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Influences, by Patricia Green


I am very excited to have Patricia Green here today to talk about influences in writing, science fiction, and world building. This is a wonderful article! She also has shared her latest science fiction / spanking romance with us! It’s the second in the Romantek series, and I absolutely loved it!  Here’s Patricia. 🙂

My all-time favorite SF book is Ringworld by Larry Niven. And although the romance is thin, the plot, characters and settings are fulsome. I don’t know what inspired the author, what genius spark of intelligence lit up Niven’s brain. I do know he was a mathematician during his college years, and loves to delve into theoretic physics in his books. It’s that background that informs his writing, and, I believe it’s what allowed him to build the incredible universe he did with his Ringworld series.

When I approach writing SF spanking romance, I don’t have a background in math or physics. I took bonehead classes in physics, chemistry, biology, and math. Consequently, I have to do a lot of research when building my worlds. I try not to dip into territory in which I will surely make errors, but I rely on current technology and then imagine where that tech might take us in one hundred, even two hundred years. Although some of it might be magical-seeming, I think science grinds through at a relatively predictable pace in most cases, a pace we can take some chances on foretelling. The spanking part, now that was easy. I’ve had that as part of my marriage for a very long time.

I try to set my science fiction parts only 150 years in the future. That gives me some solid footing on which to work. For the Romantek series, I use my imagination, and some influence from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick, “The Matrix” by the Wachowski brothers, Dreampark by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes, and other SF books I’ve read over the last 35 years. I try to fit elements of these works into my books without stealing from them, and try to enhance any romantic concepts to give my books a passionate heart.

As I was thinking about these things, trying to come up with something new and special, I examined a concept from “The Matrix”: gel immersion. Current physics led me to nanites, and then I thought, what if there was a nanite gel that affected the brain and body? What could it do? Doesn’t that remind you of “Fantastic Voyage” by Harry Kleiner? I was more interested in the what than the how, because I’m not a theoretical physicist, and I don’t play one on TV.

So my nanite gel immersion and the company Romantek was born. The nanites are so small, they can infiltrate the body through pores in the skin and inhalation of the gel. It causes a sleep so deep that dreamers experience a programmed set of circumstances as though they were real. Thus, we’re led into the dream romance, based upon virtual reality time travel.

For other books (particularly my Daughter of the Moon two-book serial), I built my world around a more dystopian Earth, where there is a nuclear war between Asia and the West. Cold War politics led me to this future. When you’re a person for whom bomb drills were the norm as a child, where “duck and cover” was simply part of the school curriculum, it makes an impression on you. Creating a dystopian future from that was natural, as was creating a fantastic bomb shelter underground where close quarters means conflict, romance and spankings.

And Laricon’s Ways was influenced by the domed habitats in both “Babylon 5″(particularly the Martian colony) by J. Michael Straczynski, and also Logan’s Run written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, which was made into a movie by the same name. Both of these fictional universes utilized existing, uninhabitable planets for colonization. My colony, in Laricon’s Ways, lives on Jupiter’s moon, Io, and the romance is among three people (one man and two women). Spankings are the norm in this colony.

All authors are influenced by something, something so memorable that it makes an indelible imprint on our brains. Hopefully, it leads us to create equally compelling books that influence a new generation of readers. What influenced/s you?

Note: The Daughter of the Moon books and Laricon’s Ways are under revision and therefore out of print right now. As technology has changed, it was time to update those SF universes.


Charlotte & the Pirate: Romantek Book 2 is my latest book. Another Romantek book, Eddie, My Love, is due out May 30, 2014.

Blurb for Charlotte & the Pirate

Charlotte Darrell desperately needs to buy a Romantek dream vacation in the hope that their rejuvenation process can heal her horrid facial scar and restore her life back to what it was before her accident. But her virtual reality dream isn’t all she expected.

Rex Boyd is a counter cyber-terrorism expert, working for Romantek. The company is aware that someone is trying to break into their operations and terrorize paying customers. Rex hopes to protect one of the most vulnerable, the rich and influential Marie Carthage.

