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“Stand up and slip your petticoat down” – Jaye Peaches visits

I have the awesome Jaye Peaches here today with her new brand new erotic historical! It has yummy spanking, BDSM ( mild bondage), anal, birching, romance, and a really cool plot that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.

Plus, it’s hanging out in two top 100’s on Amazon right now! Want to hear more? Here’s Jaye 🙂


Thank you Katherine for hosting me. I’m revealing a short passage from my latest book, In Enemy Hands. Hester, held captive in her own home by Captain Daniel Hasard, has confessed her true feelings. However, Daniel wants a clean slate before they go any further.


“What’s wrong?” she asked.

He reached up and gathered up loose strands of her hair, sweeping them out of her eyes. “Before we go any further, I need to spank you.”

Hester’s jaw dropped and she went to protest at his suggestion; however, he put his finger on her lips, halting her speech.

“We need to start anew. I’m going to punish you. You’ve played the spy and attempted to escape. After this spanking, we can begin again and you will meet my expectations of good behaviour with renewed vigour.”

Her heart raced and a fresh outburst of nervous shivers flooded her body. No part of her desired to be spanked, to suffer the ignominy of a beating, but something else had been awoken by his demands. “Why?”

“I would make you atone for the trouble you have caused.” Daniel rose up onto his elbows. “I would have you understand, if you wish to leave this room, you must comply with my wishes, my rules. Whatever else happens between us, we cannot lose sight of the fact I am in charge and not you.”

Daniel’s tone conveyed authority and she admired his ability to weaken her resolve. Torn again, between refusing to comply with his intended punishment and the wish to be something more to him, more than anything she’d been in her life with any other person—she held her breath, weighing up the emotions battling in her mind.

He slid his finger down her chin, following the contour of her neckline before stopping at her bodice and pinched the lacing with a finger and thumb, giving it a tug. “Take off your clothes.”

She leapt backwards, almost falling off the bed, and she clutched at her laces. “I… I’ve never been undressed before a man. You can’t expect me to reveal my flesh to you. I’m a maiden!”

Daniel sat up, swinging his legs off the side of the bed. With lightning reflexes, he snatched hold of her stray hand, capturing it between his larger ones. “Don’t be afraid, Hester.” He spoke softly, rubbing his palm back and forth over her knuckles. “If we are to move on, build trust, you must do this for me. I will see you bared. I insist.”

“Why?” She didn’t attempt to retrieve her stolen hand.

“It is what I desire. I can feel your soft skin under my hand, caress it, and when I raise my hand to spank you, I will see your paleness turn blushing pink. Then I will know when you have taken all you can.”

“That is all?”

“If that is all you wish, yes.”

What she wished? She pictured his hand on her naked flesh, the heavy weight of his palm moulding about her globe, fitting around it like a glove. She snatched an eager breath and the heat in her neck rose high into her cheekbones. He had spanked her before on her bare bottom in the dim light of dusk, forcing her over his lap and holding her down. A rough, inelegant act of discipline. What he described now, the words he chose, made her flush with excitement. Did she want more from him? What else would he do to her if she said yes?

She pulled at her laces without thinking, unthreading the bindings and drawing apart the bodice. Her breasts, even without the ribbing of the bodice, remained firm and prominent. Each passing second made her breathing faster and louder, and the nervous energy harder to contain. Uncertainty crept over her—what happened next?

“Go on,” he said as if to read her thoughts. “Stand up and slip your petticoat down.”



When the rest of her household flees the family estate during the English Civil War, Hester Cavell, a proud Royalist supporter, stays behind hoping to protect her home. Unfortunately for Hester, she quickly finds that she is no match for a troop of Parliamentarian dragoons, led by Captain Daniel Hasard. Once the dragoons take control of her house, Daniel lets Hester stay with her servants, but he warns her that he will punish her severely if she causes any trouble.

Despite Daniel’s warning, it isn’t long before Hester risks her safety and attempts to sabotage his troops, earning her a long, hard switching on her bare bottom. But as the weeks pass, she begins to realize that the man behind the enemy uniform is loving, intelligent, and kind, and she can’t help but grow more and more attracted to him. Daniel returns Hester’s affection, and while they remain enemies by day to protect her reputation, they soon become passionate lovers by night.

Not wanting the servants to guess at their games, Hester continues to make a pretence at mischief, and Daniel continues to punish her sternly. But when a servant at last finds out the truth of their relationship, will it bring an end to their newfound romance, or will Daniel cast aside politics and allegiances and ask for her hand in marriage?


Publisher’s Note: In Enemy Hands is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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Ruth Staunton visits – brand new Corbin’s Bend novel!


I have Ruth Staunton visiting today with her brand new Corbin’s Bend novel. This one sounds so interesting. I can’t wait to read it!.



