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Coming out! to my sisters!

I’m coming out!

To my sisters!

There’s a very good chance this post is going to go all over the place. I have so much to share! It’s huge! It’s meaningful, and it’s a big deal to me.

So bear with me today. I promise I will try to smooth everything out, and make it easier to read. And next time, I will definitely keep it more succinct.

But today, here’s the no-holds barred update.


It’s 9:06 am, gluten free chocolate chip muffins are baking in the oven, and my kids are outside playing – happily- for the first time all week. They are sisters, and they love each other. They are close in physical and emotional age, and are absolutely each other’s BFF’s. Except for when they are together 24×7 for a whole summer.

I used to have something like that. Sisters, younger sisters, who adored me (and as I have recently found out…) looked up to me. Me! Never having much in the way of self confidence, that statement surprised and pleased me to no end. I have always loved and adored my little sisters.


charlies angels

(LOL, no, this isn’t what we look like. But we did have a ton of fun playing Charlie’s Angels, and even did a photo session together, using Angel poses.) 🙂


Even though we grew apart over the years (mostly because of geography), there was one thing that kept us together.





But life being as it is, brought small disagreements into the mix. They became larger due to timing issues and inability to hook up- even on the phone. Families were formed, creating an even bigger relationship gap.

And when I finally had something huge to share, with my own lifelong best friends, I had to lie about it.

How could I trust that they would understand and support my fetish, when we couldn’t honestly communicate about the smaller issues.

And when I had the biggest moment of my adult life (after marriage and kids, of course), could I tell them?

Could I tell them I was Katherine Deane, spanking romance author, DD’er, and follower of all my erotic minded friends?


retro kinky pic



Believe me, I tried.

I started with the elder of my two younger sisters, the woman known for her open mindedness.

And to her credit, she told me it wasn’t her cup of tea, but that she would supportive.


That hurt!

A lot.

But thankfully, I had online friends who understood and supported me.


birthday cake K

Three days ago, I celebrated my birthday.

And cried for most of it (and the preceding 24 hours).


I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

My best (online) friend, Corinne, called me to wish me a happy birthday, and I bawled my eyes out.

I cried about my loneliness.

My utter craving for attention, and for REAL people to not only get me, but to accept me and like me.

I felt sad and alone because the people in my real life, the ones who live less than a mile away gave less love and birthday support than the online community of people (whom I don’t even know their real names or ages, or what they truly look like).

I was so utterly alone and so desperately wanted attention, I felt in that moment, that I would do anything to get it.

Luckily, a great phone call from my bff (whom I still have never met), and a long hard spanking from my husband; took the edge off.

I was able to function again.


And that’s when the most remarkable and awesome thing happened!

My sister, Evie, called to tell me that she finally understood.

Her husband had mentioned (ok, this guy must be highly intuitive!) that I must feel pretty lonely. (um, he said to my sister, almost verbatim what I expressed above.) Freaky, eh?

She understood my hesitancy to share with “real” people.

Here’s what happened when she tried to tell a friend about my writing.

( I warned you about the ramblings. sorry 🙂 )



She had befriended this nice woman who seemed an awful lot like me.

It turns out, Evie actually was excited about my new book coming out. She just didn’t know what to do with the information.

She started telling her new friend that her sister was an author, and that she was really excited about her new book.

When the friend asked what type of book it was, Evie was hit with a feeling of uncertainty.

So she explained that it was racier than a normal romance.


What followed was a huge condemning tirade about the evils of lust, and my sin over trying to lure people into coveting actions.

Evie was furious, and ended the conversation, while nicely telling the new friend off.


telephone bridging gap


That’s when she called me yesterday.

She felt horrible. She had never known that I was living in fear of that kind of judgment.

She finally also understood, that her lack of true “on hand” support, made me feel just as judged.

She finally got it!

Even though I was slightly perturbed by the other woman’s reaction, I was so overjoyed by my sisters’ realization, that I let it go.

celebrate sisters

We celebrated together:

<The growth I have made, emotionally, over these past few years.

<The fact that I had finally found something that I not only enjoyed, but that I also had the potential to become good at. (LOL, grammar might not always be my forte though. I speak / write fast! )

to be a part of my life; how much I needed their support.


It was the most amazing conversation.

And the heavy, aching weight lifted from my chest.




I have also been thinking about bringing L (our littlest sister), into the mix. I have hated “lying” to her, and have missed her also.


