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Author Spotlight – Libby Campbell brings us a box set

Simon in Charge Box Set

When feisty Sadie Donohue meets billionaire Simon Jacobson at a New Year’s Eve party, she thinks it’s a chance encounter. Little does she know that Simon has arranged it all.

Widowed for six years, Simon is looking for woman with whom to share his life. She must be smart, sexy, and able to obey his inflexible rules. He has observed Sadie from a distance and decided she is just what he’s looking for.

Always one to challenge authority, Sadie tests Simon’s boundaries with her lively wit and recalcitrant behavior. He is amused but unmoved. Soon Sadie is regularly over Simon’s knee for being her sassy, strong-willed self. And she loves it!

When he proposes, she accepts without a second thought. The time arrives for her to leave her working-class world of public schools and sausages on the backyard barbecue to move into Simon’s circle of wealth and privilege, where children attend private schools and servants wait on guests in lavish society homes. Sadie panics.

That’s it: engagement off!

Sadie’s doubts, fired by a secret from her past, may be the couple’s undoing. But Simon is in charge, and he has other ideas.

Publisher’s Note: This set is comprised of all three books in the Simon In Charge series: Simon Says, Winning Sadie, and Sadie Says I do.

Buy Link: Amazon

What reviewers are saying about the books in the Simon in Charge box set:

Simon Says by Libby Campbell


Sometimes you read a story and have mixed emotions, and that was how this one was with me. Simon Jacobson is so busy in his work that he doesn’t have a personal life. He set his sights on Sadie Donohue and is charming but dominant. He has issues with her sarcasm, eating habits, and pretty much anything personal, and plans on changing what he considers her bad habits and behavior. He makes up the rules as they go along, but she has already broken that rule and will be spanked. At one point, he takes it too far, punishing her in a fit of anger and it goes beyond safe, sane and consensual. Their relationship escalates rapidly, and maybe they deserve each other. This is a quick read that focuses on their roller coaster relationship that is sadomasochistic; sex is more implied that described.

Winning Sadie (Simon in Charge Book 2)


I enjoyed this second book in the Simon in Charge series. Simon Jacobson is bigger than life, sexy, smart, business savvy and extremely wealthy. Sadie Donohue comes from a completely different world, blue-collar working family, bargain shopping, and a simple everyday life. She is rather independent and proud of her accomplishments. Landing the job as a PA for Simon opens up another world but one that leads to love and a relationship that includes domestic discipline, but it is working for them.

The plot has Simon and Sadie having a lavish engagement party at his island home with the upper crust of society and then her mother who is nothing but critical. Cynthia is one of those people that would complain if her ice cream was cold and she does nothing but belittles Sadie until she is ready to call off their marriage, but Simon knows the Cynthias of the world, and he isn’t going to let her win. An accident adds to this tailspin, throw in a nasty blogger who comes at Sadie as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Will life with Simon become more than Sadie can handle? These two will have to learn that marriage and relationships involve give and take from both people. Simon and all his rules may need some updating. Secrets will be revealed, but with love, nothing is too much for them to handle. “Only he and his stern discipline made me feel so protected.”

Sadie Says I Do (Simon in Charge Book 3)


The Simon in Charge series is one that is best to be read in order, and this is the third part of the tale of Simon Jacobson and Sadie Donohoe.

They are back in Vancouver, and it is time to plan the wedding, but first Simon wants them to find a house. What he never expected to happen was part of the realty team to be an ex-girlfriend who has a reputation for being vengeful. Finding the perfect house comes with unexpected complications that must be ironed out. While the red tape is being handled by attorneys, they travel abroad for business until it is settled and they can return home for their wedding.

Simon has laid down rules for Sadie, and they are mostly about common sense, courtesy, and safety. He understands her need to help out with the mission and free clinic but wants her to be safe because of the dangers of that part of town. When Sadie is accosted, injured, and her engagement ring stolen, it opens her eyes to the dangers he was trying to protect her from. “I knew I’d been poking the bear, but it seemed like harmless fun at the time.”

The wedding of Simon and Sadie deals with some very unexpected weather, heavy snows, then high winds. The love Simon has for her will give her the winter wonderland she was hoping for. “A romantic land of love and sensuality and he was the pilot of my soul who took me there.”

The three stories make up a journey of two souls who were destined to find each other. Simon who had lost his first wife and Sadie who hasn’t found anyone special. He needs to be in control, dominate and protect her, and she needs someone to ground her and keep her safe. The story is the domestic discipline lifestyle that two consenting adults agreed upon and their journey that leads to their marriage. The sex scenes are explicit, the chemistry and love sizzle on the pages. The story is told in both Simon and Sadie’s POV.

5.0 out of 5 stars
ByRedrabbitton June 2, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition
From working together to marriage, this is the three stories of Simon Jacobson, a dominant man, and Sadie Donohue, a woman who starts out as an employee to fiance to marriage. This is the three books that were released individually in 2016. I purchased all three books, so this time I am only sharing a review.

4.0 out of 5 starsComplete Collection
ByJigsawGirlon June 3, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition
This collection contains three books that take you from Simon and Sadie’s first meeting until they say I do. Simon, at the very beginning expresses his need for a domestic discipline relationship, and Sadie agreed. Throughout the book, there were continual expressions of love, respect, and concern for each other.

