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Summer Spanks – Scorching hot teachers and hot bottoms to match!

summer spanks

Welcome to Summer Spanks 2014! There are a ton of prizes to win on the main site page! All you have to do is comment below (with your email address, please), and you will automatically be entered into the main prize drawings.

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Have fun and enjoy the spankings!


(I know, I said from the get-go, I wasn’t going to do a school story. I was going to do a summer one, no matter what! Well, these characters just popped into my head, and begged for a little action, so I had to oblige. All characters have agreed to be “used” in this forum. 🙂 And I even found some cool visuals to go with the piece. Enjoy!)


Katherine sat at her little desk twirling her blonde hair between two fingers, scowling at her best friend, Corinne, who was happily scribbling out a rough draft.

The first day of class at Saint Larrup’s school for authors was proving not only to be boring and unproductive, but also frustrating as all hell.

“How’s your character sketches coming, authors?” The handsome, stern teacher, Mr. Sterling called from the front of the room.

sexy teacher


“It’d be a lot better if someone wasn’t stealing my men.” Katherine grumbled and kicked Corinne’s feet.

“Ungh! What was that for,” Corinne glared and whispered.

“You know I wanted the hot 32 year blond werewolf hunk for my petite brunette pixie.” Katherine said angrily.

“Well,” Corinne smiled sweetly, “I’m using a 32 year old blond fireman for my petite brunette lawyer. It’s completely different. Suck it up, whiner.”

“Yeah, Katherine, completely different. One’s contemporary, the other’s, what the hell do you call a mixture of paranormal and fantasy anyway.” Their friend, Adaline laughed.


A long ruler cracked down on Adaline’s desk, startling all the women.

“Ladies. Eyes on your papers, mouths closed, please,” The assistant professor, Miss Pandora Blake, gave them a firm scold.


Katherine’s cheeks flushed red, hating being called out in front of the whole class.

Natasha stifled a giggle, and shook her head.

“Goody goody.” Katherine nudged Natasha’s seat, tapping her plaid backside with her saddle shoes. “You know, you don’t always have to sit up front.” Katherine whispered.

“Good girls always sit up front,” Natasha winked.

“Good girl, my a—“

“How’s the sketch coming, Ms. Deane?” Mr. Sterling‘s cool eyes bore into Katherine’s, and she hiccupped nervously. “Working on it, sir.”

Grrr! Katherine crumpled up her page of scribbled paper, and tossed it aside. Unfortunately, it popped off Corinne’s head.

“What now?” Corinne rolled her eyes and glared.

“I have writer’s block. I can’t write anything now.” She huffed under her breath, and turned her attention back to her empty paper when Mr. Sterling turned her way again.

When both the handsome professor and his sexy assistant teacher were well into a quiet conversation about dialog tags, Katherine handed Corinne a note.

Give me the blond hottie!!!!!!!

Hell No! 🙂 came the written reply

You suck!

And you swallow, 🙂 🙂 🙂 Corinne giggled when she passed the note back, infuriating Katherine even more.

“I need my own hottie!” Katherine hissed.

“You need to learn share!” Corinne whispered, getting angry.

“You need to ‘pants’ more.” Katherine glared.

Adaline giggled. “Ooh, the pantser’s on a roll!”

Well,” huffed Corinne, “You could try a little plot outlining once in a while instead of calling me at one am to tell me about all your ideas.”

“I need to talk them out!” Katherine barely kept her angry words as a whisper.

“Pantser and a plotter, sitting in a tree…” Adaline sang.

“Ooh,” Renee Rose leaned in, excited, “You two should kiss!”

Casey McKay grumbled, “Just get the fight over with already before you get us all in trouble.”

“Fine.” Corinne smiled. “I’m just going to plot out the best way to use my blond hottie.”

Arrrrgh!” Katherine stood in a rage, and grabbed Corinne’s dark ponytail, and yanked.

Corinne stood and both women faced off in a showdown of vicious dialog tag comments and hair pulling.

All hell broke loose.

“Fight, fight, fight!” Casey jumped onto the top of her desk with a loud “Woohoo! Elbow her in the chest! Yeah!”

brandi chastain sports bra pic


Tara shook her head, smiling. “That’s a fret.”

Renee and Adaline broke into loud peals of laughter, and egged on the two women as Casey worked the class into frenzied shouts. She had just started the class on a huge stadium wave, when a loud piercing whistle cut through the classroom.

A very angry teacher folded his arms across his chest, glaring at the women in the center of the room.

“Who started this?” he asked, his voice deadly quiet, and very scary.

rolling up sleeves

All hands in the room pointed to Katherine and Corinne.

“If you ask me, sir, I think you should plug them both.” Natasha gave an angelic smile of perfect white teeth, and handed him two silicone plugs from her backpack.

His incredulous look, caused her to shrug as she smiled. “I carry them with me wherever I go. You know never know when you might need one.”

“Plug them! Plug them! Plug them!” Casey jumped up and down and shouted in a frenzy, until Mr. Smith took her by the ear.

He led her to a corner in the classroom, swatting her bottom. “No more getting everyone worked up, Ms. McKay. This is not a derby match.” He swatted the back of her plaid skirt. “You stay here, quietly.”
spanked over panties


He worked his way back to the center of the room, and all eyes looked to the floor, except for Tara Finnegan’s.

“Oy, Teach! I need to use the jacks.” (Irish slang for using the restroom) She stood and grinned at the large man in front of her.

“I think, Ms. Finnegan,” he glanced at the pack of cigarettes hanging in her lacy, black garter belt. Her plaid skirt was two inches shorter than the rest of her classmates showing off her cigarettes and accentuating her killer black combat boots. “that a trip to the bathroom has nothing to do with using the facilities.”

“Ah, feck! Sure look it.” (acceptable Irish response for pretty much anything) She winked.

He gave her a quick swat across the back of her short skirt, before she left the room.

 schoolgirl spanking by teacher


It seems some other young ladies are in need of a refresher course in school etiquette.” He addressed the class. “Ms. Scott,” he called out to the new exchange student, Erica Scott, who was still in the other corner, holding her skirt above her waist, her bottom blooming red, “Please explain to the class your experience with the lexan paddle.”

erica scott in cornerhttp://ericascottlls.blogspot.com/

She winced and rubbed her red cheeks. “On a scale of one to five, sir, I would call it a 4.5. That mother hurt.”

“We’ll conclude your session after class, Ms. Scott. Please pull up your panties, and return to your desk.


Ms. Alexander, Ms. Deane, front and center.”

“Did you forget this class uses corporal punishment?” Corinne whispered to Katherine as they marched to the front of the room.

“I forgot about that. Nuts!” Katherine scowled.

rolling up sleeves

Ladies, please bend over and place your hands on the desk.” He said, pulling the long wooden paddle from the wall.

He rolled up their plaid skirts, so their cotton panties were in view for everyone to see.

“What have we here?” He patted Katherine’s backside.

Gah! Katherine had forgotten about the white panty rule. “Um, they’re Underdog, sir.” She flushed.

