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Why do I write?

Why do I write?


I’ve been pondering this question for a few months, while trying to work through some emotional issues and stressors.

My original premise was:

  • I write to work through life issues and desires
  • To daydream
  • Hehe, for lack of a better term, “to boldly go” where I have never gone before
  • To make the thousands of different voices and dreams and “stories”, quiet down. If I could just get them on paper, maybe my mind would feel a little less chaotic. Plus I like the idea of reading my crazy stories on paper. 😉
  • To tell a story no one has ever told

Hmmm, since this seems to be more and more difficult to do…

  • To retell a story with my own creative twists

And lastly,

  • To feel alive

fantasy book mage


Words, stories, music, drama (not the kind on social media, LOL. The kind where two opposing characters meet, and work through their differences in sometimes, the noisiest, yet most beautiful imagery.)…

It all awakens me. It gives me purpose. It builds me up. Words and music fill my cup, break me down, build me up.

Stories (both written and on screen) give me hope when I have none. They make me feel beautiful, even when I feel I am not. They give me strength to push through another day, and make that one count.

I think that’s why I prefer Disney stories and shows / movies with cheesy, sentimental endings.

The Princess Bride, Ella Enchanted, Never Ending Story, Frozen, Chronicles of Narnia, Seventh Heaven, High School Musical, pretty much all Cinderella movies, Maleficent…

They all bring me joy. ‘Happily ever afters’ make me feel like anything is possible.

This is why I write. I write to connect with my soul, my passion, my energies, and hopefully, with others.



It’s 9:30 am, Sunday morning, and this is the first time I have felt clear minded enough to articulate my thoughts in a good while, so I’m typing them down as quickly as I can, before I lose my clear moment.

For those who don’t know; I am staying away from social media for a while until I can get my emotions and life back in control.

A good friend blessed me by suggesting I craft and do what made me happy. So I’m knitting and making scrabble tile jewelry. (And as crazy as it sounds, I am cleaning!) I’m also purging the house, little by little, to get rid of all the “junk” we don’t need.

I’m hoping to start writing again soon.

Good Lord, you would not believe the killer stories I have mostly written, plus the new ones that are floating through my head!

They are so different and amazingly crazy- LOL, I know, I should probably try for a few less “out there” stories. But these are the ones my creative side keeps bringing to the table.

And this is one of the reasons I write.

  • I write to embrace my crazy, creative side.

Anyone else? Why do you write?


Thanks for stopping by. I’m off to knit. (I’m almost finished with my daughter’s birthday blanket. I started it in September. Hehe, her birthday was in October 🙂 )



New Book Promo for “Mastering Maeve” by Tara Finnegan.

mastering maeve_tara finnegan


I am so excited to finally have Tara Finnegan on my blog!  She came today to tell us about her new book, Mastering Maeve.

I am reading it right now, and am loving it! Larry is sexy, authoritative, and handsome. Maeve is spirited, beautiful, and passionate.   As you can see by the beautiful cover!  The sparks between these two are amazing!

I adore the grandmother in this story, and loved her manipulations. (you’ll see what I mean when you read the excerpt Tara has provided!.  This Granny is a masterful puppeteer.

This is definitely a story you don’t want to miss!

Take it away, Tara!


Hi Katherine, thank you so much for inviting me to come visit your blog, I’m delighted to be here and to share a little of Mastering Maeve.

One of the things I really loved about working on Mastering Maeve was incorporating Bridie, Maeve’s Granny. To me, she is typical of so many of the older generation of Irish women and was a total joy to write. It’s very hard for a young woman nowadays to imagine how tough things were for Irish women at the time. The system was very much aligned against them, and due to recessions etc, often it was very difficult for them to go to work outside the home. Therefore they were financially dependent and I suppose you could say a little under the thumb. But that was often very much only on the face of it, if you scratched the surface you would find some very clever women who ruled the roost with an iron fist and a wet dish cloth! They kept the wheels of the family turning, often against the odds and were truly admirable.

Because of that, what I’d like to share today isn’t one of the hot sexy spanking or love scenes. I’d really like to showcase a little of Bridie, and let your readers see how she is working everything behind the scenes, often very much to Maeve’s annoyance. I think she really adds colour to the book. I hope readers will agree.


“It would be a lot easier to work with you if we could at least try to be friends,” Larry suggested hopefully.

“Let’s get one thing clear, Mr Williamson. I accept I may have brought a little of it on myself by slapping you first, but my friends are not in the habit of assaulting me in such an intimate manner, and if they did, I would no longer consider them friends. What I feel towards you right this minute is a small measure of gratitude that you are considering saving the hotel, coupled with enough knowledge of you not to push the boundaries again. Mainly though what I feel about you is fear, and fear will never be the basis for a friendship,” Maeve replied, her determined tone confirming the resoluteness showing in her stubborn chin. “And there is one thing I wish to make absolutely clear before we pursue any type of business arrangement, if you repeat that behaviour, I will press charges. I’m letting it pass this time because I lashed out first. And one other thing—I’d prefer if Granny was present for any future meetings; it is her business after all, not mine.”

“Perhaps you’re right, we can see if she is available now, or we can defer this until a time that is suitable for her,” Larry agreed. Maeve thought he looked a little relieved at getting the issue of the spanking out in the open and he even seemed to be regarding her with a grudging admiration.

“Give me five minutes to see what she’s up to,” Maeve quickly responded, clutching at the proffered straw, and went running off to find Bridie. She returned and suggested to Larry that they might be better relocating to the office where they wouldn’t be interrupted and that Bridie would meet them there.

“Maeve tells me you’ve changed your mind about investing,” she said with a smug smile stealing across her lips. Maeve knew that look; it was the look that said ‘I won.’

“Yes, ma’am, I think we can find a way to make it work, but we need to work out the fine details and I’d like to look over your accounts some more. Maeve here felt it would be more appropriate if we all three met together.” Larry gave her his most winning all-American guy smile.

Maeve shuddered. As if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, she thought. And Granny is falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

“Ok, son, now’s the time to tell you, I want to retire so it’s all the same to me if you keep this place going or the bank take it over, I’m too old to work. If you keep it going, it will be Maeve there you’ll be dealing with. I’m worn out.”

Maeve started spluttering; this was a fine time for the old dragon to announce her retirement. She always had to have the last word, and as for calling him son, only Bridie McNamara would call Larry Williamson the Fourth son and get away with it. Maeve couldn’t help wondering what the conniving old witch had up her sleeve this time. And now she had no comfort zone between herself and the spanking king.

“I’ll leave yiz to it. Maeve knows where everything is and you might as well get used to each other.” Without giving either Larry or Maeve a moment to get a word in edgeways, she was gone. Maeve could picture the self-satisfied smile that was most likely on her lips as she exited.

“What’s the witch up to now?” she thought aloud, forgetting that it was exactly that kind of comment that had gotten her in so much bother before.

“I thought I made it perfectly clear I didn’t want to hear such disrespect towards your grandma. I cannot believe we are having this conversation again so soon,” he said ominously.

“Yes, Mr Williamson, conversation and that’s as far as it goes,” Maeve warned. “Ok, if it makes you so unhappy, I’ll keep my thoughts about Granny to myself. I love her dearly, I owe her everything, but I know her a damn sight better than you. One day you’ll see her true colours and I promise to try not to laugh too loud when you do, so let’s drop the subject. It seems it’s pretty much you and me now, so can we work together?”


Publisher’s Blurb:

Finished with college and unable to find a job in her chosen field, twenty-four year old Maeve O’Reilly saw little choice but to return to her hometown in Connemara and work in her grandmother’s hotel. Maeve has barely walked in the door, however, when she learns that the establishment is deep in debt and an American visitor is considering an investment which could be the only chance to avoid foreclosure.

That visitor turns out to be a tall, ruggedly handsome rancher by the name of Larry Williamson, a man whose dominant personality immediately puts him in conflict with the willful Maeve. When she slaps Larry across the face during a heated argument, Maeve learns to her horror that Larry is more than ready to haul her over his knee and back up his firm tone with a firm hand applied to her helpless bottom.

Larry might like to tell himself that he has chosen to move forward with the hotel investment only to avoid any legal difficulties stemming from the spanking incident, but he knows full well that there is only one thing in Ireland he is interested in right now, and that is a beautiful, feisty, sore-bottomed young lady named Maeve.

As the days pass, Maeve quickly finds her anger at Larry fading to grudging respect, and the memory of his chastisement begins to kindle a powerful need within her… a need only the arrogant, bossy Texan can satisfy. Maeve longs for Larry to strip her bare and claim her in a way no man has before, and when at last he does all she can do is beg for more. But will the wide gulf of the Atlantic and the hard realities of a long-distance romance tear the unlikely couple apart, or will they find a way to defy the odds and forge their passion into a lasting bond?

Publisher’s Note: Mastering Maeve is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Buy links




About Tara Finnegan:

Accidental writer from the west of Ireland, Tara likes to write about strong, feisty modern day heroines who meet their match with even stronger spanking heroes where the sparks will fly.

When not writing, she is a wife, mother, taxi-service, gofer and general finder of lost items!

Tara’s Blog

Tara’s Twitter

Tara’s Amazon page

Tara’s Facebook Page

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Author and Reader, an Interview with Cara Bristol



I thoroughly enjoyed reading Cara Bristol’s “Breeder”, and knew I just had to pick her brain about her awesome new book!  It’s a wonderful combination of romance, spanking fiction, and action- all set in a science fiction setting.  She has created a new world full of passion and aggression, a society where males dominate and females submit.  I adored this book, and cannot wait to read the next in this series!

The thing that struck me most about this story was the line between men and women.  Men were takers, women were givers. And there was no room for middle ground or compromise – at least not at the beginning.  But the story took us through a wonderful adventure of an Alpha Male (The Alpha Male!) who dared to not only show a female compassion, but also to fall in love with her!

In Breeder, the lesson learned is about male and female learning to work together, and to love each other.  The same can be said for authors and readers. One will not thrive without the other.  They have a symbiotic relationship, bettering each other as each betters herself (or himself).

