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I am all over the place with spanking fun!


The Coach’s Discipline is  about to be released tonight or tomorrow!

Woohoo! The excitement is building!

To keep myself busy, I went over and celebrated with Renee Rose at her place this morning.

Here’s the link!


Here is the awesome, beautiful, OMG, “that’s my characters (And my name!) on the cover”- cover page for The Coach’s Discipline”. Korey Mae Johnson did a fantastic job with it! 🙂

Whatd’ya think?


coachsdiscipline cover


(I’m grinning from ear to ear right now!)


And finally, Spanking Romance Reviews is hosting my party tomorrow.

Sat at noon EST

coachs discipline blogannouncement for party

So that’s how I am keeping myself occupied.

And if that doesn’t keep my nerves at bay today, I can always clean out my sewing room.

(please send in the national guard if you don’t see me tomorrow!)

Happy spankings!


I have a new book coming out this week!

I have a new book coming out this week! My first solo venture!

For those of you that have been following my journey, you know how challenging this book has been for me. 🙂

When I started it two years ago, it was purely an attempt at reconciling some of my own past, and gaining some much needed closure.

The main character, Claire, had a lot of similarities to me both physically and emotionally.

I laughed huge belly rolls  during some of her accidental vocal slip ups, and sobbed when I wrote a few of the most pivotal scenes in her story. It took me over a year to reconcile the differences between her fictitious needs and my own.

And once I finally figured it out, I was able to let her go. She became the main character of the story, instead of me being the MC. And it was truly awesome to be finally released from that burden.  Because it was a burden.

Not only was this my first ever written story, it was my baby, it was special. And it held a lot of me in the pages.

Being a bit of a self defeatist (there’s another character attribute you will find in Claire), I couldn’t push myself to finish the daggone story.

That could have been of fear- What if I put my heart out there and people just didn’t “get it”?

or it could have been born out of a bit of self sabotage.

Whatever the reason, I held onto it, and pushed it aside. I kept ignoring it, but it kept popping back into my self conscience (especially when I was running.).

I am very thankful that some key players came in and helped give me the support and push I needed, so I was able to finish it finally.

I have just heard back from the publisher, that it will come out later in the week.


I’ll be honest; I didn’t sleep all night. I am stuck between these awesome emotions;

Yes! Finally completed. Wonderful closure. I feel at peace! Hooray!


Oh sh*t, oh sh*t! Give me a paper bag and a bucket, because I am either going to hyperventilate or puke. (hopefully, not both at the same time. Eeeew!)



Being the type A planner type that I am (How the heck did I become a panster?!?), I already have a list of to do’s for the week.

Blog posts – Come back for the next blog posts about Nick and Claire (I have pictures and descriptions of these awesome people!), and a fun post about how I freaked out with my poor editor when she mentioned that Nick drove a car AND a truck in my story. (LOL, have I ever mentioned how dramatic I am? I know. It’s hard to see. 😉 )

Huge launch party this Saturday!! – SRR is being kind enough to throw me a party to celebrate, and some of my friends have even agreed to give some books as prizes! Woohoo!!

I get to do interviews (real interviews!) on other authors’ blogs, and share excerpts for promoting.

And I’m making a video trailer as we speak. (I like trailers. They are so much fun to make!)

Ok, so that is everything for now.

Wish me luck!!

Claire and Nick will be here soon!


Spank A-Z Challenge, R: Records and Races!

spank A2Z

Woohoo! Most of my friends, (online and in real life) know that I am an avid runner! I love competition, and enjoy being outside.  So today’s Spank A-Z post held a number of possibilities for me:

Running, racing, recovery, records (personal records)…

I decided to go with something that sounded really fun!

Guinness Book of World Records!

LOL, I found a ton of material to use. There are a lot of very silly records!

But I found one that was near and dear to my heart.

Running Records!


Here are a few one mile records that are pretty awesome!

The fastest mile run by a woman, is 4:12.56, run by Svetlana Masterkova from Switzerland, set in 1996.

The fastest mile run by a man, is 3:43.13, run by Hiccham El Guerrouj from Italy, set in 1999.


