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Saturday Spanks : Naughty Girls Get Blindfolded – The Coach’s Discipline

Saturday Spankings

Wow, it seems like forever since I have done one of these!

I am so excited to share my brand new story, The Coach’s Discipline! It just came out last week, and has made the top 100 list for BDSM! Yay!! 🙂

In today’s scene, Claire is enjoying the attention her hot new coach / boyfriend is lavishing on her. Have I mentioned how sexy and dominant Nick is? Mmmmmmm…



“Close your eyes.”

She tried, but kept flashing them open, wondering what he was doing as he paced around the living room.

“All right.” He returned with the blindfold from their sense walk, his eyes twinkling. “Naughty girls who can’t obey get blindfolded.”

She pouted up at him. “But then I won’t be able to see.”

He slipped it over her eyes and laid her on her tummy onto the couch. “That’s what I had in mind,” he whispered, and nipped her ear.




Marathon runner Claire Jacobs has always dreamed of making it to the Olympics, but she has a habit of getting in her own way. With the help of Nick Fox, a legendary coach known for his unconventional techniques, she prepares for one last shot at her dream. Traumatic memories of her experience with her last coach still haunt Claire, though, and in spite of his reputation she finds it hard to trust Nick’s authority.

The more time he spends with Claire, the more Nick finds himself enchanted by her drive and deep commitment to her fellow runners. But when her self-destructive behavior crosses the line, Nick realizes he has only one option to help the woman he has come to care about so much—he will need to give her the first spanking of her life and make sure it is one she will not forget.

Despite his firm discipline, Claire quickly comes to crave Nick’s dominance and direction, and soon he has grown to be much more than just her coach. But when jealousy and misunderstandings threaten to tear the team apart, will she run away as she always has in the past, or can she trust in her newfound love and race toward her goals with an open heart?

Publisher’s Note: The Coach’s Discipline is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Amazon.com- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LQ6DYPA/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

Blushing Books – http://www.blushingbooks.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2912

coachsdiscipline cover


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Author Interview – Emily Tilton

I have the amazing, prolific, envelope pushing, hot, spanking romance author, Emily Tilton with me today!

Katherine Deane:  Thanks so much for joining me today, Emily.  You are really heating up the Amazon rankings with your works. You have become quite the prolific author. Wow! How many books do you have out now?

Emily Tilton: You’d think the answer to that question would be easy, wouldn’t you? Really, it depends on how you count the various pieces of EXPLORATIONS, which is the project I started self-publishing in March of 2013. Let me give you a min-max: If you count all of EXPLORATIONS as one big book, that will probably be something like 500 pages when it’s all over, I’ve got ten books out. If you count all the different bits of EXPLORATIONS separately, you can get that number to something like 40; the collections would raise it even higher. Ten. I’ll go with ten.

Katherine Deane:  And that’s all within the past two years, correct?

Emily Tilton: All since March 2013. If we go with ten, nine of them have released since December 2013.

Katherine Deane:  Very Impressive! So far I can see sub genre’s of Age play,  BDSM, historical, and science fiction. Any others on tap?

Emily Tilton: [laughs] I don’t think I have any other genres going right now. Oh, wait. If you consider medical a separate sub-genre, there’s one of those coming.

Katherine Deane:  Awesome! Can’t wait to hear about this next one!

What’s your favorite genre (to write) so far?

Emily Tilton: Well, for a long time it was the Victorian BDSM that’s captured best in the first and second notebooks, which are ultimately part of EXPLORATIONS. But “Bought and Trained,” which I suppose could probably best be called “dub-con BDSM” really captured my heart. The book I’m working on most intensively right now could be called the origin story for the “Institute” series that began with “Bought and Trained” and will continue with “An Extreme Marriage” and “The Littlest Embezzler.”

Katherine Deane:  Who is your favorite character you have created? Why?

Emily Tilton: Right now it’s a show-down between Mrs. Smith in the notebooks and Abigail Podret, the academic dean of the Institute (“Bought and Trained”). They play similar roles, but have very different personalities. Mrs. Smith is a domme, really, I think, who loves to help all the subs of aristocratic England enjoy their submission. Abigail is a sub who can switch to help the concubines and wives of the Institute do the same thing. Abigail teaches a course called FP (Feminine Pleasure) at the Institute, which always begins with all the students using a toy or a technique to bring themselves to orgasm as quickly as possible. Yum.

Katherine Deane:  Nice! I agree, yum!

So, do you use any real life influence in the creation of your stories? (LOL, this is probably a Freudian slip question, because I mean in regards to ALL your stories. Not just based off the last question. 🙂 )

Emily Tilton: Very rarely, except to the extent that my auto-erotic fantasies have kind of taken on what I would call a real life over the years. Also, in my actual life, as I call it, I’m a teacher, and certain things from my professional life have crept into the Caroline series, Sarah’s Tutorial, and (in a very different way!) Bred by the Spartans.

Katherine Deane:  That’s very helpful . 🙂 Tell me about your newest book. Roman gods were all about pleasure and passion, right?

Emily Tilton: Greek gods, please! Those imperialist Romans just took them over and pretended they were the same as their own boring, story-less gods. Anyway, “Bred by the Spartans” exploits my professional knowledge of Greek mythology in extremely wicked ways, which are in the end completely traceable to my own fantasies, built up over the years of thinking about them. Non-con power-exchange sex was just the way the erotic worked in ancient Greece, and of course that’s the way their gods did it too. The rapes of Europa, Callisto, and Semele, just to name a few, as well as such things as the bull and Pasiphae’s relationship, have always given me more fodder for fantasy than I could ever use up. Writing something that puts a rather modern erotic spin (breeding spanking ménage) on the gods, goddesses, and heroes, was a very hot hoot, if I can put it that way.

Katherine Deane:  Hehe, can you tell history was never one of my strong suits? Well, I am definitely looking forward to reading this new “hot hoot” erotic Greek  romance.