Since the story’s plot centered on characters that learned to use their differences to complement each other, and find value in what each had to offer, I thought it would be fun to do a role reversal of sorts for this author interview.  So instead of a “normal” interview where I ask the author questions, Cara Bristol will ask me questions, to better get to know me as a reader.  And of course, I will be getting to know her and her story better, as well.

I hope you enjoy our role reversal.



Cara Bristol:  Thanks, Katherine for having me today. This is a unique opportunity. Even though reviews can give an author feedback, being able to ask questions is even better! One of the things I’d like to know is if you have read science fiction romance before, and what made you pick my book.

Katherine Deane:  Thanks for agreeing to do something a little different, Cara.  I love science fiction (Jim Butcher is one of my favorites!), and have read some science fiction romance. Most of my sci fi has been limited to TV.  Do you remember Dr. Who (Tom Baker, of course!), The Tomorrow People, Sliders, and Battlestar Gallactica?

But I have not had very many opportunities to read science fiction, romance AND spanking.  That sounded like a fun combination, that I hoped wouldn’t overwhelm me.

I decided to read this after reading some of the excerpts in the Saturday Spankings blog posts.  The premise intrigued me, and I have enjoyed all your other stories. I was so excited when I finally got to read it! It was everything I had hoped for!

Cara Bristol:  Thank you! I’m glad Breeder met expectations. LOL. I used to watch Battlestar Gallactica, although I was more of a Trekkie and watched rather than read sci-fi.  However, TV and movies focus on spaceships, gadgets, explosions and things that are visual. Written science fi romance brings emotion to the story. I’m curious, what were some of the emotions you experienced as you read Breeder?

Katherine Deane:  I can’t believe I forgot to mention Star Trek, the original one with Kirk and Spock!  It’s funny that you just brought up emotions. That was one of the most entertaining parts about watching Kirk and Spock play off each other. One was a dramatic, over-emoter, the other was quiet, analytical, and unemotional.  Yet they complemented each other perfectly! This is something I would like to bring up later in our conversation.  The need for complementary emotions and actions in a relationship.

As for emotions, I went through so many different emotions, all depending on the scene.

Anger, frustration, elation, lust. It was like riding a roller coaster! It was exhilarating!

I also had to slow down my reading. I originally wanted to pour through it as quickly as I could. But I realized, early on, that this was a story meant to be savored- not rushed.  I am so glad I did that. It made the story that much more enjoyable!

Cara Bristol:  I’m so glad. My goal in this story was to make my readers feel.  Did you have any impressions of Breeder before you read it that were altered after you finished it?

Katherine Deane:  Honestly, I originally thought this was going to be a mod-podge of science fiction, BDSM and spanking romance.   When I heard it was about a society that looked upon females as less than animals, I was nervous.  I knew that the writing would be impeccable. But I wasn’t sure if it would be the right fit for me. Especially when I saw that there would be a little bit of M/M included.

(Actually, the few M/M scenes were done tastefully, and were such an integral part of the plot, that I was able to ease out of my comfort zone.)

I also feared my inner feminist would be disappointed by the harsh conditions and degraded women. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth, and the levels of emotions the main characters went through.  I felt kind of silly having worried about being disappointed. (This story most definitely, did NOT disappoint!)  But sometimes, authors change their style, or write different genres. The reader doesn’t always know what s/he is getting into, even if it is the same author they have followed for a while.

Cara Bristol:  This was a different genre for me.  Years ago, when I first started writing fiction, I dabbled in sci-fi, but then moved on to mainstream fiction, and then erotic romance.  I knew writing Breeder would be risky because it contained elements that might turn readers off. Did you your feelings about the characters change as you read the book?

Katherine Deane:  I quickly grew to love Omra and Dak!  Omra was so much more than just a shell, a breeder with no ability for cognitive thought, or scared of her own shadow.  I loved watching her grow, and push aside her self-doubts and lack of self-worth.  She was beautiful, strong, intelligent, the perfect example of potential in the society’s “useless” breeders.

Dak grew to be so much more than just a commanding presence and authority figure.  He actually had an open mind, and was willing to grow with Omra. I loved that about him, and felt that made him even more powerful.  The scene that stood out to me, was when he made the decision about dealing with the Enclave.  This was big, and showed his compassionate nature.  While I love authoritative men, I also need them to show some compassion for their lover.

Cara Bristol:  What stands out to you about the Parseon world, its culture or people?

Katherine Deane:  The culture, definitely.  The people followed the new culture and structure, because it was the only way to save themselves from the warring.  The people were not as bad as made out to be.  Unfortunately, the strongest among them continued to push their closed minded beliefs onto everyone else.  It was good to see that there were bands of people willing to open their eyes; to see that the need for the harsh structure, (and lies) were not necessary any more.

I would actually like to know how the original protocol began. Why were females lowered to such degradation?  Was it because there were strong females who battled for supremacy in the older days?

Cara Bristol:  Hmm…maybe I could write a “prequel” after I write the series. What were the most visual aspects of the story?

Katherine Deane:  Please do!  I will be first in line to read it! I’m already picturing strong, dominant, beautiful women and handsome, aggressive men – sparks flying everywhere! Mmmmm, I can also picture some very hot sex and spankings in that one!  Keep me posted, please!

About the visual aspects, I loved how you vividly described everything, especially the beauty of the world, through Omra’s eyes, showing her youthful innocence, – just as a child sees things.  Wonder, adoration, excitement, purity… I loved it!

My favorite scene that shows this is the one where Dak is taking Omra back to his home, and they both take in the beauty of the surrounding foliage. I loved how the scene was described using both sight, touch, and smell.  This was probably my favorite scene as far as “visuals” go. I hope it’s ok for me to share it now.


** *A wonder of verdant hues filled her vision, from the mosses and vines clinging to the trees, grasses waving in the breeze, the vividness of the leaves themselves. A branch of a large, bushy plant slapped against the conveyance as they passed, and she plucked off a tender leaf. She stroked it, marveling at the smoothness, and raised it to her nose.

“What are you doing?” The Commander frowned.

She recoiled. “I-I am smelling a leaf.”

He cocked his head. “Why?”

Because she hadn’t been outside the BCF walls in a year. Because she hadn’t danced in a meadow, raised her face to the rain, woven a garland of flowers, or watched fallen leaves soar on the wind. Before she could devise a response, he asked, “What does it smell like?” ***


Cara Bristol:  The mantra at the back of my mind as I wrote it was, “show, don’t tell.” I think setting plays a big role in sci-fi (as it does in historical fiction) because the author creates an unfamiliar world. No one has been to Parseon. LOL.  This book also had more action, specifically violence, than my other books. What did you think about that aspect?

Katherine Deane:  The violence was done perfectly. Not too much, not too little. It was just right. It was a necessary part of the story.  And it built the characters and the world.  I liked the violence being shown to keep the story authentic (an aggressive world of alpha and beta males that did not include beatings and floggings would have not seemed realistic. And I prefer the stories I read, to make sense.).  But I appreciated that you did not go overboard with the violence.   This was a nice compromise that kept me happy, because ultimately, even though I like science fiction and adventure, I am still a romantic at heart.  I prefer the romance and growth to take a slight precedence over the action and drama.

Cara Bristol:  That raises another question. Did you find the story romantic?

Katherine Deane:  Totally!  Their biggest obstacles were the society, and its views, and their own individual conflicting emotions over their relationship.  They didn’t even have a word for “Love”.  It was alien to them.  Yet, they fought against their world, their protocol, and their original belief system, to embrace this one word they didn’t fully understand- love.  This was very romantic and beautiful!

Cara Bristol:  Do you have any questions for me?

Katherine Deane:  LOL, I have been chomping at the bit for a while now! Thanks. Here goes.

Where did you come up with the idea of this male dominated, futuristic society? That’s a very big jump from your Rod and Cane Series.

Cara Bristol:  It began with the notion of a society in which the law forced women into sexual slavery, to be used at a male’s whim. Obviously, I couldn’t set the story in contemporary times on this planet, and just as obviously (I hope!) the story developed well beyond that. Sexual slavery served as the seed, but it isn’t what ultimately grew. It’s like planting an apple seed, and getting an avocado tree.

Katherine Deane:  What do you think of the symbiotic nature of Parseon’s men and women?

Cara Bristol:  When the story begins, there is no real relationship between the sexes. Men need women for reproduction, but many in power resent even that. Women are completely marginalized. But Dak and Omra overcome society’s dictates and grow to complement each other, to support each other. He becomes her hero, and she becomes his heroine.

Katherine Deane:  I loved that.
What made you decide to write in both POV’s? I’m glad you did. It gave me an opportunity to get to know Dak better.

Cara Bristol:  All my other books have scenes and chapters from the hero’s POV, but those stories are primarily the heroine’s, so they are mostly told from her POV. Once I got into Breeder, I realized it was as much Dak’s story as Omra’s. In fact, I had to rein him in to keep him from taking over the whole novel. He is definitely alpha!

Katherine Deane:  Too funny! I love Alpha males!

Where are you going next?

Cara Bristol:  I have to finish writing Rod and Cane 5, tentatively titled Hasty Exits, and I have to write 30K novella for a sooper sekrit project under contract, and then I shall begin Breeder 2: Terran.

Thank you so much for having me. This was great fun.

Katherine Deane:  Thanks so much for swapping with me. It was fun! Congratulations!

I am already looking forward to the next one.  Good luck with the secret project. 🙂



Breeder blurb

To secure his legacy, Commander Dak, a ruling Alpha of planet Parseon, purchases Omra, a breeder slave. He intends to impregnate her, produce a son, and hand her off to his anointed beta partner. As Dak and Omra discover a sexual bliss banned by law, he begins to question the traditions and ways of his people, causing him to jeopardize his command and endanger the life of the woman he has come to love.

Breeder explores the concepts of gender roles and social prohibitions against deviant behavior. It includes M/F and M/M sexual practices.

Amazon Buy Link

Loose Id Buy Link

ARe Buy Link

Author website

Twitter  @CaraBristol



Breeder Excerpt

If not for the sneeze, Dak would have exited the musty, dank corridor. But the muffled sound caught his attention. When he squinted into the darkened cell, he spotted a female crouched on a straw mat in the corner. He hadn’t noticed her on his way into the Breeder Containment Facility; the habitation unit had appeared empty.

