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Her Drill Sergeant Dom- Coming Soon!

Would you like a sneak peek into my new military romance?


(Undercover MI Officer, Hunter Jones catches Smyth reading after lights out. )

What else was she hiding, besides the journal she had written in, the past few nights, and those books? He should have confiscated them as soon as he saw them. But he loved watching her read. Tonight, he couldn’t see her, because she had pulled the damn wool blanket over her head. Smart girl. He had watched her the last few nights as she read, under the sheets, the light of her flashlight showcasing her for him. Since she was only the second bunk set inside the barracks, it was easy to watch her. Had she known anyone could see her, the way her eyes widened or her rapid breaths when she read something exciting? What kind of book was she reading? Her breathing, and the way she tensed during certain moments, led him to guess it was a sexual book. He couldn’t see her face, and barely could make out her muffled breathing, but he could see the way her body shifted under the blankets. Her hips rocking gently, the blanket tightening over her legs as they pressed against them. He shouldn’t be watching this. Both hands seemed to be on the book, based on her position, but it didn’t mean her lower legs weren’t doing something he shouldn’t watch—not if he was a gentleman.

Who had ever mistaken him for a gentleman, though? Damn it. He’d better go stop her before she did something they might both regret. Besides, he needed to stay focused on the mission. And taking his cock in hand in the private bathroom after watching her masturbate was not the best way to stay on track. Mission first, damn it.

He strode over to the bed and yanked off her covers.

She squeaked and tried to hide her book under her pillow, but he took it from her easily.

“Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping, McCullen?” He knew it. Her eyes were dilated perfectly, and now wide with a wonderful combination of lust and fear at having just been caught. “What kind of book is so important that you would risk fatigue and getting caught?”

He stared her down, and the flush crept up over her entire face. Nice. The pink tinge complemented her strawberry blonde hair, which hung in long loose, messy curls around her shoulders. God, she was gorgeous. This is what she would look like right after he spanked her ass for staying up too late—right before fucking her senseless. She licked her plump lips nervously, and he stifled a groan. This woman was dangerous. He needed to stop this insanity right now, take her books away, send her to bed with a scolding, and then make her do a bunch of pushups in the morning.

She shifted on her bed as she sat up straight, the covers falling from around her. Her perky nipples shone through her grey t-shirt, when she ran her hand nervously through her hair. He could almost touch her nipples, as close as he stood. Damn, at this angle, he could just lean down a little and pull one of those firm buds into his mouth, suck, lick through the cotton until she begged him for mercy. His cock tightened against the front of his sweat pants. Damn. If Private Diamond woke up, she would get an eyeful. He shifted to the side, and pulled his t-shirt down—not that it covered his interest. But it helped a little. “Come with me. Bring the banned material into the office, please.”


DRILL1 cover


Basic training is a killer—in more ways than one.

USA Today bestselling author Katherine Deane brings you a romantic suspense that will leave you gasping.

Twenty-four year old journalist Smyth McCullen is following the trail of a killer, right onto Fort Hancock Army training center. After two murders of young women just out of basic, both under the same drill sergeant, Smyth knows she must join the Army to unravel the truth.

Little does she know that Basic is dangerous in more ways than one. Protecting her battle buddy, working through sixteen hours of grueling training a day, and following a potential bad guy, is nothing compared to falling for a dominant, undercover drill sergeant.

Hunter Jones is undercover, looking into the potential murders under Drill Sergeant Cage’s direction. He’s been through many deployments, both public, and some not so public. He’s interrogated bad guys, fallen behind enemy lines, and is prepared in every way to act as a drill sergeant and save another potential victim. What he’s not prepared for is the sexy, young strawberry blonde who is definitely not eighteen.

As their attraction grows, they march one step closer to the end of the session, and imminent danger. Can Smyth find the killer in time? Can Hunter protect the next target, especially if it’s Smyth?

Lovers of steamy romance, hot military heroes and plucky heroines will adore Katherine Deane’s hot new romantic suspense.


Her Drill Sergeant Dom is a fully written story with HEA and no cliffhangers.


Coming out July 4th!