Thanks so much for joining me today.

Emily Tilton:  My pleasure, Kate!




When the beautiful young goddess Thaleia spurns Zeus’ attentions, he has her thoroughly and shamefully punished and then casts her down from Olympus to walk the earth as a mortal woman. Worse still, he places a curse upon her which will overcome any man who sees her with the desire to claim her in the most humiliating ways possible. Her only hope lies in an ancient power stronger even than the gods… Destiny has decreed that if, in spite of the curse, two men can make her confess that she yearns to be theirs, then she will find a happiness beyond her fate.
After Thaleia’s sister throws herself at the feet of Apollo in desperation and begs for his aid, Apollo appears in a dream to Leontes and Theoleon, two of the bravest warriors of Sparta, and commands them to rescue Thaleia. When the men wake and find the girl naked and distressed, they are torn by two equally powerful instincts: to take her long and hard and make her blush with shame, and to love and protect her as their own.
The three journey to the Oracle at Delphi, who gives them Apollo’s prophecy—that the descendant of two Spartan warriors and a goddess will one day save all Greece from its enemies. But if Thaleia bears the son Apollo has foretold and Zeus relents and allows her to return to Olympus, will her love for her two Spartans be greater than her desire for immortality?

Buy Bred by the Spartans at Amazon by clicking here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JY0F3NG/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00JY0F3NG&linkCode=as2&tag=ebet-20



Group Interview at Natasha Knight’s Place

I’m over at Natasha Knight’s blog, with fellow Winter Storm authors, Casey McKay and Renee Rose!

Group interview!

Lots of fun!

Please stop by,

and come back tomorrow for an important announcement about my next blog series!

Happy Monday!



Promo post – Emmaline’s Groom by Casey McKay

Emmalines Groom

I am so excited!!

Casey McKay’s new historical spanking romance has just come out, and I cannot wait to read it!

She is here today to tell you a little bit about her new book! Enjoy!



Thanks for having me Katherine! I came to share a little bit of Emmaline’s Groom with you and your readers.

In this part, Leo has promised Emma a punishment for an earlier transgression. She knows it is coming, but she still puts up a fight.



  “I understand why you were angry and I will not blame you if you cannot forgive me,” she told him in a rush.

            “I can forgive you. I love you, Emmaline.” He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed her so tenderly she felt tears return to her eyes. “Even if I have to take you over my knee every day to correct your behavior, I will never stop loving you.”

            She snatched her hand back from his and narrowed her eyes. Her tears were gone as she squared her shoulders to him. “That is not going to happen.”

            He chuckled at her response and she realized her was teasing her. He nudged her to her feet and she stood standing in front of him. He pointed to the strap on the floor.

            “Bring it over to me.”

            She crossed her arms across her chest. “Leo!”

            “You have consequences coming. Do not argue with me. I do not mind talking with you about your punishment, but you will not talk your way out of it, ever. Is that understood?”

She had the urge to stamp her feet. He was not going to give in and she knew it, but she did not have to like it. She did not answer his question, but turned and did as he asked. She placed the strap in his outstretched palm.

            “Take off your robe.”

            “No, I-” She shook her head and tried to step back out of his reach, but he grasped her wrist.

            “It was not a question,” he said as he tugged her closer and easily flipped her over his knee.

            The breath pushed out of her lungs as she found herself hanging upside down, Leo’s hands pushing her robe up her back, baring her backside to him for the second time that day. She jerked forward at his stinging slap and let out a yelp in surprise.

            “In the future, you will comply the first time I ask something of you.” He punctuated his sentence with another firm smack. She braced herself, placing her hands on the floor in front of her as he spanked her. The sting crept along both cheeks, leaving them feeling warm from the inside out. It was not a completely terrible feeling, and she was reminiscent of the first time he had spanked her and what that had led to.

            She felt her middle moisten in anticipation, she surrendered her body to his punishing blows, lifting her hips back to meet him. He paused and rubbed his hand over her stinging bottom, this is what she had missed that morning. He pulled her up and placed her on her feet in front of him again.

            “Now, take off your robe,” he said again.



Emmaline Lawford, the youngest daughter of an English Marquess, is intended to marry. Though to whom might be up for debate. Her older brother, Samuel, has his sights set on marrying her off to a Duke. Emmaline finally accepts her fate, until a breach in etiquette finds her back in the arms of the man she truly loves.


Leo Colston is stunned when Emmaline is thrust back into his life. He had resigned himself to the fact that he would never marry the woman he loved. Now they are taking hasty wedding vows and being urged to move to America, where they can leave the talk of scandal behind them.


Emma and Leo realize settling into marriage is not going to be as smooth sailing as they thought. As they try to work out their differences and get used to living in close quarters Emmaline finds herself in trouble with her new husband on more than one occasion. Leo’s favorite way to end an argument is to take his lady over his knee and spank her bare bottom until she submits. Emma thinks he should just give in to her womanly charms. Who will win this battle of wills?


Emmaline’s Groom is a stand alone book, but is also the first book in The Ravenswood Manor series.


This book includes spankings, graphic sex, and anal play, and more. If any of this subject matter offends you, please do not purchase this book.


Buy Links:


Amazon UK


The Winter Storm Scavenger Hunt


We are so happy to announce the arrival of our new book!

It’s on Amazon! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ISWJAJY/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

In celebration of our release, we are hosting a scavenger hunt!

We will have a new excerpt from our new book The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle everyday. All you have to do is read the post and answer the question below. Do not answer in the comments, we want everyone to have a fair chance!

Answer once each day and for each correct answer you will be entered into a drawing to win:
– $25 Amazon giftcard
– $10 Amazon giftcard
– A previous release by Renee Rose
– A previous release by Casey McKay

This is the first of 9 different posts.

(Tomorrow’s hunt will take place at Adaline Rain’s blog.)