Dak turned to the BCF director and sighed. “What about her?”

The beta’s already crooked mouth drooped farther in distaste. “My apologies, Commander. You don’t want that one.”

Sival’s disparagement piqued Dak’s interest. The director’s opinion had proven worthless; none of the breeders he’d preselected for inspection had rated close to satisfactory.

“I would like to see her,” Dak insisted.

“Very well, Commander.” Sival saluted and opened the habitation cell with a master entry card. Dak stepped into the small enclosure. The director followed, and the metal gate clanked shut.

The naked female drew into a tighter ball and tucked her face deeper into the crook of her arm. Other breeders had preened as soon as they’d noticed him and his chest-insignia identification. He wasn’t just an alpha. He was the Alpha.

This breeder’s lack of respect and failure to adhere to Protocol by acknowledging his presence struck him as odd. Dak frowned. “Is she mentally deficient?”

Sival tightened his lips. “No, stubborn, ill behaved. She would not befit an Alpha Commander.” He nudged the female’s hip with the toe of his boot. “Rise to your feet.” She did not respond, and he moved to prod her again. Dak forestalled him with a wave and grasped the female’s arm.

“You will stand.” He hauled her upright. She averted her face, so he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. Tangled hair the color of black heating stones fell back from an oval face to reveal eyes like the Parseon moon. The glimmer of intelligence that sparked within the violet depths aroused his interest more than anything else he’d seen so far. Nature had bestowed the Parseon people with an exceptionally strong immune system so that they rarely required medical intervention, but breeders by nature were weak, and so many of the ones he’d seen had seemed dull or ill or both. This one’s skin, when unsmudged by grime and dirt, probably glowed like the pale sands of the Ospian Sea. He supposed, as breeders went, she wasn’t unattractive, although the stench emanating from her was. His beta would throw a fit if he dragged such a creature into their domicile.

“Why is she so filthy?” he asked.

“She refuses to bathe.”

As Dak scrutinized her facial features for shape and symmetry, he noted little imperfection or dysgenics other than her lack of hygiene and her gender. When cleaned up, she would please the eye, but to bear his sons, it mattered more that she be healthy and strong.

He released her face, stepped back, and assessed her from head to toe. He exceeded the height of most males, alphas included, while she stood smaller than the average female. The top of her head failed to even meet his shoulder. She was thinner than other breeders too, although her chest bore an abundance of fatty breast tissue. In the chill of the cell, her nipples had puckered to hard points. Despite the coolness, he was experiencing a rise in temperature. A dormant lust chose that moment to kindle, causing heat to coil in his abdomen and groin. He could not remember the last time he’d experienced such a spontaneous reaction—if he ever had. With the pads of his fingers, he probed the sides of her neck for swollen areas. The way she trembled under his touch aroused a sliver of sympathy. Breeders lacked courage, and uncertainty frightened them. Not all alphas and their betas treated breeders well. If he chose her, she would be adequately fed and housed. His command consumed his time and energy, which left his beta alone for long stretches. A breeder would relieve Corren of household chores and provide him with a physical outlet as well.

“What is she called?” Dak asked.

“Her sire named her Omra.”

Peace, it meant.

He parted Omra’s lips with his fingers and slipped a digit into her mouth, running it along her upper gum line to check the solidness of her teeth. At a flash in her eyes, he jerked his hand away a centisecond before she snapped her jaws together, so that her incisor only grazed the tip of his finger.

Sival’s face reddened. “Commander, I apologize. I will have her flogged.”

“Unnecessary. I will take care of it.” He unclipped the sudon from his belt.

Review for Aching to Submit, by Natasha Knight

I just finished Aching to Submit, by Natasha Knight, and oh my goodness was it HOT!

I could not put this book down!
I actually started and finished it in one day, it was so good!




This is the story of a young married couple who are growing apart.

Is it because of their big move overseas?

Is it their inability to start a family?

Or is it something more?


Sophie has been keeping secrets from her husband.  She desires something so badly she can taste it.  But she is so conflicted by her fear of rejection, her guilt over not telling her husband, her fear of being called a freak by the man she loves most.  She wants him to spank her, and dominate her in every sense of the word.  And this scares and shames her.

The closest she has come to realizing her dreams, is to walk past the BDSM club night after night, hoping, wishing, but never taking that first step.

Until one night, she finally works up the courage to enter the club to find out if she really does want this or if it is just a fantasy she can let go.

It becomes harder for her to reconcile her lies to her husband, with how much she is drawn to the world of BDSM, especially the spanking and dominance.

Luckily,  a stroke of luck puts her husband in just the right place at just the right time.  He listens carefully to the owner of the club,  and makes his own decision of just what to do with his currious wife.

Their first spanking is so hot and beautiful.  He gives her the dominance she has been aching to receive, showing them both that this is something he can and will do for her.

But Michael has to deal with the fears that he is a sadist. He realizes that he likes spanking her.  He likes dominating her.  And this scares him.

Sophie still feels guilty for pushing him into this, and continues to have conflicting emotions over her desires.

I loved how the author portrayed all of these emotions on paper! They were so beautiful and so realistic!

I also loved the imperfections in these characters. They were real, they were flawed, they were beautiful.

She also did also great job of explaining the importance of trust and communication in any relationship, but especially under the blanket of BDSM, D/s, or DD.

I loved this story, and truly think this is one of the best books she has written.  The depth of her characters and their emotions, was amazing!

I loved every bit of this sexy, emotionally charged, fantastic book!




Though deeply in love with her husband Michael, for years Sophie has longed to give him not only her love, but her submission as well. In spite of her yearning to kneel at his feet, fear of rejection keeps her from sharing the truth with him. Though she would never give her body to another man, her need to submit drives her to seek out others like herself and learn more… until Michael discovers her deception and she fears her marriage may be over.

Despite the anger and sadness which tear at his heart when he learns that his wife has kept such an important secret from him, Michael is not going to give up the love of his life without a fight. It will take time, but he is more than ready to be the man she needs, the man to whom she will gladly submit. First, though, she must be firmly disciplined for her betrayal of his trust…

Standing naked before her husband, awaiting a punishment which will bring her to tears and leave her bare bottom red and sore, submission suddenly feels truly real to Sophie for the first time. As Michael asserts his dominance more and more with each passing day, Sophie begins to see him in a way she has never seen him before, and her desire for him seems to know no bounds. But is this just a second honeymoon of sorts, or will Sophie’s submission endure through the trials of everyday life?

Publisher’s Note: Aching to Submit is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



She swallowed, dared one last glance at the paddle, and turned. It took her a moment as she bent slowly forward over the dense pillows until her chest was on the bed. She tucked her arms beneath her breasts and looked ahead, her body already tightening in preparation of what was to come.

The toe of his shoe tapped at her ankle and she spread her legs wider. Michael set the paddle down on the bed and she felt his hands on her ass just touching her, his caress soft.

“I’m scared,” she said again. “Sir,” she added, suddenly very aware of not wanting to add on a single additional stroke.

“I love you, Sophie,” he said. “I would never do anything that would really harm you. You need this punishment and our marriage needs it maybe more than either of us realize. I want you to trust me to do this. Do you trust me?” he asked.

She looked over her shoulders, meeting his eyes. She nodded. “Yes, Sir. I trust you.”

He smiled a kind, gentle smile. “Good girl,” he said. “Face forward now until I tell you you’re allowed to turn around.”

She obeyed, anticipation tightening her belly while arousal warmed her sex.

His hand came down hard on her right cheek and she jumped up, reaching back immediately to cover it. “Ow!” she exclaimed.

His hand was between her shoulder blades fast. “Stay down,” he said. “And get your hand off your ass. It’s mine now. Do it, Sophie.”

“It hurt.”

“I meant it to hurt, understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” She lay back down and tucked her arm back beneath her chest.

“Good girl,” he said. With that, he began. He used his hand first, the contact of it on her bare flesh strange, almost foreign used this way. The sound was loud, more overwhelming than the pain, but as he continued, it turned into a constant but manageable sting.

He spanked quickly, striking each buttock in turn, sometimes twice on one side before moving over to the other side. But the pain was something else entirely when he first struck with the paddle.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, trying to rise, but unable to as he still held her down. She pressed her thighs together and reached back to cover her now stinging bottom.

“What did I tell you about your hands?” Michael asked, gripping both of them in one of his and holding them at her low back. He struck again, harder this time, pushing her down onto the bed so her torso pressed against it, forcing her hips higher as her bottom took the next blow.

“Ow, ow, ow!” she cried, struggling against his hold. “Wait, please. Please just a minute.” She was struggling to get free now, shifting her hips from side to side to avoid the blows, fighting him.

He struck twice more, then stopped. “All right,” he said, lifting her by one arm. He pushed the pillows off the bed and pulled her across his lap, trapping her legs beneath one of his and her hands at her low back. Her torso rested partially on the bed, but he shifted the position a little so she hung off his thighs.

She groaned with the next strike of the paddle, this change in position, her being bent over his knee, almost giving him better access. Maybe it was that she couldn’t struggle as much or that her struggling had less impact on what was happening. She lost track of the count she’d been keeping without ever being aware she’d been counting and just concentrated on the pain, the heat of her bottom, and the heat that spread throughout her body, causing her to break out in a sweat.

“When I first saw you there at the club,” he said while continuing to spank her hard, “I could have killed that man. I could have killed him for touching you.”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” she cried out. “It hurts, please stop, Michael. I’m sorry.”

“Then when I found out what it was all about,” he continued, striking the crease between thigh and buttock, then the outer curve of her right hip.

She moaned in pain, her fantasies of spanking very different from this painful reality.

She turned to look over her shoulder, her face contorted in pain, her vision blurry with tears.

“Michael,” she said.

He met her gaze and stopped for a moment.

“Sir, I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m so sorry.”

His eyes were moist even as she felt the thick shaft of his cock at her belly. She heard the paddle drop to the floor and his hand was on her bottom caressing her sore, swollen flesh. He released her hands and she reached to the floor to support herself with one while wiping at her eyes with the other.