Once in the dream, fighting the terrorist who has gotten access to Romantek’s system, Rex finds the situation confounded by Charlotte’s presence. Is she a paying customer like Marie, or is she part of the terrorist’s network, there to do harm to Marie and start a firestorm of lawsuits that would bankrupt Romantek? And how will he ever reconcile his feelings for her with his suspicions?

Charlotte finds herself in love and in danger. The dream has become a nightmare, and there doesn’t seem to be a path toward happiness.


Links to Charlotte & the Pirate:

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Author Bio:

Patricia Green is a full-time fiction writer specializing in erotic romance. She provides the reader with love stories that emphasize fun characters with quirky personalities. Patricia is the author of more than 20 published novels and novellas.

In her personal life, Patricia is married and the mother of twins. When she’s not being the angel of domestic harmony and a semi-crazed creator of fictional friends, she loves to read, crochet, knit and watch hockey and baseball.


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Twitter: @PatriciaIGreen


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Natasha Knight bares another woman’s bottom – with me in mind :)

firefighter_natasha knight

Hi Katherine,

Thanks for having me here today to share an excerpt from my latest release, The Firefighter’s Girl. I chose this scene with you in mind – what that says, well…we can discuss later!


In this scene, Rebecca and Sawyer are going to her lawyer’s house for a meeting. Sawyer and John (her lawyer) are friends and Sawyer knows that John and his wife lead a domestic discipline marriage. Watch what happens when Rebecca has just a glimpse at a scene into John’s private life:


It was two rings of the doorbell before John answered the door. Rebecca watched while he threaded his belt through the loops of his pants.

 “Sorry you had to wait. Had a bit of an issue to deal with,” John said, buckling the belt.

 “No worries, John,” Sawyer said.

 Rebecca looked on in confusion. Something was off.

 “Good to see you both, come on in.”

 The minute they walked in the door, she knew what it was that was off. Both she and Sawyer looked directly at the woman who stood against the wall with her jeans and panties down around her ankles, her arms clasping opposite elbows at her back holding her shirt up above her waist. Her bottom was striped a wicked red.

 After Rebecca’s initial shock at the scene she stood witnessing, her glance went back first to John, then to his belt and then back to meet his eyes.

“Suzy was struggling with something we’ve been working on over the last months,” John explained as he closed the door behind them. “I’m sorry your first meeting with her will be with a view of her backside on display, Rebecca, but naughty girls get spanked and they stand in the corner with their punished bottoms on display, even if it happens to be when we have company. Those are the rules in my house.”

* * * * *

It’s a naughty excerpt but there it is… I hope you enjoyed it.


 Oh my heck, Natasha! That was wicked and naughty and yummy… Yes, I loved it! Starting this today! Thanks for sharing!

– Katherine Deane

The Firefighter’s Girl

When twenty-eight-year-old Rebecca Banks learns that her next physical therapy patient is none other than Sawyer Hayes, she stays professional, but deep down she can’t help but panic. She hasn’t seen Sawyer for ten years, and their last meeting ended with him giving her a spanking she would never forget. Now Sawyer is the fire chief in the small town that has become her home, and it is an injury sustained in the line of duty which has brought him back into her life.

Even as he works hard on his recovery, Sawyer’s mind is on something else—repairing Rebecca’s trust in him. When her deadbeat boyfriend and his family implicate her in a serious crime and she’s sent to the local jailhouse to await trial, Sawyer pays her bail and brings her home with him under the condition that she obeys him… and that disobedience will have consequences.

Rebecca agrees, but when she defies her self-appointed guardian she soon finds that a hard, bare-bottom spanking is far from the most embarrassing punishment Sawyer is prepared to employ. Though Sawyer’s punishments leave her with cheeks blushing as red as her well-spanked bottom, they also ignite feelings and desires she never knew she had, and soon his fierce need to dominate and lead her is matched by her growing need to obey him.