Thanks! And Good luck!!


Scavenger Hunt

In this excerpt, Jillian and Bertram are alone in a playroom. They have been fighting their attraction towards each other. But it looks like some play time with a paddle is just what they needed to push them together.


“Your turn.” He pulled on his trousers, and took the small implement from her.

“Wh, what?” She stammered, and stumbled. Stupid boots.

“I think it’s only fair to let you compare the two, see which you like better.”

“I like being on top.” She thrust out her chin and glared at him. “I’m not weak, and I like being in control, and just because you don’t find me attractive doesn’t mean there aren’t other men that…”

He grabbed her ponytail into his fist and gently pulled back her head so she stared straight up into his dark, aggressive eyes. “What makes you think I find you weak, or that I don’t find you attractive, little girl?”

He released her suddenly, and the heat filled her body as she trembled in excitement, “You didn’t want me, after, after…” she looked at the ground and watched his large,  hairy feet tap on the floor.

“After. what?”

She gulped and met his eyes, “After you spanked me. I, I felt something inside, and you didn’t show any signs you felt the same way. And then you insinuated that you didn’t want to be with me today. I-I don’t know.” She shook her head and tried to pull herself from his grip.

“I was very much aroused by our activities last  night, but I wasn’t going to take advantage of you. That’s not the way I was raised.” He gripped her chin firmly in his iron palm. “I also wanted to give you some time to recover today, and get used to all of this before you made any rash decisions.  But let me make it perfectly clear that had you not been exhausted and hurting so recently, I would have paddled your bare ass in a way you have never even dreamt of being spanked. Then I would have ravaged that tight little body of yours, and claimed you as mine.”

She jumped and squeaked, embarrassed by his intensity and the animal look in his eyes. “You are so bad.”

“Bad’s my middle name, sweetheart.” He showed her his teeth.


This is one of my favorite scenes because of all the sexy play and fairy tale symbolism.

There you have it. Easy peasy!

Just click the link below to answer the question.

We would love to still hear your comments! But that will be separate from the contest to make it easier on the smart lady who is running this thing. (Not me. 🙂 )


It’s almost time!


Ok, I’m sick, my voice is gone, and I have fever and chills, but nothing is going to dampen my spirit today.

Our new book is about to be published – most likely today or tomorrow!

To show you how new I still am to all of this, I’m not even sure where the heck to post this! I guess I need a new page that says “Books by Katherine Deane” or something like that.  🙂  But for the time being, it’s going right here on the main page.

I am so excited, and am having a tough time focusing on my normal daily activities, LOL. Can you tell I am excited?!?

This will be my first publication- EVER!

My name “Katherine Deane” will be on a book!

On the cover! (Maybe even the back? I don’t actually remember how it works, but I’ll see soon )

And the part of the story that I wrote (with my awesome author friends, Casey McKay and Renee Rose), will be


Made public- for anyone to see!

Ok, I’m going to take a few deep breaths, and calm down.

I understand the reality that there will be people who won’t like it, and some people who will voice these opinions very strongly.

But that’s all right.

Today, I am reveling in the warmth and beauty of accomplishing one of my long term goals.

> Becoming a published author.

My next post will be a bit more professional, I promise. 🙂

The brilliant Casey McKay has even come up with a scavenger hunt to get the word out. It’s going to be fun!  There will also be prizes. You won’t want to miss this one!

I’ve included a picture of the cover, made by the fantastically talented Korey Mae Johnson.

This picture is of my main characters, Bertram. He is the shape shifter / owner of the Lodge, and is a central figure in all the stories.

I’m so excited! He looks exactly like I pictured him!

And if you look closely, you can see my name!

I did mention I will be more professional on my next post, right?

My name is on. a. book!

Before I get swept up in all the emotion. (Yes, I can still crank it up a notch 🙂 )

Thank you so much, Renee and Casey for agreeing to do this story with me!  I loved how well our ideas meshed; how you came up with all the different ways to make this book unique; how you gals didn’t freak out when I cried or got overwhelmed with edits (that may have happened a tad bit); how you blended together to do this huge team effort; how you smiled, and let me enjoy the adventure of being a first timer, and didn’t belittle me for it. Thanks ladies!

Thanks James, Jamie and Korey, for working so hard with us. I’m sure it was a bit difficult doing three authors for a tandem story.

And thanks so much to our beta readers and supportive friends.  You gals know how you are. Without you, we couldn’t have done this. (And we probably would not have enjoyed the process as much without your support.)

Thank you!

Ok, friends.  Hopefully, sometime within the next 48 hours, I will be able to call myself officially:

Katherine Deane, DD’er, home maker, crafter, avid reader, runner, jack of all trades, and

published author!


(ok, I’m going back to being sick now. 🙂

Promo – Humbled, by Renee Rose


I am so excited to share my blog with Renee Rose today!

Her new book, Humbled, a spanking romance set in the French Revolutionary period is awesome!

I loved the characters! The Aristocratic woman who flees for her life, losing her family, her home, everything!

The blacksmith (a commoner, who owes her his life.), who vows to save her and get her to safety.

The passion that turns to love.

And the conflicting emotions of two people from “different worlds” fighting to see if they truly belong together.


Hot sex, awesome story line, great emotions, and super spankings. (Hehe, you can’t have a great Renee Rose book with some of that, right?)

Mmmmm, the spankings were delicious. The sex was hot! I loved the whole package!


Thanks so much for having me today, Katherine. I loved this time period, and really enjoyed writing this one!

Here is one of the earlier scenes, that sets the tone for the story.


“Very well. Get it through your head that the rule of the aristocracy in France has ended. The servant today became the master. If you wish my assistance, you must obey my bidding.”

She felt heat flood her cheeks. Were his intentions honest? Or did he mean to lure her away from anyone who might help so he might take his time humbling her? Exacting some kind of revenge on the privilege to which she had been born?