“Breathe,” he said, his voice calm, even.

She nodded and tried to take a deep breath, but it came in in shudders.

“Shh, it’s okay, it’s over,” he said, lifting her onto his lap, spreading his thighs so her bottom was between his legs. He held her to him, rubbing her back, her head until she found she had no more tears to cry.


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New Author Promo – Dinah McLeod

The Errant Bride Cover

Hey ya’all,

I just stumbled upon another new spanking author!

This one is a DD spanking author, which is right up my alley, given my own relationship with my hubby. 🙂

I read her first book, The Errant Bride, and absolutely fell in love with her writing style.

She writes in first person, allowing me to fully embrace both of the main characters.

And with a topic like Domestic Discipline, it was a really good call to make their thoughts and emotions so easily understood.

I could tell that she really understood the dynamic of DD, and the HOH lifestyle because of some of the different fears, thoughts, questions, and confliction that showed in both Sara, the wife, and Ethan, the husband.

I really enjoyed the story, and her open, honest writing.


mona second chance

I’m about to dive into her second book, Mona’s Second Chance, a story of a divorced couple who are drawn back together for reconciliation because they still love each other.

But this time, her ex is taking matters into his own hands.

I can’t wait to read this one!

I love spanking fiction!

And this author brings it all together beautifully!

– DD, romance, spanking, and a HEA!

Please go check out this spanking new author!

She is amazing!


Here’s the blurbs and buy links for each!

The Errant Bride:

Sara Harris is newly married and thinks life is great. Well, if not great then at least good enough. All of that changes when her husband, Ethan, tells her that he does not feel the same. The biggest surprise for Sara is what he intends to do about it.

His solution certainly was never covered in premarital counseling! Sara struggles with her feelings after Ethan starts punishing her. She can’t believe she is being spanked like a child, and what’s more she’s not sure she is willing to put up with it. But if not, where does that leave her except broken hearted?



Mona’s Second Chance:

They had grown up together. Childhood friends, one-time sweethearts, buddies, then eventually they grew apart. When they met again later, it was love, followed by marriage… followed by divorce. But somehow, even a year after the divorce, Colby was always the first person she called when she needed help. Colby was her one true love… how was she going to get through life without him?

Then it happened! Colby was willing to give them a second chance… but only if she submitted to him as the head of the household. She wasn’t used to being spanked, and worried that there were some things even a spanking couldn’t fix.

Will they be able to move beyond their past, to build a fresh new future together? Mona loves him so much, and she would do anything for him to save their relationship, but fears that might not be enough. Will she lose him anyway?



Saturday Spankings – Claire’s Cookies

Saturday Spankings


I’m a virgin!

Not really. But this is my first Saturday Spankings. 🙂

And this is my first written story.

(I just sent it in for editing.  Wish me luck!)


Meet Claire and Nick:

Claire is a 32 year old athlete, trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials.  She has a past full of emotional and physical injuries.

Nick is a 36 year old coach, a hard, authoritative man who pushes his athletes to their limit.

Claire is confused by her attraction to her new coach, feeling that he could never fall for a woman like her.  Will she stick around, accept what he has to offer, and finally learn to ask for what she wants, or will she run?

Will Nick learn to trust his instincts and guide Claire towards her goal and a possible future together, or will he shut down emotionally, and lose another woman in his life?


For my 8 sentences today, I am using a scene on the front porch of Claire’s apartment.  Nick and Claire have just finished their first dinner date, and he is dropping her off at her apartment.  Though Claire has acknowledged an interest in the “fetish” her roommate takes part in, she is too embarrassed to bring it into the open.

But with a nervous habit of speaking before thinking, she accidentally opens the door for some fun banter.


“Would you like to come in? I have some fresh spanked cookies. Baked, I meant baked cookies!”

She felt her face flush, but continued to babble. “My roommate used a wooden spoon – not for me, the cookies!”

She closed her eyes and waited for the ground to swallow her up.

Nick took her chin into his palm and slowly raised her to meet his eyes, “Are you inviting me in for spankings and sex, Claire?” he said quietly with a twinkle in his eyes.

Thanks for stopping by for my first Saturday Spankings!

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Torn Between Two Alphas – an Interview with Zac and Hayden

When I asked for interviews with two of the hottest new guys in the spanking fiction scene, (Zac Casper from Safe in his Arms, and Hayden Hawke from Captive’s Desire) I forgot to look in my date book, and accidentally slotted them for the same time.

Oops! (giggle)

The authors were kind enough to agree to a tandem interview, even though the men were less than thrilled.  But they adapted quickly, and gave one hell of a performance, leaving me breathless and completely satiated.  I’m going to have to forget my day planner a bit more often.

I mean… Oops!



Black Ops / Ghost vs. Rebel CommanderInterviewing Zac Casper and Hayden Hawke

Katherine Deane takes a sip of coffee, and almost spits it out when her two interviewees walk through the door.

By far, the most intense, dominant, sexually intoxicating, handsome, Alpha men she has ever laid eyes on.  And there are two of them.  She fans herself, and takes a deep breath.

Katherine Deane:  Good morning, gentlemen. Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Please have a seat.

Zac:  Thanks for having us, Katherine. (He grins and takes a seat opposite her)

Katherine Deane: (licks her lips, as she takes stock of the man in front of her. Zac is gorgeous. Blonde hair, deep blue eyes.  He’s approximately 5’11, lean and muscular.  The kind of man who can captivate the attentions of a whole room, and disappear the next moment.)

Hayden:  (nods unsmiling, and sits) It’s nice to meet you Ms. Deane. (His stance is aggressive and commanding as he acknowledges the other male in the room. He gives an almost imperceptible tilt of his head toward Zac.)

Katherine Deane:  (watches the two Alpha males with growing awareness, making careful note of their interactions.  While Zac is muscular and wiry. Hayden is large and bulky.  A huge man, at least 6’3, strong, muscular, he looks capable of taking down any predator in his vicinity.  But his face softens his appearance.  He has ‘searing blue eyes, dark with specks of bright gold.  While his demeanor is tough and unyielding, his eyes show the kindness and love hidden inside.  This is the kind of man that could take on an entire force of enemy, and not bat an eyelash.)

Katherine Deane: (she points at the small bulges, lining their pockets) Well, I have to say, you both have some pretty impressive weapons.

Zac and Hayden: (both raise their eyebrows at her unintentional sexual innuendo)

Katherine Deane: (flushes) I mean, I can see that you have a weapon in your pocket. (Buries head in hands and groans)

Zac: (grins) we could just be happy to see you.

Katherine Deane: (squeaks)

Hayden: (frowns and sits straighter in his chair) I assure you, mine is larger, and will create quite an impact.

Zac: (scoffs) Well, mine is more economically sized for maneuverability, and can get into the tightest of places.  (Winks at KD) with a high impact and low chance of overall destruction.

Katherine Deane: Gentlemen, please.

Hayden: (growls and stands) You wanna see what I got?

Zac:  Hell yeah! (also stands)

Katherine Deane: (watches the standoff, wide eyed and nervous) Oh God.

Hayden: (reaches into his flight pants and pulls out a huge, futuristic ray gun.  The piece is made of a shiny, black metal Katherine has never seen before)

Zac: (pulls out a military grade looking revolver.  It is a dull black, with small scratches on the barrel.)

Both men exchange weapons and inspect, giving nods of respect over the individual pieces. After a few minutes of discussion over function and uses, the men give back their respective weapons, and sit.

Katherine Deane: I’m glad you two found something in common. Since you’re both military men, I thought weaponry might be a commonality.

Zac:  I bet our uses are different though. I need a quiet weapon sometimes.  Stealth and silence are necessary in my line of work.

Katherine Deane: You’re a former marine, right?

Zac: (nods). Yeah. Now I’m Black Ops.  My job is to get in and out unseen. I’m a ghost.

Hayden:  Cool.  My job is a bit louder, more aggressive.  There’s not much use for finesse in my line of work. Unless I’m flying.

Katherine Deane: Yes, you’re a rebel Commander in a futuristic world that is warring, correct?

Hayden: Correct.  We have been fighting to stay alive after escaping the dome we originally lived in.  When we fight, we fight loud, heavy, making big bangs and explosion.  While we want our location to be hidden, we don’t usually hide our fighting. We want them to fear our capabilities. The bigger the bang, the better.

Zac: (grins) I like big bangs. I have some pretty good knowledge of explosives.

Hayden: Awesome. If you ever want to compare notes…

Katherine Deane:  (rolls her eyes). All right gentlemen. That’s enough “Kumbaya’ing” (she grumbles)

Zac and Hayden: (raise eyebrows, and look at each other thoughtfully)

Katherine Deane: Would you like to talk about your fighting skills, hand to hand, martial arts, anything?

Hayden: I think I see where this is going.

Katherine Deane: You do?

Zac: Yeah. You’re pretty easy to read. (Grins) You want to antagonize us, so we’ll fight. Give you a little action.

Hayden: (jumps in smoothly) The thought of watching two alpha males duking it out, arouses you, Ms. Deane, doesn’t it?

Katherine Deane: (shrugs in embarrassment) Yes, it does. I’m sorry. But holy cow, you guys are just oozing testosterone! I haven’t felt this much energy in one space, in a long time.  It’s a little overwhelming.  How do your girlfriends handle all your cool Alpha-ness?

Hayden: (smiles for the first time, and chuckles) Livvie didn’t take too well to me when we first met.  I spanked her, and dragged her to safety. It was pretty much nonconsensual. And stubborn little thing that she is, she wouldn’t believe me that she was in danger from her own people.

Katherine Deane:  You spanked her on your very first meeting?

Hayden:  I spanked her several times. Hard. With this very hard, strong, calloused hand. (He claps his palms together)

Katherine Deane: (flinches and bites her lip) Wow. I bet that was an explosive start to your relationship.

Hayden: (leans in and whispers) The sex is even hotter.

Katherine Deane: (swallows hard, and fans herself)

Katherine Deane: (turns to Zac) How about you and Becca?  Non-con and explosive first spankings?