“Are these the appropriate apparel for St. Larrup’s school uniform.” He patted her panties, squeezing her left cheek.

“N-no, sir.” She shuddered.

Well. They will just have to come off.” He stripped them down her legs faster than she could say Sweet Polly Purebred, and the cool air rushed between her bottom cheeks.

He nudged her feet apart, and she knew her classmates were now getting a full view of every bit of her most intimate parts. Gawd, how embarrassing!

“How many strokes should these naughty girls get for disrupting class?” He asked aloud.

“Fifty! And the plugs!” Natasha’s breathless voice squealed.

He took Natasha by the ear, and placed her in the corner, “Nose right here, Ms. Knight. And not another word about plugs.”

Natasha groaned as he swatted her hard and positioned her, giving her a few more hard swats. “I’ll deal with you after class, Ms. Knight. Bring your plugs.”

“Yes, sir.” She nodded and pressed her nose to the corner.

“All right, ladies, are you ready for your paddling?”

He asked the question to Corinne and Katherine, but it was Adeline’s excited “Oh yeah! Spankings, then oral sex!” that left the class in titters.

“Come here, Ms. Raine. We have another corner for you.” Miss Blake said, pressing Adeline’s nose into the third corner while peppering her rear end with the ruler.

Mr. Sterling turned to the class, his dark eyes aggressive and dominant, causing all the women to lower their eyes and shiver.

Renee was the only one who seemed angry about the whole incident, sitting cross armed with her mouth set in a firm line as she watched him stride toward the bottoms he was about to heat.

Jealousy, perhaps?

“I’m the one with the hot school girl pic for my avatar.” She mumbled.



Do you have a problem with this, Ms. Rose?”

“No. Sir.” She bit out and glared at him sullenly.

“Very well.”

He picked up the paddle again, and tapped Corinne’s pantied bottom softly, caressing it gently, before bringing it down in a sharp loud crack.

She flinched and shuffled on her feet.

He brought the paddle down again, twice more, and she groaned and pressed her cheek into the hard wood desk.

When Katherine felt the cool wood tap her already bare bottom, she clenched involuntarily.

“Relax.” He said, tapping the underside of her cheeks until she softened. “Rear up a bit more, please, Ms. Deane.”


spanked over desk

She pressed her bottom up, and held her breath, waiting for the hard wood to make impact.


The sound startled her before the searing pain seeped into her nether regions.


He struck both cheeks hard and fast, and she choked on a breath.

The heat built in her poor bottom quickly as he paddled her quick and hard, leaving no part of her white bare bottom untouched.

Her howls and pleading fell on deaf ears as he paddled her hard, again and again, until she sagged over the desk, sobbing.

She could barely hear Corinne’s yelps and cries over her own labored breaths.

Oh my gosh, this dreadful teacher had ravaged her ass! And now he was doing the same to her best friend.

“Stop!” She called out, and the loud cracks of the paddle ceased. “It’s my fault.” Katherine cried, turning her tear filled eyes toward her best friend. “You can have the blond hottie. I’ll pick someone different.”

“No, it’s okay. You take him I can always plot out something different.” Corinne sniffled and reached for her hand.

Or,” their teacher’s voice cut in smoothly as he stroked both their sore bottom cheeks. “You could work together on a tandem story. You could mix your pantsing with Corinne’s plotting.”

Natasha giggled from her corner, “You could call it plantsing, sir.” This received a few good girl swats with his palm.

sexy school girl with apple bending over desk


Best idea I’ve heard all day,” Katherine groaned as she placed her hands onto her sore hot bottom. “May we go back to work, sir?”

“Yes, you may.” He patted them each one last time, pulled up Katherine’s panties, and unfolded both of their short skirts.

“Ladies, you may all return to your desks.” He addressed the women in the corners.

Katherine thought she heard Natasha mumble something about butt plugs, as she, Adaline and  Casey returned to their desks.

“All right, class. We are going to stop character sketches and work on a new project, outlining a story. Here’s your premise.”

He wrote in big block letter on the chalk board, and the entire class groaned and flushed when they read the subject.


summer spanks on chalkboard


Well, isn’t that the bomb sauce?” Muttered Renee from behind Katherine.

Mr. Sterling smiled.

“I almost forgot the visual cue. Ms. Blake …?” He led his assistant to the center of the room and sat her in a hard backed chair facing the classroom.

He pointed at Renee and gave her a knowing smile. “Care to do the honors, Miss Rose?”

“My panties are already down,” she said, taking his hand, as he led her to the seated assistant.

“Over Miss Blake’s lap, please.”

The class watched Renee position herself over the assistant’s lap, smiling from ear to ear.

“All right class, let’s begin. “

Miss Blake raised her hand, preparing for the first strike on Renee’s upturned, bare bottom, and everyone leaned forward in anticipation of the visual that would get them all writing, happily.


Excited students clamored outside the door, fighting over a tiny peek through the window.

“Man,” Sarah Young pouted, “I am so taking that class next year!”


So in keeping with today’s kinky / spanky theme 🙂 if you could choose a celebrity to dress up (this is fictitious, of course!) in school girl or boy attire, and receive a sound spanking from an ‘oh so stern’ teacher, whom would you choose?

Hehe, I’ve already made some of my choices today. But I still have more in mind. 😉 How about you?

Thanks for stopping by!

Don’t forget to leave your email, to be entered in my prize drawing and in the main drawing.

And please visit the other awesome bloggers!



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Corbin’s Bend Blitz: Leading The Way, Constance Masters