She lifted her chin. “And if I do not?”

He gave a half-smile. “Then you will be thrashed, like any servant who misbehaves.”

Her bottom clenched convulsively and the heat in her face flushed through her limbs, pooling between her legs. The idea of being taken to task by the handsome peasant sent a wash of shame and a prickle of something altogether disturbing through her body. They stared at one another; he appeared to be waiting for her to test his declaration, but she did not dare. Contemplating a thrashing by him made her go weak.



Sentenced to die at age eleven for stealing a pig, Jean-Claude receives an unexpected reprieve when a young aristocrat girl takes the blame instead. When the mobs of the French Revolution fall upon her château years later, Jean-Claude knows he must save her and repay his debt, but as they begin their long flight to safety he makes it clear he is not her servant and he will deal firmly with any disobedience. Though he initially intends to send her off by ship, the beautiful, feisty Corinne inspires a fierce protectiveness in Jean-Claude that makes it hard to say goodbye.

Corinne is alternately infuriated and attracted to the handsome peasant who has no qualms about turning her over his knee and spanking her bare bottom when she steps out of line. When he ends up joining her on a ship to New Orleans, their futures become inextricably intertwined, but can a common-born blacksmith and the daughter of a lord find enough common ground to make a permanent match?

Amazon UK

Renee Rose
Erotic Romance Author

No romance story is complete without a spanking!

Winter Spanks Blog Hop – A Spanking Fairy Tale



Brought to you by Spanking Romance Reviews & The Saturday Spankings Blog!

Thank you for joining us for Winter Spanks! Let’s warm up with some hot bottoms & cool prizes! Read on for a chance to win:

  • Custom Social Media package including twitter & FB cover designs from graphic designer (The Cover Artisan)
  • Print Copies of The British Billionaire Bachelor – Acts One & Two (Maggie Carpenter)


Follow the links to read the blogs–comment on the blog to prove you were there (or answer the participant’s specific question, if they have one). COPY AND PASTE COMMENTS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! Each comment earns you one entry for the grand prize. You must provide your email address for your entry to count. Individual pages may also have their own form of entry (Rafflecopter, etc) for additional chances to win prizes. Enjoy all the free stories, posts, & fun!


Thanks so much for stopping by for some good old fashioned bottom warming. Baby it’s cold outside! 🙂

I will be giving away a $10 gift certificate Blushing Books, for a random commenter, who answers my question below. (Don’t forget to leave your email, please)

I hope you enjoy the story!

***Note- I am holding off from replying to comments until after the hop is over, to make it easier for counting for prizes. I am chomping at the bit though! Thanks for your comments! ***


He heard the screams, and spurred his horse to go faster.  He rounded the final snow bend and saw the five wolves circling closer to their prey. A woman stood defiantly, trying to protect the prone form on the ground from the advancing wolves. Her emerald eyes shone with fear as she struggled to maneuver the heavy sword.  He jumped off his horse and ran toward them, forcing himself to remain calm.

The wolves saw him, and turned their backs to the scared, angry young woman, baring their sharp teeth as he advanced.

“Go!” He commanded. “This is no meal for you.”

The pack leader growled and crept forward.

He tensed, flashing his golden amber eyes at the leader, and growled.

This was a fight he intended to win.

The leader stopped his movement and cocked his head, sniffing the air.  He must have realized his foe was more dangerous than he looked. He barked at the remaining pack, and with one final snarl, charged into the woods in search of other, easier prey.

The young woman watched him cautiously, her green eyes widening as he strode toward them.

“Don’t come any closer!” She held the sword higher, trying not to falter under its weight.

He tried not to laugh. “Do you even know how to use that thing? It weighs more than you do.”

“Pointy end goes in the heart! Now go away!” she used both her hands to point at his advancing chest.

He looked down at the young man, lying in a crumpled heap in the bank of snow, his pack next to him.  A pool of blood stained the white snow around his head.

“He needs help. If he stays out here, he will die from hypothermia or head injury, whichever comes first.”

He knelt down, and assessed the young man’s injuries.  No broken bones. He carefully picked up his head and wrapped his scarf around the injury.

“How’d your husband get hurt?”

“Um, my brother, not husband. He kinda accidentally fell down the hill.” She faltered and dropped the sword.

“Kinda. Accidentally?” he raised an eyebrow and met her gaze fully.

The petite, pixie like brunette, flushed. “I, um gave him a little shove, and he fell.”

He nodded. Siblings.

“I didn’t mean to hurt him.  It was an accident,” she rushed.

He held his finger up, silencing her with a stern look.  “We don’t have time for explanations.  He needs medical attention.  We need to get him back to my place, and fix him up.” He stood up and called his horse to him.

She leapt for the sword and swung it at him, her green eyes sparkling defiantly. “We are not going anywhere with you! I don’t trust you not to try to steal all our belongings and kill us.”

He rolled his eyes. They didn’t have time for this. And this little pip squeak of a woman was getting on his nerves.

“The next town is over 20 miles away, and there is a huge storm blowing in.” He looked at the quickly darkening sky.  My place is only a few miles down the road. Besides, if I wanted you dead, I would have left you for the wolves.”

“Well maybe you want to have your way with me.” She frowned.

“Not likely.” He scoffed. “I like my women with a bit more curves.

She flushed and let out an indignant squeak.

He turned his back to her, and started to remove the saddle from his horse.  He would put the little minx’s brother on the horse, strap him down, and try to keep him from falling off.

He picked the young man up in his arms, and strode toward the horse.

“I have a better idea.” The young woman pressed the sword against his back.

He stilled.

She poked it a few times gently onto his back without breaking any skin.

“I am going to take your horse, and head to the town. It’s only a few miles for you. You can walk home.”

“Listen you little ungrateful brat,” he turned and glared at her.  “I am trying to help you. You will not be able to make it to the town before the storm hits.  Besides the fact, that this is MY horse.  You don’t take things that don’t belong to you.”