Zac: (shakes head and smiles) Nah, our spankings have been pretty consensual.  In fact, when we first met, years ago, she asked me to spank her. It was fun and sexy, and also how she ended up becoming pregnant with my son, Parker.

Katherine Deane: Congratulations. Um, on the son. Not the spanking… (gets flustered)

Zac:  (Laughs) Thanks. I love being a father. But I also love being with Becca.  She’s my soul mate.  It was really hard ghosting in and out of their lives.

Katherine Deane: I’m so glad you were able to work it out to all be together.

Zac:  Me too.  And in answer to your next question, yes, the sex is fantastic.  Spankings really turn both of us on.  I have had to punish her a few times though.

Katherine Deane: Did she fight it, kicking and screaming?

Zac: No. She understood what she had done, and agreed to the punishment.  It was hard for both of us.

Hayden:  I understand what you’re saying.  A few of Livvie’s punishments have been pretty hard for me also.

Katherine Deane: (rolls eyes) Why do guys always say that? Spankings hurt, especially punishment ones.  There’s no control.  No safe word.  Don’t get me wrong. I like being spanked. But I still think it’s funny when a Top says it hurts him also.

Zac: (loses his grin.)

Hayden: (His face becomes rigid and stern) Don’t roll your eyes and scoff at us.  We are trying to be honest with you.  And you’re being disrespectful.

Katherine Deane: (flushes) I’m sorry.

Hayden: Sorry, what?

Katherine Deane: (lowers eyes)  Sorry, Commander.

Hayden: All right, let’s carry on.

Katherine Deane: Wow, you’re really good at that.

Hayden:  (shrugs) I’m a rebel Commander, fighting for my life, and the lives of those around me.  If I don’t take charge effectively, people could die.

Katherine Deane: Oh. Is that why you used a butt plug on Livvie? To put her in a space of true submissiveness, so she would follow orders, and stay safe?

Hayden: (laughs) Well, that’s part of it.  She was, and still is quite the handful.  But in all honesty, she likes my dominance.  It arouses her.

Zac: That’s how Becca is too.  She is a strong woman.  Did you know she raised my son, by herself for years before I could get back to them? I respect her so much.  But I’ll have to tell you, some of our best sex happens when I dominate her.

Katherine Deane: That’s awesome. I’m glad that you have each found your soul mates, and wish you many long years of happiness, love, and of course, hard spankings.

Zac: Thank you. So whaddya say, Hayden? Want to set up a sparring session, so we can give Katherine a show?

Hayden:  Sounds great. Let me call my author quick, and check my availability. (Picks up futuristic cell phone, and calls author, Natasha Knight)

Katherine Deane: (leans toward Zac).  This will be so interesting to see. Your martial arts, and hand to hand expertise, against his brute strength and no holds barred fighting, is going to be fantastic! Can I invite a few girlfriends?

Zac:  Sure. The more the merrier.

Katherine Deane and Zac: (turn to hear a female voice yelling from the speaker phone)

Natasha Knight: (voice over speaker phone) … just ridiculous… over an hour… get your butt back here!

Hayden: (firm and deadly quiet) That’s. Enough.  (Claps palms together, hard)

Natasha Knight: (her voice falls silent)

Hayden:  This is not the mutual respect we agreed to give each other is it, Ms. Knight?

Natasha Knight:  No (sighs) Sorry.

Hayden: I will be back in less than ten minutes.  I want you in the corner, bare bottom, prepared for a discussion about respect.

Natasha Knight: (grumbles) not fair. Other authors don’t get spanked by their characters.

Hayden: Stop pouting, and get ready please.

Natasha Knight: All right, all right!

Hayden: (clears throat)

Natasha Knight:  I meant, Yes, Commander Hawke. (sighs)

Hayden: And the sparring match with Zac?

Natasha Knight: You’re free all next week. Please don’t get hurt.

Hayden: (laughs) I won’t get hurt. Thanks for caring. Now, corner, please.

Hayden: (hangs up, and meets Katherine’s wide eyed gaze)

Katherine Deane: You, spank her?

Hayden: (shrugs) A few times. Everyone has a part to play in the building of these books.  And everyone deserves respect. She agrees, and would be disappointed if I didn’t say something.

Katherine Deane: I guess that makes sense.  How about you, Zac? You don’t spank Renee Rose, do you?

Zac: (eyes twinkle as he grins) hell yeah, I do! She asks me to spank her sometimes when she can’t focus.  It’s more of a release sort of session.

Katherine Deane: Wow. That is, um, really cool.

Hayden: So how about next Wednesday for the sparring match?

Zac: Works for me.

Katherine Deane: That sounds wonderful guys, thank you so much.

Zac: No problem.

Hayden: See you next week.

They all rise and shake hands.  The two men walk out the door, leaving Katherine alone.

Katherine Deane: (grumbles) I guess it’s time to create my own Alpha male.



Safe in His Arms

By Renee Rose

For as long as she could remember, Becca dreamed of a dominant man to take her in hand, and Zac, the handsome Marine she met at her sister’s wedding, filled the role with aplomb… for a weekend. Then the fling came to an end, Zac went off to war and died for his country, and Becca learned she carried a child who would be born without a father.

Seven years later, Becca has done her best to move on and forget about Zac… until the day she walks into her kitchen to find the man she believed she would never see again locked in mortal combat with her son’s nanny, and realizes everything she thought she knew about Zac was a lie.

Like all Black Ops agents, Zac doesn’t exist in any government record. His life is a series of deadly missions, and relationships of any kind are unsanctioned. But he keeps one secret. He watches over Becca, the beautiful daughter of a rogue agent, and Parker, the six-year-old boy he fathered that fateful weekend. When he spots a known assassin in their apartment posing as a nanny, he’s forced to reveal himself and take them to safety… whether Becca likes it or not.

While Becca may have enjoyed his dominance once, bending her to his will again may not be quite so easy. He is determined to keep her safe, however, and if a long, hard spanking is required, he is more than willing to oblige. Having Becca over his knee rekindles more than his passion, though; even when the immediate danger has passed, he finds it much more difficult to “ghost out” on his family again. Must he resign himself to protecting those he loves from afar, or can he find a way to be the man Becca needs and longs for, the man who is worthy of her submission and her love?

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Captive’s Desire

By Natasha Knight

Olivia has spent years training to hunt and kill the dangerous savages who live outside the dome which protects her city, and she stands ready to carry out her mission with pride… until the day she is shot down and her life is changed forever.

Pulled from the wreckage by a man unlike any she has ever seen—a massive, gruff, yet strangely handsome brute who is not afraid to bare her bottom and spank her soundly to compel her obedience—she is brought into the midst of the people she once sought to wipe out, and her rescuer becomes both her captor and her protector.

From the instant he sets eyes upon her, Hayden is certain that there will be a special place in his heart for Olivia. He knows the struggle she will face as she breathes the clean, free air outside the dome and the drugs in her system wear off, leaving her exposed to desires more powerful than she can imagine—desires that he will be more than prepared to fulfill when she is ready.

As the days pass, Olivia grows more and more disturbed by what she sees around her—husbands and wives, children and families, all healthy and unharmed by the supposedly poisoned air. Far more disturbing, though, are her growing feelings for Hayden. She finds herself wanting him in a way that she cannot understand, and her need for him grows stronger with every passing hour. She knows that soon she will ask for him to take her, and that when he is finished it will not be long before she kneels at his feet, blushing with shame while begging for more.

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Interview with Prof. Emory (Correcting Kathy, by Patricia Green)


Interview with Professor Hal Emory by Patricia Green and Katherine Deane
A follow up from observations as told in Correcting Kathy.

PG: Thank you, Katherine, for hosting Professor Emory and I today. It’s such a pleasure to be here.

KD: I’m so happy to chat with both of you. I’m very excited too…

(Hal Emory enters, and takes a seat. He’s a tall man, early thirties, broad shoulders, gray eyes, reddish-brown hair, and a red soul patch under his lip.)

KD: (She whispers to Patricia.) Whoa! He doesn’t look much like any college professor I ever had!

(Patricia winks, and turns her attention on the Professor.)

PG: Hello, Professor. Thank you for joining us today.

HE: You’re welcome, Patricia and Katherine. I’m honored to be here.

(Patricia nudges Katherine, who sits staring at the handsome professor, her mouth slightly open.)

KD: Oh, sorry. What was the question?

(Patricia rolls her eyes.)

PG: Professor, you teach law studies at Holy Name College, right? Have you always been a law professor?

HE: No. I was a lawyer in San Francisco for a number of years. But I’m enjoying a quieter life in Sonoma where I teach.

PG: What prompted you to change careers?

HE: (His expression closes off a bit.) I had a … tragedy in the family. I wanted to remove myself from those memories and start over again.

PG: That’s a big change. If you don’t mind my asking, what was the tragedy?

HE: I lost my wife in a traffic accident.

KD:  (She gives him an empathetic smile.) I’m so sorry for your loss, Professor.

PG: Oh, I’m so sorry! That must have been devastating.

HE: Well, I’d rather not talk about it, please. It’s still a painful memory.

(Katherine and Patricia nod in understanding.)

PG: Okay. Let’s move on to your recent sightings with student Kathy McGillicutty.

HE: (mumbling) Somehow I thought you’d want to talk about that.

PG: Well, it is a controversy at the school. How serious is your relationship with this young woman?

HE: Serious.

PG: (A little annoyed that he’s not being forthcoming.) Professor, this is an interview. Could you please give us something to work with?

KD: (Leans over and whispers to Patricia.) But you gotta admit, he’s got the handsome sullen thing down pat. Mmmm.)

PG:  Well, I think he’s being a little bit difficult. (She looks at the Professor.)

HE: (He smiles, giving them his full wattage smile, bright white teeth. Katherine swoons.)  All right Patricia, I’ll try not to be difficult. Yes, Kathy and I have something special going. We also have a number of things in common.

KD: Beautiful smile.

HE: Excuse me?

(Katherine blushes and Patricia mouths, “Get a grip!”)

PG: I heard that you’ve been trying “aversion therapy” to teach her not to smoke. Is that right?