I am so excited to be hosting Constance Masters today as part of the Corbins Bend Blitz! I loved this story. It was so much fun! I loved the humorous situations Erin got herself into. But what I really enjoyed was the reality of family life. Constance did a wonderful job of bringing this family to life – I could even see some of my own kids’ actions in her writing.  🙂
Zachary Cunningham
moved his family to Corbin’s Bend when everything in their life seemed
out of control. In a DD relationship with his wife Erin, he thought
things had leveled out now that they lived in a community where everyone
watched out for one another and discipline was the norm. Surely his
family life could be more settled now.
Erin had never made
friends easily and in Corbin’s Bend she found it doubly as hard. A
little too hard on herself, she ignored her mentor and any friendliness
from neighbors; so afraid of making a mistake that she didn’t try. Until
her husband insisted. Having convinced herself she was doing what he
wanted, she made friends with a few ladies who liked to push the
envelope a little. From bowling to a strip club to smoking a little
weed, her life was definitely a lot more fun, even if she was hiding her
activities from Zach.When her husband and the board of
Corbin’s Bend discovered their indiscretions, Erin and her friends found
out what public discipline really meant. When the discipline led to a
larger sense of security and more friendships than she could have
imagined, Erin began to understand that following Zachary’s lead truly
was the way.
“Dinner is served,” Erin
said proudly as she laid the platter with her impressive fish next to the bowls
of mashed potatoes and green beans. The girls clapped and Zach looked on with
wide grin.
“That looks spectacular,
It did look spectacular,
even if she did say so herself. She’d poured the sauce all over the entire dish
and it positively gleamed. “Would you like to serve?” she asked Zach.
He stood up and scooped
portions on to everyone’s plate. The family said grace and they started. Erin
watched everyone’s faces expectantly. Zach’s face was stoic as he chewed
carefully. Avvy said nothing but she wasn’t even chewing. She just held the
food in her mouth. Jordan was the first one to give her honest opinion. She
spat her offending mouthful back on to the plate.
“That is so gross,” she
said, dry retching for full effect.
Erin’s eyes filled with
tears and popped her fork full in to her mouth to see what was wrong with the
food. She carefully picked up her napkin and emptied the contents of her mouth.
“Don’t eat it,” was all she said, standing and taking the platter with her.
“I can call a pizza,” Zach
“Do what you have to, to
feed your children.”
“Honey, I’m sure there was
just a small mistake with the recipe.”
The girls were wide-eyed.
“I’m sorry I said it was gross, Mommy,” Jordan said. “It just tasted a bit like
“That’s nice of you to say,
honey, but you were right the first time, it was gross. Why don’t you two go
play while you wait for the pizza to come.”
“Nice one, Jordan. You
almost made Momma cry.”
“I didn’t mean to.”
The voices disappeared into
one of the bedrooms and Erin burst into tears. “I have wasted the entire day on
this! I spent a lot of my food budget on the ingredients and did everything the
recipe said!”
“It’s okay, Erin, you
“Well I can’t serve
‘trying’ up to a bunch of people on Friday, can I?” She thumped her foot down
on the trash can foot lever to open the lid and it bounced, just as she heaved
the contents from the platter into it. It landed on the closed lid with
splashes of the poison sauce going everywhere. “Oh for fuck sake!” she shouted
into the cabinet door as she banged it open and shut in frustration before
bending to wipe the cabinet door. Zach was behind her in a second and the giant
wooden spoon clapped off her bottom.
“I never want to hear that
word in this house again. Do you hear me?”
Family Life in Corbin’s
What is a family these days? It could be mom and
a dad, two moms, two dads or more often than not these days just a mom or dad.
In a polygamous family there might be several parents. With working mothers
being the norm now grandparents often play a massive role in their
grandchildren’s lives. Children adapt. So what is family life like in Corbin’s
Bend? The same as other communities, except the adults in Corbin’s Bend spank
or get spanked.
The children may not be spanked in Corbin’s Bend
but they are brought up with rules and structure and most come from
homes where there is a head of house. They all go to a school where they wear
uniforms and the rules are enforced. Spanking in Corbin’s Bend is so much the
norm that the children wouldn’t so much as turn a hair if they were to catch a
glimpse of an adult getting a swat or two. That being said, there are
precautions in place to protect their innocence. Walls are soundproofed in the
houses in Corbin’s Bend and these rules are from the official rule book issued
to Corbin’s Bend residents.

Public Spankings are acceptable, though anything too involved is
requested to take somewhere indoors. There are children in the community.

No public sex.
Parents don’t stop having
sex when they have children and nor do they do it in front of their kids.
Normal affection like a kiss or a hug is good for kids to grow up around, it
makes them feel secure in their parents love. Spanking is the same, a tap or a
swat is just part of general affection but a full-blown bare bottomed spanking
wouldn’t take place in front of children anywhere.
A lot of people don’t think
that children belong in stories like these. I disagree, at least for myself. I
have five children and four grandchildren. My life is and has for the last
thirty-two years been filled with children. It is harder for me to write a
story without children than to include them. In this small excerpt from Leading
The Way I have chosen to include a small piece of family humour as Avery has
just been punished by losing her jewlery for sneaking contraband earrings to
Erin stirred the pasta sauce and turned the heat
down a smidgeon under the bubbling pot of pasta before going back to chop the
vegetables for the salad.
“How long is Avvy gonna be, Momma? It was her
turn to set the table.”
“She’ll be along. You can swap chores tonight.
Avery can clear after dinner.”
“Yes!” Jordan said. Her mood quietened though
when her sister emerged from her room with red eyes. Her daddy was right behind
her and he was carrying Avvy’s jewelry box.
“I’m sorry, Momma. I shouldn’t have snuck the
earrings to school.”
“That’s okay, sweetie.”
Avery hugged her mother’s waist but her big blue
eyes followed her daddy as he placed her precious jewelry collection on the top
of the kitchen cabinet.
“One week.” Zach moved a curl off his daughter’s
Avery took her place at the table opposite her
“Bummer,” Jordan said with a wince. “At least it
was only a week. Daddy took my Fireball yoyo for a month and he took
money from my allowance.”
“You broke a window at school. In his classroom.”
“Not on purpose. It flew right off my finger!”
“Enough now.” Zach helped Erin to put the food on
the table.
Erin poured glasses of water for everyone.
“Buddy says his dad lets them have Coke with
dinner,” Jordan said, sipping the water distastefully.
“Just because Buddy says something, doesn’t make
it so,” Erin said, taking both her daughters’ hands.
Zach did the same. “Avery would you like to say
the blessing?”
“Yes, Daddy,” the little girl said with a sigh.
“Dear Lord, thank you for this food that we are about to eat and thank you for
all the blessings you give us. Please Lord, can you stop me becoming a social
outcast because I have to go to school without my jewelry? Thanks, Amen.”
“Amen,” the rest of the family chorused.
Constance Masters is a 54
year old wife, mother and grandmother from Australia. She specialises in
spanking romance and has nine published works. Leading the Way, her Corbin’s
Bend novella will be her tenth. Her work is mostly romance with a little hint
of drama and a large slice of humour. She likes to find the humour in everyday

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The Emotional Side of The Coach’s Discipline

coachsdiscipline cover

Hey friends! I am at Adaline Raine’s place today, showing a bit of the emotional side of my new story, The Coach’s Discipline.

I know I usually do fun and sexy, or spanky, but I really wanted to show the other side of my baby. The emotions that fueled this story.

Please stop by if you get the chance. Here’s her link 🙂


And later, I’m hosting Constance Masters, as part of the Corbin’s Bend Blog Blitz!

Busy day!


The Coach’s Discipline is officially out – and I am kaput!

thecoachsdiscipline_new cover

The Coach’s Discipline is officially live on Amazon, and I’m not kidding when I say I am emotionally and physically kaput! 🙂

LOL, I stayed up until after midnight, harassing (I mean excitedly letting my friends know:) ) friends, putting up buy links, editing my pages, and um, harassing a few more friends. 🙂

Ok, dear friends whom I texted, emailed, pm’d, called and / or telekinetically contacted with my exuberant news, please forgive me. I promise I will be much more low key with the next book. 🙂

Needless to say, I am exhausted after all the excitement and anticipation, (and being awake after ten pm!).

But I am a happy kind of exhausted. Grinning from ear to ear. Collapsing into my lazy chair with me feet up, ready for wine and chocolate.

I’m not too tired to give thanks though.

I am so beyond grateful to all of my friends who supported my big launch party today. Thanks, guys and gals!