Simon and Sadie had to contend with two major issues regarding their relationship. One being that Simon was rich and Sadie came from a working class environment. Sadie had to contend with her feelings of inadequacy. The second being that Simon was dominate, needed to be in control, and expected Sadie to submit. Sadie struggled with this, as she had always been alone and independent. I guess I should add a number three to that list. Both Simon and Sadie had pretty much been alone for a while, and each had to become accustomed to sharing their lives.

There were some interesting twists with Ronnie, the blogger: Ingrid, the ex-girlfriend, and the trips to Mission House, and Sadie’s secret. Don’t let me forget how completely obnoxious Sadie’s mother was through the entire book.

In some parts of the book, I thought Simon was a bit heavy handed (no pun intended), and I thought Sadie did a number of foolish things, (some deliberately to test Simon). Overall, it was an entertaining tale. If you like Dd, and spanking stories, you should enjoy this one.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy.

5.0 out of 5 starsI couldn’t put this down

Personal Post- Can you have it both ways?



The Alpha Hubby and the Compassionate Guy— Can you have both?

This question reared its ugly head when I killed the tractor today. LOL, okay, I didn’t kill the tractor. But I did single-handedly cause between two and three hundred dollars worth of damage to the thing on the back of the tractor (Daddy Hubby just informed me it is called a box blade).

Here’s the thing. We were clearing out a section of leaves, and smoothing out the ground for a nice little spot in the woods for a treehouse for the kids. Back and forth, I went. Up and down with the back thing (box blade); pulling leaves, and extra dirt and small limbs over to the sides.

Then he asked me to help push a tree stump over. He instructed me to back that thing up, and lift the box blade higher so it would push at a different angle than if it were from the lowest setting. So I did.

The whole top part bent.

DH started making those really yucky looks with his eyes that said, “Oh my f***ing God, what did you do to our baby?” That’s what his eyes said. His voice said some really bad words, muttered under his breath. Along with a lot of head shaking. (for the record, I am the only potty mouth in our family. He is the laid back, kind, non-potty mouthed, good influence on our kids, parent)

I started crying. You know. Lower lip trembling, eyes tearing up. Trying not to cry, because you feel bad enough and you know the kids are just on the other side of the trees. I looked pitiful. I felt pitiful. I broke my tractor.

But did my loving, amazing Daddy/Hubby give me nurturing cuddles or “That’s okay, sweet girl. It was my fault for not explaining things better…”?


He calmly gave me whatfor for not knowing to stop before the thing bent up. (along with a few more mutterings about how much money it was going to cost).

Then I got angry. Very angry. With tears still streaming down my face, I told him exactly what I thought of his stupid plan to take out a tree stump. And how the hell could he expect me—a brand new tractor driver who has mostly only mowed the fields with it—to know how to take out a stump without killing a back thing?

I was furious. Mostly at him for not being more compassionate—he should have taken at least half the responsibility. I was untrained for this kind of task, and should not have to be held accountable for not understanding what he wanted. Yeah, it was his fault! I told him all of that while trying to rub my sore eyes with dried-out and dirty hands.

His response was much calmer and clearer. “It’s common sense. If you have something high up, and it starts bending and pushing up more, stop. “

So I burst into tears again. My husband was insinuating I had no common sense?

I have commons sense.

< Don’t walk alone after dark

< Don’t drink and drive

< Monitor the kids’ social media

< Bring a sweater or jacket, just in case it gets cold.

< etc..


Common sense. Yes, I get it! And I do have some of that in my highly creative, sometimes flighty personality.

But do I have engineering common sense?

Who screwed up the third grade toothpick bridge, for both kids?

Who can’t figure out how to get the Wii working on the right channel?

Who does not attempt any of the fun science experiments that involve building something?


Because when it comes to tech, or building something, or doing something with heavy machinery, it’s not my forte! That’s a different kind of common sense. And I don’t have it. So I shouldn’t be blamed for killing the tractor. He knew better!

LOL, I told him all of that, and that I was angry that he wasn’t apologizing.

He held me in his arms right there in the middle of the forest, right next to the busted tractor, and told me it would be all right. We could get a new part for the top.

He also told me he understood I was upset, but it was time to get over it, and finish the rest of our land clearing. Grrr! Still a tad angry, I took my frustration out on the rest of the leaves and dirt, this time leaving a huge space around the evil tree stump.

It got me to thinking. Why was he being such a mean jerk? Why couldn’t he just apologize? Why wouldn’t he take responsibility, or at the very least tell me it wasn’t all my fault that I almost killed my tractor.

It took me a few hours, and getting away from the scene, finally, to come to a new realization.

I wanted my husband to be the perfect HOH, or the perfect Daddy Dom, or the perfect hubby. I wanted him to always be strong and push me to my limits. But I also wanted him to turn on a dime, and be overly compassionate and extra sweet and take all the blame when I did something that made me feel bad.

That’s what I do in the stories I write. It’s what I like in the books I read. It’s a little too perfect for real life, though.

My final realization was that he was treating me like an equal. If he didn’t respect me, or if he thought I was just an idiot with no common sense, he would have taken the responsibility on himself. He wouldn’t have been so angry, if he hadn’t truly been blindsided by my abilities. This means he has faith in me.