Then there’s the really fun one.

The World’s fastest mile – piggy back race!


Yes, it’s just like it sounds.

One person carries another on his or her back for one mile.



Ashrita Furman (USA) carried  Bipin Larkin for one full mile in NY, in 2010, setting a new record of 12:47.

Ok, seriously, I could do that! I know I could! I have a 48 pound kid who would love to set a Guinness Record by holding onto mommy’s back for a mile.

But I can’t find the regulations for this one. If I am 105 (maybe 110, depending on the time of the year 🙂 ), and am carrying close to 50% my body weight, that should be enough right? Or is there a certain age and weight restriction?

Hmmm, I wonder.

This one is definitely on my list of “things I would love to do before I get old and need knee replacement surgery”.


Another fun “R” to mention is Races!

Tara Finnegan was kind enough to share this really cool video with me.

It’s called the “Wife Carrying World Championships.”

Now, THIS one looks really cool!


250 meters of obstacle course, in which the team that completes  the fastest overall time, wins.

There’s just one other matter.

The team is made up of a husband carrying his wife.

LOL, you have to watch some of these poor shmucks falling over in the water pit!

Hehe, it’s funny to watch, but I would probably prefer to be the husband for this one.


There you have it. Some of my favorite “R”s. And they incorporated my other favorite, “R”, running.


Thanks for stopping by today!

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Spanking A-Z Challenge, “E”: Exercise

spank A2Z

Welcome to the next installment of the Spanking A – Z Blog Challenge.

Today’s letter, “E” is about one of my favorite things!




first run of the new year2014


I am a runner. I absolutely love running!

Competing is my favorite, though.

There is nothing quite as awesome as the thrill and anticipation while waiting on the starting line for the gun to go off.

The cool thing about long distance running, is the individual component.  No one else can dictate your race. Your overall time is measured by your performance, your will, and your body’s physical ability to push through the discomfort. It’s all you.

The cool thing about training is the different environments available to you. If you want to socialize, run with a friend or a group of friends. If you want to catch up on your reading or a favorite TV show, run on the treadmill. If you want some alone time to refresh, rejuvenate, and just let your mind wander, run alone. (Ok, PSA time. Running alone, before sunrise can be dangerous. Please be careful. And wear identification)

Some of my best blog ideas and story ideas, have come during a relaxing solo run. My mind wanders freely, and I am in a natural state of peace.

My favorite place to train, when I was competing, was the college trails. These dirt trails in the middle of a nature preserve, gave me the perfect location for calm reflection; and it was a lot easier on my knees. 🙂

There were a few snakes though. If you ever want to see a 5’2 woman scream and do an Olympic medal worthy triple jump, just watch me almost stride over a 4 foot long black snake.


I haven’t been out to the trails in a while. It takes time to drive over. But that’s the great thing about running.

All you need is running shoes. You can do it pretty much anywhere.

So most of my runs lately, have been done from my front door, looped around the neighborhood.

It gives me exactly what I need.

Fresh air


Alone time

Small bits of human interaction

A great endorphin release. (I get very crabby when I don’t get some sort of exercise)


The neighbors seem to like it as well.

One man with a young child called out,

“Hi. You’ve got great form.”

LOL, I knew that wasn’t a come on. I do, in fact, have pretty great form (relaxed shoulders, head up, knees lifted, a quick short economical stride, chest out….  ) 🙂


My neighbor’s husband actually stopped the car, (with family along) to chat for a moment, and casually tell me how good those colors looked on me.

(Once again, not a come on. I was wearing an awesome shade of blue for my matching jog bra and shorts.) 🙂

Anyway, the point I am making is exercise is not only fun and useful for me, it is beneficial for my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

And running will always be my exercise of choice.

I am, and will always be a runner. (Hopefully, my body will let me continue to do so. If not, I will walk as fast as my body will allow.)


Thanks for joining me today.

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Saturday Spankings – Claire’s Cookies

Saturday Spankings


I’m a virgin!

Not really. But this is my first Saturday Spankings. 🙂

And this is my first written story.

(I just sent it in for editing.  Wish me luck!)


