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Spank A-Z Challenge, R: Records and Races!

spank A2Z

Woohoo! Most of my friends, (online and in real life) know that I am an avid runner! I love competition, and enjoy being outside.  So today’s Spank A-Z post held a number of possibilities for me:

Running, racing, recovery, records (personal records)…

I decided to go with something that sounded really fun!

Guinness Book of World Records!

LOL, I found a ton of material to use. There are a lot of very silly records!

But I found one that was near and dear to my heart.

Running Records!


Here are a few one mile records that are pretty awesome!

The fastest mile run by a woman, is 4:12.56, run by Svetlana Masterkova from Switzerland, set in 1996.

The fastest mile run by a man, is 3:43.13, run by Hiccham El Guerrouj from Italy, set in 1999.


Then there’s the really fun one.

The World’s fastest mile – piggy back race!


Yes, it’s just like it sounds.

One person carries another on his or her back for one mile.



Ashrita Furman (USA) carried  Bipin Larkin for one full mile in NY, in 2010, setting a new record of 12:47.

Ok, seriously, I could do that! I know I could! I have a 48 pound kid who would love to set a Guinness Record by holding onto mommy’s back for a mile.

But I can’t find the regulations for this one. If I am 105 (maybe 110, depending on the time of the year 🙂 ), and am carrying close to 50% my body weight, that should be enough right? Or is there a certain age and weight restriction?

Hmmm, I wonder.

This one is definitely on my list of “things I would love to do before I get old and need knee replacement surgery”.


Another fun “R” to mention is Races!

Tara Finnegan was kind enough to share this really cool video with me.

It’s called the “Wife Carrying World Championships.”

Now, THIS one looks really cool!


250 meters of obstacle course, in which the team that completes  the fastest overall time, wins.

There’s just one other matter.

The team is made up of a husband carrying his wife.

LOL, you have to watch some of these poor shmucks falling over in the water pit!

Hehe, it’s funny to watch, but I would probably prefer to be the husband for this one.


There you have it. Some of my favorite “R”s. And they incorporated my other favorite, “R”, running.


Thanks for stopping by today!

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