“Too bad! Now, stop your fussing, and put my brother on the horse.” she glared up at him defiantly.

“Little girl, you better put that damn sword down before you find yourself upended over my knee.”

He sensed her movement before she swiped the sword across his arm. He saw two drops of blood form through the cut in his shirt.

He knelt and placed the injured man on top of his coat, then set the pack on the ground.

“You’re going to regret that.” He growled and watched her eyes widen in fear, as he snatched the sword away from her easily, and pulled her to him.

“Don’t hurt me!” she shrieked.

He sat down on the pack, and yanked her over his lap.

“Oh there won’t be any permanent damage, but this is going to hurt. You’re going to get a damn good spanking. That’s how we deal with little girls who act too big for their britches where I come from,” he growled.

Before she had a chance to reply, he lit into her backside.

“Ow, ouch! Stop!” she flailed her arms and legs.

He gave her one hard swat, “Stop the drama. You can barely feel my hand through all these layers.”

He pulled up her dress and her petticoat, and inspected her panty covered bottom, barely pink from his quick warm up.  He would change that quickly.

“You can’t do this! I might get hypothermia!” she squealed and placed her hands across her bottom.

He chuckled and held her hands to her back, “Well then, we’ll just have to get you warmed up won’t we?”

He brought his hand down on the back of her panties again and again as she hollered and cursed.

“You are a big bully and a son of a bitch!”

He placed his hand against her warm bottom. “What. Did. You Say. About my mother?”

She tried to scramble away from him. “I’m sorry. I lost my temper. I didn’t mean… oof!”

He tipped her over farther, and yanked her panties down.

He brought his palm crashing down onto her bare bottom.

“Yeow!” she shrieked.

He made sure to leave no portion of her bottom untouched over the next two minutes.  When he had finished, she lay sobbing in a heap over his lap, all the fight had gone out of her, and her bottom was scorched and red.  He could feel the heat rising from her backside.

The first snow flake reminded him of their location.

Crap! He pulled her to her feet and yanked her panties up, and skirt down.

She whimpered at his rough treatment, but he made no move to apologize. The storm was moving in fast.

“We have to get back to my place before this blizzard hits.” He growled. “Even I have a tough time tracking in this weather.

She nodded her head, and bit her lip, and moved to grab the packs.

“Hey, wait.” He took her stiff form into his arms. “I forgive you. It’s over ok?”

He felt her melt into his arms and cry, and was torn between the desire to comfort her, and the more pressing need to get them all to safety.

He kissed her forehead, patted her bottom, and gave her a gentle shove towards the packs.

“You get the gear. I’ll get your brother.”

They got moving quickly, just as the flurries started.


Jillian couldn’t believe that big…animal had spanked her!  No, she sighed, she deserved it. He had saved Jake and her from wolves, and had even offered to take them back to his place to give him medical attention.

Cutting him and threatening him was definitely not the right way to thank him. She would make it up to him, somehow.

She looked at the large, brooding man, whose face was furrowed in thought.  Was he angry about something? Or was her brother getting heavy? They had realized pretty quickly, that the unconscious man was not going to stay on the horse, so Mr. Wolfe, Bertram decided to carry him. Her bottom ached as she bounced on top of the horse.

“How much further?” she whined, regretting it when he gave her that look.

“Not much further, but it will take longer, if we have to stop and warm up your bottom again.” He raised his eyebrow.

She couldn’t stop the heat that crept to her cheeks. The memory of being over his lap was doing weird things to her tummy.

“So Bertram, what do you do for a living?”

“I own a specialty shop and lodge. You’ll find it interesting, I’m sure.”

He must have misread her surprise as fear, “You and your brother will be safe, I assure you.”

“I wasn’t worried about that.” She scoffed and looked nervously at his large hands. They might be safe, but would her bottom?

“Sure,” he grunted, and shifted Jake in his arms. “So, where were you two heading before your unfortunate, ahem, accident?”

“We were going to that big town to meet the matchmaker.” She looked at the ground and mumbled. “Neither of us has had much luck finding mates in our village, so a friend suggested the matchmaker.

“Interesting,” he nodded. “Why?”

“Why what?” she asked, confused.

“Why do you have problems finding suitable mates? You’re a decent-looking woman.”

She rolled her eyes at him and grumbled, “Thanks. Honestly, Jake sais I’m too, um temperamental.”

“High maintenance? Feisty? In need of a good long spanking, often?” He grinned at her shocked gasp.

Bertram chuckled at her, “I can see that. But you just need to find the right man. Seems to me, you need a man as strong willed as you are.”

She shrugged her shoulders, feeling very uncomfortable with the subject.

“So what about you? Wife, kids?”

His face turned stony, then softened again. “Wife left a few years ago for Tom, Dick, and Harry in another town.”

“All three?” she gasped.

“Yep,” he smirked. “But I took the settlement earnings to build my place, and am living happily with my…” he paused, “daughter. We get a lot of visitors, so we don’t get lonely.”

He slowed his walk, and met her gaze kindly. “I know you feel badly about your brother. Don’t worry, we’ll get him fixed up.”

The tears filled her eyes, and she nodded in thanks.

“All right. It’s just around the bend. You are both welcome to stay as long as you like, as long as you obey the rules.”

She was about to ask him what rules he meant, when they turned the corner, and the lodge came into view. Mansion was more like it. It was huge! Bigger than five houses put together! It was beautiful and brightly lit with torches and lights.

The huge sign announced,

*Winter Spanks Fetish Shop and Play Lodge*

Come in, get warm.

Stay and Play.

She suddenly felt very warm as he stopped in front of the doors and called out for assistance. They were surrounded by help. A pair of strong hands lifted her from the horse, and she looked into the dark eyes of her rescuer. Bertram instructed the medics to take care of Jake as he led her by the hand into the front shop area.

