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Playfulness in Seduction

I’m still hiding in my writing cave.

(Truth be known, it’s a writing , spring cleaning, and “stop chatting all day on social media” cave- imposed by myself and hubby. He thinks I could sell a lot more books if I wrote more. Which then means I can buy more, so it’s a win-win 😉 )

So my friend, Celeste Jones has graciously offered to hijack my blog today.

Thanks for stopping by.  Take it away, Celeste 🙂



A recent article on Yahoo stated that playfulness is a key characteristic for a happy couple. Some definitions of playfulness are happy and full of energy, ready to play. Playfulness and flirting seem rather similar to me. It’s the playful side of seduction.

I hadn’t considered playfulness per se in any of my characters, but after reading this article, I was reminded of a few scenes from some of my books.

For me, confidence is very sexy and a man who is confident enough to be playful is smoking hot. A playful man doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s not goofy in a look-at-me sort of way, but a man who is ready to enjoy life.

One of my favorite playful characters is Lord Jeffrey Amherst from Becoming Lady Amherst.

At their first meeting, Sarah ended up over Jeffrey’s knee and while upended she spit on his shoe. This scene took place a few moments later.

“Miss McLean, please allow me to introduce Lord Amherst. He is most eager to make your acquaintance.”

I curtsied like a trained pet, as was expected of me. Glancing up from my lowered position, I stared straight into the smirking face of…Lord Spanked My Ass.

He bowed and gave me a dimpled, devilish grin. “I am pleased to meet you, Miss McLean.”

Unsure of how to answer, yet determined not to let my irritation show, at least not to anyone other than my unwanted partner, I simply nodded in reply before he led me to the dance floor.

I waited stiffly by his side, resolved only to engage with him as mandated by the dance. He had other ideas and turned into quite the chatterbox.

“I apologize for not escorting you back inside, but I feared the reaction of your chaperone might have been unpleasant for both of us.”

“How thoughtful of you.”

“Had we been found alone together, the scandal would have been sufficient to force a marriage between us.”

“Marriage? Is it not bad enough that you manhandled me, but now you add threats?”

“Manhandled? You said I spanked like an old lady.” I would swear he smirked.

“You do, at best. I referred to the manner in which you hauled me away from polite society in an attempt to damage my reputation.”

“I believe I did put a little bit of sting to your ‘reputation.’” The bastard had the audacity to wink at me.

“Besides”—he took my small hand and enveloped it in the same hand that minutes before assaulted my derriere—“I had to attend to my blemished shoe. I certainly could not dance with the most eligible young lady at the ball with spittle on my footwear, now could I?”


Here’s a scene from their wedding night.

His gaze held mine, and he tapped the tip of my nose. “There is one important rule which you must learn, Lady Amherst.”

His use of my married name sent a warm thrill through me. “What rule is that, Lord Amherst?”

“You are never to wear more clothes than me.”

My eyes went wide with such a bold statement, yet I found the courage to say, “What shall happen to me if I break this rule?”

He reached behind me to give my barely covered hind end a meaningful squeeze. “We both know my preference for rule enforcement.” He moved his hand from the cheeks of my derriere to the ribbons holding my pantalets up, which he expertly untied and removed. He dispatched my chemise with dexterity as well.


And this scene from near the end of the book.

“You’ll be feeling those branches once we get home, little miss. Until then, I want you to hold the instrument of your punishment while you consider the seriousness of your behavior.”

“I am sorry, Jeffrey.” I did not raise my gaze from the implement held in my sweaty palms.

“What yarn did you spin for Lady Hampshire to make her believe you were British?”

I worried my lip between my teeth for a moment. “It was unintentional. Please believe me. But on my arrival at her house, the maid said everyone was shocked you married an American. I did not want people to think poorly of you, and somehow when I opened my mouth to speak, a British accent came out.”

I peeked up at Jeffrey to gauge his reaction.

“British accent?”

“Yes. Like this. The pahk in Lancashah is divine.”

He covered his mouth with his hand for a moment. “Is that the same way you spoke to Lady Hampshire?”

“Yes, I could not believe I fooled them.”

“It is surprising.” He stared out the window.