Meet Claire and Nick:

Claire is a 32 year old athlete, trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials.  She has a past full of emotional and physical injuries.

Nick is a 36 year old coach, a hard, authoritative man who pushes his athletes to their limit.

Claire is confused by her attraction to her new coach, feeling that he could never fall for a woman like her.  Will she stick around, accept what he has to offer, and finally learn to ask for what she wants, or will she run?

Will Nick learn to trust his instincts and guide Claire towards her goal and a possible future together, or will he shut down emotionally, and lose another woman in his life?


For my 8 sentences today, I am using a scene on the front porch of Claire’s apartment.  Nick and Claire have just finished their first dinner date, and he is dropping her off at her apartment.  Though Claire has acknowledged an interest in the “fetish” her roommate takes part in, she is too embarrassed to bring it into the open.

But with a nervous habit of speaking before thinking, she accidentally opens the door for some fun banter.


“Would you like to come in? I have some fresh spanked cookies. Baked, I meant baked cookies!”

She felt her face flush, but continued to babble. “My roommate used a wooden spoon – not for me, the cookies!”

She closed her eyes and waited for the ground to swallow her up.

Nick took her chin into his palm and slowly raised her to meet his eyes, “Are you inviting me in for spankings and sex, Claire?” he said quietly with a twinkle in his eyes.

Thanks for stopping by for my first Saturday Spankings!

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Life is a training run

woman running on hot day

Ok, it’s time for another metaphorical post.  Many of you know that I am a runner. I have competed for over half of my life, and am about to start competing again.  A good or bad day depends on how my run went that morning.  Luckily, I have been working on finding other outlets, like reading, writing and blogging.

When I went out for my run this morning, I was hit with a blog post idea. (Most of my ideas come while running. It’s Murphy’s Law. No computer or pencil and paper in sight.  I may have to start carrying a Dictaphone with me.  )

The idea was that my life is like a training run.  I was able to compile a short list of comparisons between my daily life, and my running. And I thought it would be fun to share.

So here goes.

The top 5 reasons how my life compares to running.


1.     All it takes is that first step.


Sometimes, I don’t want to get out of bed and run.  It’s early, it’s dark, and my bed is warm and snuggly.

I grumble and groan, and throw the blankets and pillows around, hoping to wake up hubby. (Misery loves company, right? If I have to be awake, he should be too! )

I stumble around, brush my teeth, drink some water, and put on my jog bra and shorts, and socks and shoes. In the area I live, the heat and humidity are already high. No reason to wear anything else.

Then I step out the door, and take my first short stride. As I continue to run, my stride lengthens, my pace quickens, and I relax into the run.

It’s a wonderful feeling, the fresh air, and solitude, feeling my body’s movements, in tune with my surroundings. And I would have missed it, if I hadn’t taken that first step.

Sometimes, life is like that. I may be grumpy or not in the right mindset to do something new and challenging.  But if I take that first step, I almost always surprise myself, and find that I actually enjoy whatever activity it is. But I have to be willing to take the first step.


2.     Out and back runs are good for laziness.


Sometimes, I get lazy. I don’t want to finish a whole 5 miler, I’m bored, or lonely.

(or sometimes, I come up with great ideas for a story or blog post, and want to rush back home).  But I know that doing the whole planned workout is what is going to get me to my goal.  So I force myself to finish the whole run, by doing an out and back run.

It’s just what it implies.

Out and back.

If I go 2 miles out, and get bored or lazy, there is no way I can shorten it and quit early. I have to go back the same two miles. There are no short cuts.  This forces me to stick to my game plan, even when I don’t want to.

In real life, I have a support network. People and events strategically placed, so when I have to absolutely get something done, I will.

I call this my house cleaning 911.

The surest way to get me to clean up the house, is to invite people over for dinner.  I scramble around for a few hours, frantically hiding toys and extra laundry, throwing away moldy cookies that somehow found their way under the couch.

(How the heck did that get there? Hey honey, isn’t that from Easter?)

My husband and I jokingly say that if we want to clean the house, we’ll plan to host a party that weekend.  🙂


3.     Running is tough, it hurts sometimes!


Some of my former workouts were so tough, I shudder to remember them.

