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$50 gift certificate up for grabs, and a sexy new release from Daizie Draper

daizy drapier sororoty saint


From the pen and mind of USA Today Bestselling Author Daizie Draper comes Sorority Saint: Domination & Dance Collide, a sizzling collision of dance and domination in one sizzling-hot romance.

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When Jason, a brash and cocky jazz musician and house Dom, comes to the aid of a shy, conservative dancer who is mugged outside the BDSM club where he works, he offers to scratch her curious itch and teach her about BDSM in exchange for her dancing in his music video. The heat their opposite proclivities stir up is too scorching hot for them to ignore, but indulging in passion just might destroy them both.

Author: Daizie Draper
Publisher: Pink Cocktail Publishing
Length: 308 pages
Type: Stand-alone BDSM romance, no cliffhanger


soro saint cover

NOTE FROM THE DOM, JASON DELANEY: I know I’m sexy. It’s why they come to me, hunt me down, beg so sweetly. Be my pirate. Be my daddy. Be my prince. For some reason, she doesn’t beg, even though she kinda sorta wants to—Shayna, that self-righteous, prissy little saint with ballerina grace. After I tend to the sorority girl when she’s mugged at the BDSM club where I’m a House Dom, she agrees to dance in my jazz-rock video in exchange for me teaching her the ins and outs of Dominance and submission that she’s oh-so curious about. Oh, I’ll teach her all right. But I wanna tick her off first. Her fury’s just as sexy as her splits. She fights me, goes toe-to-toe, gets hot, but she lets the angel on her shoulder govern her every move and keep her from knowing erotic bliss. I just know a naughty devil’s in there. And I’m gonna free hers, then tie it up and spank it and drive it wild with savage lust so it has the drive to duke it out with the haloed thrill-robber who’s held the victor’s belt for way too long. My money’s on the bad girl.

Will I go to Hell for corrupting a saint? Don’t know. But after she dove into her panties and showed me those glossy fingers upon command when she should’ve slapped me instead, I’d gladly take on any inferno to find out just how naughty and subalicious she truly is. And I will, provided we don’t kill each other first with our verbal daggers or gropey hands.

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sorority saint graphic

A heated moment between Shayna and Jason

“Um,” I licked my lip, “I was just wondering, if you’re honestly happy doing what you do. Keeping a distance? Not getting laid even?”

“Uh, thoroughly thrilled? No. Happy? Usually. Content and satiated? Definitely. Good enough answer, Sunshine?”

“I guess. Did it hurt, that your BDSM relationships didn’t work out?”

“Of course it hurt. And it’s not just losing the BDSM aspect, but the actual person, the closeness you’ve built, those shooting-the-shit and silly moments you share with someone who knows you better than you even know yourself. Especially in this lifestyle, I find, it’s extremely hard to reset in a new kinkified romance, set my sights on someone else, and aim to discover someone’s exact spank threshold or favorite flower. Not worth the hassle.” He returned to his food, seeming eager to flee from the black hole that tried to suck him in about a minute ago. I watched him as he expertly ate fried rice with chopsticks. Damn, that mouth.

“How do you do that?”

He pulled his attention off the game again to look at me. “Do what now?”

“Use those?”

“Come here.” He wiggled his finger, urging me closer. “Gimme your hand. I’ll show you.”

I scootched over.

He put his set down and took my hand in his. A charge of electricity raced through me when he grazed my palm with his thumb. He held up my chopsticks, separated but parallel to one another, then moved my fingers with delicacy and softly said, “One finger goes under, one in between as a fulcrum, and the index finger curls slightly at the top like this. Now bring your thumb up to meet them.” Finding his gentleness so utterly sensual, I got buzzy and held my breath as he set me up.

He let go.

I frowned. “That?” I wanted his touch back. Even just that little bit was heaven.

“Yep. Now, raise just the top stick slightly, like an alligator mouth.” He squawked and I laughed.

“Okay.” I tried, but I couldn’t get much lift. “I can’t. My fingers don’t move like that.”

“Anyone can do it, Shayna.”

“I’m trying. I don’t have the most nimble fingers. I can’t do the Vulcan sign either.” I wasn’t trying to manipulate him into touching me again. I was literally too feeble and inept to do it correctly.

He put his hands back over mine and I cheered inside. “No, like this.” His warm, manly hands tried to get me to move right. “You can fucking do splits but not wiggle your damn fingers? You drive me nuts. You just need to get a little lift. It’s not an airplane here.”