Becoming Lady Amherst Blurb:

 When Miss Sarah McLean causes a scandal in Boston, her father takes her to London in search of a husband. At her first party, Sarah insults Lord Amherst who takes her over his knee to spank some manners into her. When this spanking comes to light, Sarah’s father offers him a choice: Marry Sarah or send her back to America where she has no prospects for a husband. Intrigued by the spirited Yankee Girl, Lord Amherst proposes. Despite the circumstances of their marriage, Sarah and Jeffrey form a bond and appear headed for a bright future. That is, until Sarah pretends to be someone she’s not.



Meet Cassie Jo- naughty prankster, rock climber… spanked?

Hey y’all! I’m pulling out all my southernisms today to introduce you to the lead female character of my soon to be released spanking romance. (I think it is coming out late next week. I’ll keep you posted 🙂 )

It’s currently titled The Fireman Calendar, and if you didn’t get a chance to meet the hot, hunky, fire captain, Eric Waters, last week, you can follow this link. 🙂

Today, it’s all about the girl power.

Meet Cassie Jo Stevens

She is the daughter of former Miss North Carolina – pretty, intelligent, brave, adventurous, and has a passion for playing pranks and having fun.

Here are a few pictures that seem kind of like Cassie.

pretty blonde

Rock climbing

blonde rock climbing


LOL, did I forget to mention, she could care less about fashion. Her favorite item of clothing is her banged up, dirty, scuffed up, old army boots. And if she can get a reaction out of people by pairing them with a pretty dress during a formal occasion, why not? 🙂

taylor swift in boots and dress         dress and combat boots


Cassie Jo, the brave – she will stand up to anyone or anything, and she is about to meet her match with Eric.

Here’s a small excerpt where she has just witnessed a car accident, and meets the stern, new captain of the firemen.


“We’ve got this, miss. Please step away from the car.” A handsome blond, very tall fireman, strode purposefully toward them. His face was stern and confident, his blue eyes assessing everything in sight. This man was in charge and he knew it. And so did her body.

Oh for peteness sake! She was just overwhelmed from the endorphins. When everything calmed down, he would probably look like a troll with an eye patch and a mohawk.

Arrgh, matey. I be a Fireman.

She shook her head and took a few deep breaths. Lose your mind later, Cass. Thankfully, the firefighters seemed to have their heads on straight, so she backed to the side of the road and tried to stay out of everyone’s way. She was so relieved when they finally got Mr. McAllister free, and had carried him over to the waiting paramedics.

The large blond firefighter came over. He still looked pretty dang good. “Thanks for helping out until we got here, Miss…”

“Cassie Jo Stevens.” She shook his large hand, and tried not to blush. “I heard him crash. Is he going to be all right?”

“Paramedics are checking him out right now—“

“Captain Waters,” one of the paramedics interrupted him.

“I’ll be right back. Stay put.” He gave her a stern look.

“Fine.” She rolled her eyes, and huffed, looking over at the car. Poor old Mr. Mcallister didn’t need this. He was one of the true good guys. A decorated war hero, retired, widowed; and he helped out the community by taking care of all the homeless pets.

A small flash of movement in the front seat caught her eye, as the car continued to teeter on the edge. The firemen were having difficulties getting a line on the car to pull it from the edge. She inched closer to the old car.

There it was again. That small movement under the blanket on the front seat. Her eyes widened and she rushed toward the car.

“What the hell are you doing?!” the fire captain bellowed from the other side of the road.

Too late now. In for a penny. She carefully inched into the front seat of the car, praying it would hold on just long enough for her to get to it. She wrapped her arms around the moving blanket and inched her way backward out of the car, just as it started groaning and teetering over the edge. She screamed as large arms wrapped around her, yanking her from the car, just as the car teetered one last time, and fell into the embankment below.

He placed her on shaky feet, still holding her shoulders, and stared down at her. Never had she seen such intense, dark, angry eyes- not directed at her anyway.

“Do you have a death wish, little girl?” He gritted out as he patted her body down for injuries.

“I’m fine!” She pulled away from him and gasped at the sight below. Just two seconds later. Shuddering, she pulled the blanket tighter into her arms.

“Want to tell me what that was all about?” He glared at her.

She shoved the blanket up at him, and opened it up. Five tiny sets of eyes peered up at them both, and the soft mewling began. “Mr. McAllister rescues animals.” She held the little bundles of fluff up to her cheek, and smiled. “These were probably his latest finds.”

“Well, your little rescue attempt almost got all of you killed, young lady. Go over to the paramedics and get checked out while I finish up here.”