He always tells me that—that he knows I can do anything I put my mind to.

On some levels, it’s annoying. Sometimes, I want Daddy Hubby to take over.

But does he need to?

All the time?

No. I would hate it. And he realizes this.

For the record, he came home and hugged me, smacked my bottom for not hugging him back, and told me, “I feel worse about you feeling bad.” (it was the closest I was getting to an apology, so I took it.)

“Good.” Was my grumbled reply.

Then we laughed and hugged again, and it was over.

We’ll get that part fixed at some point. But for now, we can move on.

He still has to fix my first attempt at a toothpick bridge with my daughter.

I can’t have it both ways. And realistically, I guess I don’t want it both ways. But I do love the combination on occasion.

Hugs and blessings ❤

PK Corey brings another great “Cassie” excerpt!

I love PK Corey’s Cassie series. They are fun and sweet, and romantic. And they are about an older couple. Which makes me so happy!! I love this series so much, and can’t wait to read Cassie Corralled.



I could not believe what Tom was saying. “You will not!” I stormed. “I have done nothing wrong and you are not going to spank me and I don’t have to go anywhere against my will. Take me home. You can’t spank me for nothing.”

Tom made no comment and the ensuing silence was thick. We rode on without speaking for the near hour it took to reach the house. The company where Tom works now rents this house where we lived for seventeen years. Clients and visiting VIP’s stay here so it was beautifully decorated for Christmas, but I barely saw it as Tom took my hand and led me quickly to our old bedroom, a small overnight bag in his other hand.

I hate being spanked when Tom is truly upset with me – and he was. I hate it even more when I feel I’ve done nothing wrong. My overall success rate at getting out of a spanking once we’ve reached this point is probably less than a fraction of a percent – but I’m not one to go down without a fight.

“I don’t know what’s got your drawers wound so tight, but you have no business spanking me. I haven’t broken any of your silly rules. I haven’t lied to you about anything. I forgot to take a pill one day! That is nothing to spank me about. What’s wrong with you?

Tom said nothing so I went on, “Are you mad because I’ve been busy lately? I’ve had to take care of Sue and it’s December! Things are happening. I guess you’d rather me be chained in the house, but when you want to do something you can go anywhere, anytime. And this big, important party tonight – why are you so insistent on going? Who’s going to be there that you want to be with more than Annie and Andy?”

I hate to even repeat this next part, but you have to understand I was just mad and on a roll. “Have you found another woman?” I stormed. “You want to show her she doesn’t have to worry about your old hag of a wife?”

I saw it, the hurt on Tom’s face just before it turned to anger. I tried to save it, “Tom, I’m sorry,” I backpedaled. “You know I didn’t mean that. I just…”

“I think that’s a darn good place to start.” He pulled me to the bed and quickly and none too gently pulled down both my slacks and panties at the same time. He began spanking quickly with his hand, but not terribly hard. This wasn’t a good sign; he was actually giving a warm up which told me he was going to take his time.


cassie corralled cover-PK



Cassie is still living life to the fullest, telling Allie stories about everything from long ago shooting incidents to playing laser tag with the children. Tom keeps an amused, yet watchful eye, on his lovely wife. He tries to be tolerant of Cassie’s fun loving ways, but when she decides to spend the day with people she met through the Internet, without letting him or the girls know of her plans, Tom sees red. Tired of Cassie constantly putting herself in possible danger Tom decides to hire her a driver. Cassie immediately sees this plan for what it really is; Tom wants to hire a bodyguard / watchdog / babysitter for Cassie. That’s something Cassie won’t tolerate and after quickly packing a bag, she’s gone with a roar of the engine and a squeal of the tires. In this case Cassie is determine to have her way – and so is Tom, the final decision may change life on the river forever.

Buy links:

Blushing Books



Barnes and Noble


Meet PK Corey

I’m a small town southern writer, happily married to my best friend for thirty-two years now. We have two grown children and we’re learning to love the empty nest. Next year will see the end of a long and satisfying teaching career and I’m anxious to spend more time writing. I didn’t grow up with the desire to be a writer, but I did love to daydream. As a child, I spent most of my spare time, and quite a bit of time when I should have been doing schoolwork, either reading or making up stories. I was actual quite young when Cassie wandered into my head and began telling me her story. I’ve always been drawn to spanking stories, but I need a true love story with it. That’s how I see Cassie and Tom – a true love story with spanking thrown in.

Social links

PK Corey on Facebook






Bethany Leigh stops by with her new spanking short stories.

I had a chance to read Bethany Leigh’s short stories, from A Cure for all Ills,  and was impressed. They were quite entertaining- especially the time travelling one 😉 – and they were the perfect length for a quick night time read. 🙂 You can see my review here.



“It’s our anniversary,” I whispered. “We should be having a romantic day together…”

“And we would have been, if you hadn’t spoilt it.”

I flared up again, blinking back my tears. “If I hadn’t spoilt it? I got you a present and all you could be bothered to do was go out and –”

He gripped me more firmly. “As I said, you have two choices. Walk back or be carried. What’s it to be?”