5 by mile repeats at sub 5:30 pace. Ugh.

Yes, they were tough.

But once they were finished, I was stronger, faster, and ready to take on whatever workout was thrown at me next.  And as I pushed through one grueling workout after another, I knew that my goal was reachable.

I’m happy to say that my best season ever ended with a top 5 finish in a huge ten miler (61:49 PR). It was worth it.  All that hard work had come to fruition.  It meant something.

Life can be a hard sometimes also.  There are always ups and downs, struggles, battles to be fought.

They can be little, like trying to get a child to eat her hamburger as she loudly protests that she is a vegetarian; or big, like trying to get hubby to come on board with a new relationship that he doesn’t quite understand.

But pushing through it, and trying to have faith that there is a finish line, there is a huge goal to be reached, helps.

After the struggling and pushing have finished, I find myself stronger, ready for the next event.  And I am thankful for making it though that last event.


4.     Everyone has a different max threshold.

My favorite distance runner, Deena Kastor (2004 Olympic bronze medalist in the marathon, and American Record holder) has an amazing Max VO2 threshold, and capacity.  Her lungs and body are able to do amazing things that my body can’t even begin to emulate.

While she can run back to back 5:10 miles, I run 5:45 miles (or at least I did six years ago).  She can run several miles at the same pace as my fastest single mile.
But if I am trying my hardest, and working at the highest level my lungs and legs will allow me, does this make my efforts and achievements any less valid than hers?

I used to coach high school cross country and track.  One of my athletes was an asthmatic teenager who could barely run ½ a mile without needing her inhaler.

Through a slow, but steady workout regimen, we were able to get her not only running, but racing.  By the end of the season, she was racing 5K, keeping up with the other mid pack runners, and was the Captain of the team.

I have never been more proud of someone’s achievement, and I still cry sometimes when I think about how hard she worked to achieve her goals.

But she was just a 23 minute 5K’er.  Compared to my 17:40 5K, that should be negligent, right? Just as my times are compared to Deena?

In life, everyone has a different threshold, different goals, different pausing points, and different talents.  Is any one’s achievement any greater than another person’s?

I have to remind myself of this every once in a while. I will do the best I can in whatever situation I am in. And I shouldn’t compare myself to others’ successes, and feel like a failure if I don’t compete on their level.

I can only truly compete with myself, be the best I can be, and work to the highest of my own abilities.

My threshold is my threshold.


5.     Running should be fun!


Yes, sometimes running is hard work, it’s a job, it’s tiring, and overwhelming, and can be not much fun.

But it shouldn’t always be this way. Sometimes it’s necessary to lose the watch, forget about courses and overall time, and just enjoy the run.

It’s fun to go out, and watch the scenery, use your senses, people watch, daydream, or run with a group and crack silly jokes and laugh the whole time.  It’s fun, it’s therapeutic, and it is positive and energy producing.

Does it help with the overall goal of the big race at the end of the season?

Yes! It’s a release, a chance to let everything go and start fresh, coming back able to work even harder with the next workout.

It is just as necessary to have fun and enjoy the run, as it is to train hard.

Life is like this for me.

Sometime, I have to drop everything, being a wife, a mom, a role model, a runner, a writer… I throw on my shorts, tank top and tennis shoes, and play with the kids.

I play hopscotch, I climb trees, and I beam the neighborhood kids with water balloons, and laugh when they start crying. (Ok, I don’t really laugh at them.  That would be mean. )

It’s fun, it’s therapeutic, and energy building, while simultaneously releasing negative energy. I love it!

Sometimes I set up dance parties with some of the kids. (Ok, the adults just laugh at me when I dance. I’m not exactly known for my smooth moves).

The kids love it! We all slide across the hard wood floors, jump over the couch, shake our bodies, and yell at the top of our lungs, while singing to some crazy song with lyrics we don’t understand.

Oppa Gangnam Style, anyone?


So running is my life, and life is like my running.

Sometimes, it‘s hard, and I need help to push through.

I need my support network to either push me or give me positive affirmation to keep me going every once in a while.