I laughed. “I’m trying, Jason. Okay. Okay. Think I got it. How’s this?” My little wiggle was still pathetic and I cringed.

“Uuuuh, total crap. But we’re not tryin’a impress Chinese investors, so, guess it’s good enough. Try picking up some food now.”

I crimped a snow pea, but it cartwheeled out of the unattached tongs and sailed into his nose. I cracked up and slapped my lips. “Ohmygod. So sorry.”

“Like hell you are.” He lifted a chicken finger, dunked it in duck sauce, bit down on his grin, and squinted his blue eyes in deviousness.

“Jason! Don’t. Don’t you dare! No! No! I’m sorry.” I screamed and held my hand up. As soon as I cried again, “Jason!” he lobbed it at my chest and it bounced off me and onto the floor.

“Oops. Sorry.”

“No you’re not. What the hell. You took aim and bombed me!”

“Payback, brat.”

I opened my mouth, shocked that he did that, and he swept the glob off my cleavage with his thumb and sucked it clean with a loud kissing noise. “Uh!” I laughed so hard. “You’re the brat. And I’m not afraid of you. You wanna pick a fight with me? I will slam you down any day. Any damn day.” And I did. Or tried to. I leaped onto his lap in a straddle and shoved him down with a palm crash on his beefy shoulders, but I should’ve known he went down too easily.

Laughing, he quickly flipped us and rolled on top of me. We were both suddenly out of breath, winded, abated, aroused. He grabbed a fistful of my hair, zoomed his face down, and sucked and bit my breast where sticky duck sauce residue remained. I howled in surprise and could feel his cock growing hard against me. I ached like nothing else for him to kiss me, to kiss me hard and dirty, to claim my mouth like he just did my boob. I craved it with unmatched fervor, with the deepest longing, especially when he pulled up and looked down at me … wow, like that. He blazed into me. Our chests rose and fell together, and the sound of our respiration created a sultry detonation in the room. “Please, Jason. Please. Please.”

“Please, what?”

“Kiss me. I need your lips on mine.” I squished sobs behind my clamped jaws before they could fly out and shame me.

“No. I’m not kissing you. I can’t.”

“What, are you like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or something?”

“Like Julia Roberts? I don’t even know what that means.”

“She played this prostitute who’d do anything with a guy except kiss on the mouth.”

“Yeah, I guess, that’s pretty much my deal. I don’t readily serve up my cock, my mouth, or my heart to just anyone.”

“But … you kissed Addison.”

“How do ya know that?”

“She told me, said you were an amazing kisser.”

“She said that?”

I nodded. “Please, Jason? We’re playing all fiery here. I crave your lips on mine. It’s not fair.”

“No. You are not her, and her boyfriend happened to be screwing her at the time, so it was just part of a ménage scene. That fiery thing between us is exactly why I can’t. We’ll both get scorched. You’re too damn dangerous.”

“I’m not. I just wanna … feel your lips. Please. Just once. For like five seconds.”

“No. It’s a bad idea, a bad, bad drug,” he said, but I couldn’t tell if he was referring to his lips or mine. His hand glided around my throat and he bent down and breathed hot and heavy in my ear before planting a gentle kiss on my temple. “Sweet baby.” He kept saying, “I can’t … I can’t … I can’t,” in a hushed voice like a mantra, but he failed to convince himself even as another, “I can’t,” left his mouth right before he placed it on mine with a nose breath of need. He drank me in and his hand at my neck slid back through my hair and under my head as his tongue surged in through my parted lips. He drove that clit-tickler in so strong and sure with a predatory claim. God, playing saxophone gave him lips with the power of a hurricane. I felt like I was merging with the floor and shuddered against him as he slammed the slick stake into me, over and over again, that said I was his, all his. His slut. His brat. His property. His doll. His sunshine. His!

Just a second ago, I was trying to muster up the strength to deal with another rejection, so my mind and body were shocked to be soaring from his deep, roving thrusts instead. God, he is an amazing kisser. My toes curled. His lips perfectly attuned with mine, spanning wide then shrinking down to tighter circles in synchronicity. I sucked on and tongue-groped his generous offering with all my might, and he groaned sexy, vibrating a lovely bass note in his throat. I was hungry, aching with need, and so damn hot. He started to tear at my flesh with a barbarity that had me moaning and breathing faster against his face. “Ah, Jason.” I wrapped my legs around his back as his snaking tongue and frenzied handholds made my core burn. I mashed my tingling zone against his erection with hip swirls, and he grabbed a hearty handful of ass.

