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He is in charge of the garbage.

woman smelling something bad

Hubby and I had another power struggle moment this morning, and guess what?

He won.


Have I mentioned how much I like it when he wins our little battles of wills?

I know, it’s kind of silly. I am a strong willed, intelligent woman. I will not let myself be bullied. But for some reason, I like the power struggles my husband and I have, especially when he stands up to me. He exudes his manly strength, and I try to put up a fight, and eventually swoon.

We were outside, discussing the junk under our porch. Since we are having our daughter’s birthday party next weekend at our house, it became very necessary to get rid of all that crap.

I was adament that all that stuff would not fit in our garbage can.

He was firm in telling me that he would take charge of the garbage can, and all things garbage related.

I may have pouted a little at this point, and stomped my foot (just a little bit), when I whined that I would not be able to get any garbage from the house into the can, if he filled it up with his nasty garbage. (Can you picture it? I am the poster child for petulant glares)

He took me into his arms, and looked me dead in the eye, and said,

“I am in charge of the garbage. You will not have to worry about it. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

OMG, that nice little feeling of warmth spread through my whole body.

“Yes, Sir,” I said quietly, and wrapped my arms around him.

Then he reminded me that even though I felt the need to control the situation, I would have to try to relinquish and trust him.

I have not felt this submissive in a while.

Or this turned on. 🙂

I can’t wait for our next little battle.