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Ashe Barker stops by with a sexy, new historical.

Ashe Barker is such an amazing writer. Here she is with her latest. The excerpt pulled me in quickly, and I immediately one clicked. I can’t wait to read this! (My poor TBR list is so huge now)



Hi Katherine, and thank you so much for inviting me over to your blog to give a shout out about The Highwayman’s Lady. I’m really excited about this story, Gray is a hero I’ve been hatching for a while now, and it just reached the point where he had to emerge. He’s a rogue and no one could mistake him for a gentleman, but I hope you’ll love him as much as I do.

Here’s the blurb…

After the death of her mother, twenty-year-old Imogen Bennett faces the prospect of being coerced into marriage by a scheming relative, but fate intervenes when a masked highwayman accosts her on the road. Desperate to escape the unwanted wedding, Imogen pleads with the mysterious, handsome rogue to rescue her.

Alistair Graham is a proud Scotsman who rebelled against British rule, and since the defeat of the highlanders at Culloden he has taken to robbing rich Englishmen travelling through Scottish lands. He is no gentleman, but he is certainly not a man who would ignore a young woman’s pleas for help, and he agrees to do what he can to assist the beautiful girl he has waylaid.

Imogen finds herself drawn to Alistair, and though he warns her that he expects a woman’s complete obedience both in bed and out of it, she cannot resist offering her virgin body to him. He takes her hard and thoroughly, leaving her utterly spent yet still aching for more, and when her shock at her own wantonness leads her to speak disrespectfully to him he bares her bottom and punishes her soundly.

A highwayman is no suitable match for a lady, however, and Alistair fears that her association with him can only put them both in danger, so he makes her promise that she’ll tell no one about what took place between them and then ensures that she is delivered safely to the home of her honourable cousin in Kirkleven. Yet despite her best efforts to put Alistair out of her mind forever, in her heart Imogen knows she will always belong to the man who rescued her, mastered her, and made her his. But will her highwayman ever return to lay claim to his lady?

Publisher’s Note: The Highwayman’s Lady is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

 thehighwaymanslady (1)


And an excerpt…

“Sidney, the rats in your cellar are too good for you.”

I should have guarded my tongue. The moment the words are out he gives a shriek of rage and pounces on me. I roll onto the floor, curling up into a ball in a vain attempt to evade his slaps, his kicks, his murderous punches. The blows rain down on my body as I bury my head under my arms, convinced he is finally going to kill me and wondering if perhaps that is preferable to the fate worse than death he has in mind.

Just as I am convinced matters could get no worse, they actually do.

“Stand and deliver.” The curt command rings out, plunging dark terror into my already despairing soul. I cringe, dreading the harsh retort of a pistol, perhaps the scream of our coachman as he tumbles from his perch.

Instead, the carriage lumbers to a halt. Sidney, amazingly, seems oblivious to this terrifying turn of events. He continues to punch me, cursing my very existence as he lays in with boots and fists. I manage to scramble partly under the seat and thus gain some measure of protection. Sidney is intent on dragging me back out, presumably in order to continue his beating. He kneels on the floor and yet again wraps my hair around his fist and yanks hard. I let out a scream but am powerless to avoid being dragged back within his reach.

The click of a pistol being cocked penetrates Sidney’s red mist of pure rage. The sound is not loud but somehow reverberates around the enclosed space of the carriage. My stepbrother loosens his grip on my hair and I scramble the few inches I am able, then cower in the corner of the coach, expecting every breath I draw to be my last.

“You appear not to have heard me. I said, get out of the coach.” The soft highland brogue is an incongruous surprise, but it is a tone I know will brook no argument. I nod and reach for where I suspect the door handle might be.

“Not you, miss. You may remain where you are for now. You sir, out. Now!”

If I am to die, at least I may not meet my Maker in such close proximity to Sidney. I offer up thanks for that mercy as I gasp for air, willing the agony in my ribs to subside enough that I might at least regain my seat and some shred of dignity. Meanwhile our assailant has grabbed Sidney by the collar and hauled him from the coach. A loud thump follows his exit and a muffled curse as he bounces the couple of feet to the ground, the highwayman not having deemed it needful to first position the small set of steps usually employed to avoid such mishaps.

I take a perverse pleasure in his discomfort and likely demise. Highway robbery and murder could not befall a more deserving character.


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 More about me:

I’ve been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres. I still love reading, the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse for my guilty pleasure – research.

I tend to draw on my own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to my plots and characters. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea.

I live in the North of England, on the edge of the Brontë moors. When not writing – which is not very often these days – my time is divided between my role as resident taxi driver for my teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, tortoises. And a very grumpy cockatiel.

I have around thirty titles on general release with publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and I have several more in the pipeline. I write M/f, M/M, and occasionally ring the changes with a little M/M/f. All my books feature BDSM. I write explicit stories, always hot, but they offer far more than just sizzling sex. I like to read about complex characters, and compelling plots, so that’s what I write too.

I have a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keep thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from me.


Let’s keep in touch. Here’s how to stalk me…

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Alta Hensley and Allison West stop by with a hot “Little” Victorian.

I am so excited to share this one! I absolutely loved this story, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It was fantastic! You can see  my review here. 🙂



“Come inside, have a seat,” Papa said. He patted the examination table.

Chewing her bottom lip nervously, Etta climbed atop the table, her legs dangling off. “Why am I here? I am not sick.”

“Doctor Colt works with all the students at Ashby,” Papa said. “His job is to make sure they are all in good health. He is going to do an examination on you today.”

It was not a question. Etta did not seem to have a choice. “What kind of examination?” She remembered her father’s doctor listening to his heart and ailing lungs.

“Doctor Colt is going to check your temperature, make sure your heart and lungs are strong, and that everything is working as it should be.”

“All right.” That did not sound so terrible.

“He is also going to examine you to make sure that your virginity is still intact.”

Those words were enough encouragement to get Etta to bolt from the bed. “Mr. Hartley! I can assure you that is not necessary!”

“Papa,” he warned, giving her a look that told her not to cross him. “And you, my little love, will do as I say.”

enrolling little etta by allison west and alta hensley



Philip Hartley owns an elite finishing school and a hidden gem that focuses on the sexual submission and complete discipline of young ladies. Behavior, expectations, and beliefs are quite different there. A finishing school to help a woman find that little girl which once was lost. A private school that requires their pupils to surrender their bodies, their minds, and their souls to their betrothed.