HE: Yes.

PG: Does this involve electric shocks, taps on the hands with a ruler, what?

HE: Well…

PG: Please. Readers want to know.

(Both women lean forward, anticipating his answer.)

HE: Actually, it involves spankings.

PG: Spankings! Oh my gosh. That’s so primitive!

KD: (Claps her hands together, and smiles.) Delicious! I love it! How kinky!

HE: (bristling) It works. Kathy’s attitudes have changed dramatically, although she’s still a little prone to errors in judgment. But the good news is she doesn’t smoke anymore.

KD:  Congratulations!

PG: I’m sure she’s better off for that. I applaud your success, and…

KD:  (She interrupts Patricia in her excitement.) How often do you spank her?

HE: Whenever she needs it. Occasionally, she likes it.

KD: I knew it!

PG: (blushing) Yes, well, let’s change the subject.

KD:  (Groans and rolls her eyes.)

PG:   How did you meet her? Was she in one of your classes?

HE: (chuckling) No. She threw a bowl of soup in my face. Did I mention that Kathy is somewhat accident-prone?

PG: (returning his smile) No, but I heard that around campus. I wasn’t sure the soup story was true, though. It sounds like it was a rather messy way to meet.

HE: Messy but worth it.

PG & KD: (Both women smile at the romantic comment.) Awww.

PG: You sound very much in love with her.

HE: She’s irresistible. I love her very much.

PG: Where do you and Kathy go from here?

HE: Well, I’m considering moving back to San Francisco to return to my law practice. I want to wait until Kathy finishes her BA. She has goals and I’d like to help her achieve them.

KD:  Ooh, ooh, You could spank her when she gets bad grades, Professor!

HE: (Opens mouth in surprise, then smiles.) I’ll consider it, Katherine, thank you.

PG: Well I think it’s commendable that you are supporting her goals. Is marriage in your future?

HE: We want our “happily ever after” moment.

PG: We observers want that, too. I won’t take any more of your time. Thank you for your forthright answers.

KD: Thanks, Professor Emory. Good luck.

HE: You’re welcome. (He stands and leaves. The two women sigh, and watch his tight behind as he saunters out of the room.)

PG: (turning to Katherine) He spanks her! Can you believe it? I’m almost envious.

KD: (She grins and winks.) If my professors had looked like that, I would have picked up smoking in a heartbeat.


Hal watched Kathy sit down as though the chair would bite her. She worked the strap of her purse with anxious fingers. After a moment, she reached up and pushed short, blond hair out of her face. He wanted to touch those thick, wavy locks.

“Smoke a cigarette. It’ll be your last one.”

“There’s no smoking allowed in this building.”

Hal wasn’t going to allow excuses. This was supposed to be aversion therapy and she had to have a strong sense of what she was to avoid. Besides, he knew this would be difficult for her and wanted to give her one last hit of nicotine. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Of course, spanking almost certainly wasn’t allowed in the building either. Not so much because he was involved in a personal relationship with a student, since she wasn’t in any of his classes, but because the school administration would not look kindly on him engaging in this sort of activity in his office on school property. Religious schools like Holy Name had done away with that kind of punishment a long time ago.

Kathy fished in her purse for her cigarettes and lighter, her face softening as she anticipated the treat. A small thread of smoke rose from the cigarette and she drew in a deep lungful. He observed her, trying to look neutral, as he stood near the big bookcase. It was hard to be unaffected by the young coed. She reminded him strongly of his wife, a woman whom he loved deeply and unremittingly, even though she was gone.

“Do…do you do this often?” she asked.

“Not for years.”

“Oh.” The pause in the conversation drew out.

“How’s that cigarette?”

Kathy exhaled a cloud of smoke. Her shoulders were visibly more relaxed. “It’s okay, I guess.”

Reaching for a bottle of water, Hal unscrewed the cap and took a long swig, then held it out to her. “Put the cigarette in here.”

“In the bottle of water?”

“Yes. You’ve had enough.”

“But I’m not done!”

“Yes, you are.”

Looking frustrated, Kathy took another puff and dropped the last little bit of her cigarette into the water. It sizzled and floated on the top, ash leaching out into the water, along with a few tiny flakes of tobacco.

Hal put the cap back on the bottle and tossed it into the trashcan. “You know why you have to stop smoking, right?”

She nodded. “It’s bad for me.”

“It could kill you!”

Shame reddening her face, she nodded.

“No more for you. Every time I find out you’ve been smoking, I’ll spank you.”

Kathy sat up straighter, her brows drawing together. “Every time?”

“Every time.” He nodded toward his desk. “Go bend over my desk and raise the skirt of your dress.”

“Raise the…”

“Did you expect a spanking over your dress? You want this to be effective, or did you plan to have to repeat it?” Hal had a moment of dread, even as the words left his mouth. It was going to be hard on him as well as her. He hadn’t been intimate with a woman for a long time and having this lithe young beauty spread over his desk was quite possibly self-torture.

Kathy stood and took the two steps to the desk, turning back to him at the last moment. “Are you sure this is going to work?”

“We’ll see, shall we?”

“Okay.” She slowly draped herself over the desk, lifting her skirt up to her waist in the back. Her face flamed right down her long, slender neck. Kathy’s short hair bobbed as she pressed her face to the desk. She wore skimpy white panties sporting the words “Ho, Ho, Ho” with small, colorful Christmas trees dotting the seat. A book slid off a stack on the desk and landed with a small thump on the worn rug.

The air in the room went still. Several long moments passed while Hal debated the wisdom of this again, deciding that it was a necessary step if he wanted to help her. He took up his post to the left, thoughts of his wife flashing in his head. Patting Kathy’s bottom, not rubbing—that was too personal—he gauged that his aim was true. Her breathing was shallow, anticipation written in her stiff posture and the way she gripped the desk like a lifeline. That lovely bottom was waiting. It was time to get started. Hal raised his hand several feet, finally bringing it down sharply on her left globe, and watched his handprint blossom where her French-cut panties didn’t cover. Kathy let out a squeak and peered over her shoulder.

“I don’t want you to smoke anymore, Miss McGillicutty. You don’t want to be here like this again.”

Kathy started to say something, but he struck her upturned bottom again…and again…and again several more times. The edges of her panties fell short of the redness he was creating. Pain caused her to finally cry out. “Ouch! Okay, I won’t smoke anymore!”

“No, you won’t.” He placed a half-dozen more smacks on her sweet rear. “I’ll do this to you as many times as it takes.”

Her face was slightly turned toward him. She was biting her lip, and her eyes were screwed up tight. “Ow! I get it! You can stop!”

“You don’t get it, Miss McGillicutty. You want the pain to stop, that’s all.” He smacked her again a half-dozen times and a few tears ran over her nose, landing on his desk. “What happens if you smoke?”

“I get spanked! Oh, God, it hurts! Enough!”

The point had to be crystal clear. He knew, from his experience with his wife, that a woman would make a protest long before the lesson had been learned. He drew his spanks down to the juncture of her bottom and thighs and she cringed and reached back to cover her ass with her hands. “Hands down!”

“Ow!” She was sobbing now, her bright blue eyes running with tears, but she put her hands back on the desk. Maybe she was learning. “Please, please, Professor Emory. Please!”

“Three more swats.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Her loud, broken-voiced protests were beginning to weigh on Hal, and he thought maybe she’d had enough. The spanking was over. He was sorely tempted to rub her rounded bottom, a bottom which showed hot red handprints sneaking out from under her panties. That ass was far too appealing; he had to change gears.

“You can stand up now. I think I’ve made the point.”

Slowly, she unfolded from the desk. Tears ran down her face and her mouth was soft and pouting. Her mouth was the one thing that didn’t remind him of Debbie. Debbie’s lips were less full, less perfectly formed. Kathy’s lips were kissable, camellia-colored treasures.

It made him angry. The injustice of life was sometimes almost too awful to bear. Even being surrounded by students didn’t make up for the loneliness he experienced day in and day out. He was tempted to have a drink, but he hadn’t touched liquor for the last two years. Even living in wine country wasn’t enough to make him break that vow to himself.

Hal handed Kathy a tissue. “Fix yourself up and we’ll go back to my car. I have things to do.”

She looked a little stunned. He was being abrupt and cold, but he couldn’t help it. His pain was something kept close to his chest, deep in his heart. Explaining it to Kathy wasn’t something he was prepared to do. So far, he’d only talked to his best friend, Aaron, about it.

It occurred to him that after dropping Kathy off at her moped, he might give Aaron a call. They were cousins and best friends, and if he couldn’t confide his tumultuous emotions to Aaron, they might eat him alive.

It took the young woman a few minutes to compose herself, but soon enough she picked up her purse and headed toward the door.

Silently, they walked toward his car. A few night birds called through the many box elders and pine trees on campus, and sidewalk lights threw uneven splashes on the concrete. There was a smattering of stone pots of peonies and daffodils dotting the way, but they were grayish in the artificial lights and the moon was hidden behind clouds.

The car ride to Bobby’s Burgers was uneventful and notably quiet, except for the occasional sniff from Kathy. Hal felt bad about being so short-tempered with her at the end of the lesson. With his wife, he was consoling, cuddling her and kissing her to show his love. But, of course, that wasn’t the case with Kathy McGillicutty. She was a temptation, but one he should not indulge. He didn’t want to get tangled up in something he wasn’t prepared to continue.

They stopped under a light stanchion in Bobby’s parking lot, not far from her moped. Kathy reached for the door handle, but paused, turning toward Hal. “I guess I should thank you.”

“Only if it works.”

“My butt still hurts.”

“It might for a day.”

A tiny smile turned up one corner of her beautiful mouth. “Well, that ought to teach me. Have a good night, Professor Emory.” The door clicked open and she began to get out.

“You too, Miss McGillicutty.”


Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Correcting-Kathy-ebook/dp/B00D5EXYME/ref=sr_1_1

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Patricia Green is a fiction writer specializing in erotic romance. She hopes to provide the reader with love stories that emphasize fun characters with quirky personalities. She’s the author of 20 published novels and novellas

Patricia is married and the mother of twins. When she’s not being the angel of domestic harmony and a semi-crazed creator of fictional friends, she loves to crochet, read, and watch hockey.

