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2015 update and a fireman that spanks

It’s official! I just sent in my hot, new, spanking romance for copy editing!


I know, it seems to take me two-three times longer to write a book than everyone else. It could be hyperactivity, or attention issues; it could be life just keeping me busy, or it could be that I just can’t finish tasks without a little extra shove from friends and loved ones. I’m not sure.

But I am thankful for the friends that really pushed me this past few months. Thanks guys and gals, you know who you are. And you know I get kind of blue when I don’t accomplish a goal. Thanks! ❤

So, I’m pleased to announce, I finally have a book  to tell you about!

It’s a contemporary erotic romance with lots of spanking, plenty of action, and lots of heat.

Heat? Yep the main character is the new captain of the firemen. If there is anything hotter than a stern, dominant fireman who likes to spank, I can’t think of it. 😉

Meet Eric Waters. He is hot, yummily dominant, a bit of a boy scout (in a good way:)), and oh yeah – he spanks!

fireman pic 3

Mmmm, this guy is ready to dish out spankings, save the world, and start a few of his own special kind of fires!


The book is currently called “The Fireman Calendar”.  Guess what that means, hehe 😉

Here’s how I envision the “Calendar” portion of the book.

fireman pic 7

fireman pic 5

Have I mentioned I love men in uniform?


Next time, I’ll introduce you to Cassie Jo- you’re going to love her!

But first, a bit of Eric and Cassie 🙂

(Eric and Cassie are hiking part of the Appalachian trail. The big, strong fireman only has one real fear in life- snakes, and Cassie played a prank on him to bring that fear to life. Wrong move.)


Cassie strode purposefully back to the unmoving, unbreathing giant with the dilated eyes, who was starting to look quite woozy. Ok, this always worked in the movies, right? She lifted her hand, and smacked him lightly against the cheek. Nothing. Oh God, he was going to pass out. Time to pull her big girl panties up. She hauled back, and smacked him across the face, as hard as she could. “Yeowch, mother eff’er, that hurts!” she shouted as the red hot pain scorched her palm.

He looked startled, and took in a quick breath, followed by short erratic, choppy ones, before looking at her. “Girl, you certainly pack a wallop,” he muttered, rubbing his red cheek.

“I’m so so so sorry,” she stammered.

“Not as sorry as you’re going to be.” he grabbed her around the waist.


Thanks for stopping by!

I’ll share some more insight into the story and introduce you to Cassie Jo next time.