I have to be ok with the fact that I’m doing the best I can, and remember not to judge myself or others in accomplishments.

And most importantly, I need to remember to stop everything and just enjoy it.

There’s a time for working hard, and there’s a time for dancing like a crazy woman.

To all the “runners” out there, no matter what your “run” is…

Good luck!


Happy “running”!

Inner Child on the Run

skin is waterproof_ run

I have had kind of a rough “mommy” week. As some of you already know, my youngest child has been recovering from surgery last week.  The recovery has been going well, with some ups and downs here and there. But nothing too big to deal with.  I was even blessed with a very much appreciated OTK session from my beloved hubby.  But I still needed another outlet.

 (Note: Running has always been a big part of my life.  But I have backed off a bit since having children.  I started back into structured training, this year, in the hopes of alleviating some of my moodiness. I get VERY crabby when I don’t get my endorphin release).

Sunday afternoon, after a particularly long day of (PMS induced) extreeeeeeeeme crabbiness, Hubby decided to push me out the door for a much needed run.

It didn’t matter to him that it was 59 degrees and a torrential downpour.  He reminded me that ten years earlier, I would have been out there even if it was 20 degrees colder, and sleeting! He handed me a hat, swatted my bottom, and told me to “get out there and run!”

He also reminded me that an elite runner would not be making faces and acting uncomfortable during the run.

“Smile. Enjoy it,” he said.  “Make everyone else wish they were as dedicated as you,”

“Ugh, you’re right,” I rolled my eyes, “An elite runner hides her pneumonia from the neighbors, and smiles as she wheezes,”

That got me another, much harder swat, and a grunt, as he pushed me out the door.

I set off on my four mile trek through the water logged sidewalks, leaping over puddles, and watching for cars. One neighbor did drive past, laughing, and asked if I wanted a ride. I pasted a big smile on my face, and thanked him, and told him he could check on me in a few miles.

The great thing about running in cold stinging rain, is the solitude. No one is crazy enough to join you.  And you can’t get lost in emotions and thoughts like on a normal run (lest you miss a huge puddle, and find yourself swimming through the cross walk).  The run is, a RUN.

Nothing else matters at that moment.  You lose almost everything else around you except for the running itself.  Besides watching for the occasional dip in a sidewalk, everything else is awareness based.  You have nothing else to think about but the run, the elements, and how your body is reacting to all of it.

When I held my chest high and pressed out, I easily accepted the cold air into my lungs.  It was so invigorating!

I pumped my arms, keeping them loose and strong.

I lifted my feet, and stretched out my legs, feeling each connection with the wet, but no longer frigid pavement.

I luxuriated in the sharp stinging sensation of the bitterly cold drops lashing at my arms through my jacket.  I stripped it off, since it was not doing its job of protecting me, and I was already soaked.

And then the realization hit me.

I loved this!

I was the crazy, fun loving girl from ten years ago, with the ‘ship eating grin’ and manic giggle, running in the freezing rain- and enjoying it!

Oh, how I had missed this!

I stopped jumping over the puddles, choosing instead to slosh through them, soaking my already drenched feet.

My legs were so heavy and red from the cold rain.  My long, wet pony tail kept smacking my cheek, so I learned to be careful about sudden head movement.  And I did not care about any of it.

For 48-50 minutes, I was free from everything.  I was just a runner.  Alone on the roads. Taking pleasure where I could find it.

I let out a whoop, and tilted my head back to allow some of the rain to pool into my mouth. The exquisite taste of the pure frigid drops left me gasping, shuddering, wanting more! I spent the next mile sticking my tongue out for occasional sips, grinning and cackling like a mad woman.

I even added on two extra miles to the end. I was already drenched, and my body had somewhat acclimated, so why not?

I’m sure anyone who got a glimpse of me in my “free state” will forever be telling the tale of the crazy woman in the biker shorts, soaked from head to toe, grinning like an idiot, and tasting the rain drops, as she barreled through puddles, screaming like a banshee.

What a great run!

What a great escape!

And what a fun way to find the inner child / crazy woman that I thought had been lost so many years ago.

Thank you Hubby, for the push out the door.

And the hat.