Paddles, floggers, canes, and whips hung on walls. Every square inch was adorned with spanking paraphernalia. But her eyes were drawn to the beautiful pictures of the women, with glowing red bare bottoms. Some crying, some laughing.  She felt so drawn to them.

“Daddy!” She turned to see a cute red haired young lady, about her age, fling herself into Bertram’s arms.

They hugged for a moment before he scolded her about something, swatted her on the backside, and sent her on an errand.

The feisty red head scowled at her before flouncing out the door.

Jillian met Bertram’s eyes, and moved to his place by the counter.

She looked up at the sign above his head. “B.B. Wolfe. Co-owner, Operator”

“So. What do you think?” he grinned and gave her a toothy smile.

“It’s interesting.” She shrugged noncommittally.

“Well, I’m glad you find it interesting.” He placed his hands behind his head. “You’re going to be here awhile.” He looked outside at the growing storm. “If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you try out some of the implements.” He winked.

She bit her lip and sucked in a breath, the excitement growing in her. He had read her so well. She looked around wide eyed at all the different implements, her bottom clenching involuntarily.

“And what if I’m not a good girl,” she whispered and licked her lips.

His huge guffawing laugh shook the rafters.

“Little girl, you are going to get a lot of spankings while you are here. The choice is yours, about what kind you get.”

He took her hand and led her to the inner door of the lodge.

“Let’s go check on your brother. Then we’ll get you settled in. Then…” his smile broadened, “you’ll get your first spanking as a guest.”

“Welcome to Winter Spanks.”



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In keeping with the theme of this story, what fairy tale character would you most like to see spanked? and by whom?

Happy Spankings, ya’all!!


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Promo for “Claimed By the Beast”, by Natasha Knight

Let me start by saying that I adore Natasha Knight!

Her writing is so sexy! I love the spankings she creates- whether consensual or non consensual- they are just plain HOT!

I read, and absolutely loved, “Taken By The Beast”, the prequel to this book! If you haven’t gotten this amazing first story, get it, quick! It’s on sale at Blushing Books through Jan 31st!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to read this new one, due to the business of the holidays. But it is in my Nook, and begging for my attention!

And after reading the blurb Natasha has so kindly shared with us, I might just have to cancel my New Year’s plans for a reading night!  After only one small scene, I am already in love with Marcus. 🙂

Thanks for coming by, Natasha!



claimedbythebeast_full-2 copy


Hi Katherine, thanks for having Rachel, Marcus and I here today to promote my new release, Claimed by the Beast. I both love and hate picking out little snippets to share on blogs, but yours was easy. I have some idea as to how much you like spankings…just a little hint… The scene I’ve chosen for today is the set up to Rachel’s first spanking by Marcus. She’s already been spanked by his brother, Elijah. Poor thing didn’t know Marcus knew about that…

* * * *

Holding onto her, he sat down on the couch and pulled her along so she stood between his legs, her small hands in his. Looking up into her eyes, he unbuttoned the top button of her jeans. She looked back, a little nervous, growing more nervous as he unzipped them.

“I’m glad you understand,” he began, wanting to establish this part of their relationship now, let her know what she could expect from him. “But I want to be sure that you also understand that there are consequences to actions,” he said, never breaking the link between their eyes. The slight shift in her expression wasn’t exactly confusion but something else. “I know Elijah spanked you,” he said.

Her face flushed red and she dropped her gaze to the floor.

“Look at me.” He touched her chin, making her meet his eyes.

“He told you?” she asked, so embarrassed she could only manage a whisper.

Marcus nodded. She dropped her gaze again, her face still bright red.

“I am sorry I haven’t been here for you and that you needed my brother to…”

She pulled free and turned away. “Oh my God, can we just not talk about it?” she asked.

He stood and took hold of her shoulders, forcing her to face him. “He was stepping in for me when I should have been here. He was taking care of you for me.”

She only looked at him.

“I want you to know that from now on, I will take care of you, I will be the one to discipline you when you need it and…”

“Pardon me?” she asked, stepping back and folding her arms across her chest once again.

Marcus didn’t waver for a moment. This first spanking would be the hardest, he knew that, but they just had to move beyond it. “I’m going to spank you now for disobeying me earlier, Rachel. Take your jeans and panties down and come here,” he said, sitting on the couch and turning on the TV. He could feel her watching him as he flipped through the channels and found a children’s cartoon loud enough to mask the sound of the spanking, of the resistance he expected this first time. He then turned back to her and raised his eyebrows.

“You’re not spanking me,” she said. He could almost smell how nervous she was.

“I am. The part you have a say in is where you get to decide how easy or how hard this will go for you.”

“Marcus, be reasonable,” she began, taking a step back when he took one toward her. She glanced behind her, gauging the little bit of space she had left before she hit the wall, her proximity to the door. He thought of her trying to run for it, of catching her and forcing her over his knee. His cock grew hard at the idea.

* * * *


More than a year has passed since Marcus, free at last from his harsh captivity, disappeared to lead a life of solitude. Rachel waits for him, clinging to hope, but her fear grows that the man with whom she shares an unbreakable bond is lost to her forever. Despair leads her to take risks with her life, and Elijah does his best to keep her safe, but he knows that only his brother’s return can truly heal her wounded heart.

Believing that he will only bring her pain and sadness, Marcus has vowed to leave Rachel on her own, telling himself that she will move on and find love and happiness in the arms of some other man. But when the dark shadows of the past engulf his family again and Rachel’s life is put in terrible danger, he is given no choice but to return and take back what is his.

Though overjoyed that Marcus has returned at last, Rachel cannot bring herself to believe that he will truly stay this time, and her doubts push her to defy him even as he fights to protect her. She soon learns, however, that he will tolerate no disobedience when her safety is at stake, and her defiance will be dealt with firmly. As she stands before him, bare and blushing with her well-spanked bottom on display, knowing there is much more to come, Rachel longs for her mate to claim her as his and his alone. But can he shield her from those who would do them harm, or will he be torn away from her yet again?

Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Beast is the sequel to Taken by the Beast. It is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, elements of medical play and BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon CAAll Romance Ebooks, Blushing Books

Natasha Knight is the author of several BDSM and spanking erotic romances all of which explore the mind of the Dominant male and the submissive female, discovering just beneath the surface of each story that key element of love. Her characters are as human as she: powerful and vulnerable, flawed, perhaps damaged but with an incredible capacity to love.






Sat Spanks – Self Spanking Marathon!

spank or treat purple


Spank or Treat 2013 is here at last!

I am very excited to be an Ambassador of the hop this year. To add my own touch of spank or treat fun to the excitement I am giving away TWO gift certificates to Blushing Books!

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Good luck and happy Spank or Treating!

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Corinne Alexander is giving away a paddle from Cane-iac!


Saturday Spankings


Welcome to the marathon edition of Saturday Spanks!

LOL, we are not running 26.2 miles today. But in honor of the Spank or Treat blog Hop, the submission limit has been increased to 2K.

So I get to share a WHOLE scene with you instead of just 8 sentences.  And it just so happens that my main character is a Marathoner, so if the shoe fits…


This scene takes place in Claire’s apartment, the evening after her first punishment spanking from Nick.  Claire is confused by her reaction – she liked the effect it had on her, and wants more.   When he calls to check on her, she explains that she misses the feeling that came from being over his knee, and expresses her loneliness.  He suggests a solution to meet her needs.  A self spanking, directed by him over the phone.

Here is the full kinky scene. Hope you enjoy!



Oh my God. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. This was so sudden, so scary, so unbelievably arousing.  He was going to talk her through her first self spanking.   Even though this would be nothing like having him really there, giving her that look–the one where he raised one eyebrow and tightened his lips–or touching her skin, bringing heat to her bottom, this would be fun. And maybe she would touch herself later to help her get her through the night.

“Are you listening to me, young lady?” His disembodied voice carried from the middle of her bed.  He sounded angry, deadly serious.  If she didn’t know he was playing a role, she would be shaking in her jammies right now.

She couldn’t help giggling. This was kind of unnerving and exciting. “Sorry, what did you say?” she grinned at the phone.

“Naughty young ladies who don’t pay attention, get punished, Claire.” He paused and in a silken voice, emphasizing each word, he said, “Bend. Over. The. Bed.”

She swallowed hard and jumped to comply.

“Arms straight, hands reaching for the other end.”

She stretched out, and placed her palms on the top of her pink paisley coverlet, wondering if he could hear her loud exhales.

“Close your eyes, and listen.” He directed and she obeyed.


Her eyes flew open, and she choked on a breath. She flinched again, when the loud thud repeated over her phone, right next to her head.

“That is a wooden hairbrush,” he explained casually.  “I’m striking my palm, but we are going to pretend this is your naughty bottom.”

Claire mewled and felt her heart rate increase.

“Pull your pants and panties down right below your cheeks, Claire.”

“Ok.” She yanked her panties down, and got stuck before remembering to grab the waist band of her pants. She finally got them both pulled down, and felt the cool air rushing to her cheeks and in between her legs.  Cool moisture dripped down her thighs.

“Straighten your legs, and press your bottom out. Way out.”

She pushed her bottom out, arched her back, and licked her dry lips. She felt so vulnerable. If he was there, he would be able to see everything, every bit of her aching, wet, throbbing lower body.  She trembled with excitement, and told him she was in position.

“Good girl,” he praised. “Stroke your bottom, pat it gently, just like I would if I was there right now rewarding you for your obedience.”

Her legs starting shaking as she reached back and patted herself. That word, obedience. It shouldn’t have that effect on her, but she would worry about that later.

“Now, put your hands back on the bed, and prepare to listen to the first part of your spanking.”

For some reason, the word “spanking” was having a massive effect on her. She hoped he would keep talking like this.

“Close your eyes, and picture me picking up this heavy, wooden hairbrush, preparing to use it on your perfectly white little bottom. It’s not going to stay white for long, young lady.”

She gasped and wiggled her bottom, pretending he was behind her. She could feel his warmth next to her, and hear his deep breaths above her semi-prone position.  She pictured the stern look in his eyes.  She loved this feeling of him dominating her – even though he was miles away.

“I’m going to spank you so long, and so hard, you won’t sit for a week.”  She heard the crack of the brush against his hand, and she jumped.

“Your naughty little bottom is going to be so red and hot, that you’ll have to sleep on your stomach tonight.” Three more loud cracks echoed around her room.

“Naughty!” CRACK!

“…turn you over my knee.” CRACK!

“…Spank you hard.” CRACK!

She moaned and clenched her legs together, rubbing against the ache, loving the sounds, and the way these words made her feel.

“Your turn.”

“Huh?” she was startled out of her reverie.

“It’s time to spank yourself. Or do I need to come over there and show you how it’s done?” he growled over the connection.

She almost fell over, “N-no, Sir.”

He chuckled, and then became stern again, “All right my naughty little woman.  Take the phone, and place it closer to the edge of the bed. I want to hear you spank yourself.  I want to hear the loud smacks against your beautiful ass.  I want to hear, every time you suck in a breath.  I want to hear your groans.”

She groaned accidentally.

He laughed, “Yeah, just like that.”

Her hand shook as she placed her phone next to her, on the edge of the bed.

“Using your right hand, I want you to spank the lower part of your right cheek.  Try it a few times, until you get the hang of it.”

She bit her lip, and raised her right hand.  How hard could it be? Hand to bottom, right? She swiped downward and made weak contact with her bottom. Ok, maybe this was harder than it sounded. She tried again, faring no better the second time.