Tired of increasing chaos in his family life and the distance that is growing between him and his wife, Lainie, Grant Taylor decides the only way to save his marriage is to get back to the domestic discipline lifestyle he grew up with. When he finds Corbin’s Bend on the Internet, he is certain it is the perfect place for them to start over.

Exhausted and tired of juggling everything herself, Lainie reluctantly agrees to her husband’s suggestion. However, she is new to the lifestyle and more than a little uncertain about it. To make matters worse, their 15-year-old daughter Kathleen is convinced they had moved her into some kind of weird spanking cult. She is miserable and not at all shy about letting everybody know it.

Will moving to Corbin’s Bend be their saving grace, or will it be the final straw that tears them apart?



“Is that what you think this is about?” Grant asked. “You think I’m punishing her for being angry?” He had moved over to lean against the wall and was watching her intently, arms crossed. Lainie opened her mouth to speak, but Grant continued before she got the chance. “No, I don’t think you do. In fact, I think you know exactly why I did what I did. You’re only in here discussing it because Kathleen came running to you.”

That was uncomfortably true, but Lainie protested nonetheless. “It’s not that,” she insisted. “I just know what is going to be like for her. She’s going to be miserable, and then she’s going to try to make me miserable in return. You don’t know what it’s like to be stuck in the house with a moody teenager all day. It’s going to be hell. It’ll be more of a punishment for me than for her. Trust me. I speak from experience.”

“That’s even more reason why she doesn’t need to get her way,” Grant said. “She’ll find out quickly that whining and complaining will only make her lose it longer. It’ll be different this time. I’ll be here, for one.”

“No you won’t,” Lainie said stubbornly. “You have to go to Denver in the morning and then I’m sure you’ll find some other errand or something to do. It’ll be me dealing with her and you know it. It always is.”

“It won’t be this time,” Grant persisted. “I’m here now. If she gives you any trouble while I’m gone, just let me know and I will deal with it. It’s my job to set boundaries and enforce them.”

Lainie eyed him skeptically. She really wished she could believe him. She wanted to. It wasn’t that she did not believe he was sincere. She knew he meant it, but meaning it and actually doing it were two different things. Grant didn’t exactly have a good track record when it came to following through and helping her with the kids. However much she wished she could, she had a hard time believing that that was really going to change now.

Grant must have seen what she was thinking on her face because he continued, “Hey, I thought you agreed to let me be the Head of Household?”

He knew damn well she had, but she didn’t believe for a minute that was some magic wand that was going to change everything. “Is that going to be your answer for everything now?” she asked irritably.

Grant didn’t answer. Instead, he crossed over to her and took her chin in his hand. “Didn’t you?”

Reluctantly, Lainie nodded, huffing in exasperation.

“Then trust me to handle it.”

Why did he insist on acting like everything was just so simple? It wasn’t, not at all. Things didn’t change like that. Annoyed, she tried to twist away, but he held her fast, leveling her with a steady look, waiting and clearly expecting an answer.

“Okay, okay, fine,” Lainie said. “Just remember I warned you she was going to make everyone’s life miserable.”

Grant didn’t seem concerned in the least. “Duly noted. Oh, and Lainie, you remember you agreed to let me handle it because if you go against me with the kids again, I’ll not only discipline the child. I’ll spank you too.”

Author Bio:

Ruth Staunton lives in a small town in the Southeast with her two cats. She is a voracious reader, who has been writing since middle school. She originally wanted to write mainstream contemporary romance, but her penchant for alpha males soon had her taking a sharp left turn into spanking and domestic discipline fiction.


Author Links

Website and Blog: http://www.ruthstaunton.com/

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Ruth-Staunton/e/B00G6LTVPM/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2?qid=1420049410&sr=8-2

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruth.staunton.50

Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108108878125051018933/posts


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Reasonable Doubts – Rod and Cane Release Day from Cara Bristol!


Cara Bristol’s next installment in the Rod and Cane series is out, and it is fantastic! I loved it! Of course, I’m slightly biased because I adore all of the Rod and Cane stories. But honestly, it was such a great read. I loved the chemistry between Grant and Liz.

I have Cara Bristol here to talk a little bit about her new book, and I even pried into her personal life a tad. 😉

Katherine Deane: Thanks so much for joining me today, Cara. What made you decide to go with a younger man for Liz?

Cara Bristol: I like to torment my characters by giving them the opposite of what they think they want. In Liz’s case, she was married to a man who was 20 years older. After he died, she was adamant that she wanted another older man, an experienced HoH and spanker. So naturally, I fixed her up with a younger man who’d never spanked a woman in his life.

Katherine Deane: Grant and Liz are actually pretty close in age – only 5 years’ difference. Do you even consider that to be a cougar?