It took an awful lot of energy to unclench her fists, and not tell this arrogant man where he could shove his check-ups. No one talked to her this way. “You don’t have to be so bossy about it.” She scowled. The look in his eye, and the twitch in his cheek had her hightailing it over to the ambulance. This new fire captain didn’t know who she was. She was twenty four years old, and was not going to be bossed around like some child. Well, she would put a stop to this domineering behavior.

His dark brown eyes narrowed. Next time.

“I’ll head over to get checked out, but only because I think it’s a good idea.” She huffed and turned with her delicate bundle in her arms. “Come on babies. Let’s go see the medics and find your papa.”


Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


Spanking A-Z Challenge, M: Maren Smith, Monty Python, and Men in Tights

spank A2Z

I bet you’re wondering what all of these M’s have in common, since I am using them for my “M” post today, hehe. 🙂

Well, they all make me smile; they make me giggle uncontrollably, and sometimes, they make me say, “OMG, I can’t believe they said THAT!”

These are a few of my favorite M’s.

First, the mighty Maren. Oh, btw, I have not asked her permission (or warned her) to use her today, so if you see my title changed later to monkey or something else abstract, you will know why. 🙂

Ok, mighty Maren.

Holy crap, if there were enough time and words (and I am honestly before my first cup of coffee right now, so bear with me. 🙂 ), I could talk all about all the awesome books she has written. I think I love them all! She makes me laugh with her witty character dialogue. She is so good at entertaining without becoming downright slapstick or silly.

On the flip side of the laughter. My all time favorite book by her. I mean ALL TIME! (and I have a lot of favorites!). My most favorite book by her (and one of my most favorites ever) is one that did not make me laugh; was not humorous; and did not even use her name.

Incubus Moon, written by her other author name, Penny Alley, was freaking AMAZING! Borderline horror, adventure, paranormal, hot, hot hot sex, romance, succubus, incubus, and an ultra hot bad boy. I cannot say enough about this book. It did not make me laugh. But it brought my fantasies to life! Phew! Like I said, I love Maren. 🙂

incubus moon pic


* Ok, on to my other favorites 🙂

Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail, is one of my favorite movies! It is just so stinking funny, and silly, but not slapstick like The Three Stooges (whom I do NOT like).

Come on, whenever you get a bunch of guys dancing and singing and banging coconuts together while pretending to ride horses…

Then there’s the young prince who keeps trying to break into song, during his arranged marriage, much to the chagrin of his father.

And my favorite part, the Castle Anthrax. Young women between the ages of 16 and 19 1/2 who have nothing to do but bathe, dress, undress, and knit exciting underwear. 🙂

The naughy Zoot lights the grail shaped beacon and tries to talk Sir Gallahad (the chaste) to join them for spankings and oral sex.

Poor guy. 🙂


And finally. My favorite musical number from one of my favorite silly movies. Robin Hood Men in Tights. Oh my, That Mel Brooks is a character! I have a lot of favorites from him. But to re-write Robin Hood into this funny spoof, and then to include a comedic score where all the men line up for a hilarious dance number; GENIUS!

It’s one of my “Go To” s whenever I am feeling down.

Here y’a go. 🙂

Hopefully this makes you laugh as well. 🙂

Ok, that’s it for today. My favorite M’s that entertain me, and sometimes, make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. 🙂


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Interview with spanking new author – Casey McKay

catch a fallingstar

I had the pleasure of meeting a brand spanking new author online the other day.

Even better, she’s an author of spanking romance. My Favorite!

After reading her debut novel, Catch a Falling Star, and some of her blog posts, I knew I had to interview this gal.

She loves lingerie, chocolate, (not chocolate lingerie, but that does sound appealing also), reading, blogging… and have I mentioned she is a kindred spirit- a Spanko? Yep.

She realized she was a Spanko early in her relationship, but like a lot of us, had to hide it from her significant other, until recently. She finally had to let him know, last year, when her Kindle became overloaded with spanking stories.  She literally had thousands of them. A girl after my own heart.

When she did tell her husband the truth about her Spanko desires, he was open minded and supportive. Though they are not technically in a DD relationship, they do use different things to make their relationship work. And from what I have heard, he is always willing to help her out- whether it be behind the scene stuff to help make her blog better (or get her back on Facebook), or acting out a scene on her bottom, he is there as a huge support, something that is necessary for every author.

Here she is, Casey McKay, brand new author, and fellow spanko.


Katherine:  Thanks for coming to visit today, Casey.