You can reach Patricia Green in the following ways:

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Interview with spanking new author – Casey McKay

catch a fallingstar

I had the pleasure of meeting a brand spanking new author online the other day.

Even better, she’s an author of spanking romance. My Favorite!

After reading her debut novel, Catch a Falling Star, and some of her blog posts, I knew I had to interview this gal.

She loves lingerie, chocolate, (not chocolate lingerie, but that does sound appealing also), reading, blogging… and have I mentioned she is a kindred spirit- a Spanko? Yep.

She realized she was a Spanko early in her relationship, but like a lot of us, had to hide it from her significant other, until recently. She finally had to let him know, last year, when her Kindle became overloaded with spanking stories.  She literally had thousands of them. A girl after my own heart.

When she did tell her husband the truth about her Spanko desires, he was open minded and supportive. Though they are not technically in a DD relationship, they do use different things to make their relationship work. And from what I have heard, he is always willing to help her out- whether it be behind the scene stuff to help make her blog better (or get her back on Facebook), or acting out a scene on her bottom, he is there as a huge support, something that is necessary for every author.

Here she is, Casey McKay, brand new author, and fellow spanko.


Katherine:  Thanks for coming to visit today, Casey.

Casey:   Thanks so much for having me!

Katherine:  I love meeting people with common interests. Our common interest, besides chocolate, seems to be spanking, and reading spanking books. I just discovered this side of myself recently, within the past year. How about you?

Casey:    I think I knew I was a spanko forever, lol. But I had no   clue there were books! Like romance novels with normal people, who just liked   spankings, I was so excited! I was also hiding the fact that I was   downloading these stories from my husband. LOL
I think it also was about a year ago that I started   reading them.

Katherine:  Ahhh, so hubby didn’t know you were a spanko? Or didn’t know you were reading them?

Casey:   We had definitely talked at that point. He knew that I liked being spanked, like as part of foreplay.  But I think I was too embarrassed to share how all-encompassing it was for me.

I used to try to look stuff up in secret all the time. I was so interested in spanking, and reading about it.  Then I got a kindle, and typed ‘Spanking’ into Amazon… OMG it was like the best day ever!

Katherine:  Hallelujah, spanking stories online! I felt the same way when I stumbled onto the Discipline and Desire website last year.

So hubby didn’t know any of this?

Casey:  My husband actually knew I was a spanko for 2 years before I admitted to reading spanking romance, is that weird? I was ok with him knowing I liked to be spanked, he spanked me erotically. But I didn’t want him to know that I was reading it. Does that make sense?

Katherine:  I totally understand, it kind of feels like you might be doing something wrong at first, pornographic, almost. The reading can be so much more intimate. There are so many dynamics and emotions.

Casey:  Yes, it feels very wrong! And I was being so secretive, making sure I signed out of amazon in case he stumbled upon my account. How exhausting!

Katherine:  It does sound exhausting, living two lives, right?  I loved your blog post about the “Real You”. I was in complete agreement about the façade of our everyday lives. It is so freeing to be “out” with a loved one, especially your significant other.

Casey:  Yes, it is like living two lives. I feel like I have to edit myself around everyone, but it’s nice that I can be me with my husband. It does make you feel free.

Katherine:  So what made you jump from reading, to writing spanking romance? Did you have to hide that from hubby for a while too?

Casey:  Oh he knows everything now. I am an awful secret keeper, so it didn’t take me long to confess that my kindle was chock full of erotic and spanking romances. I think he thought it was pretty amusing. He is the one who encouraged me to start writing. I originally starting writing a romance novel. It had zombies in it. LOL, don’t judge me. I started off strong and then lost my way with it.

Katherine:  Wow, ok I have to be honest. I love vampires, were’s, shifters, you name it. I love most paranormal creatures. But zombies scare the begeezus out of me.

Casey:  I agree! And zombies are not at all sexy, which is why I think I stopped writing it.  I really wanted some sex scenes, but sex with a zombie skeeved me out. What if other parts fell off?? Ack!

Katherine:  LOL. Yeah that is gross. But it would be even funnier as a spanking romance. Could you picture a zombie pulling someone over his lap for a spanking, and losing his hand on the first swat? Sorry, I’m having a Monty Python flashback.

“It’s a flesh wound!”

Casey:   LOL, I love that movie. The zombie book didn’t have spankings, maybe that’s another reason why I never finished it.

Katherine:  So you put the zombie project on the backburner. What happened next?

Casey:  Well, hubby encouraged me to keep writing, so I ended up writing Catch a Falling Star. I still think it was one of the most exciting and scariest things I’d ever done. Writing spanking scenes and sex scenes! I was like, what am I doing?

Katherine:  You did a great job with the scenes. The sex was hot. And I loved the spankings. I also really liked the “tell me what you want” premise. Your male MC does a great job of taking charge, while also helping the female MC to help herself.

“You don’t have to be afraid to ask for what you want,”

I really liked that quote.

Casey:  Thanks. I feel like my husband says that to me a lot, and it simultaneously annoys me and turns me on. It’s like I want you to KNOW already, but at the same time its sweet that he’s asking. I’m glad you liked it!

Katherine:  Yes, my husband is also not the mind reader I want him to be.  Alas.

Your husband supports you in other ways also, correct?

Casey:  Yes, my husband published my book for me. Then he set everything up – my blog, twitter, Facebook, he even helped me pick my pen name. I don’t think I would have been able to figure out most of it without him.

Katherine:  That’s awesome that he is so supportive!  What a great transition from reading to writing.
Speaking of reading, it sounds like you have a Kindle full of stories. Do you have any favorites?

Casey:    The first spanking story I downloaded was Renee Rose’s The Elusive O.
And I loved the way she wrote! I bought her other 4 books   she had out at the time, and I was hooked! I devoured her books!

Katherine:  Ooh, I haven’t read that one yet.  Renee is awesome. I totally agree! Any other favorites – spanking or otherwise?

Casey:  Well, I was so against paranormal anything for so long, and then I got hooked on Chicagoland Vampires, by Chloe Neill. There’s some hot sex in those.

Katherine:  I’ll check it out.  I love vampires and sex!

Casey:  On the spanking side, I’ve actually been trying to read less so I can get more writing done. But I downloaded Coming to Terms- thinking I could read a story at a time. That didn’t happen, I finished it in a day and a half. I was completely absorbed!

 Katherine:  I understand that! I had to force myself to go to sleep some nights.  Reading does that to me sometimes.

Casey: LOL, we could chat for hours about all the books I love.  I love nerd talking about books.

Katherine:  Me too! But we should probably finish up with the spankings first. Ooh, I’m having another Holy Grail moment.  🙂

Sorry. So, you have your first book published, and it’s doing well in the world of spanking romance. What’s next for you?

Casey:  I’m working on a Victorian romance. I am so in love with that genre.  I feel like I’m on Wikipedia a lot now looking things up. But I’m having so much fun with it!

Katherine:  Great! I can’t wait to read it. I love that era. Good luck!

Casey:  Thanks, I’m hoping to finish it up soon.

Katherine: Yeah! I’m sure your readers will enjoy it.

So how would you like me to describe you? I call myself a spanko in a DD relationship. I read, write, and fantasize about spankings every day. What about you?

Casey:  Well, I guess you could describe me as a lifelong spanko and romance junkie. I love happy endings. I like reading anything with spankings and sex in it, and write the same kind of stories.

Katherine:  Perfect. There’s my intro.

Thank you so much for visiting with me today, Casey. I had so much fun getting to know you.

Good luck with your reading and writing. I can’t wait to read your next story.

Casey:  Even if it’s Zombie spankings?

Katherine: LOL, even zombie spankings. But no sex, please.  🙂

Casey:  Zombie sex! I’m going to have nightmares

Katherine:  Me too! Ugh.

Thanks again for visiting with me.


(Here is a very enjoyable scene from Catch a Falling Star, where Luke takes Mac to the bathroom for a stress relief spanking that turns into an even sexier kind of release.)


No one will hear us.” Luke looked at her reassuringly, “so tell me what you want.”

            Mac drew in a breath, “Please spank me.” He saw her face redden in the mirror.

            Luke lowered her panties to the floor and picked up the brush. Mac’s eyes were trained on his face in the mirror.

            “I like you being able to look at me while I spank you,” he smiled at Mac. Her face grew redder.

            “You’re so sexy, Molly.” He ran a hand over the creamy skin of her luscious ass, she was still a little pink from the night before. Then he brought the back of the hairbrush down in the middle of her left cheek. Mac let out a little yelp. The brush left a pink oval in its wake, Luke laid down a matching oval on her right cheek. Mac gasped and he ran his hand over her ass again.

            “Does it hurt?” he asked her in a low throaty voice.

            “Yes.” She was watching him in the mirror, and then she smiled, “a little.”

            He brought the brush down again, first the left, then the right, then right across the middle. Mac jumped a little with each swing, “Well that’s the point, right Molly?” Luke asked, she looked at him quizzically, “a spanking’s supposed to hurt.”

            She opened her mouth to answer but before she could he laid down another set, turning her cheeks a deeper shade of pink. Luke’s cock jumped as he looked down at her ass. He leaned down and slipped a finger into her wet core, Mac let out a moan. “You’re so wet Molly,” he breathed out.

            She opened her eyes and looked at him in the mirror, “I’m wet for you.”

            He withdrew his finger and brought the brush down three more times across her cheeks, harder this time than before. Mac gasped, “Ah, Luke.” Her fingers gripped the edge of the sink harder.

            “Look at me, Molly,” her eyes flew open and met his, “are you okay?”

            She nodded and bit her bottom lip. Then she stood up and turned around to face him. Mac took the brush from his hands and placed it back on the counter. “**** me,” she said into his ear and she started unbuckling his belt, “please, I need you.”