I am thankful to Spanking Romance Reviews (especially Renee Rose and Adaline Raine) for hosting my awesome launch party.

A big thank you to all the prize donors for the launch party (Etta Stark, Renee Rose, Cara Bristol, Natasha Knight, Casey McKay, Adaline Raine, Tara Finnegan, Maren Smith, and Patricia Green. And thanks a ton to Tony, the cover Artisan for his awesome header for the event! :))

I am grateful for close friends like Casey McKay, Adaline Raine and Natasha Knight, who have listened to me (um, over emote, might be a good word for it 🙂 ) this past year. Thanks for the shoulders, gals. ❤

I’m especially thankful to Jamie Miles, the editor at SNP, who not only did such a great job of editing my story, but she also made me feel like a real person, not a number. ❤

I’m grateful to Patricia Green for her wisdom and kindness and support.

And I am especially grateful to Renee Rose and Corinne Alexander, for their constant support and love; their friendship, and their faith in me, even when I couldn’t see it in myself. ❤

I appreciate being a part of this awesome community.

Thank you, all friends!

I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Love y’all!

Thanks for making this a great release with me ❤




Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge, W: Winter Storm Fairy Tale References

spank A2Z


I am so excited about today’s “W” post for the Spanking A-Z blog challenge!

I have been chomping at the bit for ages to talk about the symbolism in my favorite story.

Hehe, okay, it’s my favorite because I co-wrote it with Renee Rose and Casey McKay.

But even if we hadn’t written it, I am pretty sure it would be my favorite. 🙂

The Winter Storm is a fun, action packed, spank-a-riffic, romance with paranormal, BDSM and fantasy aspects to it. But did you know that a lot of the characters and scenes were based off fairy tale or bed time story references?

If you’ve read the story, here’s your chance to see how many you caught!

So here are all the fun references from the story. In random order


Jake and Jillian Hill – Siblings on their way to see the matchmaker. Jake falls down a hill and hurts his head. (That’s an easy one. Jack and Jill. Jack hurt his crown.)

The matchmaker lives in Grimmberg – taken from the many Grimm Brothers stories we perused, looking for ideas for the story.

Banbury – Jake and Jillian’s white stallion. (This was a fun one to play with. In the nursery rhyme, “Ride a Cock horse”, the fine lady rode her white stallion to Banbury Cross. Banbury Cross happens to be on a steep hill, so that fit with my siblings traversing a big hill. But even more importantly, a cock horse is described as a high-spirited horse, or the additional horse to assist pulling a cart or carriage up a hill. From the mid-sixteenth century it also meant a pretend hobby horse or an adult’s knee. (from wikipedia). LOL, “riding an adult knee”, reminded me of a spanking, so it was easy to name their horse Banbury.

Spa- NK – the lodge that Bertram owns, and the central location of the stories. It’s easy to see the word “spank”, but do you know what the “NK” stands for?

North Kristiandom – the land our MC’s live, is taken from the name of a very well-known author, Hans Christian Andersen. Hence, “Kristiandom”.

Bertram B. Wolfe – a shapeshifter, whose initials BB Wolfe, (Big Bad Wold), have even more meaning, when paired with his “daughter”, also known as

Redd – Bertram’s “little”. She is like a daughter to him. (LOL, I have not put a cloak on her yet. That would make it too easy!)

Faye Godmeyer – She’s half  fairy, and she’s about to become very special to Cindy, as special as a godmother. But first she has to learn to use her magick wand 🙂

Cindy / the Stepmother – Cindy is Spa-NK’s sweet submissive, who also has a split personality. During the day, she continues all her chores and tasks, singing songs about nightingales and princes. But at midnight she becomes, The Stepmother, the hottest Domme around. (It seemed like a fun idea to cross Cinderella with the clash of the strong matriarch.)

Cade Lupus- a shapeshifter and cousin to Bertram. This had a very Harry Potter’esque feel to it. Remember Professor Lupin, the werewolf? This one’s much hotter, though. 🙂

Coral – A “mermaid lost” is a beautiful red head who is hiding from an evil sea witch. She runs the aquarium at Spa-NK, and uses the word “plankton” as her safe word with Jake.

There were a few smaller characters that made appearances:

Pino – the friendly but shy porter, who served everyone, had a very “puppet like” run, and confirmed several times, his incessant need to always be honest. (hehe, Pinocchio)

Bram- the Dom that first offered to “play” with Jillian in the dungeon. Bertram became very angry, and told Jillian to stay away from this “blood sucking bastard”. (obviously a vampire; and since  Bram Stoker wrote “Dracula”, it just made sense 🙂 )

Bertram made another maid cry, when he yelled at her for falling asleep on the job again – Her name was Rory. (this may have been hard to see. Aurora from sleeping Beauty)

At the beginning of the story, Jake took Jillian away from their village because she threw rocks at a disrespectful rich Lord’s house, and threatened to burn his house down. LOL, she also called him a pig. (I like pig references in stories with wolves 🙂 )

Both Bertram and Cade originally lost their girlfriends to three men. Tom, Dick and Harry. (It was later changed to just Cade’s loss. We thought it might be difficult for these three men to handle two feisty women. 🙂 )

Mrs. Hubber – is the woman who helps in the kitchen. She is elderly and has a lot of children. :)(old mother Hubbard)

Even though it’s not mentioned much, there is a spa at the back of the lodge (hence the SPA in Spa – NK). It was first run by a hair dresser and masseuse with reeeeeeeeeeally long hair. – ok, her name was Petra, not Rapunzel. There is an adaptation of Grimm’s Rapunzel, called, Petrosinella or Parsley (Wikipedia). LOL, the closest I could come from “Petrosinella” was Petra. There were a bunch of other cool adaptations, but no other cool names to work with, so the beautician became “Petra”.

The first time, Bertram spanks Jillian (with consent this time :)), he tells her to say “Peter Piper” if it gets to be too much.

Coral was being inattentive to her duties and let a known thief named, Robbie, into the lodge. He stole belongings from many people. (The next question is, did he give any of the loot to the poor? Robin Hood- easy!)

When Bertram catches his “little”, Redd, in a lie, she replies with,

“My, daddy, what big ears you have.” (hehe, ok, I had to use that. It was a must!)

Redd’s stuff kitty is called Mr. McBeakington, a combination of the names of the cats owned by the lovely Ms. Casey McKay.

The “Simple Simon” reference is mentioned a few times by characters, alluding to another character’s dumb comment or action.

When Jake offers his sister’s hand to Bertram, he gives Bertram a bag of coins as dowry. When Bertram tries to refuse, Jake asks if he would prefer a pig? (hehe, another pig reference for the big bad wolf)

Which reminds me, LOL, there was also a reference about Bertram being so angry at one point, he felt like blowing a house down.

And of course, what fairy tale story would be complete without an HEA? We have three, but one is actually quoted.

When Jillian and Bertram are about to mate (yeah, as in have rough awesome sex to seal the bond of their love), he asks her if she wants:

“Forever? ‘Til death do us part?”