When Henrietta Waters’ estranged uncle decides it best for her to attend the Ashby Chateau, and become betrothed to a proper husband, she has no choice but to comply. Especially since the recent death of her father has left her with very little options.

But can Etta fully surrender in ways she has never imagined? Can she allow a nanny to take care of her, fully take care of her every need? Can she submit to discipline and sexual training as the purity of her inner child blends with the fire of her sexual desires? And is it possible for her to truly become the little love that Headmaster Philip Hartley demands?

Publisher’s Note: Enrolling Little Etta is a Victorian erotic romance that focuses on ageplay, anal play, spankings, and graphic sex. If a spicy Victorian is not your cup of tea, then please do not take a sip.




Allison West is a #1 Best-Selling Author in Victorian, Historical, and BDSM Erotica. She has penned more than 20 stories in multiple genres under the name Ravyn Rayne (erotic) and Ruth Silver (young adult).

Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years. Her favorite novels are those that leave a lasting impression, long after the final page is read. You can find more about Allison on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog “Spanking Author.” Want to contact her? Email allison@spankingauthor.com

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Alta Hensley

Alta Hensley is a #1 Amazon best-selling erotic romance author who has had top-selling books in erotic science fiction, humor, BDSM and historical. She writes the naughty… and then the cure for it.

Being a multi-published author in the Domestic Discipline genre, Alta is known for her alpha heroes, sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.

You can find out more about Alta on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. You can also contact her at hensleyalta@yahoo.com

Other Titles by Alta Hensley and Blushing Books:

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Confessions of a Spanking Author

Maryse Dawson visits!

My first experience with reading spanking fiction online, was on an awesome website called Discipline and Desire. Holy cow, I read for hours, every night, having all of my spanko buttons pushed by these lovely short stories. I had several favorites I always went back to. Maren, Nattie Jones, and Maryse were a few of them.

Well, I just found out the Maryse from Discipline and Desire is the Maryse Dawson, now publishing with Blushing! Jackpot! I can’t wait to share her with you!

(Oh, and if you ever want to check out that really cool website with lots of different stories to get you all heated up, check out the link.  🙂  http://www.disciplineanddesire.com/



Arabella looked down at the ring on her finger in a daze. She was now Lady Arabella of Terryn.

“My lady, I wouldst ask thee to bid thy father farewell, for we depart to Terryn within the hour,” said John, seated at the dais next to her.

Her face fell. “Today? Thou wouldst leave today, but I thought we would abide here for a few days at least?”

“Nay, wife. We leave for Terryn today. I will not dally.”

The word ‘wife’ sounded strange. “But I do not wish to leave so soon!” she protested.

“I care not. As my wife thou will do as I bid.”

Arabella stared at him. He was so curt and abrupt. To be parted from her father so soon was unthinkable. It would not harm him to stay a few more days. She set her face mulishly. “I will not go today!”

“Do you defy me?” His tone was sharp and a shiver of fear slipped down her spine.

She raised her chin and snapped. “Aye. I wouldst not part from my father this early, there are words I wish to say to him and I will not be hurried!”

He leaned sideways towards her and placed his mouth by her ear. “Thou art my property now and I expect thy full obedience. Thou will be ready within the hour or I will punish thee soundly for defiance.”

He leaned back and raised his goblet to her, taking a full swig of her father’s wine. She realized her mouth was hanging open. No one, apart from her father, had ever spoken to her in such a harsh tone, and she was more than a little shocked. Her father had married her to a barbarian! Without saying another word, she left the dais and stalked from the hall.


Half an hour later, Arabella was still stomping around her chamber, getting more and more incensed with her new husband’s attitude. Wherefore didst he think he could treat her so? His property indeed! He had even threatened to punish her. What sort of husband had her father found for her? So what if he had wealth and lands. He could not treat her like this!

Mary entered her chamber carrying two large valises. “Lord John instructed me to bring these, my lady. He said to pack thy clothes as he wishes to leave shortly.”

“Oh, did he? Well he can think again!” She picked one of the cases up and stormed from the room, throwing it straight down the stone staircase. She went back for the other and was just about to launch it down the same stairs when Lord John came into view. He glared up at her, fixing her with such a dark look that she stopped immediately. Quickly, she ran back into her chamber, threw the case on the floor and slammed the door.

Mary looked at her in fright. “What is it, my lady?”

“Lord John doth come!”

Mary clapped a hand over her mouth and with eyes as big as saucers looked at the door latch as it began to lift. “My lady!”

Arabella tried with all her strength to keep the door from opening, but Lord John pushed it open with ease. He looked at Mary. “Leave us!”

She scampered out of the room and Arabella quickly went to run past her husband, but his hand snaked out and grabbed her. Slamming the door with one hand, he dragged her towards the bed.

“Thou thinketh to thwart me, wife, and ruin my plans. ‘Twill not happen!” He sat down and threw her over his lap. She struggled and kicked out but to no avail. She felt a cold draught as her skirts were thrown over her back and his hand quickly descended on both buttocks.

She shrieked and bucked to get away, but he was far too strong for her. He held her with ease and laid into her backside again and again.

“Thou willst not defy me! When I make a demand I expect it to be followed, dost thou understand?”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Aaaaoooow!” she wailed. “Take thy hands off me!”

“Nay, wife. Thou art mine and I will see thee brought to heel.”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Oh, Lord. It hurt like the very devil. She winced as his iron-like hand touched her sit spots, blistering her bottom with heavy-handed swats. God’s bones, if this was how marriage to Lord John was going to be…she wished with all her heart to escape it.

When her bottom was well and truly on fire, he stopped and let her scramble up from his lap. She stood in front of him and hopped from foot to foot as she rubbed furiously at her skin to try and relieve the pain.

“Thou will be ready to leave within the next half hour or I will drag thee kicking and screaming without any baggage at all!” He stood up and with a warning glare left her alone to pack.


lost love maryse cover


Arabella Dufour had always loved Ulric Griffin but when she finds out his heart belongs to another; she tells her father that he kissed her, hoping he would have to marry her instead. However, her father banishes Ulric from the castle forever.

