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Spanking A-Z Challenge, “E”: Exercise

spank A2Z

Welcome to the next installment of the Spanking A – Z Blog Challenge.

Today’s letter, “E” is about one of my favorite things!




first run of the new year2014


I am a runner. I absolutely love running!

Competing is my favorite, though.

There is nothing quite as awesome as the thrill and anticipation while waiting on the starting line for the gun to go off.

The cool thing about long distance running, is the individual component.  No one else can dictate your race. Your overall time is measured by your performance, your will, and your body’s physical ability to push through the discomfort. It’s all you.

The cool thing about training is the different environments available to you. If you want to socialize, run with a friend or a group of friends. If you want to catch up on your reading or a favorite TV show, run on the treadmill. If you want some alone time to refresh, rejuvenate, and just let your mind wander, run alone. (Ok, PSA time. Running alone, before sunrise can be dangerous. Please be careful. And wear identification)

Some of my best blog ideas and story ideas, have come during a relaxing solo run. My mind wanders freely, and I am in a natural state of peace.

My favorite place to train, when I was competing, was the college trails. These dirt trails in the middle of a nature preserve, gave me the perfect location for calm reflection; and it was a lot easier on my knees. 🙂

There were a few snakes though. If you ever want to see a 5’2 woman scream and do an Olympic medal worthy triple jump, just watch me almost stride over a 4 foot long black snake.


I haven’t been out to the trails in a while. It takes time to drive over. But that’s the great thing about running.

All you need is running shoes. You can do it pretty much anywhere.

So most of my runs lately, have been done from my front door, looped around the neighborhood.

It gives me exactly what I need.

Fresh air


Alone time

Small bits of human interaction

A great endorphin release. (I get very crabby when I don’t get some sort of exercise)


The neighbors seem to like it as well.

One man with a young child called out,

“Hi. You’ve got great form.”

LOL, I knew that wasn’t a come on. I do, in fact, have pretty great form (relaxed shoulders, head up, knees lifted, a quick short economical stride, chest out….  ) 🙂


My neighbor’s husband actually stopped the car, (with family along) to chat for a moment, and casually tell me how good those colors looked on me.

(Once again, not a come on. I was wearing an awesome shade of blue for my matching jog bra and shorts.) 🙂

Anyway, the point I am making is exercise is not only fun and useful for me, it is beneficial for my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

And running will always be my exercise of choice.

I am, and will always be a runner. (Hopefully, my body will let me continue to do so. If not, I will walk as fast as my body will allow.)


Thanks for joining me today.

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