– Catch a Falling Star, Casey McKay


Katherine’s Connections – Kate Strand (Deathless Love)


My latest connection is from a Renee Rose, paranormal spanking romance. I am actually starting to wonder if Renee writes stories specifically for me.  LOL, I know that’s not the case, but in my nice little world of egocentricity, I am going to keep thinking that way.  🙂

I love the strength Renee applies to her characters while also giving them flaws. And it is so easy for me to connect with her characters. Some of them really seem like me.

This latest connection is a character from one of her earlier works, Deathless Love.  It’s a paranormal work, which is probably my favorite genre. While I like some realism in the stories I read, I prefer to escape into them. This makes paranormal a great genre for me. It has just the right amount of realism mixed in with fantasy. Add to the mix, a little bit of spanking and sex, and I am in Seventh Heaven!

Renee created a wonderfully engaging character in Kate Strand. I also have to acknowledge that I love her name because one of my nicknames is Kate.

Kate is a talented, outgoing, beautiful, and charismatic woman, – the lead singer of a band, who loses a lot of her edge when she is not behind the mic. When she is performing, she is confident and charismatic.  But when off stage, she loses some of that.  She doesn’t have the microphone to hide behind anymore.

I also like to sing, and that’s how I feel behind the microphone. Center of attention, with the mic in hand and a full band behind me (though I prefer to be backup usually), is more comfortable, and more my zone. It’s safer than talking with another person. It’s less intimate, less vulnerable.

Once off stage, Kate’s true nature settles in. She is unsure of the male attention she receives, less confident, less able to deal with confrontation comfortably.  In one early scene, she is visibly shaken by the unwanted attentions of another man. But it’s not necessarily his attention that bothers her. It’s her inability to react comfortably. She doesn’t know how to shut him down nicely. She doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.

This is exactly how I am. I can’t stand the thought of hurting another person’s feelings, or having them unhappy with me.

Then Kate has a very intimate interaction with Dom, a vampire, her boss, a Dominant. She gets a little drunk, and falls off the stage. Dom takes her into his office to make sure she is ok, and ends up spanking her over his desk. They actually have some great sex afterwards, but this first spanking was what really turned me on.

Since Kate is a submissive at heart, she finds herself drawn to Dom’s strength and dominance. But she is also confused and slightly embarrassed by her reaction.

Kate likes the eroticism in his spankings and dominance.  They even make a rule where she gets spanked every time she rolls her eyes at Dom. But Dom agrees to make them fun spankings, and she agrees whole heartedly.

I am also very aroused by spankings and shows of dominance from my husband. We are walking a very fine line between spanking eroticism, and Domestic Discipline. And it works for us.

Just like it works for Kate and Dom in their new relationship.

There are also scenes where Dom gives Kate guidelines and takes charge, like when he takes over the move from her apartment to take some of the pressure off her. He reads her very well. (Then again, he is a 500 year old vampire, and not your typical human male.) Kate doesn’t appreciate his taking charge at times, but she also feels safe under his leadership. A conundrum for any woman today.

Kate even asks Dom to help her with her eating habits, like cutting wheat from her diet, because she wants him to set boundaries. She seeks accountability, not tyranny.  This builds her strength, and enables her to help herself.

This is what I long for in my DD relationship; protection, boundaries, strength, and helping me to help myself.  I am a grown woman, who needs to know that I can protect myself. But it sure does help to know that my safety net is there, or that my coach will give me a little push when I need it.

Though Kate submits easily to Dom, this doesn’t make her weak. It just shows that Dom is stronger, more experienced, and willing to be there for her.  Dom is the safety net, the protective wall.  He doesn’t imprison her with his dominance, but he protects her from others and herself.

I also liked the confrontation scene in the restaurant. When Kate’s meal isn’t done correctly, she fears confronting the waiter. But Dom gives her a push. Dom doesn’t do it for her, he doesn’t talk to the waiter, but he tells Kate he knows she has the strength in her to speak up for herself. So she does. The food is fixed properly, no harm, no foul. I loved that scene. She stood up for herself, and didn’t get hurt. Yeah, Kate!

I have been such a people pleaser for so much of my life, that it is hard for me to confront others. I can see Kate’s fears and totally empathize with them.

I can also relate to her desire for consistency.

In one scene, Kate gets in a lot of trouble because she forgets to put down the shades, hurting Dom. This could have killed him or his friends, and he had been very firm in that one rule. Shades down when the sun is out.

With Renee’s permission, I’ll post the punishment scene at the end.


But it is completely necessary. Kate desires consistency, safety, and an environment in which she can grow, and be protected if need be. Boundaries are as necessary as food and water.  If Dom had not reacted with a firm punishment, I think she would have resented him for it.

This is how I feel when my husband is inconsistent with me.  Consistency means safety, both physically and emotionally.

Though her punishment is hard, she toughs it out, because she really is stronger than she gives herself credit for, and she has already agreed that she made a huge mistake. She desires his consistency.

I really liked Kate, and found a lot of myself in her.  Her erotic needs, her spanko desires, her submissiveness, her desire for boundaries, while also being appreciated for her own strength and abilities- they all mirror my own desires and needs.

I loved this book. I really enjoyed connecting with Kate. And I think we share a lot more than just a name.

Here is the yummy punishment scene, I was talking about. Very delicious, especially if you have any spanko in you.  🙂



Kate’s knees were jelly. She tripped down the stairs and into Dom’s bedroom with her heart pounding in her throat. Oh God. There was a belt on the bed. She was sure it was purposeful. This was it.

Her first real punishment spanking. She didn’t count the time he spanked her to tears over snapping at him, because he hadn’t really been angry then and he had done it to relieve her stress. This time he was angry—she could tell. She paced around the room, tears choking her. Her face burned with the pressure of them. She sat on the bed and started to cry.

The door opened and Dom filled the doorway, holding a wooden spoon. She stood up and ran to him, clutching his arm so he could find her in space. “Dom, I’m so sorry. I was in a hurry and I just totally forgot that I’d opened the shutters.” Her tears started up fresh again.

To her surprise, he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. She sobbed into his chest. When she had calmed down a bit, he drew her away and looked in her direction, although his blind eyes missed focusing on her eyes. They were a horrible sight—bloody mucous was oozing out of the inner and outer corners of his eyes and the whites were completely bloodshot. His skin was as red as a lobster, like a redhead who’d spent all day at the beach without sunscreen. Some places had weeping blisters.

“Kate, there’s no excuse for your irresponsibility. I thought I made it clear how serious it was to leave the shutters closed.”

“You did,” she choked. “You absolutely did. I know and I feel so bad,” her voice broke again and she drew in several hiccupping breaths.

Dom just waited.

“Are you going to spank me?” she asked in a whisper.

“What do you think I should do?” he asked quietly.

Ah. This was the consent piece, again. He wasn’t going to hurt her without her permission. Of course she didn’t want to be spanked. Especially not with his belt. But she’d caused him to be badly hurt and she felt absolutely horrible about it. And spanking was the solution on the table. She leaned her forehead against his chest and nodded. She couldn’t bring herself to say the words—to actually ask him to spank her. He understood.

“Take off your clothes,” he commanded.

He went to the bed, reaching his legs in front of him tentatively, until one of them hit the edge of it. He sat down, turning his face in her direction.

Knowing he was blind somehow made stripping off her clothes a little easier, but not that much. There was something about baring herself to be punished that made her feel so very small and vulnerable.

“Can I just pee first?” she asked in voice that sounded too squeaky.

He nodded without comment. He still looked so stern and remote. Her thighs trembled as she peed and her breath was coming in quick little gasps. She returned and stood in front of him, her belly doing flip flops. He still held the wooden spoon in one hand. He felt for her hips and then pushed her across his knee, with her head resting on the bed.

There was no waiting in anticipation this time. It wasn’t a game. He started immediately spanking hard with the spoon, taking her breath away with the thud of it. She gasped and squirmed. He threw his free leg over to scissor hers so that she was firmly pinned across his knee. It was worse than any spanking he’d given her, and this was just the warm up. As the burn increased, she struggled harder to escape the punishing smacks of the wooden spoon. It seemed he was applying it all over her already burning bottom—smarting every inch until she imagined it was as red as his burnt skin.

“Please, Dom!” she was starting to panic. “Stop! Please!” Fear had welled up in her. She couldn’t possibly take any more, she was sure of it. And he was so angry, he was sure to overdo it. And that wasn’t even considering his vampire strength. Oh God, were his fangs out? He’d warned her to be careful of him when he was angry. She was flipping out completely. She reached a hand back to block the spoon and felt Dom’s body jerk in response. He snatched her wrist and pinned it behind her back.

“Do not reach, Kate! I could break your fingers that way.” Then he gave her five of the hardest spanks she had ever felt. She screamed bloody murder the whole time, trying in vain to get free of his merciless hold.

He lifted her abruptly onto her feet, then and rubbed her bottom. She was completely agitated and confused. “Go stand in the corner. I think you need a break,” he said in the most ordinary tone, as if he hadn’t just spanked the living daylights out of her.


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Renee Rose, erotic romance author, did not come out of the closet as a spanko until she published her spanking romance, Betrothed. A lifelong writer, she has a B.A. in creative writing from Knox College, where she won the Davenport prize for both fiction and poetry, and the Lorraine Smith prize for literary criticism.  She spent thirteen years in technical writing before she found a way to incorporate her deepest darkest spanking fantasies into fiction and express a part of her that longed to see the light. She is now passionate about supporting others in accepting and exploring their kink, whatever that may be.  Leave a comment on her blog at www.reneeroseromance.com and join the conversation!

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No romance story is complete without a spanking!

A blurb about Kate and Dom’s next short story, Deathless Discipline

Although spankings top the list of Kate’s favorite activities with her vampire husband Dom, they are usually the highly erotic foreplay to making mind-bogglingly amazing love.

Not this time. Dom feels that he must lay down the law when Kate not only stays out much longer than she planned and doesn’t answer his calls, but also lies to him about it. There’s only one thing to do—give her a long, hard, bare-bottom discipline spanking that she will not soon forget.

Follow these characters from Renee Rose’s full-length novel Deathless Love as their relationship continues to grow!

A bonus short story called Mary Catherine Learns Her Lesson is also included, which takes place at the No Return nightclub featured prominently in Deathless Love.