Several years later, Arabella’s father arranges her marriage to Lord John of Terryn, a knight she has yet to meet. He owns vast lands in the North and has enough wealth to keep her in the finest gowns but can she love another man when her heart still yearns for Ulric – her lost love?

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Maggie Ryan visits with her “Sassy Settler”.

I am so excited to have Maggie Ryan visiting today with the second in her awesome series, The Willamette Wives!


“That stays exactly where it is,” Richard said, giving her bottom a swat as he passed by on his way out the door.

“Men,” she said, shaking her head as she spooned the last of the cream into the churn. She had just finished washing the bowl and paddle when he came back.

“Go bend over the table,” he told her.


“I’m getting a little tired of that word, Annabelle. I said to go bend over the table.”

“Richard, I just put the cream in. I need to churn it before… Ow!”

“Stop arguing and stop rubbing your backside. Obey me.”

Anna hadn’t been married but a little over a year, but it had been long enough for her to know when to stop talking. She gave him a wide berth, ignoring his chuckle, as she went to the table. Her face heated as she began to bend over one end.

“Not there. Bend over the side so that you can hold onto the other edge.”

Her bottom clenched at his direction. The only time he required her to take that position was when he was going to give her far more than a mere spanking over his knees. She wanted to ask what he planned but knew that he expected her to simply obey. Moving around the table, she bent over the side. It was the perfect height to support her torso and leave her feet flat on the floor. Despite her growing trepidation, her curiosity had her turning her head to see what exactly he was doing. Her brow furrowed as she watched him using his knife to peel the skin from the root he’d brought up. More questions begged to be asked but she dutifully remained quiet. He’d explain—well, he would if he thought it necessary to do so.

It didn’t take long before she saw him step to the basin and use the pitcher to pour some water over the root. She grew more puzzled when it seemed as if he was cutting lines along the flesh, causing a pungent scent to fill the room. After another minute, he washed his knife, slipped it back into its sheath and, walked towards her.

“Lift up your skirts.”

She obeyed, tugging her skirt and petticoats up to her waist.

“Let your bloomers fall.”

Despite having heard this same order more times than she could remember, her face heated, as it always did when she was made to bare herself. There were only a few additional orders that caused her more embarrassment. Perhaps he could read her mind because the moment her drawers fell to her ankles, he spoke of one.

“Reach back and spread your cheeks wide.”


“Anna, you really don’t want to question me right now.”


my sassy sttler

My Sassy Settler

Willamette Wives, Book Two

By Maggie Ryan

What should be a wonderful new adventure for newlyweds Wyatt and Agatha Wilcox is not turning out quite the way they’d hoped. Wyatt’s dreams of building a new life with the girl he’d met and wed while traveling on the Oregon Trail are turning into a nightmare. He loves his wife dearly but has no idea how to reach her.
Agatha knows she isn’t the wife that Wyatt dreamed of. Despite her deep love for this man, she just finds it impossible to cast aside all the words and damnation she’d been hearing from her stepfather for the past year. Her hope that she’d find a fresh start as Mrs. Wilcox, and her excitement at the idea of settling into their first home on a ranch they’re going to help build, are overshadowed by the fact that her Ma is no longer with her, and the knowledge that she is not the pure and innocent woman Wyatt deserves. She knows she is a sinner; a woman too weak and too selfish to let the man she loves go free.

Dangers in this newly settled land aren’t limited to the bears and wild cats that roam the forests and mountains of the Willamette Valley. The deep cold of winter is coming, and the ranch’s inhabitants need to prepare. It is with the help of friends, their partners in building The Double R Ranch—affectionately known as The Rose Ranch to its founders—that things come to a head between Agatha and Wyatt, and their first steps toward a new life are taken. Will the couple find their way past the hatred spewed by a self- proclaimed preacher to find that, together, they have the strength and the love to build the lives they each had envisioned?
With patience and love, will Agatha learn to trust that this man would never let her down? What will Wyatt think when he discovers that, beneath her fear, he not only wed a wonderful woman, but he has wed his own Sassy Settler?

My Sassy Settler is the second book in the Willamette Wives series, and also continues the story of Anna and Richard, Charity and James, and other characters first introduced in Maggie Ryan’s bestselling book: His Passionate Pioneer.

Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes including anal play. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.


Maggie Ryan

Author for Blushing Books.  I write both contemporary erotica and historical spanking romances.  I enjoy writing about characters that enjoy the provocative D/S lifestyle of today’s times as well as taking a step back into the past to write stories that take place in the Victorian era with age-play as a theme.

I live in the great Lone Star state with my wonderful husband.  I have always loved reading.  Growing up in a family with four children, it was difficult finding a place to be alone.  I was probably one of the squeakiest clean girls on the planet as I would spend hours in the tub so I could read without being bothered.  It wasn’t long before I began to make up my own endings to the books I was reading.  From there, it just seemed natural to begin writing my own stories.

I never try to restrict myself to any one genre because there are just too many delicious possibilities out there and inside my head.  I admit to being somewhat of a romantic though as my stories always must have a great deal of love, passion, corporal discipline and, of course, great, mind-blowing sex.  I want my readers to be able to see, hear, feel and know the characters that I’m creating as well as I do when I bring them to life and transfer their stories to paper.  I want my women to be strong of character but also strong enough to know that submission given in love and trust to your partner does not make you weaker, it makes you far stronger. I want my men to be sexy, strong, demanding alpha males who know how to take what they want while acknowledging it is a gift they have been blessed with by the women that have chosen to submit to them.  I want there to be no doubt that they truly would die for the other no matter how others might view their relationship.

Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Maggie_Ryan

Email: maggie.ryan.writes@gmail.com

Jaye Peaches visits with her hot new regency!

Jaye Peaches is visiting today, and I am so excited about this one! I have it locked into my Kindle ready to read. 🙂


Thank you Katherine for hosting me. I’ve brought along an excerpt from my latest book, His Lordship’s Mate, a Regency spanking tale with a twist.

Ella is not one for good timing keeping and since she failed to pack any clothes before Gethin whisked her away to his mansion, she is rather lacking in attire. After an amorous night of love-making, she wakes to find she has nothing to wear.


Without knocking, Gethin entered the room. Ella pulled the blanket up over her bare breasts.

“Good, you’re awake,” he declared. Reaching over, he pulled the blanket down and uncovered her bosom. “Keep them so, I like looking at them. In fact, climb out of bed so I can inspect you.”

