write about? 😉

 Shanna Handel: Many of the lines from my books are direct quotes from my life.  My male characters have very many of the qualities that I admire in my husband.  I feel like my experience best equips me to write about beginning to incorporate domestic discipline in a relationship.   Though I have an active imagination, I am still scared to death to write my third book, Heather’s book, because she and her husband have been practicing DD for over a decade.  I think that I found a creative way to handle that road bump- read her book when it comes out and you will see what I mean.

 Katherine Deane:  How long did this first project take from start to finish? Was it about how long you expected?

 Shanna Handel: I had no idea what to expect.  I just sat down every chance that I got and continued to type.  The story unfolded as I drove, shopped, washed dishes and even woke me up a few more times.  I finished the entire story in about 25 hours of writing.  Then, I didn’t know what to do with it.  Just moments before I submitted it to the publisher, Blushing Books, I almost deleted the entire thing.  I am so glad that I didn’t.

 Katherine Deane:  What was your favorite thing about writing your first book?

 Shanna Handel: It was the most fun thing I have ever done, by myself.  The pure joy of the release of creative energy- I had never experienced that before.  I also liked my husband’s reaction when I told him about it.

 Katherine Deane:  What was your least favorite thing about writing your first book?

 Shanna Handel: I have so much to learn- so much.  I would say my least favorite part was probably all of those first mistakes that I guess every author has to make. Technically, I have a lot of room to grow- my editor was an angel through my first two books.  I am now going through the process of learning how to write a proper sentence.

 Katherine Deane:  What’s next?

 Shanna Handel: My second book is Taken off Guard, though I am waiting to hear back from editor angel to see if Taken in Hand is available.  But either way, it is wrapped up and ready to go.  It follows Elizabeth and Cole- another couple that you meet in Taken by Surprise, as she finds the courage to tell her husband that she wants him to take her in hand.  I am currently writing the story of Heather and David, the “DD pros” of the family, and working on another book that is a spin-off of the series.  It follows my absolute favorite character so far- but you haven’t met him yet.  I won’t ruin the surprise

Taken by Surprise

The first book in the Taken trilogy

Shanna Handel



We own each other, heart and soul.

Are you going to be a good girl, Lila, or do I have to hold your hands behind your back again?

I think that you are in need of a reminder spanking.

Luke is the one in charge now. Watch out, Lila.

Sales Blurb: Taken by Surprise

Lila’s life is perfect. A successful career in fashion, a sleek, artfully decorated home, and her adoring husband- Luke. Everything is going her way. She couldn’t be happier.

One night while enjoying a few glasses of red wine to unwind after work, she gets a little cheeky with Luke. He takes her by surprise and instead of putting up with her humor, throws her right over his knee for a good, sound spanking. Lila is left confused. She is angry that her husband took the liberty of punishing her, but also finds herself incredibly attracted to Luke’s new, commanding behavior. Despite her conflicting emotions, when he proposes a new way of life- doing things his way for a change, Lila agrees.

A visit to Luke’s hometown only adds to her confusion. She discovers that her outgoing southern-belle sister-in-law, Heather, and her husband have been practicing domestic discipline for years. She also learns that her husband is not shy about spanking her whenever he sees fit.

Life has a few more big surprises in store for Lila. Some are heartbreaking, one will change her life forever. Will it all be too much for Lila and make her revert to her old bossy self? How far is Luke willing to go to convince her that his way is best?

This is a sweet spanking romance, where the heroine takes several trips over her husband’s knee.

Publishers note: This book contains elements of domestic discipline and spanking of adult women. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

Purchase Links


Luke placed a hand over the top of her wine glass. He looked deep into her eyes and in a low serious voice said, “for starters, if you take one sip of this wine, I will cancel our dinner, pay the check and take you home for a good, sound spanking.” He raised an eyebrow at her.

Lila had a quick debate in her head. She had always been good at making tough decisions, and sticking to them. She really wanted to give Luke what he needed and focus on him, not herself for a change. Also, the calm, commanding way that Luke had spoken to her turned her on so much she could barely think.

“Well, here goes nothing,” she thought to herself. Never breaking eye contact with Luke, she slowly lifted the wine glass to her lips, took a huge swig, and set the glass down.

Her favorite, slow grin spread across her husband’s beautiful face as he said, “Check please.”