Evie reminded me that L is a lot more open minded than I have given her credit for, and more importantly, that she misses our ‘three sister’ relationship.


So we invited her to read that “hot new book” by the brand new author that we both adore, and want to support.

(ok, there is a bit more to it than that, but I shortened above for the sake of reading. 🙂 )


I don’t know how she will react.

It will hurt if she reacts negatively.

But I want to give her a chance to get to know the real me.


They are my sisters.

My true REAL LIFE best friends.

And at the very least, I choose not to lie to them anymore about who I am.


So please wish me luck, send energy or hugs or prayers.

I am Katherine Deane, sexy spanking romance author, DD’er, and first and foremost,

one of three




I hope they will accept me.

Wish me luck!


Doing Time – In the Corner.

should wives be spanked

9:30 pm Wed night.

He put me IN THE CORNER!

Hubby came into the bedroom wanting to know what had made me so grumpy earlier this evening.

I told him “Nothing”.  And continued typing on my laptop, pretending to ignore him.

(Yes, I was bit crabby. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember why I was taking it out on him.)

He asked me again, more firmly.
“Nothing is wrong!” I replied a little bit louder.

Wrong answer, I guess.

He pulled me up, out of my chair, put my laptop on the bed, and walked me over to the corner in our bedroom, and said, “Stay.”

Holy crap!
I wasn’t even sure if he was serious, since we have NEVER even discussed corner time.

(Ok, I might have mentioned it once, when we started out, like 14-15 months ago, as a passing thought, “These are the kind of punishments you can give…”)

But we have never talked about it again. I’ve never mentioned how intrigued I have always been about it.

To be placed in the corner, like a naughty girl, was so arousing, yet so embarrassing and wrong at the same time!

My heart was in my throat, and my stomach danced with butterflies, as I sorted through all the conflicting emotions:

  • His sudden Dominance really turned me on.
  • I liked this feeling of submissiveness.
  • It was kind of humiliating to receive this kind of punishment.
  • How should I react?

He left right away, because the kids started coming downstairs from their beds, so he rushed to intercept them.

If they had come anywhere near the bedroom, I can tell you honestly, I would not have stayed in that corner. Or I at least would have pretended to be doing something important.

“Oh, darlings, just look at the difference in the coloring on these two walls. If you stick your nose right up into the corner, you can see that these are not symmetrical.  We must fix this as soon as possible!”

As it was, I didn’t stay anyway.   The corner was dirty, and there were still cords and charger plugs from the iron and my laptop, that I didn’t want to step on.

So I moved everything out of the way, just in case he was serious about following through.

Then I went to find him to apologize (and see if he had really meant it. Yes, I was testing. I’ll admit it).

He took one look at me when I came out, and growled, (Yes, he really did growl.)
“Why aren’t you where I told you to stay?”

(The kids were coming in and out of their rooms. I appreciated his cryptic question.)

“I didn’t know if you really meant it.” I pouted.

His scary, low voice replied, “I want you. Where I. put you. Wait there until I come and get you.”

Big gulp, and a slow trudge back to the icky, but now uncluttered corner.

I wondered if he would spank me for coming out, and how long he would leave me there.
Even more importantly, how long would I let myself stay there?  What if it was like an hour or so?  And why was I kind of aroused by all of this.

After maybe three to five minutes (long enough for my mind to wander into spanking territory, anyway), he came in, and told me I could come out.

I can honestly say, I felt pretty submissive. I finally explained the little things that had gotten me in my ill mood, including him being late and not calling.  He lectured me about respectful two way communication, and suggested a line. “Honey, next time you’re running late, would you please call me?”

Well, duh! That one hadn’t even crossed my mind.

And in answer to the next probable question. No there was no spanking.
Though I was kind of disappointed, (Is that weird?) I realized that I needed to adhere to my own rules.

I asked him to take charge, and be the Head of our Household.

I asked him to stop me when I’m being ugly.

I asked him to do 24/7 DD.

I asked him to make the tough decisions regarding discipline and communication.

If all I want is the spanking, then it’s just about play and sex, and we need to consider  a different route. Maybe D/S or BDSM in the bedroom only.


If I’m going to follow through with this relationship, then I need to fully embrace it.

Even without the spankings.

Even with the confusing new additions, like cluttered, yucky corners.