While I hated the idea of making it easy for him, I couldn’t bear the thought of being carried up the road. So I walked beside him, inwardly quaking. I could still feel the throb of the last spanking, and didn’t want another on top of it.

He unlocked the front door and pointed me inside. This time he did pick me up, carrying me through to the bedroom. And my stomach lurched. For there, on the bed, lay a belt.



Sales Blurb:

Maddie’s hot new date loves to cook – but she avoids eating at all costs Sarah has perfect plans for her anniversary – but Dan’s disappeared into his man-cave Ginny’s always let her dog run free in the ‘on-lead’ area – but now a fine has turned up in the post Maddie, Sarah, Ginny and the other feisty women in these stories all have problems. And they all have men who believe that a spanking is a cure for all ills.


Purchase Links


Amazon UK


Author Q and As

Tell me about your new release

It’s a collection of short stories and is titled A Cure for All Ills. Whereas my first book, Freedom, was an alt-history and my second, At Dead of Night, was a detective story, A Cure for All Ills is a collection of honest-to-goodness domestic discipline stories. One of the stories features a spanko time-traveller from the future making illicit trips back to 1680s London to track down the legendary spanker Whipping Tom, but all the others are contemporary, featuring women in DD relationships and whose partners see – or come to see – spanking as ‘a cure for all ills’.

Which was your favourite story in the collection to write and why?

I have two joint favourites. ‘A Cure for All Ills’ was the very first DD story I ever wrote, based on my experiences with an eating disorder and my longing for a guy to come along and help me recover with some tough love. The other is ‘Anniversary Blues’ because I love the dynamic between the two characters. Sarah is so hot-headed and Dan is such a tough nut with a soft centre. I also love the way he goes about spanking her -– he picks her up and bends her over the bed or his knee. No ordering her across his knee – she’d never submit!

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Yes, writing novels! I love writing short stories, but really struggle with longer-length fiction. I know most authors look at their word count and groan, “Oh no, I’m 20,000 words over my word limit.” Whereas I look at mine and groan, “Surely I’ve written more than 10,000 words?” And when I look at those 10,000 words I can usually spot ways of culling words not adding them.


Author Bio

Bethany Leigh is a writer of domestic dramas and detective stories spiced up with spankings and romance. Her books are: Freedom, set in an alternate Edwardian England; Betrothed, a short prequel to Freedom; At Dead of Night, a contemporary whodunit; and A Cure For All Ills, an anthology of short domestic discipline stories. All are published by Blushing Books.

Bethany lives in Australia. When she’s not writing, she likes hanging out with her family, catching up with friends over a wine or coffee, and spotting kangaroos, wombats, kookaburras and other fabulous wildlife in the bush near her home.


Author links


Twitter: @writerbethany1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bethany-Leigh-108399886191157/

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Bethany-Leigh/e/B018Z9NLSK/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1449447482&sr=8-1

Thanks for stopping by! ❤

Danielle Logan visits with a sweet Domestic Discipline story

I am so happy to have Danielle Logan visiting today, with The Trouble with Savi. This is a standalone book, but continuation of the relationship of Savanna and Eric, from The Preacher’s Daughter. I love DD stories, and have this on my long TBR list. 🙂



After a few moments of silence, Savi felt Eric wrap his arms around her waist. “I didn’t mean to upset you baby, I’m sorry,” Eric whispered into her ear. He grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into the living room and onto his lap as he sat down on the couch.

Savi curled up onto his lap and buried her head into his chest, secret tears fell from her eyes. The guilt was eating her inside. She felt as though there was no way out of this. Her lies were spiraling out of control and there was no looking back now.

Eric pulled her in closer to him and plucked the pins out of Savi’s hair, letting her gorgeous locks fall free. “I never meant to upset you”

Savi lifted her head and looked into her husband’s emerald eyes and gave him a big smile, grabbed his face and placed her plump lips upon his. “I know. I just get overwhelmed sometimes. All of this is so new to me, I don’t know where or when to start or stop.”

“I know baby, I know.”

As she sat in his lap, she thought of ways to tell Eric the truth. But as each idea went through her head, she immediately dismissed it. The last thing she wanted was to be punished, and if she told Eric what she had been up to that is exactly what would happen.



Savannah and Eric are the perfect couple – young and wildly in love. Their first year of a domestic discipline marriage is a huge learning experience for both of them. Savi is suddenly no longer a carefree, pampered child. She is a woman. A wife. She continues her studies. In addition, she must also manage an entire household on her own-everything from cooking dinner, to doing laundry. Savi finds even the simplest of tasks overwhelming.

Eric, too, is learning to master his new role as husband and disciplinarian. Like his young bride, Eric continues his own work, but has also assumed another job, managing Savi, which proves to be more a challenge than he expects.

Come along with Eric and Savi as they experience the ups and downs, the love, tears and laughter that the first year of marriage brings. Can they make it work or will the demands of this new life get the better of the young newlyweds?

Buy Links:



Blushing Books:

Barnes & Noble:

Author Info:


Danielle has always had a passion of writing. However, she never thought she was good enough, until a fellow author encouraged her and here she is. She is a thirty something wife and mother of 4 with one fur baby, Lola. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she has always had a beach ten minutes away. Her current favorite genre is Domestic Discipline, but she loves to read anything and everything. She has a few hobbies along with writing, she loves to crochet and vacation. Between school, kids, and family quiet time is far and few between, so please grab a book and enjoy yourself.