Luke placed a finger under her chin and gently turned her face up towards him, then said, “Lila, I want you to lay yourself over my lap now.”

Lila giggled nervously and started to stammer, “Luke, I…”

He interrupted her with a low serious tone, and commanded, “Now. Lila.”

Every muscle in her lower body tightened at his words. She slowly laid herself over his legs, with her upper body resting on the couch. Her bottom was totally exposed and she was mentally kicking herself for wearing a thong.

She found the position she was in to be comfortable and incredibly erotic. Luke took a hand and pressed down between her shoulder blades so that she was lying flat on the couch, with her face turned towards Luke. He brushed her hair back away from her face.

Then, he leaned down and whispered, “Are you going to be a good girl, Lila, or do I have to hold your hands behind your back again?”


“Lila,” Luke used his fingers underneath her chin to guide her gaze up to meet his. “I said, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Lila muttered.

Luke raised his eyebrows at her, “I think that you are in need of a reminder spanking.”

Lila gulped, “No, I think I’m good. I really will take better care of myself.” She started to inch away from Luke on the bed.

“I don’t think so. When you are sitting at your office desk at six pm, I want you to have a memory that will get you in the car on time.”

Luke gently guided Lila over his lap. He lifted up her skirts and pulled down her panties.

“Lila, I want you to watch me spank you. Look up.”

Lila looked up, realizing that Luke had positioned her facing the antique, full-length mirror.

She gasped at the scene before her. He looked so handsome and powerful. She was in an incredibly

vulnerable position.

Then, as she watched, he spanked every inch of her bottom. She started to squirm.

Recent Reviews

We own each other, heart and soul

By Redrabbitt on October 28, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I found this first part of the Taken Trilogy to be a page turner. The main two characters are a husband and wife, Luke and Lila, but also the story has many secondary characters that all play a vital role in this tale. This is the voyage into incorporating domestic discipline into their marriage and setting a new tone after a new promotion for Lila was altering control. The story is an excellent example of a loving couple learning the give and take of a relationship and deciding what is the most important issues to keep peace and harmony.

Lila is a very successful in her career in the fashion world. She dresses sharp, had a stunning home, is over lots of people and doing well. But sometimes promotions and power can upset the balance in a marriage.

Luke loves his wife, is successful in his restoration of antique vehicles, and is proud of all Lila has accomplished in her career. For her job, he moved from his hometown so she could have this job. He can appreciate her control at work, but she has started to take their relationship for granted and even laughs at Luke and makes unacceptable comments.

One night, pushing to issue too far, a husband telling her he will take her in hand, she laughs, and he shows her he is serious. Was it a fluke, or is this the direction their marriage needs to take? When she pushes it again, he shows her he is serious. Luke talks to Lila that he wants to be Head of Household and wants her to accept and work with him. What starts as a week a vacation, becomes a learning curve for Lila. But when an accident hurts Luke, Lila will learn how precious life is.

Lila may return to their home and her job, while Luke stays with his family to continue with his recovery, but Lila is lost without him and either she is overdoing it at work, not eating and sleeping right and then she isn’t focused. Luke will have to take charge so this couple will continue on a path to happiness.


Lila is happy with her life, she is successful and got a promotion which makes her a boss at work. Lila is so content with her life and lets her bossiness flow through to her marriage. All is well until one night her husband Luke has had enough and shows her who the real boss is. He takes her across his knee for being rude and lets her know that he will not be has been unhappy for a while and things are about to change. Luke insists Lila take leave to return to his hometown. Lila finds out that spanking seems to run in their family and is quite intrigued about the reaction she has to Luke’s new bossy nature.


This is an excellent book. The main characters are Lila and Luke. They start out living in the city and later move to his home town

Luke is at his wits end about what to do about his marriage and decides Domestic Discipline is the right way to repair their marriage.

Things are a little strange for upcoming Lila but she learns how to stay out of trouble after a few sessions.There

is some adventure and that is all I can say without giving spoiler alert. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book

Shanna Handel Bio

Having the time of my life writing adult books about the things us people crave. I adore every one of my characters and am often lost in their world. When I do come back to reality, I love to spend time outdoors, baking, and hanging with my family. I totally lucked out and married my soulmate. My hope is that you will enjoy my books as much as me! Sending you lots of love…and spankings, Shanna Handel

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