Cara Bristol: Cougar? No, I don’t consider Liz to be a cougar. I think the age “gap” is narrow enough to make them peers. People say, “Oh, cougar, hot” but sales don’t support that. I wrote an erotic romance several years ago in which the woman was in her early 40s and the man was in his late 20s, and it bombed. With Reasonable Doubts I was careful to keep the age gap narrow enough to appeal to readers, but just wide enough to shock Liz. I’m going out on a limb enough as it is to feature a heroine in her 40s.

Katherine Deane: Is this the end for Rod and Cane? Or are there more stories coming?

Cara Bristol: More, more, more! Next up will be Jordan Bevy, the disciplinary proctor. He has a bit role in Reasonable Doubts, and he supervised Emma’s spanking in False Pretenses.

Katherine Deane: Who do you feel most akin to, from all the R and C women? the feminist, the news reporter, the young newlywed, the hard *ssed lawyer who kicks butt, the Mayor…????

Cara Bristol: Tough, but excellent question. I want to preface my answer by saying that all my heroines are characters in their own right—I do not model them after myself. I deliberately create characters who are different from me (and way more interesting). However, like all authors, I draw knowledge and inspiration from my personal experiences. With those provisos, I would say that Emma Dupree, the journalist in False Pretenses, is the person I am; Stephanie Gordon, the feminist in Body Politics is the person I was, and Liz Davenport, the poised attorney in Reasonable Doubts, is the person I would like to be. I wish Liz was real so we could meet. I would like to be her friend!

Katherine Deane: Excellent answer, thanks. 🙂 I am so excited to see what happens next. Thanks again, and congratulations on your awesome new release!


Reasonable Doubts Blurb

Widow Liz Davenport assumes when she begins to date, her new man will be like her late husband–a member of the Rod and Cane Society and an experienced disciplinarian who can provide her with loving guidance she requires to feel grounded and secure. So why is she attracted to Grant Davis, an ex-Naval JAG officer who works for her nemesis and has never spanked a woman in his life?

Events in his recent past have forced Grant to take stock of his life and try some new things. But spank a woman? He’s never considered that before, but with Liz’s coaching he’s willing to try.

But when the past collides with the present, will he be able to step up and become the disciplinarian Liz needs?


Reasonable Doubts excerpt

At his prompt, Liz raised her hips, and Grant tugged her panties down her legs. She had a lovely tush—creamy smooth, rounded, and firm with the right amount of jiggle. Spankable.

Could he do this? Hit a woman? Someone he cared about?

Not hit. Spank.

What did he know about discipline anyway? He held himself to high standards, but to lay down the law and demand accountability from his partner-slash-girlfriend was new to him.

Nothing in Liz’s demeanor or actions had insinuated she’d wanted to be spanked—other than that little hint the other evening, which now he recognized as a major clue. Sheesh. Could he have been more obtuse?

He masked his shock at her confession because he could tell how skittish Liz was. She’d opted to end their relationship rather than confront him with her needs.

She would have to work on communication. He would have to work on spanking. A little erotic slap and tickle? Sure. But punish? Hit Liz hard enough to cause her pain? He cringed.

However, actions spoke louder than words. If he had any chance of convincing her of his serious intent, he needed to man up and do what he could to meet her needs. Other than his fear of hurting her, spanking wouldn’t be a hardship. On the contrary, the rounds of her ass, posed so perfectly, so receptively, so…submissively caused a knot of heated tension to tighten in his gut. And lower.

He cared about her. Lusted for her. If she’d asked him to blindfold her and tie her to the bed or try out a wicked toy, he would not have hesitated. Maybe spanking wasn’t such a big deal.

Grant raised his hand and brought his palm down on Liz’s ass. Crack! They both flinched. Good grief, was that a handprint? Already?

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, that was lovely.”

A snort erupted through Grant’s nose at her civilized comment to what seemed like an uncivilized act. The snort became a guffaw, and then they were both laughing. His body shook, and he clamped his arm across her waist to avoid dumping her onto the floor.

At last, their laughter petered out. Grant wiped the tears from his eyes and shifted Liz on his lap. “Ready to try again?”

“Ready,” she said.

Grant took a breath and slapped her ass cheek. With little practice to go on, he judged how hard to swat by the sting in his own palm. Her flesh flattened and quivered under his spanks. Fascinating.

At first, her buttocks reddened but quickly faded to white, but, as he peppered her bottom, the color held. He laid several searing kisses to each blushing cheek, and Liz uttered a little moan, a sensual, sexual sound, and drew Grant’s attention to his own arousal. At some point, he’d become hard.

Yeah, spanking turned him on. Who knew? Maybe Liz’s gratification caused it. Or perhaps his inner caveman enjoyed having a woman at his mercy. Whatever it was, he liked spanking Liz more than he’d thought possible.

But his own palm stung quite a bit, and he could envision how a protracted spanking could render his arm tired and numb.