Visit her websites here:




Visit her blog here:


You are Big Ivy and Little Ivy- It’s okay to be both.

Here’s a sneak peek at my new Age Play Holiday novella, We Need a Little Christmas.  It’s part of a box set co-written with the awesome Abbie Adams (whose birthday is today!). J

I chose a tender scene to showcase. Ivy is struggling with her thoughts and reactions to her new little side. But Jack is there to help her through it…


“I  think what upset me the most today, was how I reacted,” Ivy mumbled into his chest. “I really over-reacted, and took it out on you. I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay.” He kissed her forehead.


Wrenching away, she pulled back with tears in her eyes. “No, it’s not. I got upset  and took it out on you because I wanted to go into Little mode. It was a  crisis, and I just tried to hide. I thought this was supposed to be a good thing, letting myself be… I don’t know, young?” She wrinkled her nose. “But that makes it a crutch, right?” Her fists tightened as she  crossed her arms around her chest. “I know all about unhealthy coping  mechanisms after watching my mom.” She burst into tears. “This is unhealthy  escapism. If I can’t turn it off, how can I be the real me? How can I be who  I’m s’posed to?” Her face crumbled and sadness clouded her features. More  tears washed down her face. “I even sound  like a little girl.” She whined and grimaced, burying her head into his  lap.


“Sweetie, it’s okay.” He stroked her head and held her until she stopped crying.  “Sit up. Look at me, please.” Her pitiful gaze met his. “I’m probably not going to say this right, but let me try.”


She  sat up and straightened her back to meet him, her body radiating nervous  energy. 


“You’re special. You make things really fun and interesting, even when you don’t try to. You are beautiful and sexy and smart, and I love arguing with you about politics, because you don’t take any shit from me.” He smiled and kissed her cheek. “You’re also strong, capable, a warrior in heels with a leather briefcase big enough to carry a dead body.”


That got her laughing.


“You’re also exuberant, full of life, gregarious, and you sing off key.” He winked when she pretended to be offended. “You know every single Disney song and movie by heart. You make me feel young. Your energy brings me to life when I’m grumpy and tired.”


She sniffled and her eyes glistened.


“I  know this past year has been hard for you. But the you I see is a lot of different things. You are big and you are little. They’re combined. And I think you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice if you tried to turn off something that is such a big part of you. You are Big  Ivy. You are Little Ivy. It’s okay to be both. I love both.”




Thirty-three year old, Ivy Henry seems to have it all. A well-paying job, a new house, and her wonderful HOH/husband, Jack. At her request, they had incorporated Domestic
Discipline into their marriage a few years ago and she flourished under his
love, guidance, and support.
But, this year’s holiday season is wreaking havoc on their calm relationship. Between the stress of work and hosting this year’s Christmas Eve party for all
the family, Ivy is becoming more and more out of control. To top it off, she has a secret she can’t share with Jack.
Their relationship is wonderful but she wants more—a chance to explore her younger side. Ivy desires to do Age Play but is fighting her needs because it is embarrassing. How can she trust Jack not to laugh when she tells him she wants to curl up on his lap at night and call him Daddy?
Jack has been watching Ivy slip away emotionally for the past year. His beautiful, sweet wife is now always angry and ill tempered. DD just doesn’t seem to be cutting it any longer. He can tell she is unhappy, but doesn’t know how to help her until the day he finds her chat sessions on her computer. Discovering hope again, he begins to make plans to escape from this stressful holiday. He will introduce his precious Ivy to her new daddy—him. They both need to reconnect
and they both need a Little Christmas.
Coming Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015
Thanks for stopping by!

DD update :)

Today’s another personal kind of post kind of day, and more of an update on our DD journey, since I haven’t post much lately. 🙂

We have kind of backed off on the spanking aspect of our spanking relationship for the past six months. And for anyone who really knows me, the spanking part is the best part.

i wish he would spank me

Don’t get me wrong, I love having his leadership and support all the time. I like that he takes my advice, but makes the hard decisions himself.

We both agree, it’s good he is in charge of the money. OMG, my Kindle activity is only a small sign of how flighty I am when it comes to money matters.


“It was a huge sale, honey,” I say, pouting.

“But we don’t need 5 gallons of milk,” he replies.

“It was Buy two Get three free. Come on!”

“What about the extra ten bags of vegetables?” he reasons.

“BOGO,” I explain, proudly.


Sadly, it all went bad before I could use or give it all away.


That should have been another spanking moment, and will definitely stay in my “list of potential scenes for a DD book” later.

But for now…


We have stopped spanking.

And it makes me antsy, a little sad, and a little, hmmm, I don’t know… lonely?

I like being spanked by him. Even when it starts hurting. And man, has he come far from the first days of,

“You want me to do what? To your what?”

Followed by a few soft swats.


Yes, he has mastered the quick swat in the middle of the kitchen while noone is looking.

And he is quite good at the warm up over his lap, at nighttime.

And if I were being perfectly honest, he is superb at the “Nu uh, you’re not done yet, I’m going to keep spanking you until I’m done.” Aspect.