She hesitated. Where were the servants?

“Ella!” he commanded.

She jumped and slid out from under the covers. She stood by the bed, trying to make herself as small as possible. “I haven’t any clothes,” she whispered, ashamed at her lack of apparel.

“I know. Of course, if you’d packed like I asked, you wouldn’t be in this situation.” He shrugged and picked up her shoes, holding them out. “You can wear these.”

“Gethin,” she bleated. “You tore my only dress to shreds. Remember?”

“I do, indeed,” he nodded with a smirk.

“So it’s not my fault,” she said haughtily.

“I repeat, you did not pack anything.”

“I didn’t get the chance. You whisked me here! That was mean of you.” She stomped her foot.

Gethin inhaled deeply. “This attitude is not helping you. The servants have been dismissed for the day. I’ve decided, as part of your punishment for failing to prepare for your departure, you will remain naked for the duration of the day. That way I can look upon your curvaceous form unhindered.”

“No!” she gasped, horrified at the notion.

Gethin cocked his head to one side. “No?” he drawled. “Did you not agree to be my obedient wife, including any demands I might make upon you? Treat this as punishment or not, you will, Ella, be naked. The summer is upon us, the air is warm, you won’t feel cold. Now. Let me show you around the house. You may wear your shoes to protect your delicate soles.”

She huffed while putting them on, then she dragged her heels as she trailed behind him, paying little heed to his tour. The drawing room, with a handful of chairs and sofas, the dining room, the long gallery—for exercise when it rained, he remarked—and lastly the library. This room captured her attention. Shelves upon shelves of books, stacked high up to the ceiling requiring the use of a ladder to reach the upper shelves. She clapped her hands in delight, then swiftly covered her breasts again. He chuckled at her brief display of exuberance.

“You can use this room as much as you like. Let’s dine, then we can tour the garden.”

She expected him to give her a reprieve. To her chagrin, it never came. She had to sit next to him naked. Laid out in the dining room were covered platters of dry meats and cheese. Seated on his right side, she picked at her plate and squeezed her thighs together. Occasionally, while he ate a slice of ham, Gethin reached over and fondled her breasts or pinched her nipples. Grinning from ear to ear, he looked amused by her discomfort, also extremely happy.

“Part your legs,” he commanded.

She summoned her courage and opened up. There at the dining table, to her mortification, he probed her pussy, snaking a long finger inside and wriggling it. She hunched, struggling to keep her legs apart while in a state of denial—his sliding finger met no resistance. Her pussy seemed to welcome the attention.

“You’re wet.” He held up his shiny finger. “Whether you deny it or not, you need a good, hard fuck to satisfy that lust within you.”

Shocked by his vulgarity, she dropped her fork and snapped her legs together. “Please, let me have some clothes,” she sobbed.

“My dear, cease this snivelling. You must accept you are too gorgeous to keep shut behind dull clothing. I want you to appreciate how much I adore looking at you. Think of it as a compliment, rather than a disagreeable condition. Flaunt yourself. Go on. Sit up straighter, stick out your breasts, and hold your head up high.”

He leaned towards her. “Ella. You’re beautiful. Do as I ask.”






Eighteen-year-old Ella Bailey knows that if she is to have any hope of a good match, she must marry quickly before her father completes the ruin of her family’s fortune and good name with his wanton living. Her situation is made worse when a wealthy viscount expresses interest in her hand and she accepts his invitation to a party, only to have the supposed gentleman first seek to seduce her and then attempt to force himself on her.

After his efforts to despoil her are thwarted, the spiteful cad does his utmost to slander Ella’s character with scandalous accusations. With her reputation in tatters and nowhere else to turn, Ella seeks solace in the arms of the enigmatic Gethin Powell, a rich, handsome lord known for his lack of concern for the expectations of high society.

Gethin takes a strong interest in Ella, but he makes it abundantly clear that he is a man who expects to be obeyed in all things. Living under his roof as his woman will mean submitting to his authority, surrendering her body to his desires, and baring her bottom for his stern chastisement whenever he deems it necessary.

Ella soon discovers that Gethin’s sexual appetites are both fierce and insatiable, but as he thoroughly lays claim to her naked, blushing body, she is deeply ashamed to find herself hungering for more. But even as their passion for each other grows deeper, an old and powerful secret waits to come to light. When Ella learns the truth about Gethin, will it tear her away from the man who has taken her as his mate?

Publisher’s Note: His Lordship’s Mate is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



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Author Bio:

I’m an author of erotic D/s romances including Amazon bestsellers. All my books contain an element of BDSM, spankings or erotic games of sensual exploration. If you desire a little thrill, something to entice, then please take the time to read one of my books. Thank you!

When not writing, I’m busy spending time with her family, enjoying music, sometimes composing or drawing and if the weather allows, gardening.


Jaye lives in NW England.


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“Are you sure it will fit?” – from Kelly Dawson’s The Ways of the West

I am so glad Kelly Dawson dropped by with her new book, The Ways of the West. It’s an erotic romance set in old western times, which means- woohoo! hot cowboys! Not only is she sharing an excerpt, but she also brought one of the best lines in an excerpt. Hehe, it tickled me.  🙂



Jessica was enjoying watching the shocked, but delighted, expression on Johnny’s face as she stepped out of the borrowed dress to reveal short, sexy drawers that had been the height of fashion back home in Boston, but which were still considered scandalous among decent company. She left the gown and petticoats in a puddle on the floor at her feet and shimmied out of her undergarments, standing completely naked before him in the dim glow cast by the lantern on the table by the bed. She’d never been naked in front of a man before but the excitement of the wedding was making her brave.

Johnny whistled softly through his teeth, stepping forward to place his hands gently on her waist, drawing her into him. “You are beautiful,” he whispered into her hair.

Jessica’s hands went to the front of Johnny’s pants where she urgently fumbled with the buttons with clumsy fingers. She wanted him naked, too. Groaning in frustration at the tight buttons that wouldn’t come undone, she moved her fingers to his chest, undoing his shirt instead. These buttons opened easily and she trailed her fingers inside his shirt, along the hard muscles of his chest. Pushing the shirt back off his shoulders she brushed her lips against the light smattering of hair she found there, pulling his shirt off completely and discarding it carelessly on top of her own pile of clothing.