She answers with,


“How about happily ever after?”



Okay, there are probably more that I have forgotten. But that is all I could come up with for today’s post.

So how did you fare?

Did you catch all the symbolism?

Were any of them new to you?

LOL, did I miss any?

Thanks for stopping by. Since I have already capped out at 1043 words, I won’t be able to share an excerpt. But I am attaching the link for the first chapter, which can be found here.


In a world where fairy tales and real life collide, in which truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and romance and fetish are the norm, a winter storm forces a cast of characters to converge at a unique lodge, and three interwoven tales are set in motion.

Jillian and her brother narrowly escape a wolf attack, thanks to a shapeshifter, Bertram. As the owner of the lodge, Bertram opens Jillian’s eyes to a whole new world filled with spanking and so much more. Will she keep fighting her submission, or allow herself the chance for true love?

Coral is a fugitive—hiding from herself, her true desires, and the sea witch to whom she owes a great debt. She fears showing real emotion and letting herself be free, but Jake Hill’s dominating presence beckons her to yield to him—not just her body, but her heart, mind, and soul. When the sea witch demands retribution, though, she may lose the one man she has come to trust.

When Faye blunders while casting a spell upon her landlord, he claims her as his slave until she can undo the magic, and she finds herself subject to his firm discipline. As her attraction to him grows, Faye fears she will give in to the handsome shifter and forever lose her maidenhood, and consequently her powers and the ability to fix her mistake.

Even as all three women struggle with surrendering to the dominant men they have fallen for, each finds herself on a journey to discover her true self. Can they find a way to yield to love without losing themselves in the process?


Buy Links

Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ISWJAJY

All Romance- https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thewinterstormaneverafterchronicle-1441823-354.html

Blushing Books – http://www.blushingbooks.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2752

Barnes and Noble – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-winter-storm-renee-rose/1118885947?ean=2940149276073


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Spanking A-Z Challenge, V: Vulnerability

spank A2Z


Welcome back to the Spanking A-Z Challenge. Today’s letter is “V” for vulnerability.

There is a certain vulnerability in publishing your book. (Or at least that’s how I feel as a new author, anyway. 🙂 )

I am wavering right now between sheer excitement and total “Oh, Sh*t! I am really going to be out there, as in really. out. there!

I’m talking about the exciting fact  that I finally sent in my running book for copy edits.

Last week, I was beyond ecstatic; like this big load had been lifted off my chest. This story- my first real story- (which I started over a year ago) was FINALLY finished!

Ready to be seen by others.

Ready to be reviewed and critiqued.

Oh God!

What have I done?!?

When I released The Winter Storm with my friends, Casey McKay and Renee Rose, it was easier to hide behind the group dynamic.

I didn’t have to worry about the reviews, because I knew that they were not personally directed at me, but rather, us as a group.

This was refreshing, and gave me a wonderful warm feeling of safety. (it also helped that the reviews were very good. Except for one reviewer that disliked the fact it was a book about spanking. 🙂 )


But I have finally realized, for this publication,  I will be alone –  subject to the scrutinizing eye of the seasoned reviewer.

I will feel vulnerable, and very, very naked.

(I don’t like feeling naked. LOL as much as I fantasize about a humiliating, semi public spanking, yeah, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m not an exhibitionist.)

And writing is a form of exhibitionism, right?

But I have thought it through.


On one hand, it is going to be an amazing experience. I’ll get some great closure by finally finishing this story.

I’ll be able to cross it off, as my first published, solo book.

I’ll be able to much more easily move on to the other projects I have in mind. (As it turns out, my brain doesn’t like the idea of focusing on new material until it has gotten the closure it needs from the “finished product”. Hehe, if you have ever heard about my wreck of a sewing room, you will understand what I am talking about.)

So this means closure for me- in so many freaking cool ways!


But I will still have to prepare myself for the vulnerability that will come from being “out there” by myself.

I will most likely need to toughen up my skin, and learn to take constructive criticism without thinking of it as a personal attack.

And since I am inherently, a people pleaser, LOL, that will be a fun task. 😉


But I have always been a planner.

So in keeping with my need for contingencies (my husband calls it worrying. I call it being prepared 🙂 ), I have come up with possible scenarios.

1.  Just in case, everyone in the world loves it, and I become the next JK Rowling, and make a gazillion dollars; my husband is being given permission to spank me quite soundly if I become a snob. 🙂

2.  In case everyone in the whole wide world and other galaxies (including the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta quadrants) despise it; then I am paying my BFF to read my reviews and filter them to me. And my husband will still be given permission to spank me quite soundly if I whine too much about reviews.

3.  In the case of anything between the above two brackets; I will take the opportunity to learn and grow, continuing to enjoy my time as an author. AND my husband will be given extra permission to spank me every day, quite soundly, because


I will probably just need it. 🙂


So there it is.

I am about to release my new book, hopefully, next month.

As a solo author.

It is pretty special to me.

And it is about running 🙂


And even though I vary in extremes between how I feel, every day going into  it, I think I will live through it.

A little vulnerability never hurt anyone, right?


Please feel free to sign the petition below.

“Mr. Deane (AKA Katherine Deane’s Husband),

Please spank your wife.

A sore bottom might take some of the edge off her nerves.

Thank you,




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Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge, S: Claire Overhears a Spanking

spank A2Z

Welcome to today’s “S” session of Spanking A-Z. I have a very special WIP to share.

It’s the story I started over a year and a half ago. And I am happy to say, I have finally finished it! I’ll talk more about the personal side of this journey in another post. 🙂

But today, I’m introducing Claire, the MC from my running, spanking, romance story.

Claire isn’t ready to admit it yet, but the sounds of a good old fashioned spanking, might just arouse her a bit. 😉

In this scene, Claire has just returned to her apartment.



She walked further into the apartment and noticed Tom’s car keys on the table. She heard Jenny’s giggles from her bedroom. Someone’s having a good time, she smiled.

She passed the room on her way to the bathroom, and stopped when she heard it. That noise. The unmistakable sound of flesh striking flesh in a rhythmic pattern. Smack, smack, smack, smack, like a metronome. Oh God.

She sagged against the wall trying not to listen while not moving or breathing. Tom was spanking Jenny, and from Jenny’s moans, she was thoroughly enjoying it.

Stop spying. This is wrong. And that… A flutter of spanks preceded more of Jenny’s squeals. Her whole body heated. No, that was plain kinky. Wrong for her. Right?

So why was she still standing there with bated breath, anticipating the next smack, her panties drenched, and her breathing more rapid than after doing a track workout?


 Thanks for stopping by! If you follow the link below, you can see all the other cool blogs in this fun hop!

Happy spanks!


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Spank A-Z Challenge, Q: Queen Victoria

spank A2Z

Welcome back for day “Q” of the Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge!

I am very honored to have my good friend, Etta Stark, joining me today to talk about her new book, “Lady Westbrook’s Discovery”.