It’s awesome!

dont be gentle

But we had to take a break for different reasons.

We finally had a good long talk, last week.

I explained to him how busy his work is keeping him; how much I miss him; and I was really honest about this- how much I need some of his attention.

Especially, THAT kind of attention.

Being held in his arms, tightly after a good, hard spanking.

Crying—not from the spanking. I don’t usually cry from the pain. But I do cry because of the intimacy, or because I know I have hurt him or done something I should have done better.

Loving the intimate feeling of being so close to him, and knowing this is something neither of us will ever do with another. It’s our one special thing that belongs only to us.

I miss that feeling. I miss my husband. I miss the intimacy. And I miss feeling cherished and “seen” by him.


So we talked last week. And it was really good to lay everything out for each other.

We acknowledged his busy schedule, and my needing to be a little more patient (just hold on a while longer. Work won’t be like this forever). And his needing to be “there” for me a bit more often. I liked the open communication and resolution.

We had a fantastic night of reconnecting, which led into a great week of productivity for both of us. He got a lot done at work, and wasn’t quite as stressed out. And I actually started working on some story ideas again.

Unfortunately, this has been a rough week for him at work- the most intense and stressful yet.

He came home last night with the scary anxiety and heart signs that worry me. (especially since his father died of a heart attack, only a few years older than he is now).

I told the kids I would have to snuggle with them later, so I could help Daddy get settled in upstairs. I raced around like a mad woman looking for the cord to the daggone eight hour diffuser, and found just the right essential oils to calm and let him chill for a while.

When I finished setting everything up, he coaxed me onto the bed next to him, and pulled me against his chest. Then he started lightly swatting my bottom. And then, he finished by snuggling me against him again, and said,

“I know you are overdue for some attention, but I don’t feel well right now. If I felt even a little bit better, I would help you with a discussion (his word for spanking, since he can’t say the “Sp” word :)). But I really need to rest.”


That’s when I realized, how seriously awesome this man was. His willingness to acknowledge both a need in me and a weakness in him, was a pretty cool thing.

I also realized that I inadvertently added more stress to the poor guy’s already overflowing “To-do” list.

<Work a ton of hours, never get caught up, answer phone calls all night, 4 am deployments, and don’t forget to spank the wife.>


He was glad I had been honest with him about my needs for attention, but he was also stressing out more because he wasn’t accomplishing all his “tasks”.

So I took the burden back off his shoulders, and told him I didn’t want my requests to add any more stress.

I thanked him so so so so much for just acknowledging my needs and desires.

And I also told him that I appreciated what he had just given me, and that was plenty.

I just wanted him to get some rest and feel better.

And guess what. I meant it. I didn’t need a spanking.


So he rested, and came downstairs this morning, ready to start another day of stressful work.

He gave me something much better than a spanking last night. I hope I can give him something just as wonderful.

Anyway, there’s our update on the spanking side of things.

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Hugs and blessings


A personal post


It’s been a while since I posted. This one is personal and DD related 🙂

I am heading out for a morning run as soon as I post this.


  • Not because I understand the wonderful endorphin rush that comes from exercise.
  • Not because I understand my body’s needs for Vitamin D, and glorious, wonderful sunshine.
  • Not because I want to tone my body and get back into shape after a few funny remarks, from my daughter, about looking pregnant in my fold over skirt. (My body type does not do well with fold over skirts. Alas, time to put the yoga pants on again ;))

Nope, I am going out for a run because my husband told me to.

Point blank.

I have been fighting depression (actually, it’s more like super highs, followed by tremendous lows. But that’s for another post – depression and the creative person) for over ten years now.

Sometimes it stays away, and I am at my lovely homeostasis – fast talking, high energy, hilarious jokes (only the right kind of person truly gets this humor, but that’s okay 🙂 ), confidence, exuberance, motivated, on target with all tasks for the day.

Then a low hits. These lows aren’t the typical, “I’m feeling blue” blahs. They are more like the deepest, darkest place you could ever go, and you think everyone hates you- most of all yourself. Every imperfection that you once found endearing, charming or beautiful, has now turned sour and ugly.

When I get to this place, I can’t even crawl back out. And hey, for a 5’2, 110 lb’er that has always been overlooked, but has thrived on competition and showing people they are wrong about the little, hyper gal, that’s saying something.

It takes special friends, who talk to me on the phone or internet. They bless me with words of love and affirmation. They pull me up, enough, until I can finally get to a ledge, catch my bearings, and pull myself out.

Sometimes, these waves last longer than others, and come more frequently.

My husband knows that I have been fighting something this past few months. He doesn’t understand it. But he makes sure not to turn his back from it.

We backed off on the spanking part of our relationship a month ago, because I was becoming more resentful, angry, and depressed because he did not have time to spank me. This has been a source of confliction for both of us for a while now.

He doesn’t like spanking, but does it every once I a while, because I have explained I want (and sometimes,) need it.

We didn’t want to resent each other, or our relationship, so we backed off.

Last week, he called me on his way to work.

After another failed attempt at getting myself motivated for a productive day, he took charge.

