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Saturday Spanks – May I touch you, Claire? Coach’s Discipline

Saturday Spankings

Welcome back for another week of spankings!

This week’s snippet comes from my brand new book, The Coach’s Discipline.

In this scene, Claire and Nick are discussing Claire’s level of fitness after she struggled through her first run. 🙂


“Come here, please.” He gave her a look that gave her no option but to obey. She tentatively strode a few steps to stand in front of him. Her eyes went wide, and she crossed her arms over her chest as if she were cocooning herself into safety.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” He said with a slow quiet voice, as one would use with a scared animal. He held his palms up in a non-aggressive stance. “May I touch you, Claire?”


thecoachsdiscipline_new cover


Marathon runner Claire Jacobs has always dreamed of making it to the Olympics, but she has a habit of getting in her own way. With the help of Nick Fox, a legendary coach known for his unconventional techniques, she prepares for one last shot at her dream. Traumatic memories of her experience with her last coach still haunt Claire, though, and in spite of his reputation she finds it hard to trust Nick’s authority.

The more time he spends with Claire, the more Nick finds himself enchanted by her drive and deep commitment to her fellow runners. But when her self-destructive behavior crosses the line, Nick realizes he has only one option to help the woman he has come to care about so much—he will need to give her the first spanking of her life and make sure it is one she will not forget.

Despite his firm discipline, Claire quickly comes to crave Nick’s dominance and direction, and soon he has grown to be much more than just her coach. But when jealousy and misunderstandings threaten to tear the team apart, will she run away as she always has in the past, or can she trust in her newfound love and race toward her goals with an open heart?

Publisher’s Note: The Coach’s Discipline is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Buy links:

Amazon.com- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LQ6DYPA/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

Amazon UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Coachs-Discipline-Katherine-Deane-ebook/dp/B00LQ6DYPA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405262201&sr=8-1&keywords=coach%27s+discipline+katherine

Barnes and Noble – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-coachs-discipline-katherine-deane/1119945552?ean=2940149793037

Blushing Books – http://www.blushingbooks.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2912


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I’m at Casey McKay’s place today!

I’m at Casey McKay’s place today, with a fun interview about putting running, spanking romance and sex together!

Here’s her link.


If you get a chance please stop by. We had a lot of fun chatting 🙂



I am all over the place with spanking fun!


The Coach’s Discipline is  about to be released tonight or tomorrow!

Woohoo! The excitement is building!

To keep myself busy, I went over and celebrated with Renee Rose at her place this morning.

Here’s the link!


Here is the awesome, beautiful, OMG, “that’s my characters (And my name!) on the cover”- cover page for The Coach’s Discipline”. Korey Mae Johnson did a fantastic job with it! 🙂

Whatd’ya think?


coachsdiscipline cover


(I’m grinning from ear to ear right now!)


And finally, Spanking Romance Reviews is hosting my party tomorrow.

Sat at noon EST

coachs discipline blogannouncement for party

So that’s how I am keeping myself occupied.

And if that doesn’t keep my nerves at bay today, I can always clean out my sewing room.

(please send in the national guard if you don’t see me tomorrow!)

Happy spankings!


Meet Claire and Nick

Would you like to be spanked by this guy?

Meet Nick Fox

Sexy guy with smirk

36 year old marathon coach

Firm, dominant, kind of a hard *ss, he pushes his athletes hard.

And he is a spanker.


Coach Fox does not accept less than 100% effort from his runners.

He does not tolerate lying or disrespect.

And he does not let self sabotage pave the long runs for any of his runners, especially Claire Jacobs.

If I had had a coach like him, I can guarantee I would have made it to the Olympic Trials. 🙂


Meet Claire Jacobs

Young Woman in Sports Bra with Hands on Hips

32 years old. Competitive runner who just can’t find her rhythm.

She is running from a painful past, and won’t allow herself to achieve her biggest goals – the Olympic Trials.

Before she meets Nick, she has no idea the strength she possesses, and chooses to “run” from all conflict.


Thanks for stopping by!

Coach’s Discipline will go live later this week!

And don’t forget about the launch party this Saturday at noon EST.



Unofficial blurb:

Claire Jacobs always dreamed of making it to the Olympic Trials in the marathon. Unfortunately, she has a habit of getting in her own way. Enter Nick Fox, a no-nonsense coach, willing to use unconventional methods to bring her in line. Traumatized by her last coach and still recovering from self-destructive habits, Claire finds it hard to trust Nick’s authority about what she can and can’t handle on the trails. Still, her attraction for him deepens, even when she discovers he believes in good old-fashioned spanking as a method of correction.


As Nick spends more time with Claire, she enchants him with her drive and deep commitment to help her fellow runners. But when she gets into an argument with a teammate, he realizes he only has one option—to give the talented woman he cares about the first spanking of her life, a spanking that is not going to be fun for either of them.

Claire and Nick grow closer and she comes to crave Nick’s dominance and direction. Discovering the emotional healing and strength to succeed during training, she moves past her shyness and self-doubt to step into a leading role with the young women on the team. But when team politics, jealousy and misunderstandings create drama, will she revert back to her old pattern of running away? Or can she learn to trust in love and race toward her goals with an open heart?

I have a new book coming out this week!

I have a new book coming out this week! My first solo venture!

For those of you that have been following my journey, you know how challenging this book has been for me. 🙂

When I started it two years ago, it was purely an attempt at reconciling some of my own past, and gaining some much needed closure.

The main character, Claire, had a lot of similarities to me both physically and emotionally.

I laughed huge belly rolls  during some of her accidental vocal slip ups, and sobbed when I wrote a few of the most pivotal scenes in her story. It took me over a year to reconcile the differences between her fictitious needs and my own.

And once I finally figured it out, I was able to let her go. She became the main character of the story, instead of me being the MC. And it was truly awesome to be finally released from that burden.  Because it was a burden.

Not only was this my first ever written story, it was my baby, it was special. And it held a lot of me in the pages.

Being a bit of a self defeatist (there’s another character attribute you will find in Claire), I couldn’t push myself to finish the daggone story.

That could have been of fear- What if I put my heart out there and people just didn’t “get it”?

or it could have been born out of a bit of self sabotage.

Whatever the reason, I held onto it, and pushed it aside. I kept ignoring it, but it kept popping back into my self conscience (especially when I was running.).

I am very thankful that some key players came in and helped give me the support and push I needed, so I was able to finish it finally.

I have just heard back from the publisher, that it will come out later in the week.


I’ll be honest; I didn’t sleep all night. I am stuck between these awesome emotions;

Yes! Finally completed. Wonderful closure. I feel at peace! Hooray!


Oh sh*t, oh sh*t! Give me a paper bag and a bucket, because I am either going to hyperventilate or puke. (hopefully, not both at the same time. Eeeew!)



Being the type A planner type that I am (How the heck did I become a panster?!?), I already have a list of to do’s for the week.

Blog posts – Come back for the next blog posts about Nick and Claire (I have pictures and descriptions of these awesome people!), and a fun post about how I freaked out with my poor editor when she mentioned that Nick drove a car AND a truck in my story. (LOL, have I ever mentioned how dramatic I am? I know. It’s hard to see. 😉 )

Huge launch party this Saturday!! – SRR is being kind enough to throw me a party to celebrate, and some of my friends have even agreed to give some books as prizes! Woohoo!!

I get to do interviews (real interviews!) on other authors’ blogs, and share excerpts for promoting.

And I’m making a video trailer as we speak. (I like trailers. They are so much fun to make!)

Ok, so that is everything for now.

Wish me luck!!

Claire and Nick will be here soon!