I am about halfway through it right now, and it is sooooooo much stinkin’ fun! Holy cow, I love how she has combined the time period, with a ton of real life facts (without being boring!), a great plot; infused with a lot of humor. I love her main characters’ sharp wits and banter. This story is a so much fun!

And the excerpt she chose for today?!? Holy cow, I adored this scene! If I was not already reading it, I would have picked it up immediately, based off this one single scene. 🙂

Here’s Etta to talk a little bit more about her story, and even better, she is using up my dreaded “Q” for me. 🙂


Q is for Queen Victoria

Hi Katherine. Thanks for having me!

I’m writing about Queen Victoria today as I have always been interested in the period in which she reigned. Both my books, Lady Westbrook’s Discovery and His Lordship’s Apprentice were both set in the Victorian period as is my current work-in-progress. Also ‘Queen Victoria’ starts with a ‘Q’ which is handy. An awful lot of things don’t.

Victoria was a bit of a record breaker. Her reign of 63 years 7 months in the longest of any ruler in Britain and the longest for any female ruler anywhere. Although our present Queen presumably has her eyes on the record these days having clocked up sixty two and a bit years so far. Come on your majesty! You can do it!

The Victorians are considered to have been a pretty repressed and stuffy bunch which is a bit unfair. Certainly in the earlier part of Victoria’s reign the nobility were as decadent and flirty as they had been during the preceding Georgian and Regency eras. Things got a bit more outwardly serious during the latter part of the Victorian period. Although by that time photography had been invented as had moving pictures. Book printing techniques meant that books were plentiful and cheap. The Victorians took these inventions and naturally their thoughts turned to sexy, naked ladies. Basically, the Victorians pioneered bringing pornography to the masses.

It’s probably safe to say for all their correct behaviour in public, there must have been all manner of kinky stuff going on behind closed doors. Although that’s probably true of all eras. I do hope so.


She lay back in bed in order to dutifully receive her new husband’s advances. Felix was still fully dressed, which surprised Margaret. She’d expected him to prepare for bed as she had done.

He saw her lying in bed, beneath the counterpane, and approached her with a half-smile on his lips.

 “You’re ready and waiting, I see.”

 “Yes I thought it best we get it out of the way as soon as possible.”

 “Out of the way?”

 “Yes. I appreciate that you will want to consummate our union. We are man and wife now. It is expected. It seemed best to get it over with quickly.”

 “Hmm. Sit up.”

 Margaret did as she was told, pulling herself into a sitting position still beneath the bed covers.

She felt herself suddenly and unceremoniously being lifted from the bed and hauled face down over Felix’s lap. Before she had a moment to gather her wits, she felt the force of his hand administering a series of hard swats. He spanked her quickly and thoroughly on every square inch of her barely-covered rear. The force of the spanking left her bottom feeling sore and full of warmth, which was spreading quickly to her belly.

 The spanking apparently over, Felix lifted Margaret from her position across his knees and sat her beside him on the bed.

 “What was that for?” asked Margaret indignantly.

 “Consider it a short sharp lesson. I’m a liberal-minded chap, and I’m prepared to accept almost any kind of language in the bedroom, but what I’m not prepared to accept are the phrases ‘get it out of the way’ or ‘get it over with quickly’ in regards to our lovemaking. You had best remember that.”

 Margaret opened her mouth to protest, but Felix silenced her with a kiss. His lips pressed against hers as he explored her mouth with his tongue. He entwined his left hand in her hair while his right hand stroked the smooth skin of her face before travelling down towards her breast. His hand ran over first one breast, then the other, stroking her nipples firmly with his thumb so that they stood erect beneath her nightdress. The feeling was so tantalisingly exquisite that Margaret instinctively closed her eyes and let out a low moan. Felix’s hand then moved from her breast to the hem of her nightdress, which he pushed up as his hand reached for the soft folds between her legs. She was so surprised that she instinctively reached down to cover herself with her hand. Felix gently batted her hand away with his own. She didn’t resist. She was savouring the feeling of Felix’s dexterous fingers massaging her most intimate area. It was extraordinary. She had never felt anything like it. Desire and longing rose within her, and the touch of his fingers sent the feeling of ecstasy spiralling up inside her. The pressure building and building inside of her until she felt she would explode. And then suddenly relief came – a surge of fulfilment crashing over her. She threw her arms around Felix and gripped her fingernails tightly into his upper arms. A low groan escaped from her lips as wave after wave of sensuous relief juddered through her.

 She felt satisfied and sensuous in a way she had never done before. She looked at her husband with half-closed eyes. “You’re still dressed,” she said.

 “Mm. I am,” he agreed. “Undress me.”


lady westbrook


Lady Margaret Westbrook is a forty-one year old widow who has not given romance a second thought in the ten years since her husband passed away. When she meets Felix Oliver, a brilliant scientist fifteen years her junior, she is surprised by his determination to win her heart. Lady Westbrook discovers a passion within herself that she never knew existed.

However, accepting Felix Oliver’s proposal will mean relinquishing her title, lowering her social standing and risking both the gossip of polite society and the disapproval of her grown-up sons. Not only that but he has made it clear that he is a firm believer in corporal punishment for women and that consenting to be his wife will mean frequent trips across his lap for a sound spanking. How far is Lady Westbrook willing to go on this journey of discovery?

Buy Links:

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Lady-Westbrooks-Discovery-Etta-Stark-ebook/dp/B00KR1O8QE/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1403150010&sr=1-1&keywords=lady+westbrook%27s+discovery

Blushing Books – http://www.blushingbooks.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2849

Barnes and Noble – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lady-westbrooks-discovery-blushing-books/1119678347?ean=2940149271214

Blog – http://ettastark.blogspot.co.uk/


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Spanking A-Z Challenge, N: Nick

spank A2Z

Welcome back for another fun day of alphabet posts. Since today’s day is N, and this is a spanking blog hop, I decided to share my favorite coach from my new spanking romance. (I just finished the edits, and am about to send them in. Really I am! It’s not like I’m nervous or anything, which would be another good “N” post 🙂 )


Nick Fox is a hard ass, firm, authoritative, dominant… the list goes on. He’s also hot. And a spanker. My MC, Claire may have gotten more than she bargained for, when she chose Nick as her coach.

This scene takes place on the running trails – their first training run together.


 “Jacobs, Taylor!” The agitated male voice brought her back to reality.

His lean, but well defined torso appeared in front of her, startling Claire and forcing her to ease off the pace.

“Seven minute pace for that last half mile mile, ladies — Not what I instructed.” He stated.

“Sorry, Nick. I got kinda caught up in the moment.” She winced and prepared for his verbal lashing.

“Morgan,” He contemplated the beautiful blonde running next to her, “Why didn’t you tell Claire the pace was too fast?”

“Hmph,” Morgan sniffed. “She’s the one that picked up the pace. I was only trying to keep up.”

Claire eased into the slower pace and tried to match his long strides.

“I’m sorry, Nick. I got kind of excited. Sorry. I’ll go to the back.”

“Switch!” She called out, and prepared to be passed by the other runners.