Katherine’s Connections – Pilar


Every once in a while, I read a story that  really resonates with me, or I meet a character that connects so well with me that I find myself still thinking about her for days or weeks afterwards.  These past few months, I have had a few awesome character connections.

These women have spoken to me. I have felt their pain, their triumphs, their shame – I feel connected to them.

I thought it would be nice to share these new characters, and explain how they make me feel.  All of these characters have been showcased in either a DD or spanking type of situation.  Since I am still in the early stages of my DD relationship with my husband, I feel these characters even more strongly.  At some point, I may have male connections, or non spanking connections.  But for the time being, I am going with the characters that have most affected me.

My goal is to do a short blog post introducing a character with whom I feel a very strong connection. And if the timing works out, maybe I can get the author to stop by for a brief chat afterwards.

Wish me luck!

** Note- A very special thank you and shout out goes to Adaline Raine for creating this awesome header for my “Connection” posts. Thanks so much, Addy! I love it! **


My first connection is a young woman named Pilar, from Patricia Green’s (Journey Series) Journey’s Valentine and Deuce’s Dancer.

I love this spitfire of a woman, so prideful and tough, yet also scared and vulnerable.  She’s had to be strong for so long, she can’t trust others not to hurt her.  But she desires intimacy and structure, and receives both when she meets handsome pediatric cardiologist, Deuce Journey, while vacationing in Jamaica.  Deuce introduces Pilar to erotic spanking, and she loves it, nicknaming Deuce, “spank-man”. I loved that!

Pilar needs to learn to trust him, and accept the boundaries Deuce sets up for her emotional and physical wellbeing.  Though she doesn’t like it at first, she quickly accepts that not only is this something that turns her on, it also is something necessary for boundaries in their relationship.

In one scene, Deuce threatens NOT to spank her, if she doesn’t comply with him. Too cool! (And yes, I have been threatened with that a few times myself.  *sigh*)

I love that about Pilar! She is so free, emotional, and charismatic.  I feel a real connection to her because of my own desires to straddle the line between punishment and arousal.

I love the fact that even though she is still afraid to trust him at times, she trusts herself to let her passion be her center. She is artistic, creative, beautiful, and able to accept the gifts that he gives her – his Dominance, his leadership, his love, his touch, and sometimes, his discipline.

I really like Pilar’s easy ability to embrace both sides – the boundaries and the eroticism.  She is not ashamed or conflicted about her feelings or desires, because she really doesn’t have anything else to compare it to.

(This is something I am still having difficulty with in my personal DD relationship. If you have read of some of my previous posts you have probably noticed my confliction with the different sides of spanking.)

I love Pilar’s acceptance of her “not quite black and white” relationship, and find that my own desires are quite similar.

(My only big difference is my inability to do anything graceful. I have two left feet that do not afford me Pilar’s gift of dance and fluid motion).

I really enjoyed meeting Pilar Perez in these stories, and found an excerpt page (with pictures) that Patricia was kind enough to allow me to link.  Check out the first chapter, and the awesome character pictures. They are both gorgeous, and exactly how I envisioned them!

I have also included a scene (8 sentences only)  from each story that best showcases each side of Pilar’s spanking relationship with Deuce (with Patricia’s permission, of course). These are among my favorite scenes from the books.

The first is a punishment scene from Journey’s Valentine.  The second is an erotic scene from Deuce’s Dancer.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my first character connection, Pilar.

Happy reading! 🙂

(Punishment Scene from Journey’s Valentine)

“I’m not the only one who cares what happens to you. If you hadn’t come home just now, I’m sure your parents would have been worried about you exactly like I was.”

Pilar knew what he meant.

She got up painfully and moved to the corner near the bookcases. Deuce’s family photos stared at her as she stumbled by, condemning her and her bad behavior. Misery assailed her as her butt throbbed and smarted and tears ran down her face. Her sobs were loud to her ears. Her sniffles would have been pitiful if she hadn’t felt so rotten about her behavior.


(Erotic Scene from Deuce’s Dancer)


She didn’t want to be on her tummy, she wanted to wrap her legs around him and draw him deep, but he had other ideas.

The sharp crack of his hand against her bottom made her gasp. Pleasure coursed through her.

 How did he know? How could he know she’d dreamed of a moment like this? Could he sense her desire to submit to him, to feel the strength of him taking what she offered and a little more as well?

Several more smacks landed on her ass and she raised her hips, offering a better target, an eager landing point for his spanks.

And spank her he did.