He tore away to ravish my neck, his teeth scraping my flesh, deliciously all vampire.

Moaning his name, I rolled up into him, trying to get closer and rub against his soul. I broke. I gave up. I waved the white flag. I was so done fighting it. I had to have him.


Daizie Draper is a happily married sex fiend, who loves to write naughty stories that mix the sweetness of chocolate with the bite of leather. She likes sensuality, kink, fruit, impressionistic art, spanking and beauty. She hates big bugs, freedom crushers, injustice, artificial orange and onions. Along with 27 other people in the world, she has never read Fifty Shades of Grey. Her other works include Sorority Pledge Saga, Unlocking the Billionaire, Rock Candy, Christmas on the Run and Nothing But Trouble.
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New Graphics for Wren’s Redemption- and free stuff!

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I’m so excited about tomorrow’s release day for Wren’s Redemption! So excited, that I asked Summer Graystone to make me some graphics.

She took some of my favorite quotes from the story, and

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hold you and love you


fall from grace


bad girl of gymnastics


sexy_spank all clients


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Reasonable Doubts – Rod and Cane Release Day from Cara Bristol!


Cara Bristol’s next installment in the Rod and Cane series is out, and it is fantastic! I loved it! Of course, I’m slightly biased because I adore all of the Rod and Cane stories. But honestly, it was such a great read. I loved the chemistry between Grant and Liz.

I have Cara Bristol here to talk a little bit about her new book, and I even pried into her personal life a tad. 😉

Katherine Deane: Thanks so much for joining me today, Cara. What made you decide to go with a younger man for Liz?

Cara Bristol: I like to torment my characters by giving them the opposite of what they think they want. In Liz’s case, she was married to a man who was 20 years older. After he died, she was adamant that she wanted another older man, an experienced HoH and spanker. So naturally, I fixed her up with a younger man who’d never spanked a woman in his life.

Katherine Deane: Grant and Liz are actually pretty close in age – only 5 years’ difference. Do you even consider that to be a cougar?

Cara Bristol: Cougar? No, I don’t consider Liz to be a cougar. I think the age “gap” is narrow enough to make them peers. People say, “Oh, cougar, hot” but sales don’t support that. I wrote an erotic romance several years ago in which the woman was in her early 40s and the man was in his late 20s, and it bombed. With Reasonable Doubts I was careful to keep the age gap narrow enough to appeal to readers, but just wide enough to shock Liz. I’m going out on a limb enough as it is to feature a heroine in her 40s.

Katherine Deane: Is this the end for Rod and Cane? Or are there more stories coming?

Cara Bristol: More, more, more! Next up will be Jordan Bevy, the disciplinary proctor. He has a bit role in Reasonable Doubts, and he supervised Emma’s spanking in False Pretenses.

Katherine Deane: Who do you feel most akin to, from all the R and C women? the feminist, the news reporter, the young newlywed, the hard *ssed lawyer who kicks butt, the Mayor…????

Cara Bristol: Tough, but excellent question. I want to preface my answer by saying that all my heroines are characters in their own right—I do not model them after myself. I deliberately create characters who are different from me (and way more interesting). However, like all authors, I draw knowledge and inspiration from my personal experiences. With those provisos, I would say that Emma Dupree, the journalist in False Pretenses, is the person I am; Stephanie Gordon, the feminist in Body Politics is the person I was, and Liz Davenport, the poised attorney in Reasonable Doubts, is the person I would like to be. I wish Liz was real so we could meet. I would like to be her friend!

Katherine Deane: Excellent answer, thanks. 🙂 I am so excited to see what happens next. Thanks again, and congratulations on your awesome new release!


Reasonable Doubts Blurb

Widow Liz Davenport assumes when she begins to date, her new man will be like her late husband–a member of the Rod and Cane Society and an experienced disciplinarian who can provide her with loving guidance she requires to feel grounded and secure. So why is she attracted to Grant Davis, an ex-Naval JAG officer who works for her nemesis and has never spanked a woman in his life?

Events in his recent past have forced Grant to take stock of his life and try some new things. But spank a woman? He’s never considered that before, but with Liz’s coaching he’s willing to try.

But when the past collides with the present, will he be able to step up and become the disciplinarian Liz needs?