“No.” came his loud, forceful reply. “Stay. As. Is.”

“But I, I can’t pace. I’m no good at it.  I’m going to hurt everyone by going too fast or too slow. Someone’s going to trip. You, you don’t want me to lead.” She stammered, feeling suddenly foolish.

“Who’s the coach here?” he scolded.

“You, sir.” Oh God where had that come from?

“I coach, you obey,” he said sternly.

She nodded in reply.

Nick took over Morgan’s space next to next to her, pushing the rest of the group back.

“Relax and run, I’ll be right here with you.”

“I don’t know.” She felt the anxiety re-build in her, and started picking up the pace again.

He touched her hip, and tapped it slowly three times. They weren’t hard, or overtly sexual.  The slow metronome cadence of finger taps on the side of her hips, reminded her of the second hand on her watch. Click, click, click; telling her to slow her rate.

“Breathe, Claire. Now relax.” His rich, deep voice had a calming effect on her.


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Spanking A-Z Challenge, I: Interview with five sons of Johnny Hastings

spank A2Z

Quick Update: My youngest child is fighting Strep, and we are desperately trying to keep the rest of the family healthy as well. (LOL, as soon as a friend mentioned strep yesterday, my throat started hurting. 🙂 Hopefully, it is just psychosomatic.) I will not be replying much for the next few days, but will still keep the pre – set posts scheduled. Also, I will probably not be making many visits around to the rest of the blogs until all this passes. Hope y’all understand. 🙂 Hugs and blessings!


The authors of this fantastic set were willing to try something fun for this interview! I am so excited about having the chance to talk with each of their main men. Boy, were they hot! 😉



Western Alphas – belts, spurs and other kinky stuff

Abel Armstrong- The Blacksmith’s Bride (Patricia Green)

Matthew Caine – To Have and to Scold (Mary Wehr)

Jackson Owens – The Lawman’s Lessons (Patty Devlin)

Sam Pride – The Outlaw’s Bride (Renee Rose)

Clinton Ryan – The Juniper Bride (Maddie Taylor)


The Interview:

Katherine Deane walks into her  office, finding it suddenly cramped, with five gorgeous (yet huge) cowboys. She greets the gentlemen, narrows her eyes, and lets out a curse  that would make a sailor blush.

Katherine Deane: &^$%@ it, Corinne! I said I was burnt out and wished for five days of western sun, and a little kink thrown in.

(Her most trusted assistant, Corinne Alexander, replies over the intercom): Oops, sorry. You have seemed pretty stressed out these past few months. I thought you would enjoy an interview with five western sons who enjoy a little kink.

Katherine Deane: (curses again and turns her head to the five scowling, testosterone laden men in front of her.) All right gentlemen.  I’m sorry for the mix up.  I have only beta read for one of your authors, so the rest of you are quite new to me. How about a round of introductions?

Clint Ryan:  Hold on a second, young lady. Where I come from, ladies don’t use language like that.  In fact, women with salty tongues like that ofttimes find themselves with a mouthful of soap.

Katherine Deane: (rolls her eyes at the tall drink of water with black as midnight hair and startling blue eyes.  The cleft in his chin was sexy as hell and a bit distracting if she were being totally honest) Yeah, I gathered that. You are from what time, 1870’s? Nowadays, women have a distaste for soap.

Clint Ryan: Indeed? Well then, I have a good strong yardarm at my Boston shipyard. I could string you up for a good striping if you prefer. No? Then consider yourself lucky you are not my fiancee.  Of course, I prefer genteel women like my own Emmalee, so that wouldn’t likely happen. Although naughty as she is, she has felt the flat of my hand at times.  Many times more recently, if fact, during our trip to Denver.

(Clint frowns remembering all the mischief Em got into on the trail and the train).

Jackson Owens: If you had a taste for soap, that is you liked it, well, it wouldn’t quite do the trick now would it? If you were my woman I’d  bend you over that desk and warm your tail end, until you learned to curtail that tongue. You can ask Celia how well that works.

(Jackson winks at her and knows his point had been made when Katherine’s cheeks blush)

Katherine Deane:  I’m sorry, gentlemen. I’m a little out of sorts right now, please forgive my rudeness.

Sam Pride: (flashes his devastatingly handsome smile.) It’s all right, … we can have a reckoning later That’s what I call it with Mabelle, anyway. But first, would you like to finish this interview? How often do you get five characters  in one room at the same time?

Katherine Deane: You’re right. This is a marvelous opportunity!

(talking to herself now, ‘five handsome alpha males, together, not trying to kill each other. )

You’re not going to try to kill each other are you? I did almost have an issue the last time I put a few alphas together.

Matt : (chuckles) No, we are not going to try to kill each other. As a matter of fact, we all have something in common.

Abel Armstrong: Sure, we all have a cleft in our chins. (winks) I’m keepin’ mine under a beard just to keep the ladies from overwhelmin’ me. Not that I have eyes for them since meetin’ my Sunny. From the first moment, that li’l girl wrapped me around her  finger. Well, almost. She’s earned herself a few spankin’s along the way.

Katherine Deane: (leans back in her chair and smiles) That’s easy. Besides being handsome, old western types, you are also all spankos, right?

Clint: ( corrects her) I am not a ‘western type’ as you put it,  but I agree with the western philosophy of taking a sassy young miss across the knee when the situation warrants. If handled correctly, I’ve found some young ladies even enjoy it, despite their protests to the contrary. (A perfectly wicked grin curves his full lips and gives him a devilishly delicious appearance).

Abel Armstrong: Yep, I also  reckon a good, hard spankin’ can do wonders. But I  got the best results when I gave her some bare-bottomed swats in public. Whoo-ee, did that straighten Sunny right up. For a while, anyway.  She’s considerably younger than I am, so she tends to let her emotions run high.

Jackson: That’s a right good idea. Don’t know why I never thought of it.

Matt:  Me neither. I think we need to hang out with big brother for a spell. He’s got more experience. Maybe he can teach us a thing or two.

Katherine Deane: (leans back even further in her chair, furiously taking notes ) Public swats. mmm. Damn , you guys are hot.

Matt:  (scowls) That’s strike two concerning your salty language. Care to go for strike three? Each one of us is quite capable of administering a thorough spanking.

Abel Armstrong: Modern sensibilities are no excuse, young lady.

Katherine Deane: (swallows nervously as her cheeks turn a crimson red)  Sorry. bad habit.

Sam: (chuckles)  Matt is good with handling bad habits, aren’t you?

Matt: Why yes, I am. I find that a trip over my knee with a  firm hand applied to her bare bottom cures my little Annie of bad habits.( He winks at Sam) Corner time with a red bottom on display works too.

Katherine Deane: (leans back a bit further in her chair, her brightly painted pink toenails barely touching the desk in front of her)  Come on, please. Just tell me what the big similarity is.

(She takes a closer look at all of them) Wait a second.

Sam:  Are you seeing a bit of a family resemblance?

