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Christmas Blessings – music

christmas bells and music

I had a huge blessing last week!

I remembered the music inside my heart.

I had pushed it aside for a while, after leaving our church.

It just hurt too much to sing.

But singing has always been a part of my life.

Some of my favorite memories are of my sister and I singing duets, and singing with my family.  I love music. It warms my heart, feeds my soul, opens me to love.

Now, I’ll be perfectly honest. I am not a lead singer, and I will never be on Broadway.  But I do love to harmonize. Thirds and fifths come naturally to me. I adore the beauty of a three and four part chorus.

A few weeks ago, I was told about a cool application (Audacity.com) that allowed me to record my voice, and then add harmonies!

I had so much fun!

I made several songs for a dear friend’s mother, and for a few other close friends.

They were meant to be blessings to them.

But it turns out, they blessed me more than I could have ever imagined.

I loved creating the recordings, and re-recording new harmonies.

But they were far from perfect.

In fact, there were places where my tone wavered, my key shifted, (my nose sniffled), I went slightly off pitch, and the background noise from the cheap laptop microphone drowned out the music.

LOL, I even forgot the words a few times! 🙂

I sang, harmonized, tweaked, formatted, scrunched up my nose a ton (technology and new applications are really not my forte), re-sang– and enjoyed every minute of it!

And I sent the songs out, as they were. Imperfect. Flawed. But given from my heart, with joy and love.

I am sharing some of them here, in the hopes that someone else may be as blessed as I was.

These are only partial songs. (Sorry, I did not know all the words for a lot of them. LOL, I should have just sang “Deck the Halls… Falalala, la lalala!” ) 🙂

Music brings life to my soul, and joy to my heart.   I hope it will do the same for you!

Feel free to lurk. There’s no need to comment.

Blessings and hugs!

Happy Holidays!



Silent Night

oh holy night

Oh Holy Night


The First Noel

oh little town

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem


Oh Come All Ye Faithful

away in a manger

Away in a Manger

ill be home for christmas

I’ll be Home For Christmas

My Favorite Mother’s Day Memory

I love you flowers

I awoke (late. 9 am) to the sounds of giggling and whispering this morning, Mother’s Day 2013.  So I threw on my pajama pants, and went out to investigate, and see if I had a cool mother’s day surprise. I told myself to act surprised when daddy and the girls gave me my present.

(My daughter had been throwing hints at me all week. “So mommy, do you wish you had an I-phone?”

Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!)

I pasted a big smile on my face, and gratefully acknowledged the beautifully hand drawn cards, and coffee. Then they excitedly took me by my hands to show me my surprise out on the back porch. It was the moment I had been longing for, for ages, ever since I realized the ten year old next door had an I-phone.

(“But honey, all the other kids and their mommies have an I-phone. Can’t I pleeeeeeeeease have one?” I would whine incessantly. )

I opened my eyes (they had made me close them for full effect.), and saw it. It was beautiful, breathtaking. It was…

A cleaned off pack porch, with brand new chair cushions, and a pot of flowers on the table.

“Why, thank you, everyone. It’s perfect!” I exclaimed while surreptitiously looking around to see if the I-phone was hidden somewhere.

In the flowers? Nope.

Under the cushions? Nu-uh.

In my husband’s shirt? I hugged him EXTRA hard to check. But no, hard, plastic rectangular protuberances.

And then he explained my gift.

“I thought you might like to write out here. The weather is perfect, and you can have some quiet time whenever you want it.”

“This is great, honey. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and hard work,” I told him, meaning every word.

The porch had been DISGUSTING.  And I wouldn’t even allow my worst enemy (or my sister-in-law) to sit on those old cushions. Well, I might have let her sit on them. Maybe.

He continued, “I wanted to get you, um, something more, but it was a little too much money after our little vacation last week,”

I agreed. We had spent a little extra money, but it had been so worth it.

It made me realize a few things.

Did I really need an I-phone to make me happy?

Mother’s Day was about graciously accepting the love from my children, and trying to remember that I was indeed blessed to be their mommy.

I reveled in their affirmation of love, and all the hard work that they had done to bless and honor me as their mommy.

And that was enough for me.

We went to church, followed by our annual Mother’s day Brunch. I had oringally wanted to go to brunch- you know, pancakes, eggs, bacon, lotsa cream and sugar with a little bit of coffee. Mmmmmm. Watching the little bitties drown their pancakes in syrup, using only their mouths to get the last little bit of whipped cream off the plate, and trying to let them hug me without getting my pretty dress too dirty. (Sticky syrup hands are ok on a rayon dress. Blueberry and strawberry fingers- not so much.  I choose my hugs with discretion after brunch.)

But hubby had suggested that we would have to wait a while to get in to any good brunch place, and suggested the deli down the street.  This was a very good call on his part. The little bitties and I (ok, especially me) get a little crabby when we have to wait for our meals.  We had a lovely lunch, which took half the time of a normal brunch, and returned home for a quick rest.

I am taking a few minutes to write out my thoughts from the day (while sitting on my beautiful, and more importantly, clean, back porch).  Then I will head out to the trails for a run.

It has been a wonderful day.  And I can honestly say, I’m happy I didn’t get exactly what I had hoped for. Instead, I got to build new memories with my hubby and children.

  • The girls giggled over their food, and snuck over to grab the strawberries and melons off my plate. (LOL, how many moms ever get to eat their own food?) As long as they didn’t hug me afterwards, I was alright with anything.
  • We joked about new nicknames for each of us. The girls decided I was “Ichilolo”, and daddy was proclaimed “Manure”.  Honestly, I did not make up these names. They came up with them all by themselves. J
  • Both girls gave me new handmade cards
  • My daughter gave me a Hershey Kiss. I confirmed that this was actually received from church today, and not from a candy basket from last Halloween. She also brought up the idea that maybe it would make me happier if I shared it with her. So I bit off the top, and gave her the rest.
  • They both called me beautiful. One said I had lost weight. One said I was a genius.

Mother’s Day could not have been any more perfect. I have the love of my husband, the love and adoration of two awesome girls, and a pretty blessed life.  I love being their mother. And I am thankful for them and my husband.

Happy Mother’s Day!