“Okay, here’s what is going to happen,” he said over the phone. “You are going to go for a run before 9 am. Then you will come back and write. If you can’t write at that point, do a quick clean-up. If your thoughts come back to you, go write, and clean later. This afternoon, you will go for a walk.”

Excuse me? (ok, this angered me a bit)

Now, being the highly submissive woman that I am (slight bit of sarcasm hinted at in the previous phrase), I immediately replied.

“That’s so grrrrrrrreat! Thank you sooooooo much for your suggestion. I was already planning on going for a run, so we MUST have been vibing off each other. Thanks!” (gush gush gush)

His reply was less gushy. “I know what you’re doing, and no, you don’t get to control this situation. You ARE going for a run, and it is because I am telling you to go.”

This led to a few more minutes of open conversation, where I was able to tell him how tired I was, and how sad I had felt that he had hurt my feelings earlier (it’s silly. He didn’t bring me home something from his business trip, but brought home stuffed animal ducks for our kids)

“I wanted a duuuuuuuuuck!” I sobbed.

We talked a bit more, and got everything resolved.

Now, he knows that I want him to bring me something from his trips, to let me know he was thinking of me- that I am cherished and loved and remembered.

Now, I know that he still leads our household, even though he is not spanking me. I also know that no matter how much I initially hate him telling me what to do:

I’ll do it.

Because I like it when he tells me to do something, especially if it makes me feel better.

I like submitting to him.

And I like exercising in the sun.

I am off for a run, because he called me this morning, and told me to.

Hugs and blessings ❤

pretty runner from behind

the gift of play (from the DD side of things)



It’s valentine’s Day, and I’m not sure if I’m going to be grumpy yet. Usually, something happens to make one of us get busy or distracted, so we end up not really doing much. LOL, every year, I tell myself not to get worked up if we don’t do anything, or if I have to plan out all the details myself. (I am quite awesome at planning, though, and can be very creative when coming up with romantic ways to be together) 🙂

This morning, my husband greeted me in the kitchen, with a big hug and, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

It was nice to snuggle in his arms and have him all to myself for a few minutes.

He then turned our bodies, so we were shifted away from the counter.

“What are you—“

He bent me over slightly at the waist, and smacked the back of my black, yoga pants.

Spank Me Yoga Pants

(Okay, my yoga pants don’t say “Spank Me” on the back, but they do say “Spank me” subliminally. I should wear them more often. 😉

Three more crisp, hard swats warmed me up faster than any “Happy Valentine’s Day” could have done.

“Thank you,” I purred up into his arms.

Our youngest child yelled down the stairs, “Mommy, is that you calling for us?”

(I had lost my voice for a week and a half, and had to resort to clapping for the kids, when I wanted their attention. :))

“No, kiddo,” My husband chuckled, and bent me over again, just a tad, and smacked my backside again. “That’s just me making my own noise. If mommy wanted you, it would sound like this.” He smacked the palms of his hands together, creating a loud, clapping sound.

He called up to them and showed them the difference between the thuddy sound that he made, followed by the clapping sound that mom made, a few more times.

I giggled quietly into his chest, as he finished his explanations.

“Okay,” both kids called down, and returned to their game.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” I snuggled into my husband and promised to thank him more appropriately, later.

I still don’t know if we are going to do anything tonight, but I guess I won’t be grumpy. He’s already given me a pretty good gift.

The gift of play.


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Happy spanks!

PK Corey spills it all!

I am so excited to have PK over today, for an actual REAL interview! I don’t get to do these very often, so I had a real treat by getting to talk so intimately with her. Now, I’ll be honest. The reason I wanted to interview PK (besides the fact that she is a really nice woman, and I like her 🙂 ), is because of how pleasantly surprised by her book, Cassie’s Conflicts.

 I thought I would have nothing in common with the MC (Cassie is not your typical 20-30 year old main character). I hoped I would like the book. But I was wrong.

 I LOVED the book, and adored everything about the spunky woman and her fun life. I knew right then I absolutely HAD to interview PK Corey.

So here you go.

Enjoy 🙂


Katherine Deane: Thanks so much for talking with me, PK. So let’s get down to business.

Why an older couple? What appealed to you to go against the norm, and average ages of 20-30 somethings?

PK Corey: I want Cassie’s stories to let everyone know that love and passion are not the sole property of the young. Love and passion grows and changes with age. I didn’t begin writing until I was nearly fifty, I knew the love of a long time commitment and that was what I wanted to explore. Many of us who have always longed for a loving spanking relationship want it to last a lifetime, so let’s explore what’s in the far distance for most of us. The excitement of erotic spanking, as well as discipline doesn’t have to stop as we leave our thirties. I feel that Cassie and Tom give us hope as to what could be.

Katherine Deane: Is this story based on any personal experiences?

PK Corey: It really isn’t. Cassie wandered into my head when I was eleven years old. She was forty then. She began telling me her stories. I never knew why my imaginary friend was thirty years older than me and I never knew why my imaginary friend never left. But now I hope she doesn’t.

Katherine Deane: Do you use any of your life in your writing?

PK Corey: My parents traveled a great deal and I’ve used some of the stories I’ve heard about their travels, with my own spin included of course. I also attended many conventions with my parents, at least once a year since I could remember, until my early-twenties. The ladies activities, the cocktail parties, the dinner and dancing I remember from those days. I do remember several older couples I love to watch dance.