Reasonable Doubts excerpt

At his prompt, Liz raised her hips, and Grant tugged her panties down her legs. She had a lovely tush—creamy smooth, rounded, and firm with the right amount of jiggle. Spankable.

Could he do this? Hit a woman? Someone he cared about?

Not hit. Spank.

What did he know about discipline anyway? He held himself to high standards, but to lay down the law and demand accountability from his partner-slash-girlfriend was new to him.

Nothing in Liz’s demeanor or actions had insinuated she’d wanted to be spanked—other than that little hint the other evening, which now he recognized as a major clue. Sheesh. Could he have been more obtuse?

He masked his shock at her confession because he could tell how skittish Liz was. She’d opted to end their relationship rather than confront him with her needs.

She would have to work on communication. He would have to work on spanking. A little erotic slap and tickle? Sure. But punish? Hit Liz hard enough to cause her pain? He cringed.

However, actions spoke louder than words. If he had any chance of convincing her of his serious intent, he needed to man up and do what he could to meet her needs. Other than his fear of hurting her, spanking wouldn’t be a hardship. On the contrary, the rounds of her ass, posed so perfectly, so receptively, so…submissively caused a knot of heated tension to tighten in his gut. And lower.

He cared about her. Lusted for her. If she’d asked him to blindfold her and tie her to the bed or try out a wicked toy, he would not have hesitated. Maybe spanking wasn’t such a big deal.

Grant raised his hand and brought his palm down on Liz’s ass. Crack! They both flinched. Good grief, was that a handprint? Already?

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, that was lovely.”

A snort erupted through Grant’s nose at her civilized comment to what seemed like an uncivilized act. The snort became a guffaw, and then they were both laughing. His body shook, and he clamped his arm across her waist to avoid dumping her onto the floor.

At last, their laughter petered out. Grant wiped the tears from his eyes and shifted Liz on his lap. “Ready to try again?”

“Ready,” she said.

Grant took a breath and slapped her ass cheek. With little practice to go on, he judged how hard to swat by the sting in his own palm. Her flesh flattened and quivered under his spanks. Fascinating.

At first, her buttocks reddened but quickly faded to white, but, as he peppered her bottom, the color held. He laid several searing kisses to each blushing cheek, and Liz uttered a little moan, a sensual, sexual sound, and drew Grant’s attention to his own arousal. At some point, he’d become hard.

Yeah, spanking turned him on. Who knew? Maybe Liz’s gratification caused it. Or perhaps his inner caveman enjoyed having a woman at his mercy. Whatever it was, he liked spanking Liz more than he’d thought possible.

But his own palm stung quite a bit, and he could envision how a protracted spanking could render his arm tired and numb.

“Do you own a paddle?” he asked. Of course she did.

“Several,” she replied.

“Good to know,” he said, as if he hadn’t already guessed.

Her left side seemed to be a little pinker than the right, so, to even the color, he slapped its twin red. Liz whimpered, and her hips rose from the bed, her legs spreading to display her glistening sex.

Underwear bunched around her knees, constricting movement. He shoved them farther down her legs, and she assisted by kicking them off. He surveyed his handiwork to give his arm a rest. He rubbed her ass, soothing the sting for both of them. She moaned, and the bliss in her tone shot straight to his cock. Mr. Happy wanted to get in the game.

Maybe he could do this. At least the maintenance part. But punishment? Still not sure. Who was he to decide right from wrong? He massaged her flesh. Heat rose from blood brought to the surface. He squeezed a red moon and watched as it paled then returned to pink. “What sort of things should you be disciplined for?” He couldn’t bring himself to say “punish.”

“In general? Disrespect, dishonesty, and disobedience are considered spankable offenses. Or acting unsafely.”

“Disrespect, huh?” He bounced a searing slap off one cheek.

“Ow!” she yelped. “What was that for?”


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Prizes, Prizes!

How would you like to become card-carrying member of the Rod and Cane Society? To receive a membership card, leave a comment for Cara about Reasonable Doubts or this blog AND your email address in the body of your comment. Cara will contact you to arrange to send you a membership card. This is not a drawing. Everyone who posts a comment with an email address can receive a card—as long as supplies last. In addition, by commenting on this interview and leaving an email address, you’ll be entered into a drawing for Rod and Cane coffee mug.


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Winners of the Hot Days Hotter Nights Blog Hop!


Thanks so much for joining in the fun!

I hope everyone found some new reads after this great party! I know I did!!

The grand prize winners of the main contest are:

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