“Here, let me,” Johnny murmured, brushing her hands away from his jeans, undoing them for her. She gasped when his erection sprang free, then reached out to touch it gingerly.

“It’s so big,” she breathed. “Are you sure it will fit?”


Orphaned by an attack on her family’s wagon train, Jessica finds herself stranded a thousand miles from Boston, the only home she has ever known. Only one man—a rough, dusty cowboy named Johnny—stands between her and the perils of the west, and he quickly makes it clear that he is ready to do whatever needs to be done to keep Jessica safe, whether she likes it or not.

When the unlikely pair stumble upon a cattle drive and they are both offered employment, Johnny doesn’t hesitate to accept. But after Jessica loudly expresses her disdain for his plan and for cowboys in general, Johnny decides it is time for drastic action. After a hard, embarrassing spanking followed by a tearful apology to the trail boss, Jessica is left with a sore backside and a strange yet undeniably powerful need to be held close and comforted by her handsome protector.

With Johnny by her side—and claiming an ever bigger place in her heart with each passing day—Jessica begins to adjust to life on the trail. But a cattle drive is a dangerous place for anyone, let alone a city girl with a penchant for disobedience. If he ever wants the chance to make Jessica his wife, Johnny knows he’s going to have to take her firmly in hand before she gets herself hurt or killed. Even if it means a painful, humiliating bare-bottom strapping she’ll never forget, one way or another he’ll teach her the ways of the west.

Publisher’s Note: The Ways of the West is an erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spankings, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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The Ways of the West


A few questions for Kelly Dawson :

Are you like any of your heroines?

Parts of me are, yes. Both mostly, my heroines are a mix of myself, people I know, and the completely made-up.


Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours

I have Tourette’s Syndrome. So while the strange things I do aren’t exactly habits, it looks like they are. Other than my visible tics, I have to peg all my washing on the line using colour-co-ordinated pegs, and things must be hung up a certain way. If anyone helps me hang out the washing it drives me insane, because I’m going along after them, “fixing” it all LOL.


If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be and why?

Washing dishes. Self-explanatory really! – I hate washing dishes – they’re never ending!

Author Bio: Kelly Dawson loves anything to do with horses, rodeos and cowboys, and loves to get lost in a good book – preferably a rural romance where a strong woman falls in love with a ruggedly-handsome, tough but gentle cowboy, and these are the types of characters who feature in the stories she writes. Only in Kelly’s books, the cowboys are even better because they spank! She lives literally at the bottom of the world in the South Island of New Zealand, with her husband, four kids, a dog and a cat.

Social Media Links:


My blog: http://www.kellydawsonauthor.blogspot.co.nz/

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Playfulness in Seduction

I’m still hiding in my writing cave.

(Truth be known, it’s a writing , spring cleaning, and “stop chatting all day on social media” cave- imposed by myself and hubby. He thinks I could sell a lot more books if I wrote more. Which then means I can buy more, so it’s a win-win 😉 )

So my friend, Celeste Jones has graciously offered to hijack my blog today.

Thanks for stopping by.  Take it away, Celeste 🙂



A recent article on Yahoo stated that playfulness is a key characteristic for a happy couple. Some definitions of playfulness are happy and full of energy, ready to play. Playfulness and flirting seem rather similar to me. It’s the playful side of seduction.

I hadn’t considered playfulness per se in any of my characters, but after reading this article, I was reminded of a few scenes from some of my books.

For me, confidence is very sexy and a man who is confident enough to be playful is smoking hot. A playful man doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s not goofy in a look-at-me sort of way, but a man who is ready to enjoy life.

One of my favorite playful characters is Lord Jeffrey Amherst from Becoming Lady Amherst.

At their first meeting, Sarah ended up over Jeffrey’s knee and while upended she spit on his shoe. This scene took place a few moments later.

“Miss McLean, please allow me to introduce Lord Amherst. He is most eager to make your acquaintance.”

I curtsied like a trained pet, as was expected of me. Glancing up from my lowered position, I stared straight into the smirking face of…Lord Spanked My Ass.

He bowed and gave me a dimpled, devilish grin. “I am pleased to meet you, Miss McLean.”

Unsure of how to answer, yet determined not to let my irritation show, at least not to anyone other than my unwanted partner, I simply nodded in reply before he led me to the dance floor.

I waited stiffly by his side, resolved only to engage with him as mandated by the dance. He had other ideas and turned into quite the chatterbox.

“I apologize for not escorting you back inside, but I feared the reaction of your chaperone might have been unpleasant for both of us.”

“How thoughtful of you.”

“Had we been found alone together, the scandal would have been sufficient to force a marriage between us.”

“Marriage? Is it not bad enough that you manhandled me, but now you add threats?”

“Manhandled? You said I spanked like an old lady.” I would swear he smirked.

“You do, at best. I referred to the manner in which you hauled me away from polite society in an attempt to damage my reputation.”

“I believe I did put a little bit of sting to your ‘reputation.’” The bastard had the audacity to wink at me.

“Besides”—he took my small hand and enveloped it in the same hand that minutes before assaulted my derriere—“I had to attend to my blemished shoe. I certainly could not dance with the most eligible young lady at the ball with spittle on my footwear, now could I?”


Here’s a scene from their wedding night.

His gaze held mine, and he tapped the tip of my nose. “There is one important rule which you must learn, Lady Amherst.”

His use of my married name sent a warm thrill through me. “What rule is that, Lord Amherst?”

“You are never to wear more clothes than me.”

My eyes went wide with such a bold statement, yet I found the courage to say, “What shall happen to me if I break this rule?”

He reached behind me to give my barely covered hind end a meaningful squeeze. “We both know my preference for rule enforcement.” He moved his hand from the cheeks of my derriere to the ribbons holding my pantalets up, which he expertly untied and removed. He dispatched my chemise with dexterity as well.


And this scene from near the end of the book.

“You’ll be feeling those branches once we get home, little miss. Until then, I want you to hold the instrument of your punishment while you consider the seriousness of your behavior.”

“I am sorry, Jeffrey.” I did not raise my gaze from the implement held in my sweaty palms.

“What yarn did you spin for Lady Hampshire to make her believe you were British?”