Another thing I got from my life is Tom’s ideas on manners and how a lady should act. These ideas come from my sweet mother. I didn’t always agree with her views, though I wore my white gloves to church as a child, but I knew her idea of proper and I let it bloom it Tom.

Katherine Deane: Was there a public service message in your minor character who was a beloved, sweet young homosexual man? And did any of this come from personal experience?

PK Corey: Yes, this was my reality. My son told me he was gay when he was about the same age as Drew, my son had just turned fourteen. Although he’s not huge like Drew, or athletic, he was accepted and loved by his teachers and friends. He and his boyfriend married about a year ago and someday Drew will too.

Katherine Deane: This really makes me happy, PK. Thank you for sharing that. 🙂

What appeals to you most about Cassie?

PK Corey: I admire her fearlessness, and her total and consuming love and devotion to Tom and her friends.

Katherine Deane: I loved that too! I think that is why I connected so well with her.

How much longer will you continue with this series?

PK Corey: Now there is the question! How long will people want to continue reading her? I have roughly five more books. There are really good stories to come and I really want to tell them. But I also want to branch out and prove I’m hot a one hit wonder – mostly I want to prove it to myself. I know I’ll eventually do the books that are already sketched out, but I don’t know how long I should take. I’m trying to find a balance between not having my readers grow tired of her and on the other hand not forgetting her.

Katherine Deane: What’s the oldest you think Cassie will become before her stories are concluded?

PK Corey: This is my favorite question. There is a book/story in my mind that I’m going to write someday even if I never publish it. It’s years in the future – both Cassie and Tom are in there nineties. It’s obviously a closing book so it could just be for me, but at the same time there are a couple of secrets that come out in that last story that would be interesting to those who truly love Cassie. One secret I’ve known about for a long time, the other I just discovered and it was a bit of a shock. I guess I’ll decide about this book later.

Katherine Deane: I know that’s going to be exciting! So, what comes next?

PK Corey: If I can ever retire and possible get my thoughts organized, there are other characters running around in my head that I would like to explore. I really like the Corbin’s Bend Series and I’d love to write a book for it too.

Katherine Deane: Do you have a favorite scene you’d like to share?

PK Corey: My favorite scene/situation is long, but I’m giving you part of it here. Cassie can get aggravated with Tom, but usually she’s not that mad. This time, she’s truly angry. I liked this scene but I’m most intrigued by the one that comes shortly after it. The scene that follows this one popped into my head one day in great, graphic detail. I had no idea what had happened to arrive at that situation and I had no idea what would happen next. But the scene stayed with me and nearly two years later I got to learn the details.


Tom, who had barely spoken to me during dinner, turned to the couple on his left and announced, “I think we’ll be headed back to the hotel soon. Cassie’s been a little under the weather.”

As far as I was concerned, the fight was on! “THAT’S IT!” I shouted loud enough to attract the attention of several tables as I slammed my hand down. Lowering my voice only slightly I continued, “Cassie has not been under the weather in the least. If Cassie had been feeling under the weather, I would have been one of the first to know. If you think I’m too old and decrepit to come to these functions, why don’t you just put me in the home and be done with it. You can go back to the hotel alone if you want to, I don’t give a damn – I’m staying here.” I grabbed Sue’s drink and downed it in one gulp and then left the table so fast none of the stunned men had time to rise.

I was so mad I didn’t know what to do with myself. I headed to the bar to order another drink. I scanned the crowd until I spotted several old friends and asked one to dance. I stayed on the dance floor nearly thirty minutes. Tom was still at the table. His face was dark with anger, but he made no move to come to me. I tried not to look his way, but it seemed impossible. I kept glancing his way regardless of my intent. He never took his eyes off me. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and I headed to the ladies room.

I sat in the little lounge area and closed my eyes. I kept them closed as women moved in and out. I don’t know how long I sat that way, but when I finally opened them, Sue and Annie were sitting across from me.

“What?” I snapped.

Sue cocked her head and looked at me. “I was just wondering if you had a charity you wanted us to contribute to in lieu of flowers.”

“He is going to kill me, isn’t he? What has he said?”

“The man hasn’t spoken a word since you left the table,” Annie said anxiously. She looked upset. I closed my eyes again. This was bad. “Please come back and talk to him.”

I was in more turmoil than you can imagine. I was still angry to the core, but I felt horrible. I knew I was going to have to face him eventually. Leaving the powder room, I looked over at our table.

Tom was gone.

I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. I couldn’t breathe. I was the hot headed one, I’d run out on Tom more times than I cared to remember, but never in all our years together had Tom walked out on me. Although my anger hadn’t defused, the hurt was overwhelming.


PK Corey: Katherine I’ve so enjoyed answering your questions. I’m sure some young readers are hesitant to grab up a story where someone their grandma’s age is being spanked, but I just want them to give it a try. I hope everyone will just try one Cassie story and then decide if they more.

Katherine Deane: Thanks so much for your openness, PK, and for letting me ask some not so typical questions. I really enjoyed Cassie and her story, and look forward to reading more about her. And I can’t wait to see what else you have in mind for branching out. Hugs!


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