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The “charming” proactive spanking

I am still flying high from this morning’s impromptu session with hubby! 🙂

Right before we left for church, he asked me to come up to his office.

(hehe, his “office” is actually a long table with his computer, surrounding by every stuffed animal, Monster high doll, and My Little Pony item ever made)

“You haven’t done anything wrong,” he told me, “but I know you usually start having issues toward the end of the weekend. We are going to do a quick session to be proactive.”

I swallowed down the same little fluttery feeling I always get when he mentions a spanking.

“Ok. When? Where?”  (this is a fine combination for me between wanting to act and be submissive, and not look like I am too excited at the prospect. Besides, sometimes, his hand hurts!)

“Here. Right now.”

I looked around at the overflowing piles of toys, and tried to figure out where he was going to spank me. Over a book shelf, with  Rainbow Dash  looking up at me?

He pressed me my hands into the wall, and bent me, so my bottom pressed outward.

He gave me about half a dozen swats to each side over my jeans, and stopped. He got a funny look on his face, and reached into my back pocket, and pulled out  my daughter’s flat, metal charm.

I had forgotten I had put it in there, and had been so caught up in the moment, hadn’t realized that the swats seemed a little “off” on my right side.

“Oops.” I grinned.

“We should see if there’s an indentation on your booty later,” he said, grinning back at me before returning to his task.

Two minutes later (yes, it was a quickie), and it was over.

“Thank you, sir. I like it when you are proactive.” I snuggled into him for a quick hug.

The morning went great.

I felt nice and relaxed.

And yes, there was a mark from where the charm had been wacked into my backside. 🙂

I hope he decides to be proactive again.

And in the future, I will keep all items out of my back pockets.

Just in case 🙂

Here’s the metal charm!

metal charm