Katherine Deane:  (takes in the height, stature and dimpled chins. She can’t tell on Abel, because he wears a beard, but she suspects he also has a cleft there)

Abel Armstrong: We are all from the same father,  Johnny Hastings.  None of us knew about each other until his passin’. We met at the readin’ of his will. I reckon it was a fateful day for all of us. It purely was for me. I had no idea I was the eldest of five boys.

(Katherine Deane squints and shifts to the side trying to see a different angle )

(The chair  slips backward, and she falls flat on her back)

(Five pairs of hands help her to her feet.)

Matt: (asks in concern) Are you okay?

Katherine Deane: Sh*$, yeah, I’m ok. stupid %&^$ing chair!

(Her eyes go wide when she sees the  raised eyebrows  on the stern men around her)

Matt: (blows out a breath) Clint, where’s that bar of soap?

Clint: ( shakes his head sadly) Poor thing. She’s beyond soap. We’ll need lye and a scrub brush! Then we need to find her a spanking kind of man to tame her. Too bad we don’t have any more unmarried brothers.

Able Armstrong: Maybe we ought to use that chair for somethin’ more memorable than a soapy mouth. Three or four swats from each of us might scare that cursin’ right out of her.

Jackson: Why the chair when you have a perfectly functional desk? And after all those warnings you think the belt might leave a more lasting impression?

Matt: Well hell, we got five belts right here at our fingertips. No need to waste time lookin’ for soap. (He reaches for his belt buckle)

Katherine Deane: (Her eyes widen as she presses her hands to her backside)  Can I just say I’m sorry?

All five men: Yes. After your spanking.

Katherine Deane: Uh oh!


After interview:

Corinne jumps when she hears the door open, and nods at the five men who exit. They tip their hats with a “howdy, ma’am and a grin, and leave the office.

Corinne rushes into Katherine’s office to see her wincing as she sits down into her hard chair.

Katherine Deane: ( mumbles) I’m getting a cushioned chair for the next interview.

Corinne: Sorry about that, Kate.

Katherine Deane: No, that was a great call for an interview. And I’m sorry I yelled at you.  But  strangely, I feel a lot more relaxed. Which is good.

(She winces as she shifts in her seat). The next two weeks are going to be he– I mean, heck.   After that, I am seriously going to need a vacation. I’m going to need to stop time for a while and just chill and daydream and relax.

Katherine Deane:(sighs) Yep,  pencil that in for me , in two weeks, will you?

Corinne: (smiles knowingly) You got it, Kate.

She leaves the room, and marks her planner.

Katherine Deane – next interview – science fiction, alpha male, time travel, spankings

The End




blacksmits bride

The Blacksmith’s Bride by Patricia Green

Sunny Winslow knows exactly what she wants in a man. When she meets the blacksmith, Abel Armstrong, in her new home she’s immediately hooked. Unfortunately, her mother has other plans for her that do not include a blacksmith. She is determined to tie Sunny to a rich town counselor. Sunny is desperate to escape the counselor, so she embarks on a series of schemes to get the man she wants.

Abel Armstrong has some skeletons in his closet. In the late 1800s, it’s quite the scandal to be a divorced man. Over the course of the last ten years, he’s had to work very hard to get his reputation back. Meeting Sunny is like a breath of fresh air, but he can’t afford to throw caution to the wind and force their joining by doing something disreputable.

Can spankings teach Sunny to have some patience and trust that Abel’s way is the right way? And, can Abel deal with Sunny’s impulsive scheming and keep his standing in the community intact?


hve and to scold

To Have and To Scold by Mary Wehr

Annie’s sweet on her neighbor, Matthew Caine, but the stern rancher treats her like a bratty child instead of a woman. Each encounter always ends with a trip over his knee.

Matthew’s fed up with Annie’s childish behavior. Her latest prank ruined a brand new pair of boots! While he sets her britches on fire, he refers to her as a nuisance and warns her to leave him alone. For once in her life, Annie obeys.

‘Bratty’ Annie has grown into a beautiful woman and Matthew realizes that he’s fallen in love with her, but she’s unsure of his feelings. When he learns about her stepmother’s evil plan to marry her off to a man Annie despises in order to settle a debt, he steps in and takes her to wife.

Annie’s happy to be married to the man of her dreams and learns that no matter what her age, her disobedience and sass will be dealt with an old-fashioned spanking.


lawmancom patty devlin

The Lawman’s Lessons by Patty Devlin

Choose one of the two men, or take the return ticket and head home. It wasn’t much of a choice. Celia had worked and studied so hard to have a school of her own. And she had known that they might be a little upset. She knew exactly what they had wanted. It was stated very clearly in the advertisement and she could probably read and write better than anyone one of them.

Jackson sure never planned to marry, and how could he when his name would be a disgrace to his bride? So why had he fought so hard to keep her from marrying the other man? He could have shrugged it off and gotten out of there, but he just couldn’t do it. The new school teacher needed someone who would stay on her tail and teach her a lesson or else she’d run right into danger.

But, he’d have to be honest with her and tell her about that no good scoundrel who had sired him. She at least had a right to know he was a bas—illegitimate, that the man who fathered him had left his mother alone to fend for herself. Then if Celia could handle that, well, they could work the rest out. Besides, there weren’t any other good choices and she simply couldn’t be without a husband.


outlaws bride

The Outlaw’s Bride by Renee Rose

Mabelle Lawson had been managing her dead sister’s ranch without help for three months. The last thing she needs is a band of outlaws showing up and pushing her around. The Curly James gang members have no patience for her sass, and when their leader attempts to strike her with his fist, one of his men volunteers to spank her instead. She wants to hate the good-looking outlaw, but he seems to have her well-being at heart, even risking his life to protect her from the other men.

Unjustly accused of murder, Sam Pride is on the run and his luck worsens when he tangles with the Curly James gang. The only bright spot is the little spitfire rancher who steals his heart with her courage and spunk. When the two set off together for Cheyenne and then Denver, sparks fly and their magnetic connection grows.

Still, Mabelle is not sure if Sam will commit and even if he does, can he clear his name before a bounty hunter shoots him or brings him in?


blacksmits bride

The Juniper Bride by Maddie Taylor

Emmalee Gray watches in frustration as her fiancé, Clinton Ryan, boards a train heading west. Told to stay behind and prepare for their wedding as Clint embarks on a mysterious errand, Em has other ideas. She doesn’t want to remain home without him, especially with her witch of a stepmother and a father who barely knows she exists. She’d much rather risk Clint’s wrath and follow him, planning to stay hidden until she gets so far away from Boston he wouldn’t dare send her back alone. Then she can enjoy some private time and maybe a little adventure with her gorgeous fiancé, in advance of their nuptials.

Unfortunately, Emmalee is a magnet for trouble and finds herself in one scrape after another. To keep her safe, Clint lays down the law: obey his orders or suffer the consequences over his knee.

Can they make it to their destination in one piece? When they do, and Clint’s past is revealed, how will Emmalee react, and will she ever find out why people keep calling her a “juniper bride?” With danger and intrigue swirling around them at every turn, can their passionate love survive?


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