I worried my lip between my teeth for a moment. “It was unintentional. Please believe me. But on my arrival at her house, the maid said everyone was shocked you married an American. I did not want people to think poorly of you, and somehow when I opened my mouth to speak, a British accent came out.”

I peeked up at Jeffrey to gauge his reaction.

“British accent?”

“Yes. Like this. The pahk in Lancashah is divine.”

He covered his mouth with his hand for a moment. “Is that the same way you spoke to Lady Hampshire?”

“Yes, I could not believe I fooled them.”

“It is surprising.” He stared out the window.


Becoming Lady Amherst Blurb:

 When Miss Sarah McLean causes a scandal in Boston, her father takes her to London in search of a husband. At her first party, Sarah insults Lord Amherst who takes her over his knee to spank some manners into her. When this spanking comes to light, Sarah’s father offers him a choice: Marry Sarah or send her back to America where she has no prospects for a husband. Intrigued by the spirited Yankee Girl, Lord Amherst proposes. Despite the circumstances of their marriage, Sarah and Jeffrey form a bond and appear headed for a bright future. That is, until Sarah pretends to be someone she’s not.



Lord Westbrook’s Muse by Etta Stark

Lord westbrook muse


The amazing Etta Stark is visiting on my blog today.  She is witty, humorous, and writes one heckuva great book!  🙂 (I really appreciate her kind words  about my first solo book. Welcome, Etta!)


Hello! I am really excited to be hanging out on Katherine Deane’s blog today. I’m a huge fan of Katherine’s book The Coach’s Discipline (as you can tell by the rather over-excitable review on my blog).

Lord Westbrook’s Muse is my third book. All my books so far have been historical set in Victorian England (although I am about to buck that trend with a contemporary romance for the Corbin’s Bend series, which will be released in December). Lord Westbrook’s Muse is a sort-of-sequel to my previous book Lady Westbrook’s Discovery but not really. It contains members of the same family but you don’t need to have read Lady Westbrook’s Discovery first to enjoy it. It’s a stand-alone story.

Lord Westbrook is a stuffy Lord in a small English village in the 1870s. He is socially awkward and dislikes social engagements only attending them out of a sense of duty and because of the expectation that he should find himself a wife to be the next Lady Westbrook.

Everything is turned on its head when he meets beautiful, vivacious social reformer, Cass who is staying with his mother as a houseguest. When Cass suggests to Lord Westbrook that he punish her for some previous bad behaviour, he gives her a bare bottom spanking that leads to much more. The pair begin an amorous affair that breaks all the rules of decent Victorian society.

The snippet below takes place the day after their first lovemaking. They are meeting at midnight at Cass’s suggestion. Lord Westbrook needs to decide where to take it from here.



All his previous sexual encounters before Cass had generally begun with a discussion about appropriate terms of payment. That clearly wasn’t going to help him much here. He had rather expected all his sexual experiences to follow a similar pattern of financial transaction until he found himself a nice compliant wife and then bedded her on their wedding night.

This … whatever he had with Cass was not something he had ever anticipated. Was it reasonable to assume that having suggested this tryst, she was amenable to the idea of having sex with him again?

Once they were inside, Lord Westbrook hastened to light the gas lamp. As he turned to face Cass in the dim orange glow of the room, he was utterly overwhelmed by her beauty. She had removed her cape revealing another of her fantastical aesthetic gowns. It was pure white in colour and belted in the middle with gold cord. With her beautiful features framed by a glowing mane of red hair, Cass looked like she had stepped directly from a painting by one of the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. She looked like an angel. No, not an angel – an emissary of the Lord would not have had such a dark, wanton look in their eyes. A Greek goddess, perhaps. Or Queen of the Faeries.

Any thought of making conversation, any thought of doing anything other than taking her into his arms and bringing them both to point of ecstasy, fled from his mind. In a moment he was beside her – his body pressed up against hers, pressing her against the back of the door as his mouth hungrily sought hers.

Her lips responded beautifully to his own. Her passion was evident in the way she kissed him back, opening her mouth wide as he entered it with his tongue. He spun her round and begun unlacing the back of her dress which fell to the floor with the minimum of resistance. Her gloriously uncomplicated undergarments were divested in moments. He turned her round again to face him.

She stood before him completely naked. He gave himself a moment to look her over thoroughly, drinking in her magnificent beauty. Cass stood quietly in place as he looked her over proprietarily. She bit her lip and Robert sensed that the situation – standing there naked while he was fully clothed – was making her feel vulnerable. He decided not to question the thrilling sense of pleasure that he felt from dominating her in this way. They would both be naked soon enough.

“Come,” he said, leading her through to the bedroom.


Lord Westbook’s Muse is Available from:



Blushing Books

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Lord Robert Westbrook’s life of responsibility and social obligations is turned on its head when he meets Cass, a beautiful and idiosyncratic woman at his mother’s garden party. Cass is a staunch supporter of women’s rights as well as an advocate of dress reform, rejecting the restrictive fashions of the nineteenth century.  In fact, Cass’s rebellion isn’t limited to her dress sense. She is also determined to experience the excitement and passion of a sexual liaison. Lord Westbrook, she has decided, is the very man she wants to seduce her. Meanwhile Lord Westbrook has determined that Cass requires some stern discipline.  The couple’s passionate and fiery romance breaks every rule of Victorian decency and kindles a love that neither Cass nor Robert were prepared for. However, when Cass’s secret past finally catches up with her, it seems that the couple’s happiness might be doomed forever.



Promo post – Emmaline’s Groom by Casey McKay

Emmalines Groom

I am so excited!!

Casey McKay’s new historical spanking romance has just come out, and I cannot wait to read it!

She is here today to tell you a little bit about her new book! Enjoy!



Thanks for having me Katherine! I came to share a little bit of Emmaline’s Groom with you and your readers.

In this part, Leo has promised Emma a punishment for an earlier transgression. She knows it is coming, but she still puts up a fight.



  “I understand why you were angry and I will not blame you if you cannot forgive me,” she told him in a rush.

            “I can forgive you. I love you, Emmaline.” He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed her so tenderly she felt tears return to her eyes. “Even if I have to take you over my knee every day to correct your behavior, I will never stop loving you.”

            She snatched her hand back from his and narrowed her eyes. Her tears were gone as she squared her shoulders to him. “That is not going to happen.”

            He chuckled at her response and she realized her was teasing her. He nudged her to her feet and she stood standing in front of him. He pointed to the strap on the floor.