“Do you own a paddle?” he asked. Of course she did.

“Several,” she replied.

“Good to know,” he said, as if he hadn’t already guessed.

Her left side seemed to be a little pinker than the right, so, to even the color, he slapped its twin red. Liz whimpered, and her hips rose from the bed, her legs spreading to display her glistening sex.

Underwear bunched around her knees, constricting movement. He shoved them farther down her legs, and she assisted by kicking them off. He surveyed his handiwork to give his arm a rest. He rubbed her ass, soothing the sting for both of them. She moaned, and the bliss in her tone shot straight to his cock. Mr. Happy wanted to get in the game.

Maybe he could do this. At least the maintenance part. But punishment? Still not sure. Who was he to decide right from wrong? He massaged her flesh. Heat rose from blood brought to the surface. He squeezed a red moon and watched as it paled then returned to pink. “What sort of things should you be disciplined for?” He couldn’t bring himself to say “punish.”

“In general? Disrespect, dishonesty, and disobedience are considered spankable offenses. Or acting unsafely.”

“Disrespect, huh?” He bounced a searing slap off one cheek.

“Ow!” she yelped. “What was that for?”


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Prizes, Prizes!

How would you like to become card-carrying member of the Rod and Cane Society? To receive a membership card, leave a comment for Cara about Reasonable Doubts or this blog AND your email address in the body of your comment. Cara will contact you to arrange to send you a membership card. This is not a drawing. Everyone who posts a comment with an email address can receive a card—as long as supplies last. In addition, by commenting on this interview and leaving an email address, you’ll be entered into a drawing for Rod and Cane coffee mug.


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Katherine stalked by Anne Welch and her houseboys

After a long night of reading, Katherine Deane awakens to a frightful surprise. A woman with crazy eyes and a maniacal grin holds duck tape in one hand and an “It’s not stalking if it’s your neighbor” mug in the other.

“Anne Welch, is that you?” Katherine rubs her bleary eyes and groans as she props herself up.

“I’m here for my promotion post, Katherine.” Anne smiles and hands her the mug. “It’s fully loaded.”

“Thanks, I could use come caff—“ Katherine’s eyes water as she chokes on the drink. “Is that pure vodka?” she sputters.

“No, there’s a teaspoon of coffee somewhere at the bottom.”

“At least there’s some caffeine,” Katherine mutters, taking a ginger sip. “Okay, um, you know you could have just emailed me your promo.”

“Why would I do that?” Anne says, waving a hand. “Besides, I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t back out.”

“Is that what the duck tape is for?” Katherine eyes the bright pink tape in Anne’s hands, warily.

“Nah.” Anne laughed. “Unless you need more incentive.”

“I’m good, come on, let’s get this show on the road,” Katherine grumbles and shuffles for her bedroom door.

“You’re real perky in the morning.” Anne laughs.

“That’s just because it’s cold in here, and I’m not wearing a bra, Anne.” Katherine mutters.

“Only you could pull off such an awesome ensemble,” Anne says, pointing to Katherine’s red tank top and Wonder Woman boy cut briefs.

“By the way, I brought some houseboys along.” Anne says as she pushes Katherine out of her bedroom.

“Oh! Hold on. Let me grab my push up bra, then we can get started!” Katherine shouts, sprinting back into her room excitedly.

“Works every time.” Anne grins and twirls the duck tape around her wrist.


Author Bio

Anne grew up in a very small town in South Carolina, where as a kid, she always loved to read books, make people laugh and write songs. After having success in her home state she decided to pursue dreams of becoming a writer and moved to Nashville, TN.  When she’s not writing you can find her reading or searching for a husband.  She loves spending time with her friends, nieces, nephews and her two fur babies.  She enjoys making people laugh so if you would like please feel free to follow her on Twitter @merri_aw or on Facebook.com/itsanannething. Or drop her a line at itsanannething@yahoo.com.  She loves hearing from her readers.




 From my early days, I’ve enjoyed good-looking guys and making people laugh.  So combine stalking hot guys and keeping the cutest ones for houseboys with my quick wit and you have “ It’s An Anne Thing.”

Read about some of my real life shenanigans and laugh. If I put a smile on your face, I’ve done my job.

Excerpt:  Hot Neighbor

A few years ago I built a house in the country and my next door neighbors consisted of a homely couple in their 50’s and an old man in his 70’s who insisted on wearing only spandex shorts while doing yard work. Trust me when I say this is something that can’t be unseen. A wrinkly old man with his wrinkled junk on display and he insisted on doing this outside of my window. I know he was probably just trying to win my affection but I want a man who doesn’t have to use the little blue pill to get it up.

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Thanks for stopping by, and visiting! Anne Welch was kind enough to share a picture of her houseboys! 🙂

Congratulations on your brand new book, Anne!

Here’s the houseboys 🙂