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Cassie and the Fire Captain- Final Release Day ramp up


cassie and the fire captain KD cover

Today’s the big day!

(well, all depending on Amazon, anyway. 🙂

Here’s the final installment of the scene introducing Cassie and Eric. If you haven’t read the other excerpts, here are Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.


“Mr. McAllister rescues animals.” She held the little bundles of fluff up to her cheek, and smiled. “These were probably his latest finds.”

“Well, your little rescue attempt almost got all of you killed, young lady. Go over to the paramedics and get checked out while I finish up here.”

It took an awful lot of energy to unclench her fists, and not tell this arrogant man where he could shove his check-ups. No one talked to her this way. “You don’t have to be so bossy about it.” She scowled. The look in his eye, and the twitch in his cheek had her hightailing it over to the ambulance. This new fire captain didn’t know who she was. She was twenty four years old, and was not going to be bossed around like some child. Well, she would put a stop to this domineering behavior.

His dark brown eyes narrowed. Next time.

“I’ll head over to get checked out, but only because I think it’s a good idea.” She huffed and turned with her delicate bundle in her arms. “Come on babies. Let’s go see the medics and find your papa.”


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Cassie and the Fire Captain, Release Day Ramp up- Day 3

cassie and the fire captain KD cover


Welcome back for day three of the release day ramp up for Cassie and the Fireman.  If you missed any of the first few parts you can click to read Day 1 and Day 2.

And before I forget. The winners of the tweet contest. Thanks for participating, friends. I will be putting your suggestions to good use. 🙂

  • Kristin Elyon – you won the free copy of Cassie and the Fire Captain
  • Kayla Lords – you won the $5 gift certificate

Congratulations! And thanks again to everyone who participated.

Now for the third of the four part intro:


Too late now. In for a penny. She carefully inched into the front seat of the car, praying it would hold on just long enough for her to get to it. She wrapped her arms around the moving blanket and inched her way backward out of the car, just as it started groaning and teetering over the edge. She screamed as large arms wrapped around her, yanking her from the car, just as the car teetered one last time, and fell into the embankment below.

He placed her on shaky feet, still holding her shoulders, and stared down at her. Never had she seen such intense, dark, angry eyes- not directed at her anyway.

“Do you have a death wish, little girl?” He gritted out as he patted her body down for injuries.

“I’m fine!” She pulled away from him and gasped at the sight below. Just two seconds later. Shuddering, she pulled the blanket tighter into her arms.

“Want to tell me what that was all about?” He glared at her.

She shoved the blanket up at him, and opened it up. Five tiny sets of eyes peered up at them both, and the soft mewling began.


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