Casey:   Thanks so much for having me!

Katherine:  I love meeting people with common interests. Our common interest, besides chocolate, seems to be spanking, and reading spanking books. I just discovered this side of myself recently, within the past year. How about you?

Casey:    I think I knew I was a spanko forever, lol. But I had no   clue there were books! Like romance novels with normal people, who just liked   spankings, I was so excited! I was also hiding the fact that I was   downloading these stories from my husband. LOL
I think it also was about a year ago that I started   reading them.

Katherine:  Ahhh, so hubby didn’t know you were a spanko? Or didn’t know you were reading them?

Casey:   We had definitely talked at that point. He knew that I liked being spanked, like as part of foreplay.  But I think I was too embarrassed to share how all-encompassing it was for me.

I used to try to look stuff up in secret all the time. I was so interested in spanking, and reading about it.  Then I got a kindle, and typed ‘Spanking’ into Amazon… OMG it was like the best day ever!

Katherine:  Hallelujah, spanking stories online! I felt the same way when I stumbled onto the Discipline and Desire website last year.

So hubby didn’t know any of this?

Casey:  My husband actually knew I was a spanko for 2 years before I admitted to reading spanking romance, is that weird? I was ok with him knowing I liked to be spanked, he spanked me erotically. But I didn’t want him to know that I was reading it. Does that make sense?

Katherine:  I totally understand, it kind of feels like you might be doing something wrong at first, pornographic, almost. The reading can be so much more intimate. There are so many dynamics and emotions.

Casey:  Yes, it feels very wrong! And I was being so secretive, making sure I signed out of amazon in case he stumbled upon my account. How exhausting!

Katherine:  It does sound exhausting, living two lives, right?  I loved your blog post about the “Real You”. I was in complete agreement about the façade of our everyday lives. It is so freeing to be “out” with a loved one, especially your significant other.

Casey:  Yes, it is like living two lives. I feel like I have to edit myself around everyone, but it’s nice that I can be me with my husband. It does make you feel free.

Katherine:  So what made you jump from reading, to writing spanking romance? Did you have to hide that from hubby for a while too?

Casey:  Oh he knows everything now. I am an awful secret keeper, so it didn’t take me long to confess that my kindle was chock full of erotic and spanking romances. I think he thought it was pretty amusing. He is the one who encouraged me to start writing. I originally starting writing a romance novel. It had zombies in it. LOL, don’t judge me. I started off strong and then lost my way with it.

Katherine:  Wow, ok I have to be honest. I love vampires, were’s, shifters, you name it. I love most paranormal creatures. But zombies scare the begeezus out of me.

Casey:  I agree! And zombies are not at all sexy, which is why I think I stopped writing it.  I really wanted some sex scenes, but sex with a zombie skeeved me out. What if other parts fell off?? Ack!

Katherine:  LOL. Yeah that is gross. But it would be even funnier as a spanking romance. Could you picture a zombie pulling someone over his lap for a spanking, and losing his hand on the first swat? Sorry, I’m having a Monty Python flashback.

“It’s a flesh wound!”

Casey:   LOL, I love that movie. The zombie book didn’t have spankings, maybe that’s another reason why I never finished it.

Katherine:  So you put the zombie project on the backburner. What happened next?

Casey:  Well, hubby encouraged me to keep writing, so I ended up writing Catch a Falling Star. I still think it was one of the most exciting and scariest things I’d ever done. Writing spanking scenes and sex scenes! I was like, what am I doing?

Katherine:  You did a great job with the scenes. The sex was hot. And I loved the spankings. I also really liked the “tell me what you want” premise. Your male MC does a great job of taking charge, while also helping the female MC to help herself.

“You don’t have to be afraid to ask for what you want,”

I really liked that quote.

Casey:  Thanks. I feel like my husband says that to me a lot, and it simultaneously annoys me and turns me on. It’s like I want you to KNOW already, but at the same time its sweet that he’s asking. I’m glad you liked it!

Katherine:  Yes, my husband is also not the mind reader I want him to be.  Alas.

Your husband supports you in other ways also, correct?

Casey:  Yes, my husband published my book for me. Then he set everything up – my blog, twitter, Facebook, he even helped me pick my pen name. I don’t think I would have been able to figure out most of it without him.

Katherine:  That’s awesome that he is so supportive!  What a great transition from reading to writing.
Speaking of reading, it sounds like you have a Kindle full of stories. Do you have any favorites?