“This is kind of hard to do,” she apologized, embarrassed that she couldn’t seem to get such an easy task down pat.

“It’s ok. Keep trying. Try ten in a row, aiming for the same spot on your bottom.”


She finally got it figured out on the fifth swat, and listened to the loud, satisfying sound swats 6-10 made. Then the heat started to build up.

“Good girl.  Are your slippers by your bed?”

“Uh ha.” She caught her breath. Spanking was a lot of work.

“Pick one up in your right hand, and try a few rounds of five.”

The slippers had a much bigger impact than her hand did.


She whined in the middle of the second set of five.

“Thaaat’s much better,” he crooned over the line. “I like the sound of your naughty bottom getting spanked. Is it getting red yet?”

She got up, and looked at her bottom in the full length mirror.  It was red and glowing with several small lines from the slippers.

“Not red, just blotchy!” she called out. God, if her roommate could see her now, standing in front of a mirror with her pants at her ankles, her cheeks bright and flushed with exertion, looking at her bare bottom.

“Then we have some more work to do, don’t we?” He drawled over the line.

She felt goose bumps on her arms, and shivered at his reply.

“Back over the bed, darlin’. I want that bare bottom thrust out and high. We’re about to tan you good.”

Oh! She tripped her way over to the bed, and flung herself over the edge.

“Use your hand this time. Start spanking, and don’t stop until I tell you to stop.”



“Yes, Sir!” she commenced spanking herself, one swat after another.

“Pick up the cadence!” he barked, causing her to jump.

She gave herself a nice fast volley of swats, feeling the heat grow in her bottom and her aching core. The heat was spreading so fast, she thought her whole body would burst into flames.


She collapsed onto the bed and caught her breath.  Her arm was sore, her hand throbbed. But the rest of her felt so gloriously heated, she didn’t care.

“Mmm, that was nice, Nick.”

He chuckled, “I’m not through with you yet.”

Her whole body tensed in anticipation.

“Go to the mirror and turn around.”

She shuffled back to her reflection, and looked at her bright red bottom, lovingly scorched by her own hand. It looked beautiful. She was mesmerized by its appearance and the ache.

“How’s it look?”

“It’s pretty red.” She laughed nervously, biting her lip as she inspected for any bruising or marks.

“Very well done. You deserve a reward.”


“Can you see all of yourself in that mirror?”


“I mean ALL of yourself. Bend over.”

She squealed and knew that her face had just surpassed her bottom in redness.

She bent over, and waited for his next command.

“Spread your legs, shoulder width.” He paused while she complied. “What do you see?”

“I, I’m wet.”

She heard him groan, “That’s what I was hoping to hear. Such a good girl.” She basked in his approval.  “Want to go a little further?”

“OK.” She squeaked. Who was she kidding? If she stopped now, she might seriously self-combust. Please let them take it further. As far as they could physically go. She was about to die of arousal, if that was even possible.

“Spank your beautiful ass, and watch yourself as you do it. Report it all back to me. And don’t miss anything, or I will punish you.”

Her pulse rocketed.

She watched herself in the mirror, and bent over. Her bottom was already red and streaked. She smacked the underside a few times, watching as the whole cheek bounced up and down. It gained a bit of redness, then slowly dissipated.  She explained this to him.

“Tsk, tsk,” he pretended to scold her, “I said I wanted EVERY detail.”

She suddenly understood what he was asking for, and stammered, “I’m very wet, and throbbing. I can see. It. I’m very,” she took a deep breath, “um, horny.”

“Do everything I say, as quickly as I tell you.”


“Keep watching the mirror. I don’t want your eyes off that mirror for even a second, or so help me I will come over there and turn you over my knee. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” She loved this. She had never been more turned on in her life.

“Take your ass into both hands, and squeeze your cheeks.”

She massaged and squeezed, feeling the pressure in her womb increase as the abundant arousal dripped down her legs.

“Now touch yourself.”

“My. Self?”

“Your pussy, Claire. Use your fingers to gather up all that liquid, and spread it all over your sex and your ass.

She shuddered and ran her fingers forward.  She was so wet, and so warm and sticky.  She pulled on her cheeks and distributed more of herself onto her bottom. She told him when she had completed her task.

“Good. Now spank your wet ass, hard and fast.”

She groaned as she complied. The harder she smacked her stinging backside, the wetter she became. “Ow! Mmmm.”   She couldn’t decide if it hurt or felt good. The feelings were so closely intertwined, they were hard to differentiate.  Either way, she liked it, and apparently, so did her body.

“One last thing, good girl.”

Anything for him. She was almost spent, she could barely breathe, and she was aching and hot, but she would follow through with whatever he wanted. She had to.

“Finger yourself, Claire. “

Her legs sagged beneath her, but she caught herself on the dresser.

“Tickle that hard little nub, until you are good and ready. Left hand, only.”

She nodded. Silly, he can’t see you. “Ok.”

She used her left finger and vibrated it up and down, back and forth until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m really close. Nick. Oh my God.” She clenched her legs together and bit her lip.

“Are you still watching yourself?”

Oh nuts, she had forgotten about that part.

“I am now.”

“Thrust your fingers inside, and watch yourself while you are doing it.”

Claire whimpered.

“No, I want you to see exactly what is happening to you. Stroke yourself, as deep as if it were me inside you.”

She almost lost it right there.

“Faster, Claire.”

She stifled another moan.

“Now spank yourself with your right hand, while fucking yourself with your left. And don’t you dare close your eyes, young lady.”

She smacked once, twice, then let go with such a long orgasm, she screamed and fell onto the floor in a heap.

It took her a few minutes to catch her breath. “You still there?”

“Yeah.” He grunted.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah, but I’m not in the best of ways.”

Claire picked up the phone, and grinned. “Want me to talk you through it, big guy?”

“Hell, yeah.”



Is Self spanking taboo to you? Why or why not?



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