Rebecca and Sawyer’s newfound romance grows quickly, but the stress of preparing for her upcoming trial continues to build and she fears the verdict will send her to prison. Can her firm-handed firefighter protect her, or will she be torn from his loving arms?

Publisher’s Note: The Firefighter’s Girl is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

You can read Chapter One here

Amazon US, Amazon UK, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes and Noble, Blushing Books

To read more excerpts, please visit me at http://www.natasha-knight.com.

What does Agatha Christie Have to Do with Spanking Romance? Renee Rose thinks everything!



Renee Rose: Hi Katherine! Thank you so much for hosting me today to talk about mystery novels.

Katherine Deane: Wait–what? I’m here for the spanking. What are you talking about??

Renee Rose: Well, it occurred to me that my new book The Darlington Incident has an oddball influence: Agatha Christie. I grew up reading mystery novels, starting with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys as an early reader, and progressing to Agatha Christie by my teen years. I read every single Nancy Drew book at least three times (I used to read one a day when I got home from school) and I know for a fact I have read every single Agatha Christie written (almost 100).

Now many of the stories I ingest often come out as spanking stories, but I can’t say that Nancy Drew or Agatha Christie’s ever did (they lacked good alpha males, I suppose). Hardy Boys, yes, but that’s another story. So when I wrote The Darlington Incident, it took me a while to realize that a little Agatha Christie sneaked into this one.

One of the fabulous things about Agatha Christie novels is the way the suspects of a crime are all contained on a property. The mysteries often take place at a weekend party, a boarding house, or some other setting where a limited number of people could have entered or exited.

I used the same trope in The Darlington Incident, setting the events at the Westerfield’s Ides of March festivities. Spymaster John Andrews poses as Lord Darlington in order to discover the traitors involved in selling/buying secret government plans.

Naturally, his main suspect is the woman with whom he is falling in love: Eliza Hunt.

Katherine Deane: (grumbles) I’m still waiting for the spanking.

Renee Rose: (laughs) You’ll have to read the book.


“Why did you return?” she asked.

“I came back to see you,” he admitted. “Though I did not plan to ask you to play parlour games with me.”

“Why?” she demanded. “I do not mean why not parlour games, but why did you come to see me?”

“I enjoy your company,” he answered truthfully.

And I suspect you of treason.

He hated his suspicious mind, which reasoned she and Lord Auburn might be the two he sought, and the forced kiss an act to cover up an interrupted meeting. He did not wish to believe such a thing. He wanted only to comfort the lovely woman on his arm.

She stopped and stared up at him, a deep furrow between her brows. “How can this be?” she demanded. “What is going on? Two men cannot seek me out without cause.”

He frowned. Grasping her arms he gave her a gentle shake. “Do not underestimate your charms,” he scolded.

A giggle bubbled up from her lips. “You are like no other man I have ever met, Lord Darlington.”


When spymaster John Andrews receives word that plans are afoot to sell England’s secrets to her enemies during the Ides of March ball at the Westerfield Estate, he is determined to bring an end to this treasonous game. Posing as a gentleman by the name of Lord Darlington to stake out the event, he is ready for anything as he mingles with the members of the ton…except falling for his prime suspect, the lovely wallflower Miss Eliza Hunt, in whose trunk the secret documents are soon found.

After new evidence leads him to believe Eliza may be innocent, John cannot wait to catch the traitors, clear her of all suspicion, and then ask for her hand. Though he fears he is not the sort of man worth having as a husband, he knows that if he wants Eliza as his own he will need to face the demons of his past and lay claim to the title and the birthright he abandoned long ago.

Eliza knows Lord Darlington is not the gentleman he purports to be, but he is the first man to see beyond the birthmark on her face and treat her like a beautiful woman. She dreams of a life at his side–and in his bed–even once it becomes clear he stands ready to punish disobedience with firm chastisement applied to her bare bottom! As he draws her out of her shell and demands she let go of her self-doubt, her desire for him grows ever stronger, but can their love survive the shadowy designs of those who would do England harm?

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