Casey:    The first spanking story I downloaded was Renee Rose’s The Elusive O.
And I loved the way she wrote! I bought her other 4 books   she had out at the time, and I was hooked! I devoured her books!

Katherine:  Ooh, I haven’t read that one yet.  Renee is awesome. I totally agree! Any other favorites – spanking or otherwise?

Casey:  Well, I was so against paranormal anything for so long, and then I got hooked on Chicagoland Vampires, by Chloe Neill. There’s some hot sex in those.

Katherine:  I’ll check it out.  I love vampires and sex!

Casey:  On the spanking side, I’ve actually been trying to read less so I can get more writing done. But I downloaded Coming to Terms- thinking I could read a story at a time. That didn’t happen, I finished it in a day and a half. I was completely absorbed!

 Katherine:  I understand that! I had to force myself to go to sleep some nights.  Reading does that to me sometimes.

Casey: LOL, we could chat for hours about all the books I love.  I love nerd talking about books.

Katherine:  Me too! But we should probably finish up with the spankings first. Ooh, I’m having another Holy Grail moment.  🙂

Sorry. So, you have your first book published, and it’s doing well in the world of spanking romance. What’s next for you?

Casey:  I’m working on a Victorian romance. I am so in love with that genre.  I feel like I’m on Wikipedia a lot now looking things up. But I’m having so much fun with it!

Katherine:  Great! I can’t wait to read it. I love that era. Good luck!

Casey:  Thanks, I’m hoping to finish it up soon.

Katherine: Yeah! I’m sure your readers will enjoy it.

So how would you like me to describe you? I call myself a spanko in a DD relationship. I read, write, and fantasize about spankings every day. What about you?

Casey:  Well, I guess you could describe me as a lifelong spanko and romance junkie. I love happy endings. I like reading anything with spankings and sex in it, and write the same kind of stories.

Katherine:  Perfect. There’s my intro.

Thank you so much for visiting with me today, Casey. I had so much fun getting to know you.

Good luck with your reading and writing. I can’t wait to read your next story.

Casey:  Even if it’s Zombie spankings?

Katherine: LOL, even zombie spankings. But no sex, please.  🙂

Casey:  Zombie sex! I’m going to have nightmares

Katherine:  Me too! Ugh.

Thanks again for visiting with me.


(Here is a very enjoyable scene from Catch a Falling Star, where Luke takes Mac to the bathroom for a stress relief spanking that turns into an even sexier kind of release.)


No one will hear us.” Luke looked at her reassuringly, “so tell me what you want.”

            Mac drew in a breath, “Please spank me.” He saw her face redden in the mirror.

            Luke lowered her panties to the floor and picked up the brush. Mac’s eyes were trained on his face in the mirror.

            “I like you being able to look at me while I spank you,” he smiled at Mac. Her face grew redder.

            “You’re so sexy, Molly.” He ran a hand over the creamy skin of her luscious ass, she was still a little pink from the night before. Then he brought the back of the hairbrush down in the middle of her left cheek. Mac let out a little yelp. The brush left a pink oval in its wake, Luke laid down a matching oval on her right cheek. Mac gasped and he ran his hand over her ass again.

            “Does it hurt?” he asked her in a low throaty voice.

            “Yes.” She was watching him in the mirror, and then she smiled, “a little.”

            He brought the brush down again, first the left, then the right, then right across the middle. Mac jumped a little with each swing, “Well that’s the point, right Molly?” Luke asked, she looked at him quizzically, “a spanking’s supposed to hurt.”

            She opened her mouth to answer but before she could he laid down another set, turning her cheeks a deeper shade of pink. Luke’s cock jumped as he looked down at her ass. He leaned down and slipped a finger into her wet core, Mac let out a moan. “You’re so wet Molly,” he breathed out.

            She opened her eyes and looked at him in the mirror, “I’m wet for you.”

            He withdrew his finger and brought the brush down three more times across her cheeks, harder this time than before. Mac gasped, “Ah, Luke.” Her fingers gripped the edge of the sink harder.

            “Look at me, Molly,” her eyes flew open and met his, “are you okay?”

            She nodded and bit her bottom lip. Then she stood up and turned around to face him. Mac took the brush from his hands and placed it back on the counter. “**** me,” she said into his ear and she started unbuckling his belt, “please, I need you.”

– Catch a Falling Star, Casey McKay