            “Bring it over to me.”

            She crossed her arms across her chest. “Leo!”

            “You have consequences coming. Do not argue with me. I do not mind talking with you about your punishment, but you will not talk your way out of it, ever. Is that understood?”

She had the urge to stamp her feet. He was not going to give in and she knew it, but she did not have to like it. She did not answer his question, but turned and did as he asked. She placed the strap in his outstretched palm.

            “Take off your robe.”

            “No, I-” She shook her head and tried to step back out of his reach, but he grasped her wrist.

            “It was not a question,” he said as he tugged her closer and easily flipped her over his knee.

            The breath pushed out of her lungs as she found herself hanging upside down, Leo’s hands pushing her robe up her back, baring her backside to him for the second time that day. She jerked forward at his stinging slap and let out a yelp in surprise.

            “In the future, you will comply the first time I ask something of you.” He punctuated his sentence with another firm smack. She braced herself, placing her hands on the floor in front of her as he spanked her. The sting crept along both cheeks, leaving them feeling warm from the inside out. It was not a completely terrible feeling, and she was reminiscent of the first time he had spanked her and what that had led to.

            She felt her middle moisten in anticipation, she surrendered her body to his punishing blows, lifting her hips back to meet him. He paused and rubbed his hand over her stinging bottom, this is what she had missed that morning. He pulled her up and placed her on her feet in front of him again.

            “Now, take off your robe,” he said again.



Emmaline Lawford, the youngest daughter of an English Marquess, is intended to marry. Though to whom might be up for debate. Her older brother, Samuel, has his sights set on marrying her off to a Duke. Emmaline finally accepts her fate, until a breach in etiquette finds her back in the arms of the man she truly loves.


Leo Colston is stunned when Emmaline is thrust back into his life. He had resigned himself to the fact that he would never marry the woman he loved. Now they are taking hasty wedding vows and being urged to move to America, where they can leave the talk of scandal behind them.


Emma and Leo realize settling into marriage is not going to be as smooth sailing as they thought. As they try to work out their differences and get used to living in close quarters Emmaline finds herself in trouble with her new husband on more than one occasion. Leo’s favorite way to end an argument is to take his lady over his knee and spank her bare bottom until she submits. Emma thinks he should just give in to her womanly charms. Who will win this battle of wills?


Emmaline’s Groom is a stand alone book, but is also the first book in The Ravenswood Manor series.


This book includes spankings, graphic sex, and anal play, and more. If any of this subject matter offends you, please do not purchase this book.


Buy Links:


Amazon UK


Review for The Reddington Scandal

Holy cow! I have made it no secret that I am a huge Renee Rose fan! I love her stories, and the characters the she brings to life.  It’s so easy to escape into the world that she creates, because, she just does it so well!

I love historical novels and no one writes them as well as she does! She writes the ambience so well from the dialect, to the exquisite layers of clothing, and even the façade of propriety kept behind closed doors. Not to mention the spankings. Oh yes, I love the spankings, the acceptable punishment for naughty young women!  It’s so much fun to escape into this world and Renee Rose creates it beautifully!

The Reddington Scandal is the sequel to The Westerfield Affair. (Here is my review of it). It can be read as a stand-alone book also, though there are mention of characters from the previous book. 

This story blew my mind!

She created such a depth in these characters that I was able to immerse myself into their world, loving every moment!  Here is the rest of my review.


Lord Fenton, (Teddy) is his father’s son.  A devilishly handsome young man, who can charm the petticoats off any woman, married or unmarried.  He is a rake – a noble man who cares about the delights of sex, the adventure of getting a married woman into his embrace, and cares not for a life of marriage and monogamy.

But he is also kind, generous, caring, and affectionate.  He has doted on his younger sister all of her life, being her protector and her biggest supporter.  He has cared for and used his charms and wit to entertain his mother, hurt from their father’s infidelities.

He is a good and honorable man, but is unable to see this good in himself, until he meets Phoebe.  All of his life, he has been told he is just like his father.  So he follows his father’s footsteps, the rake who cheated on their mother, again and again.  This is why he has not chosen to marry.  He doesn’t believe himself capable of loving and staying true to one woman. He is afraid of hurting a woman, by getting too close to her, just like his mother was hurt by his father’s actions.  And finally accepts that he is his father’s son.

Enter, Phoebe, a kind sweet young woman, living in her own personal hell with her sister and her brother in law as her guardian.  Maud, her older sister, is threatened by and does not appreciate Phoebe’s presence in her house.  Maud’s husband, Lord Reddington, appreciates her presence too much, making physical attempts at her whenever he can get her alone.  Phoebe needs to escape, but how?

When Teddy is discovered by the enraged Lord Reddington, Phoebe steps in and claims Teddy as her own lover.  Teddy and Phoebe are quickly married to diminish the scandal of their “impropriety”.

Phoebe has saved Teddy’s life, but she has also saved her own.

But it quickly becomes apparent that neither of them is ready for a “real” marriage.  Teddy fears his ability to remain faithful, even though he is drawn to her more every day.  Phoebe fears losing her heart to a man that can never truly love her.  Even though they are both attracted to each other physically, they keep their distance, and choose to not consummate the marriage.

I think the starting point in their true relationship, begins with their first spanking. When Phoebe falls into a pond and almost drowns, Teddy saves her and carries her back to their carriage.  He then pulls her sopping wet, dress up, and spanks her over his knee.  The spanking itself, was beautifully done. I loved her reaction to her first real over the knee spanking.  But what was really nice to see was Teddy’s response.  He apologized for his anger, and explained that he had spanked because he was worried about her, alleviating some of the doubt that they both had about this being a marriage in name only.  I loved that he owned up to the fact that he had reacted instinctively, with her spanking.  I respected that in him. I also really appreciated seeing his eyes open, when he realized that worrying about someone means you care about them.

The rest of the story is wonderful- full of delicious sexual encounters, as Teddy teaches Phoebe all about the world of love making.

It also has its light moments. Teddy and Phoebe are such good natured people, it was so much fun to watch their playful banter and flirting.  I adored them! He called her cute names. She always had a clever retort. They were perfect for each other!

Both characters went through a huge transformation during the story. Phoebe needed to learn to forgive herself for the past.  Teddy needed to forgive and trust himself to be the good man that he really was.

