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New Graphics for Wren’s Redemption- and free stuff!

Who wants a chance to win?

Leave a comment below, and get entered in the drawings for three different prizes.

  1. A five dollar gift certificate to Amazon
  2. A free copy of Wren’s Redemption (releasing tomorrow!)
  3. A free graphic from Summer Graystone

What do you have to do? Simple.

Leave a reply below. 🙂


I’m so excited about tomorrow’s release day for Wren’s Redemption! So excited, that I asked Summer Graystone to make me some graphics.

She took some of my favorite quotes from the story, and

See for yourself…


hold you and love you


fall from grace


bad girl of gymnastics


sexy_spank all clients


So, which is your favorite?

Reply below, and you will automatically be entered for the prizes.

Thanks so much!

I’ll announce the winners on release day!

hugs and spanks ❤



Help me Tweet- win a prize!

Hey y’all! Anyone want a chance at a few free prizes, while helping me prepare for my new release? It’s simple. Make a tweet for my story.

tweet pic


Sigh, as it turns out, I am not very good at limiting my word count. What can be done usually, in a few sentences, takes me oh, a couple paragraphs- after the back story and build up, LOL.

My husband says I am long winded, LOL. I’ve also been told this by my mother, who says I never shut up. Yeah, I know- it’s hard to believe. 😉

So who wants to help me out for a chance at a FREE copy of my new book,

and a $5 gift certificate?


Here’s what you have to do:

Come up with a 35 or 50 character tweet (or anywhere in between) that I can use to promote my new book next week. 🙂

Your listing them here, gives me permission to use the tweet as I like.

Best ones get put into random.org for the prize drawings!

So if you’re interested in hooking a gal up, and entering for a few prizes, here are some details about the book. 🙂


Cassie’s a fun loving tomboy who loves playing pranks, but also does it to be “seen” by her family and the townspeople. She needs to be loved and affirmed, and she wants to be told “no”. She wants boundaries.

Eric is a down to earth, boyscout kind of guy. He likes drawing the line between right and wrong. And he sees all the beauty and potential in Cassie, even though she doesn’t see it in herself. Did I mention he’s a sexy fireman?


And here’s the potential blurb:

 Cassie and the Fire Captain

When twenty-four-year-old Cassie Stevens meets Eric Waters, her town’s hunky new fire captain, she assumes he is way out of her league. She isn’t a beauty queen like her mother. A mature, no-nonsense man like Eric would never be attracted to a fun-loving tomboy like her, and even if he were, he’d never be able to put up with her penchant for getting herself in trouble. So it comes as a shock when Eric stops by the diner where she works, steers her out of an altercation with some rude customers, and promptly asks her out on a date.

 Eric knows that Cassie is the perfect girl for him. She’s strong, funny and more beautiful than she seems to realize. It quickly becomes his goal to win her heart, but he also isn’t afraid to take her over his knee for a good, hard spanking when necessary.

It doesn’t take Cassie long to realize that she has finally met the man of her dreams. Eric seems to like her sense of humor and playful ways, but when she plays a foolish prank on him during their first date, she quickly discovers how much a firm man’s hand can sting when applied to a naughty girl’s bare bottom. He encourages her to use her spunk and enthusiasm to contribute to the community and for the first time, she finds confidence in herself and her abilities. Eric’s discipline and affection make her feel truly loved, but just as she’s ready to give him her heart, it seems he’s no longer interested. Can Cassie trust Eric, or will her doubts tear the couple apart and set off a chain of events even Eric’s loving discipline can’t help her resolve?  

Publisher’s Note: Cassie and the Fire Captain is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



Thanks so much, friends. If you have any questions for your tweet possibilities, or want to just jaw jack with me about how much fun this is going to be, please reply below. 🙂