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Welcome 2016 – personal post :)

Happy New Year, friends.

2015 was a very interesting year for me. Lots of great moments with friends and family; two new books that pushed me as an author and let me try some new things; we bought land and explored and camped on it; amazing books read; traveling and meeting new author friends… Yes, it was fantastic.

Then, there were some not so great moments — family health issues, depression and anxiety, marital and family challenges… Ugh, some of the moments were rough, and definitely fed off each other.

But that year is over.


making mistakes

And now it’s time to start a new one, filled with new memories and great moments. Will they be the same as last year?

Some will, yes. Like the health issues of a dear family member.

But some moments will change- like how my family and spouse and I interact with each other.


Because we have all changed. We are all growing. Learning. Adjusting our reactions based on our experiences.

Hubby and I have backed off from a lot of the points I most looked forward to in our DD relationship. (yeah, that would be the spankings 😉 )

But he is still, the Head of our household.

Though we are all emotionally and physically (beyond) fatigued, we have discussed and agreed upon the fact that we need to find some reconnection time together.

It might be like a few days ago, when we were preparing (AKA- frantically cleaning the house so people didn’t throw up when they walked in the door) for friends to come celebrate New Year’s Day with us.

The kids were outside roller blading, and I was scrubbing three day old (we should probably stick with that number, right?) dirty pots.  He was putting dishes away from the dishwasher, and came upon the black plastic spatula.

I didn’t even have to bend over. I knew that look. It was only 60 seconds, over my yoga pants. But it was heaven. The front door opened, and little skates could be heard on the hard wood floor in the hall. So we stopped, grinned, and continued our business. It was pretty cool to have that nice little secret between us again.

He reminded me that I could not wear yoga pants and an old Army t-shirt for our company. (In my defense, this was a lunch / dinner, and I wanted to be comfy 😉 )  But I agreed, and found a loose fitting hobo skirt instead. I guess it did feel good to dress up a little and socialize with people.


What does 2016 bring to the table?

I don’t know.

My goals are:

  • to write three books. One of them is a fairy tale I have been dying to do for a few years now. (Because I love this character and her story. And because I really like fairy tales. They are a nice fantasy and quick, inexpensive escape)


  • to get rid of all the clutter in my house, and get it ready for when we decide is the right time to move out to our new land.


  • to enjoy my moments – even the not so great ones.


  • to reconnect with my husband (maybe even celebrate our anniversary at some point. LOL, it was in September)


  • and finally, to keep my eyes open. I might not like what I see, but I will learn from it.

And grow.


Happy New Year, friends.

Blessings, hugs, and especially…

Happy Spanks!