I won’t give away the ending.

But I will say it had an HEA that I loved!

This story had it all!

Great characters that grew throughout their journey, and worked to overcome the obstacles that life threw their way.

An awesome plot, filled with romance, fun, light hearted banter, deep emotional moments, and some adventure.

Wonderful sex scenes- If you are used to historicals with sweet sex scenes, this story will knock your socks off!  It was depicted beautifully, merging historical accuracy, with so much vivid detail.  It was fantastic!

Dominance and physical chastisements that nearly made me swoon in delight.

It all worked so well together, creating a fantasy world full of delightful characters with whom I fell in love, and never wanted to leave!

I loved this story, and will go on the record saying, this is probably her best book yet.  It is definitely at the top for historical romance. I loved it!





When Phoebe’s brother-in-law catches the notorious rake Lord Fenton in his home late at night, half-dressed and obviously attempting escape, he flies into a rage, threatening to kill both his wife and Lord Fenton. In a desperate measure to avert bloodshed, Phoebe claims she is Lord Fenton’s lover, thereby forcing him to take her as his wife to avoid a scandal.

Knowing full well a philanderer like Teddy Fenton could never remain faithful, Phoebe insists upon separate bedrooms, resolving to resist his charm rather than fall in love and face the pain of his inevitable infidelity. Her handsome husband respects her request for a marriage in name only, but his marital dominance manifests itself in other ways. She soon learns that while he will not force her to his bed, Teddy is more than willing to take her over his knee and spank her bare bottom when her behavior warrants it.

Doubting his ability to stay faithful and not wishing to replicate his parents’ miserable existence, Teddy had never intended to take a wife, until he was forced to marry the lovely Phoebe Fletcher and everything changed. Suddenly other women hold no allure for him, and he wants nothing more than to win the affection of his new bride. But just when it seems he might succeed, secrets from her past threaten to destroy their chance at happiness. Can this couple come to love one another as befits a man and wife, or will their marriage end in scandal after all?

Also includes a bonus short story “Disobedience at the Dressmaker’s”.

Buy today: AmazonAmazon UKAmazon DEAmazon.it, ARe


The door to the study clicked open and she gasped, jumping. It was Lord Fenton, himself, who looked just as surprised to catch her in his chair as she was to be found there.

“Oh! Excuse me, my lord!” Blotting the ink, she hurriedly shuffled the poems into a stack, abandoning the ribbon that usually bound them, and shoving them into her little wooden box.

Fenton smiled a slow, predatory smile, prowling around the desk, looking satisfied to catch her looking guilty. “What are you doing, my dear?” he drawled.

“Nothing! Nothing at all. I—I was just leaving. Forgive me.”

He blocked her exit from behind the desk. “Writing something?”

“No! I was just—” she cast her mind about wildly, “reading some old school notes. My studies, you know.”

Fenton laughed, slipping past her to sit in his chair with his arm catching her waist. To her shock, he pulled her face down over his lap, slapping her upturned bottom as soon as she arrived.

She kicked her legs. “What? Stop it!”

“Never lie to your husband, Phoebe. He does not take kindly to it.” He slapped several more times in rapid succession, then threw her skirts over her head, causing her real panic. She squirmed to free herself.

Fenton was chuckling. “No, there’s no getting free. You’ve earned your spanking, now you’ll have to take it.”

To her utter mortification, he parted the slit of her drawers, exposing her bare bottom to the cool air and continued spanking her with hard, stinging slaps. She could not breathe at all.

“Lord Fenton! I mean, Teddy!” she gasped.

He chuckled again, smoothing his large palm over her bottom, which prickled with heat. “Thank you for remembering. I do believe I promised you a spanking for that mistake, as well.” He opened his desk drawer.

“Unlucky girl. I have tools in here, like rulers and such.” He snapped what must be a wooden ruler across her cheeks, and she felt a searing pain.

“Ow! Please, my lord!”

“Hmm. Can you breathe? Let’s open this,” he said, pulling the laces of her corset. “There. Now I can spank as hard as I like.”

“No!” she exclaimed as the ruler smacked down on her bare skin in another flurry of spanks.


“When I ask you a question, I want an honest answer, little dove. What were you writing? A love letter?”


He applied the ruler again, five times in rapid succession.

She whimpered. “It’s poetry!” She braced herself, though whether it was from ridicule or the ruler, she wasn’t sure.

“Poetry,” he repeated, sounding interested. “That you wrote?”

When she didn’t answer, he smacked her three more times with the ruler.

“Yes!” she exclaimed.

He was silent for a moment, and when he spoke again, the humor was replaced with what sounded like honest interest. “May I read it?”

“No!” she cried immediately.

The ruler snapped down on her again, beating a steady rhythm, causing her to buck on his lap in a vain attempt to escape it. “Wrong answer, my love. Don’t you know, you cannot refuse the man who holds the wooden ruler?” With the next spank, though, the ruler cracked, and she could not help but giggle. The rich sound of his laughter filled her ears, warming her, as if they were sharing some kind of joke that made this humiliating event easier. He rubbed her smarting bottom.

“Well, I still have my hand. Would you care to try that answer again? Or shall I continue to spank?”

“No—I mean yes!”

He chuckled, rubbing a slow circle over her bare skin. “Yes, I may read your poetry?”

She hesitated. She certainly did not wish to be spanked any longer. Nor did she wish to turn over the pages that contained her very heart and soul to him. Except some small part of her did long to share her writing, as terrifying as the idea was.

He waited patiently for her answer, stroking and massaging her buttocks with one hand, as the other caressed the nape of her neck.

“Yes,” she answered at last in a small voice.

“Thank you,” he murmured, and pulled her up to stand beside him, one hand still under her skirt, cupping her bare bottom. He picked up the poem on top and began to read it as if it were the most absorbing thing he’d ever laid eyes upon, while his finger began absently tracing the line of her cleft. She could not breathe—the invasion of his finger no less disturbing than waiting for his assessment of her poem. Her knees felt weak and her upper thighs trembled. The hand moved to stroke the place where thigh met buttock, delving closer to her most intimate core. She tried to wiggle away, but he gave her sore cheek a sharp automatic slap, then looked up as if only just realizing he’d been holding her captive beside him with this hand most inappropriately up her skirt.